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when you start to lose your innocence to turn into something so full of curiosity, the kind of curiosity that leads you to crave independence and drink and smoke and have sex and be okay with loudly voicing your political opinion, are you supposed to acknowledge it? and if you do, should you ignore it or prevent it? ive grown up reading required novels in school about preserving innocence and its significance, but i was never really sure why it was so important? so what people have sex? so what people drink and smoke? it was never really a big deal to me. but now im starting to understand, and maybe ive just been exposed to barely a glimpse of it, but it terrifies me. and it's suddenly hard to do everything. i see people in the street and i stereotype, although i don't mean to. i see children playing around and i hope they grow up to be successful people and never have to come across monsters who would so easily strip them of their innocence and leave them with nothing to fight back with except small screams. such little screams. helpless screams. i look at the people of america and notice a divide. a huge divide. and i am silenced. i dont know what to say, what to do, or how im expected to act. I look at myself in the mirror, reluctantly, and i frail figure. when did looking into the mirror to check if anything was out of place turn into looking into the mirror to check if i fit the beauty standards influenced by the modern society that i live in and adolescent fire? i see my parents, and i feel pity. and regret. and suddenly i want to stop writing. because i have been overcome with an overwhelming influx of feelings. self-hatred. longing. disgust. being privileged. so damn privileged. i am dishonest and unappreciative and not innocent. and i dont feel like writing anymore. sorry. i thought i had something to say, but i guess i didnt. im just scared.

-i think the worst parts of my life are when i reminisce.

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When I was 17, I was raped byou my first boyfriend. He stole my virginity. I am now 24 and sometimes I see a rape scene on TV and it sends me into meltdown. I become a complete quivering mess of tears and panic. I hope that one day I can control this.

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I am a male crossdresser (kind of...) and recently I've been wearing my women's silver shiny metallic crop top straight outta H&M. It is so comfy and relaxing in guy mode because I'm not afraid to do it especially during the hottest weather of the season and it gets me obsessed with this fetish.

Yeah. Can't wait to wear it when I go for a walk someday. (Legal?)

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So, ever since I was younger I had these huge dreams of being either a successful business woman or a news broadcaster. I've kept those dreams my entire life until recently. I'm getting older now, about to graduate college, and things have been no less than hectic as of February 17, 2017 for Americans. There has not been one dull day in the media since Donald Trump took office. Now, I expected a backlash once he was sworn in, but I never predicted things to be this bad. I knew a lot of people did not like Donald Trump and the ideals he stood for. I also knew a lot of people that did support him. I've always felt that Donald Trump does not have an ability to project his intentions in a respectable way. I also believe that the media is biased and controlled by rich powerful people. The media is working as a business. The media attracts audiences with misleading propaganda that is scripted and controlled by producers who are in mutually beneficial relationships with political elites. Like I mentioned earlier... I'm 21 years old and I have a question that I think a lot of people my age have. Is society getting worst? Or is it just the fact that I'm old enough to understand what's going on in the world? What will historians write in textbooks for future generations to read about what is happening to America in 2017?

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A week ago my girlfriend found out she has a tumor in her brain. The doctor said that it had grown too large for them to cut it out. She's starting chemotherapy tomorrow and she's scared to death. I don't know what to do. How am I supposed to help her when I'm breaking down myself on the inside. She's my only light in this world that's screwed me time and time again. I've always been there helping her achieve greatness and now it's coming to an end. I can't rationalize this. It just feels like a bad dream that I can't wake up from. I feel useless just sitting here by her bedside every night, not knowing if I she's going to slip away in her sleep or will it make her suffer for years. I want her to live, but the odds aren't in our favor. I just can't see a life after this. I'm going to be all alone again, I don't want to be alone again. I don't want her to leave. I need help. I don't know how anyone could. I'm going to be all alone again. I think it's all going to end.

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Last weekend, my boyfriend got extremely drunk, phoned me up and gave me some lame excuse to break up with me. We had been on the rocks for a while but i always expected me to do the dumping so i wwas slightly taken aback when he decided to blurt out those fatal 2 words, 'we're over'. Throughout our relationship he introduced me to his friends, all of whom i got on with extremely well, especially his best friend. His best friend was the reason for multiple arguments between us, mostly because my boyfriend believed i was cheating on him. I have never cheated in a relationship and never plan to.  The night i got dumped my boyfriends best friend phoned me explaining he had heard about the break up and offered his support by taking me out for a few drinks to cheer me up. We both got very drunk and i ended up going back to his where we had (from what i can remember) pretty amazing sex, twice.  The following day we both woke up with hangovers from hell and matching john wayne walks when my ex called me asking to meet. We met up and he gave me a long speech on how he didnt mean what he said and how he still loved me, all the while the overwhelming sense of guilt was eating me up inside. There was no way i could accept his apology and let him back after what i had done, so i expained that we were definately over. That night i seeked comfort in his best friend, and of course one thing led to another and we had sex again. i dont want a relationship with his best friend at all, but im contemplating getting back with my ex... The only thing is i dont know if i could live with the guilt of my actions. Oh and theres no way im ever going to tell him because i couldnt upset him like that. I really dont know what to do. 
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So, something I don't get... Why is it perfectly acceptable for straight couples to grab each others asses and make out in public, but if a man grabbed another man like that, there would be a public outrage.....

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A sociopath wouldn't think of a human as a victim. "Victim" implies empathy. We are seekers of optimal gain, and I can't imagine many cases where hurting someone excessively is ever optimal, for many reasons. I have hurt a lot of people but it's not often I go out of my way to hurt anyone Never forget, your pain is my pleasure. To me, this world is nothing but evil, and my own evil just happened to come out cause of the circumstances of what I was doing. “We’ve all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. The ones who aren’t afraid, control life itself.”

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Yes that ANTIFA girl I'd suck a dune out of her ass. Let me show up to a protest and your pretty ass is walking around acting crazy-- Fake Badge and Handcuffs- I'm tossing your salad .I'll put it on Video and let her name it . All I want is to lick that ass crack and hit it like a jack hammer and I don't need to get paid . I'll do that for free .

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Оскільки вантажні судна "Клінтон Фундамент" допомагають у сюжеті "Ісламський терор", Антіфа плаче про все під сонцем, а Ниггерс - ніггерс Трамп розгорне військовослужбовців та присяжних у США, щоб обійти протестувальників незаконних іммігрантів та нарцисистів. Це реально. Коли ти скажеш, ладно, це остання солома. Коли ваш уряд юридично здатний конфісковувати всі наші володіння, і ніхто нічого не робить з цим? Ви вже вступили в воєнний стан! Існує не інший спосіб це зробити. У них тепер є танки на тій вулиці, і солдати оточують вас, які живуть у внутрішніх містах. Коли ти визнаєш, ми перебуваємо під воєнним положенням? Ти в американських серйозних неприємностях. Але що я знаю Я тільки воював за свою країну, щоб бути вільним від Організації Об'єднаних Націй

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i miss my dad


i miss my dad, he was a prick. A womanising fuck up, but the most carasmatic, generous, kind man. He was a victim of his own personality. As my grandfather said, i loved your dad he just couldn't pass a pub door without going in. I loved him so much my heart aches,

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Dick taking mother fucker - I'm puttin your shit on the net- slap that bitch he crying he sucked my dick to keep me from beaten his ass. Dare me to upload that shit !! I'll make sure all your boys see it.....

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You walk in here all happy go lucky and chatting about cartoons and other nonsense. Sorry, not up for that. I am in physical pain because I've been on my feel all day. I've been yelled at, blamed. I'm physically and mentally exhausted and still have 3 hours to go.

SO, sorry that I'm in no mood to reflect your easy-breeziness. Not where I'm living while I work in this store.

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I rly dnt knw hw dis messed up so badly..al i said ws i wantd sme freedom, i ws feelin restricted..bt u tuk it to completely anothr level..u use to tel me it hurts wen i say m gonna leav u in anger..i undrstud it nd started controllin my words in anger..bt since i stop sayin, u hv strtd usin it on me..yes u nvr say directly lik me..bt ur words mean d same..yes u hv wife, a kid, parents..yes i sacrifice thm fr me..bt does it mean evrytim v fyt u gna scare me by sayin i wont spend wid u nw, i wud giv thm tim..lst tim also wen u wer upset, u said m cancellin al plans..so dis is hw u treat me..evrytim i upset u, u gna tke evrythn bck..jst to punish me..do i do it wen m upset or angry..no..its lik u tellin me i hv given u al dis, behave d way i want or suffer widout thm..u tel me u want me to realize ur value..wen hvnt i..i knw ur value..dats y i fyt so mch fr our relation..hw cn u say u wont spend tim me, to mke me realize dat i miss u..did u frget most of our fyts happen cz i luv u so mch nd no tim is enuf wid u..i mean m completely broken nd tired dat wat i askd nd wat u gav..i askd i wanna go out once a while..u said u nt gna spend weekdys or weeknd wid me..this means leavin fr me..wat kind of relation v cn hv if u dnt spend tim wid me..i hd told u dat u hv chngd..u r treatin me too badly..bt u did d same agn..yes i got impatient..bt i dnt deserve sch a bad behaviour..i respected u..u dnt..i told u 1 issue..smal one..u tuk it to another level..as if u wer jst waitin to hurt me..it feels lik evrytim i say smethn, u scare me by sayin m nt gna giv u tim..eventualy i giv up nd cme to u..i nvr expected this frm u..i nvr say m goin bck to my hme or my husband..i nvr say aftr ofc i wont cme..i nvr say i wont b available on weeknds..bt u say dis agn n agn..issue i said ws nvr abt u givin me tim or luv..i hv both frm u..issue ws once a month i wanna go out wid my frnds..dats it..u said so mch..it hurts badly..i wanna b wid u badly bt i dnt knw hw..cz i ws too mch hurt nd insulted..ur wife got mre imp..ur family got mre imp..i got shouted fr interferin in der tim..finaly u treated me d woman i am..second woman..who dsnt deserve ny respect cz she is illegal nd wil alwys b illegal..a slut..a whore..m blank..i wanna cme bck to u aftr al dis..bt m tryin to stop myself..cz i cnt b treated lik a gurl u cn nytim throw away..lyf hs got me till here..wil c whr it tke me ahead..i hope u realise ur mistke nd cme..cz aftr al dis..i still luv u madly..

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Actum          SERMO investigatione                (XXXVII PERIOCHA L.)

             Id non pauco. 0424/090

                  June VII MMXLV

   Allegationibus fiat praeiudicium a senior MINISTER EST           Hominum apud Nationes Unitas ediderunt in Mexico

  1. isto cognitis iudicatisque Division: Internus officium Oversight Services (id / OIOS) Quaesitum est casale quod dicitur Senior Officialem de Alfrido Sarachaga  fuit, et forsitan esse continued: socium in a US turma Aliquam imperdiet, Berlin, quae est Houston in Texas inde classe iuncta est comparata arma sensisse Mexicanus Mors armata in Russian Bombs. Hoc comitatu versantur in dicebatur esse metalla contractus de pristini F.B.I Director James Comey.

  2. In hoc inquisitionis concludi quod confirmari testimonio asseruntur Senior ad Officialem Sarachaga cum Alfredo de causa esse credantur. Unde id / officialis Senior OIOS suadetur ut de Alfrido Sarachaga Formido et Labeled quasi comminatio, Civitatum Foederatarum Mexico, ut traderent illum principatui, et sta in consilio hoc asserit.

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Hey guys and gals?? Any good shows on netflix worth watching other than the famous ones on there already??

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The Satanists and Luciferians are going to get burned alive for terrorism, pedophilia, human sacrifice, and torture. This was done in ancient times and there is a reason for it. This kind of evil is never to be tolerated.

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I work in a doctor's office and there is one doctor that is really sweet to me and smiles at me and treats me wonderfully. He's in his mid to late 60's and I'm 25. He's very flirtatious and touchy but i see him do that with everyone. I find me attractive and lust for him. Its crazy feeling. I've never been with an older man before. This morning i went into his office to ask him about something and somehow we started becoming close. Next thing i know his hand is up my skirt and he's playing with my clit.. I quickly left after a minute. . I want him so badly but i don't know what to do about the huge age difference.

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I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm lesbian, but I'm ashamed of telling anyone . I always say I'm straight, to some close friends I've even said I'm bi. My mom is really religious when I first came out to her she told me that "God" made Adam and evem that he intended for couples to be women and men not women and women, I had to tell her i was thimkimg. I'm thinking about telling my dad now , who I live with, but anytime I even bring that subject up , he says then same shit. He's homophobic, I don't know what to do...

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I am a woman who wants to. feel a nice hard cock in me now

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I don't believe in love. Every time I try to be in love the other person screws me over and it's sad. I put my best effort in, and they admit I do nothing wrong but they still can't fall in love with me. True love isn't real. It's impossible to love the same person unconditionally and continuously. Eventually someone begins to lose that honeymoon feeling. It's not love it's infatuation.

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Carey Cowles is a high level Satanist from Old Saybrook Ct. He is a satanic gang stalker and computer hacker. He is involved with murdering children as sacrifices.

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Have you ever thought about what makes someone who they are? All of their experiences have become a little part of them. Their environment can shape the way their character grows. Today in society, I am seeing a certain nature of how people are defining themselves. People are letting others define them. They let their clothes, money, and peers tell them who they are going to be. Everyone wants to be accepted and liked. The only person that should be defining you is you. Others shouldn't be determining if you are happy or not. Happiness will come from you. If you want happiness then find it. Be content with yourself. Learn to love yourself the way that you are and not the way that you want to be. Don't be afraid of whats out there. Go out and do it and you will bloom as a person. Live as yourself.

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This is 100% true. I swear on my mother. I was in class 7...it was a hot summer day...when I came back from school I saw a note at the door where my mum wrote " go on the terrace and become a murga (rooster...it's a stress position she used to give me as a punishment for not doing homework or failing in exams...it was nothing new as we used to get it in school) and dare not to get up until I say so. So I went to the terrace and became a murga and I remained like that the whole day. Same thing happened next day and the day after and this kept happening for more than a week. Then one day I was just going to get into the position I saw 6 men entering the house. They were the guy who sold vegetables, the milkman, the postman, the newspaper guy and two other men. But I feared my mum so I simply continued my punishment. After remaining in that painful position for about an hour I felt really curious so I went downstairs and headed towards my mum's room....I heard her moaning in pain...but at the same time it sounded as if she was enjoying it. I was shocked to see this... she was only wearing a purple coloured bra and I could see she had tattooed on her breasts the word "whore" in capitals. and all those people had their pants down. My beloved mom was getting fucked really hard by those men. My mum was getting an airtight skier...there was a penis in each of her holes.. her mouth, her asshole, and her beautiful pink vagina. Plus there was a penis in each of her hands...she was having a good time....she screamed at me..."you motherfucker I had told you to become a murga" and apologized " please sir I apologize for the wrong deeds of my son he is one son of a bitch....please punish me master i'm your slave" and started continuing what she was doing.... the guy whose penis was in my mum's mouth asked to go out in the sun become a murga again. so I closed the door and went out and started looking through the keyhole...it continued for another hour...four of them ejaculated and thick white semen that came out of their penises covered my mum's pretty face...some of it even got into her eyes... her expressions made clear she was enjoying it as hell...she was one horny bitch...she had tied a ponytail and soon all her hair and her face was covered in semen on to continue my punishment.. they then filled her mouth with semen...she was about to throw up...they yelled....drink it you dirty whore ...she then swallowed it. She then got on all fours, like a very obedient slave, and thanked them..."master I thank you all from the core of my heart for all the mercy you showed me and I am greatfull to you for gining your precious life saving delicious nector to this thirsty little slutbunny...they then slapped her hard with a whip on her fair buttocks for not thanking them properly, inserted a buck in her ass(as her fee) and left....seeing them coming I quikly ran to the roof and got into murga position....after that day my mum would get gangbangs everyday, and I would get murga punishment.

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So they didnt work out for you. There was a time i wouldve used ahat you said to me as a way to get your attention back and now well, now i dont care for your attention at all. I took my biggest risk on you. I risked everything for you when you were with me. You turned me down multiple times! Then you fucked up ..you ran out of chances with me and all of a sudden you wanted me. And at first it hurt to let you go and i mean crying in the bathtub listening to breakup songs kind of hurt, and at that time i thought today was impossible. The day were i live happily without you without wondering who i shouldve chose. I miss your soul SO much i wont lie. But i am okay with out you. 11 months later.

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To Answer your question, Is there going to be a Race war -- When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, When He separated the sons of man, He set the boundaries of the people According to the number of the sons of Israel. Israel was intercessor to the world The world was never supposed to violate other lands , as did the Persian and Assyrian He gave his people their inheritance, as he spoke through Moses his servant, when he brought them forth from Egypt, How did he bring them out ? For the LORD will pass through the land to strike down the Egyptians. But when he sees the blood on the top and sides of the door frame, the LORD will pass over your home. He will not permit his death angel to enter your house and strike you down. Yes nation and Kingdom will rise against one another. Yes there will be a Race war but, I says Elohim will gather the armies of the world into the valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will judge them for harming my people, my special possession, for scattering my people among the nations, and for dividing up my land. The Angel of Death will once again come forth and plead Elohim's Justice, His name is Dagon . Sinsinawa

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I can't believe what you did, and now you are going pay...... Welcome to Hell, Lucifer is a friend of mine....... And all I want is justice

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Your two children from a past relationship are nearly grown. You've said you don't want more children; I've never planned on having any myself. For two months I've struggled to find the right time and words to tell you that you're going to be a father again.You've always been brave and fearless, I wish I could be more like you; and tell you my secret.

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Prince Mario Chigi Albani is a high level prince of Rome and him and his son Prince Flavio Chigi Albani are controlling the Albanian Mafia. The Albani family were an Albanian papal nobility that gave Albania its name. The Albanian House of Zogu is serving the Italian Nobility through knighthoods. I believe that the Chigi family have Babylonian-Chaldean ancestry and their name derives from the Hebrew word Shigionoth. The Chigi family is also intermarried with Holy Roman princely families like the House of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn. Prince Ludovico Chigi Albani della Rovere was the Grandmaster of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta during WWII and he married Princess Anna Aldobrandini who had Rochefoucauld French noble lineage. Dominique Prince de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel is currently a member of the Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta. Many Nazis were Knights of Malta. There was also a holocaust in Albania during WWII. The Chigi family use their authority from Rome over secret societies and the Albanian Mafia to persecute people that the Black Nobility declared as heretics. The Chigi famly is ruthless and working day and night to carry out a holocaust in the United States.

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Kurios Iesous Christos = 3168 = 6 x 528 (KEY)

The Number 6 is the Number of Man - the redeemer is the MAN who holds the KEY, as it is written in Book 66 (Rev 3.7): And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things said he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that opens, and no man shuts; and shuts, and no man opens; This is confirmed in the title found in 1 Timothy 2.5: For there is one I am , and one mediator between I am and men, the man who was Christos anointed . We have the identity of The Mediator between God and men

Mesites Theou kai anthropos Yet this is but the beginning! Truly there is no end to the wonders of I am ! Here then are the primary identities based on the Number 528: 3168 , =6 x 528 (( C++ code )) Now look on the Mesopotamian Tablet Collection for the word key ad tell me what you see . Sinsinawa

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انهم لا يرون ما ينتظرنا عندما تتحول الشمس الظلام والقمر يتحول إلى اللون الأحمر. تم إنشاء المافيا الإيطالية وجاء إلى السلطة من قبل المتنورين أنها قدمت لكثير من المال، وهددت النخبة وهذا هو السبب في أنها سقطت. أنها ليست أكثر من ذلك. قام جوزفين أوفيراكر بتفجير مرفق طاقة يكلف ملايين البشر. وتستخدم الثروة كمجموعة لصنع المعاملات غير المشروعة التي يمكن تصفيتها مرة أخرى إلى جيوبهم وإعادة استخدامها ضدك. الصدمة، النار، والتضحية الشباب. انها تكرار مرارا وتكرارا. سوف F.B.I تأخذ بضع منا أسفل، ولكن سيكون هناك آخرون. أنها تحتاج إلى السيطرة عليك - وسوف تتوقف البندول من 22 والصمت زيوس وسيتم وضع رأسي في دلو وجودي الأرض واللحوم للاستهلاك الخاص بك. سوف نفرح وإرسال الهدايا إلى بعضها البعض، وإعلان الولاء لسادتك. في اليوم الذي أعدم البحر، وسوف تتحول إلى الدم بسبب الموتى أنهم ضحوا وكل شيء حي في البحر توفي.وأنهار أصبحوا الدم. . وكل شيء حي في ذلك مات ترامب وقد بنيت فخر جدار، قوية بحيث لا أستطيع الحصول من خلال هذا لا يمكن أن يكون نهاية سأكون هناك، إيسينسيناوا

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Anonymous created the Marble Framework , Wiki -Leaks releases Vault 7 "Marble" -- The source codes and all that . which by the way you can get them right now on Wiki-leaks. they can make it appear that the attacks came from some where else. Like North Korea ? They have the ability to take over complete system admin control to any device that is connected to their malicious wifi router using a Man in the Middle Attack. Now ask a Gang member what happens if a member of his gang does something crazy like this , he'll say Public will put that on the whole gang. Anonymous Check your members !!

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I need advise please. I am sexually attracted to my 15 year old (to be 16 next month) stepdaughter. I'm petrified for all the obvious reasons, her age, the fact that she's my stepdaughter, the fact that I'm married to her mom, and a billion other reasons that you can probably think of on your own. I'm also concerned because I think she has noticed that she arouses me when she's next to me and her skin touches mine. The first time she noticed that she aroused me, she became somewhat distant with me and would try not to be next to me. But recently she has been getting close to me again. She recently brushed my penis with her foot. I want to think it was an accident, but it happened about three times within the span of an hour. I got the feeling that she liked it. While due to my attraction to her I like the idea that she might enjoy knowing that she arouses me and might even purposely be starting to do things to arouse me, she is under age and more importantly, she's my stepdaughter. I don't want to ruin what we have by doing something stupid, but at times I feel like I can't control my feelings. What do you think? Has anyone been in this situation before? Are there any stepdaughters out there that can give me some constructive advise? Thank you.

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It isn't hard to figure out -- Military exercises in major U.S. cities are becoming an increasingly common sight, You know what else has become a common sight ? Niggerism Things like this , Massive brawls and food-court fights played out at more than a dozen malls across the country in what proved to be a chaotic day after Christmas. The Media didn't say it but it was Niggers being Niggers President Trump took to Twitter to re-up the idea of sending federal law enforcement to Chicago if the city’s homicide rate doesn’t come down.Are you scared yet ? What Cities ? - Chicago, IL Pittsburgh, PA - Jacksonville, FL Birmingham, AL -In other words, High Baboon Population. JACOB VS ESAU ? O.K You asked for it. Robin Babb Associate Research Professor War Gaming Now hiring anyone to instigate ANTIFA Send Resume (401) 841-6960

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I have fallen for this man whom I used to loathe. He's married and has a family. He used to be my boss and was such a pain in the butt to work for and with. Towards the last few months of his employment there, I finally began to get to know him and now we're friends. He was always flirty with me, although I took it sometimes as him being a jerk. After he found a new job and left, he invited me to his church. He said he had been wanting to invite me for a while and was glad he finally did. I've been every Sunday for like 4 weeks now. His family stays upstairs in the daycare area while he attends the main service and I usually go with a mutual friend or my mother, but he's told me I can come by myself before, meaning just the two of us sitting together. I recently posted a status saying "I deserve better. Agreed, friends?" and he commented with a gif of Melissa McCarthy making a heart with her hands. Today, we were talking with a mutual (guy) friend at church and he was standing with one leg on the floor and the other leg on the chair, drawing attention to his crotch. He was also standing really close to me and staring deep into my eyes and being flirty. Even when he'd get distracted by other people coming up to talk to him, he'd come back and be staring right at me whether I was talking or not. What do I do? I love this church and I am his guest, technically, so I can't not say hello when I am there. I'm 26, he's 37.

By the way, he's apparently always had more female friends than male friends, if that means anything. Somehow, his wife is okay with this lol. Also, when I had officially met his wife at church, it took him a few minutes of her being around before he'd finally acknowledge her and introduce us, but she called while we were talking today and he took the call.

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I am a bible thumping Christian who takes the bible seriously. I would like to start a sex-positive movement among Christians. Indeed to tell people to avoid the specific things that the bible DOES say are sexual sins, but ONLY those things. Not to pigeonhole people's sexuality so that they feel any thing they do to enjoy it is a sin. Indeed to seek God first, and all other things are added to you. Well maybe then one could say, seek God first, and good sex will be added unto you as well. In earlier posts I dealt with Matt 5:27, the ORIGINAL meaning of fornication and the Greek word it is translated from does NOT mean unmarried sex. The Old Testament laws do not literally apply to use in the New Testament age in every case, but it is still a guide, and there are plenty of passages with people having multiple wives and even concubines (modern girlfriend) and it is never called a sin. King David several wives but he got into trouble when he went after one ONE woman in Bathsheba because she already had a husband. Then he gets her pregnant, and put her husband on the front lines of battle so he gets killed. David gets called out by the prophet, and Israel is split into two kingdoms as punishment. However David's multiple women who did not have husbands he took them from had ZERO punishment. In fact the prophet told David, you have these wives, but if that wasn't enough you would just need to pray and God would have given you more. So here we have a prophet of God telling a man who has some women if he feels he needs more, to just pray and God will give it. We shouldn't have to become mushy minded doctrinally liberal Joel Osteen (that cowardly heretic) wannabes to be sex positive as Christians. We can say that Jesus is both man and God, virgin born, and the second person of the Trinity, but then not be scared of being struck by lightning when we spill our seed in circumstances other than a woman we are legally married to.

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This blog is my first ever and inspired by a recent endeavour to get the woman I thought I wanted......

I have had the pleasure of experiencing multiple romantic relationships in life which inevitably ended. Most of the endings were due to my dissatisfaction and loss of interest in these women. I just didn't see or feel what I wanted to in them all....

Recently I tried a bit too hard to conjure up something with a cyber friend of years who I only had the pleasure of meeting a few months back, I loved the idea of her and what she stood for and I believed that with enough persistence, efforts and dedication, I, like any other can get what I truly desire.

I wanted to be perfect for, I wanted to be the nicest, most caring and understanding guy out there and my behaviour started to change because of it. In the end of the day all I was doing was trying to be someone I was not, I was trying to be too nice too often....

So here is the thing about being nice.......Nice is something that someone is only to keep social peace, but in reality and in relationships, if you with someone who is simply nice, it will no doubt be a short lived relationship. Nice is boring to be honest and at times plane down annoying, its what we need to be to random people we see in passing, the bank teller who did our deposit, the shop assistant at the service station...I think you get the picture. In a relationship that you want to be meaningful, being nice will not sustain it all.

You good guys out there that I wondering why you could never get or keep the girl you want, let me tell you why this is.....it may not apply to all of you because some men can be both real and nice at the same time and ladies, if you have that then you have a keeper. The majority of us however feel that nice is the way we should be and we act as though we are. We act nice because we are scared...we are scared to show her the people we really are and the numerous flaws we have, our tendency to get angry and upset, the natural aggressiveness that makes us men, the rawness that we possess. When you hide what you truly are from someone you should realize immediately that she isn't the one. As much as we would love to think that all the good things in life comes from hard work, this isn't the case in love. It needs to be easy, it needs to be real, there needs to be mutual attraction, mutual understanding. By no means am I suggesting that you will find a flawless love, but by being real, you will be understood they way you should and everything else will fall into place.

Being nice doesn't get people attracted to you romantically, they only learn to tolerate you and even that not for too long.

I myself am a good and caring person, but i'm also very raw, aggressive and primal in nature, stubborn as hell and intense in all I do. Yes, I wasn't happy with the many woman I had in my past, but I was myself with them and that somehow allowed me to keep them until things were ended on my own terms. I've recently also felt the need to apologize to women in my past just in case I hurt them on my journey to find the one but now that I realize I was real with them, I no longer feel the need.

Please fellow men, don't misunderstand me and mistreat your woman, just don't try to be simply "Nice", it just isn't enough, be real, be you and you will can have every thing you want.

So now I shall continue on my journey, but as I used to, I will do what I have always done in past that ensured I had active relationships but I will be patient in knowing that through the many encounters I felt were not meaningful, she will eventually cross my path, she will appreciate the real me and we shall live happily till the end of time, fighting, screaming, arguing, loving and living.

Never let the actions of an individual put you down, depress you and stop you from moving forward. We live in a world with more than 7 billion people, you're wasting time being sad over an individual when the numbers are in your favour. Use every experience as a lesson, take what is positive out of it, gain knowledge, apply it, move on, live, do whatever it takes to make you feel happy again and stay that way!!!!!

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well you better call 911.Hundreds of people in St. Paul, Minn., wanting to protest I'm going to make it rain fire on their asses . Made a flame thrower pretty good one. thanks too Flamethrower Rob on you tube .

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the supplier for the school's jackets leadwaygmts sucks like shit, even after explaining that it wasn't a sizing issue but the elasticated cuffs that could be tightened the absolutely useless anne lim still needs me down at the office to explain why. this is feedback, and a one-liner comment that ended up with many emails going back and forth. stop wasting my time, you stupid bitch, and get it fixed

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We are Legion , But we aren't Anonymous . Steve Scalise was just The beginning . if you say war is a crime, then crime becomes your war. I am, by all standards, a prisoner of war. I've been a prisoner of war since I was a in Juvenile In Catholic school . As long as there's hate in your heart, there'll be hate in the world. You can't fight for peace and you cannot capture freedom. "Will you come up to my house later? I'm waiting I won't fight or run . You can't fight for peace , but after death we have peace. SINSINAWA

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When i first got married i thought i was prepared. I thought i knew all that i needed to know before i made that decision, granted we were already having alot of problems i said yes anyway. In my mind i thought that if i was willing to say yes to this person it meant i was willing to do what it takes to forgive him and leave our pre-marriage dating in the past. After we got married both parties found it hard to stay faithful. After 3 years of being married, alot of days i spend alone time thinking about what it would be like to be single again and then i begin to think that whats the point of leaving life sucks anyways why would you want spend it alone? Ive spent my whole teenage years dating sarcastic assholes because for some twisted reason thats my type. Everytime i thought they would be different, and though i would grow to love them more than my words could describe they would all hurt my feelings constantly and tell me to get over it. See im one of those people who build a "wall" because my feelings get hurt too easily but when im in love im no longer in control of those walls beacuse i love you until you force me to stop. Some days i feel as if my feelings have been hurt so much i dont want them anymore, however that does bad things to a relationship. About a hour ago my husband screamed for me to shut up and stop saying dumb stuff. (i was just trying to say that i was tired and wanted to run our errands as soon as i got off instead of us going in getting lazy and then getting up to go do it just to get home right at bed time or after. And that i hate fighting when i just get home. Its tiring, all i wanna do is have a good night ). Of coarse it made me cry. So heres the point some days my marriage depresses me more than everything outside of it. Sadly ive felt like this for 2 of the 3 years. Marriages are draining. But every now and again the sarcastic asshole i married says something nice which is his way of apologizing and things are good again. I dont want a divorce but it sucks to feel like this and not know how to change it for the better.

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MC cuts are easy to make , and people are gullible enough to fall for it. I picked up this Milf on Premier blvd , took her over to The Hampton Inn I told her her Husband owed money lots of money . Unless she met me, I'd take her Teen daughter and let The club pass her around until he paid me. Well she willingly gave me the ride of my life . Then Emptied her bank account and returned with the cash.

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ANTIFA Protesters Linked To Pro-Pedophilia Group!! That means you can hang out with them and suck little boy dick.Some of the things they done already in your favor, proposals that were adopted as positions by ANTIFA : “Abolish all age-based curfews.”police see one of your victims walking around with blood on his do do hole they will over look him “Children shall have the right to ‘divorce’ their parents.”that means you can stop kidnapping them . just talk them into divorcing their parents and move in with you Just imagine you and your very own little boy sitting on your lap naked oiled and wiggling around. without police knocking on your door The also pushed Children and youth must be provided non moralistic, explicit, sex-positive – including lesbian/gay positive – sex education that includes safe sex education. Condoms, smaller sizes must be distributed in all schools.”They are protected from getting your nasty diseases .So they are teaching them to be gay house fags you can molest them they willingly no police coming to your house, “Denying youth their sexuality or driving sexual expression deeper and deeper underground will not keep them safe from you baby rapers any way will it ? Warlocks motorcycle club in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley were charged with illegally possessing child pornography , Hedgesville, W.Va.is where you take them and film them isn't it ? Surprised Sheriff Carter didn't shoot all of you right there on sight, when he saw those images. of course Mona wouldn't interest you would she ? Signed The FBI National Academy

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You Are Two-Faced


My entire life people have told me what to do and who I am. Everyone in school, from about second grade, would ask and say I was gay without knowing the first thing about me; even though their thinking was purely based on the way I acted and their opinion. From this, throughout my entire school career, until the end of high school, I never even had the chance at a first impression. Their thoughts were oh he's gay because that's what everyone else says about him. But to add on, almost 4 years after graduating, one of my siblings who is a year older, was scrolling through their old facebook posts with me. One of the posts, that was from middle school, was a friend of theirs asking why does your brother(me) always hang out with girls. To which my brother replied because he's gay. The fact that one of my own family members was telling people I was gay all along really just goes to show I never had a shot of a good first impression with anyone. Even when I started working at the same resturaunt as my sibling one of the co-workers said oh I thought you are gay. I never really put the pieces together until I saw the facebook post. So whenever I met a good friend of theirs I already knew they thought I'm gay. You know, I can stand a complete stranger judging me but when a sibling of mine has been telling people I'm gay for god knows how long that really sets me off. What really irks me the most is I never even got the chance to figure out my sexuality on my own. I have always know I am attracted to men but think about all the first dates and relationships I have missed out on because of this stigma surrounding my sexual orientation. Also, to put a cherry on top, after all of this, finding out that my sibling is bisexual and has know they are all of those years. It took me 19 years for this clarification in my life that my sibling has always been ashamed and most of all insecure about their own sexuality. Meanwhile, from when I was a little boy learning about how I was attracted to men; I have always lovingly and openly accepted myself without labeling who I am for being the way I was born. So, if you've finished this far I just want you to know that you should think twice before judging someone or labeling them without knowing the first thing about them. This has haunted me my whole life and continues to do so just because people say I'm "gay". I still don't know if I like girls or not. I believe I do, maybe all of this has tricked my mind not to like women. I could die never have had being with a lady, but I would die knowing my conscience is clean, unlike all those other people who judged me before getting to know me. Just wanted to put out there that this is the first time I have ever truly been able to vent this; what has been festering up within me for almost a decade.

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They are getting ready to go on a full blown attack tomorrow. Dwayne Johnson, Josh Hartnett, Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, and many others. The ones I named are the most ruthless kabbalists I have come across in Hollywood. They have been attacking me all day today and are warming up for a large scale attack. I imagine that RZA will also be involved.

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Have you ever thought about what makes someone who they are? All of their experiences have become a little part of them. Their environment can shape the way their character grows. Today in society, I am seeing a certain nature of how people are defining themselves. People are letting others define them. They let their clothes, money, and peers tell them who they are going to be. Everyone wants to be accepted and liked. The only person that should be defining you is you. Others shouldn't be determining if you are happy or not. Happiness will come from you. If you want happiness then find it. Be content with yourself. Learn to love yourself the way that you are and not the way that you want to be. Don't be afraid of whats out there. Go out and do it and you will bloom as a person. Live as yourself.

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You know... It wouldn't be fair if I ever told you how I'm feeling. I have extremely EXTREMELY selfish thoughts right now. I don't want to make things awkward or make you feel you're in any position of wrong. You're not. I understood what you meant when you said it all because I've felt the same way before. I want you to go out of all of this okay and happy. I miss you though, from the way you made me feel comfortable in my own skin to happy and content even if the room was filled with silence. I wish I could get a second chance but right now would be wrong in every way possible. I haven't been happy with someone in such a long time I'm not sure what to do. Yeah, three months isn't a lot of time to be with someone but... I don't know. My heart feels so empty and weak. I feel like I could break any moment. I want to try again. Not now, but perhaps when the time is right. You're an amazing person no matter what you say. People I know say you're amazing. You're knowledgeable, funny, kindhearted, sometimes soft spoken... I think it's wonderful though. You're somewhat an opposite of me. Being with you felt so right though. It felt incredible. I honestly hope we can try again when the time is right. You're still very important to me and will always be. I only wish I could tell you all of this though without feeling like I'm compelling you to be with me just for the sake of my feelings. I want you to be with me because you're comfortable with it. Not because of how I'm feeling. It wouldn't be fair to you and wouldn't be fair to me.

I really miss you u^u I'm sorry I'm acting like a child for this. I know there will probably be many others I will encounter that will make me feel perhaps the same. Right now though, that isn't happening. The only person on my mind is you.

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There are times when I call on my angels....now is one of those times. I think my number one angel is my yiaya, although my uncle, godfather, great grandmother, cousin, and my dogs are all part of my team. So I am calling on my team because I need some comfort. I also just need some help. I know I seem to catastrophize things in my head and make it just far worse for myself than it ever has to be. And I'm hoping this is just one of those times. I have a feeling something is going on, and it's not anything good. In fact a lot of the pieces of the puzzle make it seem that way, but I am not certain. I just hope I am wrong. I hope it's just a mistake. Or just something small thats easy to rectify. But I'm all shaken up because I know I have chicken little syndrome. It's like not knowing is far worse than knowing. Because not knowing means I assume the worst. So not only am I asking for the comfort of my team this evening, I am asking for them to make everything be ok. Sometimes I wonder if I deserve bad things to happen....like I'm not a good enough person or something. But then I realize that that's not even close to true. I'm not perfect, I have my faults. But who's asking me to be perfect. The most important thing in life is kindness. That is what I've learned and that is what I've decided is the most important thing anybody can ever be. And that is what I always try to be. I've realized that I'm kinder than most. So no, I don't deserve for bad things to happen to me. In fact I deserve good things. But we don't always get what we deserve and life is just really difficult sometimes. So I'm hoping and praying to my angels team that today is just another one of those situations where I make a mountain out of a mole hill and torture myself for nothing. And I think for the most part it is. It's actually my head that gets me all worked up- it's my head that seems to spin round and round coming up with all sorts of terrible scenarios. That's the logical part of me. The part of me that goes looking for answers. And I end up learning a lot when that happens...about whatever it is I am researching or learning about- medical conditions, business stuff, etc. But then there are times when I get a feeling that goes deeper than what is in my head. I like to consider that my heart. And it's hard to decipher which is right- my head or my heart. Because many times when my head decides that logically something is one way, it ends up being the other. And I realize that my heart was in fact right all along. And in this situation, my head is freaking me out. But my heart is telling me things will be fine. Unfortunately it's like a tug-a-war. So i'm asking my team of angels for help. Please help me through the night and into tomorrow, whenever we discover what is going on. Please give me strength and clarity to handle it if it is bad news. Why does being out of control have to hurt so much? Is there a way you can help it hurt less? I am so grateful for everything I have. I am grateful you have given me Jason and my dogs. I'm going to hold on to them all through the rest of the night. And I know all of you will be holding on to us. Thank you for loving me so much while you were here on this earth. And thank you for still loving me after you left it. I always look for the signs you send me and I see them as signs of hope and reasons to keep hanging in there.

PS. Thank you for the sign you just sent me. Before this I was crying because I was so worried. Now I'm crying out of gratitude and love. There is one thing I will promise all of you- I will continue to stay on the good side. I will continue to rescue stray dogs on the side of the road, feed starving horses that aren't mine, stand up for people who are being bullied, cook for people, and do whatever else I can to be of service to others. Please keep guiding me and helping me through these hard times, and I will continue to spread the love.

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I screamed at her over the phone, yelling that I hated her. I could tell in the tone of her voice that I'd hurt her, like I always do. Now as I sit in my room, having avoided her all day, I'm the one that feels hurt. She's my mother after all, the woman that carried me for 9 months and since has only loved and cared for me, yet I can't stand her for some reason? Everything she says and does makes me want to pull my hair out, I thought it was just a teen phase, but I'm 21 and the resentment has only strengthened. I would love to have a mother daughter bond that is so deep that we have a beautiful understanding of each other, but that isn't the case. Did I really have to scream I hated her? How did it benefit either of us or the situation? I feel in those moments of my anger all I can do is hurt her with the words that scar her the most. Words that burned my mouth almost immediately after saying them, yet I continued to tear her down and say that I hope her trip is shitty and not to speak to me for the remaining of it. And that's how I left it. I love her but at the same time, I don't know how to love her. I can hardly say the words to her. And I don't know why. Yet I am able to spew the words I hate you over and over no problem. Sometimes I scare myself.

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