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watching people get run down by cars fun stuff rolling coal on BLM protesters fun stuff does anybody remember the news comedy when Rodney King got his ass beat ? How about the world famous Greensboro massacre ? that was a fun time. bam bam - they was good niggers then . of course there was never no charges that's when police appreciated us cleaning up the streets from these kikes Jews and niggers. plain and simple I hate you black bastards I hate you because you're breathing. I hate you because you exist . I can't wait to hear the call Lace em boys we going noosin that ain't just a hanging that's where you drag a nigger through his neighbor hood by his neck I'm sure you've seen it on videos . Well it's coming you called down the wrath of Odin and now you got it . Enjoy spitting up your own blood

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Cops are Racist and BLACK PEOPLE ARE VICTIMS. right ? The beginning of black violence was the end of shopping malls , The African cannot be civilized.he has a Low IQ, and lower impulse control, that's why DONALD TRUMP WILL SOON BE SENDING FEDS TO CHICAGO . Especially when , Jackson gets on nationwide TV claiming Chicago has surface to air missiles lol. USA we have a Brain Tumor it's called Niggers

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Isn’t it weird how people imagine up the perfect person that they would love to be their soulmate yet, there is no such thing as a nonperfect soulmate. Two longing souls searching for one another, the dream of being the first and only; to only realize that the person you end up with has had other people’s lips on theirs. The blatant thought of knowing some stranger’s lips were on your partners. Where they had their hands on them, and the actions the other person took while being entangled with them. How the thought of not having a virgin of relationships as your intended soulmate just had someone else’s lips on theirs. How their naked torso’s and chests were exposed to one another, and how she may have been on top of him doing the things you do naturally with him now. How he probably ran his hands through her hair as they kissed. How his hands explored the outer shell of her soul; and how he kissed someone that wasn’t you. Stuck with the thought that is now killing you, because he is now yours and you only want him to have you and nobody else. But…the road is two ways. He sits and thinks the same about you. The girl he claims to be everything he would want in a girl, in his dream of a perfect relationship. He thinks about the same things you just thought of yet, you have more exposed. How he listens about the guys of your past, how he pictures you with them. The picture of having his soulmate on top of another guy, how he sees how they destroyed you and caused you pain. He pictures boy number one pulling you into him and giving him the same smile that you share with him. He sees him look at you, and how you shyly look back at him. How he leans in and kisses you and how his hands move from your lower back to your butt. How the kisses intensify and more than just chest and bare torso’s being exposed. It leaves him there thinking about the many boys that were intimate with you and how they threw you aside. More than just a kiss, and how vulnerable they left you. And here you are, worrying and thinking about what he did with her, a kiss and bare torso’s and chests, where you stand bare and entered by many men. It’s weird how the way life works of finding your soulmate. -An Exert from a book I will never write.x.BD

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So i try to plan d best surprises fr him on our anniversary..v hv a gud dy..nd next dy agn v r bck to fytin..cz agn he hs smethn to complain abt..nd thn he dsnt lik my reaction..oh..hw wud u feel if aftr a huge fyt, u do ur best to mke it up..to mke ur man happy nd it dsnt even long fr 1 dy..he dnt get tim as planned on ur anniversary whch i undrstud..bt he hs to complain abt smethn..thn he says i ws sharing..he ws blamin me nt sharing..aftr doin evrythn u cn, if stil sme1 complains, r u gonna react or u..evrytim i tke a step, lyf teaches me a lesson..i ws tryin to b d person i ws..cook fr my man..luv him..mke him feel gud abt evrythn..bt no..he jst walkd off..he askd me throw away d food..does he do dat to his wife..no..no matr hw bad der relation is, he sits at hme..he eats wat she cooks..thn y cnt he bloody sit wid me no matr wat..y cnt he shout, abuse nd fyt instead of jst breakin up nd goin away..he dsnt call..dsnt msg..does he do dat to his wife..no..he sleeps in dat house..he dsnt walk off frm dat house..bt he walks off frm my house..thn i ate tablets in depression..did he care..no..he dnt cme back..wat if smethn hd happened to me..no..he dsnt care..do i rly want to b wid sch a person..its his fault this tim nd i wont b goin to him..he nd his wife cn stay happily..my lyf is nyway ruined..i dnt knw y ws i even tryin to luv sme1 so mch..hvnt i learn nythn yet in lyf..learn to live alne instead of learnin to live wid sme1

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Look up in the sky it's a bird its a plane no it's a drone you stupid fucks This nosy old woman with a small drone the size of bird has been landing on top your club house -- she's got drug deals people carrying guns , all kinds of stuff uploads and sends it to State Police in Savannah GA . and all because you kicked her car headlights in . Doesn't help ya'll killed Steve C in Orlando. Last year the video did show two members of the Outlaws admitting they killed him . proof the attack was planned.

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Dick taking mother fucker - I'm puttin your shit on the net- slap that bitch he crying he sucked my dick to keep me from beaten his ass. Dare me to upload that shit !! I'll make sure all your boys see it.....

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I don't I would rather watch kids do cartwheels and handstands in a skirts people like Lucie Soukupova makes me happy Leo Inn makes me happy Libby Butler makes me happy Violence does not watch Libby Butler Then I woke up random dance even if you are not a sicko like me you'll still enjoy it it's much better than watching people get run down by cars and stuff

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The actor Jesse Johnson is involved in human sacrifices and blood drinking. Him and his father Don Johnson are involved in money laundering and funding criminal secret societies in the United States. Don Johnson was caught with 8 billion in transactions while cross the Swiss German border. Banking in Switzerland is private and enables money laundering. They are working for the House of Savoy the former Italian royal family.

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We were the best of friends for 2 years and then we dated for 2 years.... after having a 4 years relationship with me is it possible for you not to having any feeling for me?

I know that our relationship stayed on the surface, but I was scared to get hurt by you again, it seems like I'm always the one getting hurt. I let this fear consume my love for you and I focused on my needs and insecurities never really thinking you had any.

That was the downfall of our relationship, we focused on the walls we built not realizing we needed to work on breaking them instead.

Now we've separated and although I want to be there for you, I think it's time we say good bye. It's not that I'm giving up on you and I wish more than anything to have a second chance to love you properly but I fear I'm turning into a toxic person. I think it's best I give you space and focus on myself again. One day I hope we can meet again and when we do I hope that I've grow strong enough that I can sincerely smile and say that I don't regret having loved you.

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If Maxine Waters farted out loud in public, it would be widely regarded as more intelligent than anything that has emanated from her stinking mouth.

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I often fantasize about killing people who have different beliefs than I do or who don't support the same things I do... I view them as dangerous and mentally inferior, and most likely addicted to drugs... They have no morals and want to turn the world into some leftist sideshow

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My sons Friend


Im a 39 year old divorced woman with 2 kids. My son just graduated High School and my daughter just started High School. No one knows for the last 4 months Ive been sleeping with my sons friend. He turned 18 in January and he got the courage to take his flirting to another level one night. I didnt hesitate when he tried to seduce me. Hes a good looking young man who Im sure has a lot of girls after him. My son has even said he wished he had the same luck with girls as his friend. Im always home alone in the day time since I work from home. My sons friend has been coming over every other day during the day to have sex with me. I enjoy it so much, at times I ask him to come over twice....once in the day time and then later at night. Hes even had sex with me while my son was at home. Im falling for him so quick and I feel like I cant do anything about it. The sex makes me a happy woman, Ive been divorced for 6 years and very lonely at times. He makes me feel good about myself and makes me feel good inside. He talks me into doing things with him that I have never done with even my ex-husband. I think I love him....

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Remember when everyone said the Internet was supposed to enlighten everyone and make the world a better place? That was over 20 years ago, and look at what it's become now. People on the Internet are dumber than ever. It's actually become an extension of the mainstream media with their pro-DemoCRAP bias and politically correct propaganda. They swallow all the left-wing, communist drivel like the subservient squares they are. Bunch of fucking meat puppets who can't fucking think for themselves. I'd like to remove them from the gene pool.

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You fucking mainstream normie squares get on my fucking nerves. Nobody thinks you're cool or trendy or intelligent other than yourselves. You're all leftist parasites and probably kikes as well.

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They are wanting whites and Asians out of Collage and more Blacks in-- Average nigger has a 70 IQ Mild mental retardation: IQ 50–55 how in the hell you going to put them in Collage when the IQ is barely above retard ? White people have 110-120 avg Superior intelligence . Yes we're Neanderthals so you say-- but Neanderthals had bigger brains therefore smarter . Niggers ain't nothing but a Bunch of spear chucking Savages . A World Without Black People less violence - no racial tensions we'd have nicer things , be able to keep a door unlocked No need for law enforcement - don't believe ? test it kill all the niggers off and see for yourself. kill their women their children kill them all .

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those who recognise racial differences are simply racial realists, recognising scientifically confirmed genetic facts; to call race realists "racist" is simply a tactic of "politically correct" ideological thuggery, used by Multiculturalists to intimidate and silence political opponents, often quite effectively, whilst those same Multiculturalists promote large-scale immigration and globalism to destroy unique cultures and nations across the world. Multiculturalists will often point to particular individuals as a rationale for the swamping of Western countries by Third World peoples; pointing out a hard-working Asian doctor, a cute African child, a nice Arab person, etc., etc., as propaganda for their position, but they miss the point, or at least they pretend to do so. They can see the individual trees, but not the entire forest. The existence of various nice Third World people is no reason for all ethnically European countries to cease their unique existence, to open their borders, and to be swamped into oblivion by a huge tidal wave of Third World immigration. The Multiculturalists would have us abolish all national borders, and they know that to do so would mean that the populations of the Third World nations would swarm into the nations of "the West", into the ethnically European countries, and overwhelm our populations by sheer weight of numbers. Yet, there is no good reason for the Western peoples to want to commit national suicide, to submit their peoples to cultural and racial genocide. Those who merely wish to defend the existence and survival of their people are not "racists", but are simply defending their people against Multiculturalist genocide. Those who believe in a Protectionist philosophy only want to protect their people, industries, culture, and way of life. To acknowledge differences between the human races is simply a matter of acknowledging reality, not a matter of creating "hate". Those who actually hate other people because of their skin colour or race are usually prejudiced or bigoted. The common definition of "racist" as someone who hates people because of their skin colour or race can be applied to such bigots, but not to those Protectionists who simply wish to preserve the uniqueness of their own people.

      Indeed, if the term "racist" is to be applied to anyone today, it should be used with regard to the Multiculturalists, the Globalists, who are the true racists. They advocate genocide, seeking the destruction of peoples via immigration and assimilation, and they carry out racial discrimination against people because of their race, but call it "affirmative action", "special opportunities", or "targeted funding". 
      Multiculturalists are eternal hypocrites. They fawn over Asian and African cultures, yet often vilify and deride White cultures. They promote groups dedicated to Asian and African interests within our societies, yet they denounce any groups dedicated to White interests as "racist"; it is considered alright to create an "Black Students Association", but the creation of a "White Students Association" will immediately call forth the bigotry, prejudice, and hate of Multiculturalists against such a group. Multiculturalists are filled with hate for the existence of White nations, yet celebrate the uniqueness of Asian and African nations. 
      Any organisation created to further the interests of a non-White racial group may prefix their organisation's name with a description of their race, such as "Black", "African", "Asian", "Aboriginal", etc. However, any organisation created to further the interests of White people will immediately be subjected to harassment, bullying, and attacks from the media, Multiculturalist lobbyists, and Multiculturalist thugs. If that is not racism, then what is? Exactly when is it permissible for White people to have their own race-specific organisations, just like non-Whites do? The truth is that such anti-White prejudice is indicative of the racist and genocidal nature of the Multiculturalist ideology. 
      And, to make it worse, Multiculturalists pass anti-democracy laws to make it illegal to criticise Multiculturalist Globalism and its constituent elements, such as Third World immigration and Asianisation, and make it illegal to tell the truth about Islam or racial differences and their impact upon society. 

      In a democracy, the general public should have access to the truth about racial differences so that they can make their own informed decisions regarding the formulation of public policies, with regard to immigration and population policies in particular. 
      For example, if there existed a race of people who - as a group - committed murder, rape, and assault at a rate many times more than the general population, then wouldn't the general public be entitled to receive that information, so that they could make their own decision on the subject? 
      If there are disagreements on any issue, it is always best to let all sides debate and lobby for their viewpoint, and to let all sides be heard, because freedom of speech is the essential cornerstone of democracy. Yet, under Multiculturalism, laws have been passed to enable the silencing of those who criticise immigration, Islam, and the various realities of Multiculturalism; and these laws have been compounded by the threatening of the livelihood of critics, and by their harassment and vilification by the mass media (dominated as it is by Multiculturalists). Such laws and practices are enabled by the Multiculturalist elite, of politicians, big businessmen, academics, and journalists. 
      For the Multiculturalist elite, safe in their ivory towers, to dictate to the general public what issues they can and cannot discuss, and therefore what knowledge they should and should not have, is not only the height of hypocrisy, but is also indicative of the authoritarian nature of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness. 

      In a democracy, both sides of an issue can have their say, without fear or favour, so that the public can make up their own mind. In a neo-fascist country, only one side of an issue will be allowed to be heard, whilst the government will "protect" the general public from having to make their own decisions, from having to form their own opinions. In a neo-fascist country, those who state an opinion different to that of the government and the country's "ruling elite" run the risk of being fined or jailed, just for speaking their mind on matters of concern to them. 
      Similarly, in countries that adhere to the ideology of Multiculturalism, critics can be silenced by the use of so-called racial vilification laws and other coercive methods. Under the rule of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, people can be threatened with fines, financial ruin, and even jail simply for stating their opinions, even if those opinions can be backed up with scientific evidence; because, under the rule of political Multiculturalism, telling the truth is no defence. 
      It is time to throw off the shackles of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, and to remove Thought Crimes from the law books. It is time to recognize and respect the freedom of speech of the Australian People, and to support the democratic traditions of Australian society.
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A Saudi Arabian newspaper ran an article claiming that Jews use the blood of Christians and Muslims in foods created to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. Fact SPECIAL INGREDIENT FOR JEWISH HOLIDAYS IS HUMAN BLOOD FROM NON-JEWISH YOUTH Now you see where Pizza Gate got started . and China is guilty of sending Swine and Dog meat to The Middle East because they knew it would cause ISIS to burn in eternal hell if they consumed such meats . Chinese Gangs are doing a great job on their part Now Kim Jung Yun has got to be dealt with with a fire like never seen before on earth . Putin is right-- Merkel needs to die next

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All liberal meat puppet normies need to bleed out for being so fucking arrogant and stupid. They are too retarded to think for themselves and let the kike media tell them what to think and what to support. Kill them all and rape their fucking families.

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Then get a few of those guillotines and Catapults that Obama purchased and when they sneak back over off their heads and shoot them over It worked in Babylonian times .

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So my wife has just informed me that we are going to be splitting up... no infidelity no other issues other than she wants to be on her own and live her life. I want her to have that. But it hurts so bad.... I am happy in this marriage and willing to do whatever it takes but she wants out... and apparently that's what's going to happen. I'll let her have whatever she needs but I still want to fight for us. Am I an idiot for this? Am I just a fucking coward? Do I have a chance? Or do I just accept things as they are and move on. I hate this with every inch of my soul. And I've never felt so alone in my life.

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Every Jew on the face of the earth needs to be exterminated for being a left-wing parasite that corrupts civilized countries from the inside out.

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Adam = Man Seth = Appointed Enosh = Mortal Kenan = Sorrow; Mahalalel = The Blessed God Jared = Shall come down Enoch = Teaching Methuselah = His death shall bring Lamech = The Despairing Noah = Rest, or comfort. Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest.

This is what each of the names mean in Hebrew.

Also when you take the word that each letter in Yashua represents in pictographic Ancient Hebrew, Yahsua is the name of Jesus in Hebrew, it spells a sentence that says "The hand that destroys the establishment of the EYE". The EYE being the all-seeing eye in the triangle or pyramid.

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I Will Install FlexiSpy For You Without Target Device hack your favorite preteen's phone . Not a joke call me 855-238-1592

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I want comments from people on their weight vs. the amount of carbohydrate rich foods they do or don't consume. I also want to hear if people have an easier time losing weight or keeping it off if they limit their carbs but at the same time vs. little to no exercise. I think this is true, but having said that, some exercise is good for EVERYONE. It still has health benefits even if re-arranging what you eat makes it easier to stay more fit. If it is truly this easy to slim down, and by personal experience and with a few friends, it seems to be that easy, to cut your carbs. I am losing weight with a carb restricted diet with pathetic exercise regime. But if it is indeed this easy, I intend to educate a lot of people about it. Also if it is this easy then I am going to focus all of my sexual attention on more fit women only, or those who have lost a sufficient amount of weight to be attractive, even if a little bigger, and who are making progress towards their medically ideal weight. I do not even eat whole grains. Those are NOT a health food. Fruits and vegetables are truly healthy foods. Fruits do contain a lot of sugar, but limited fruit with exercise should be fine. Based on my knowledge now, and realizing that it is easy to lose weight and keep it off (even if the progress takes time, I have no interest at all in screwing really big women. I do not care if it seems cold. Big women get a handshake or a hug from me, with friendly conversation, but i cannot do physically more than that with them. A long time ago I did a temporary job in a hospital and I heard this diabetic woman really crying in pain. I wish as few people as possible go through that. and a high carb diet pushes people to be pre-disposed to diabetes, regardless of genetics.

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i know v hv fought alot in last few mths..nd aftr evry fyt v r stil togethr..d hurt remains smewhr bt d luv is so strong dat it covers up..bt dis tim thngs seem vry diffrnt. lik v hv finaly lost dis battle..i gues world is ryt..wat wud u get fallin fr a married guy aftr al..yes it wrks smetims..bt wid my luck, normal thngs hardly wrk..hw cn i xpect a miracle..evrytim v fyt, next dy m normal..he tkes tims nd thn he is also normal..bt dis tim m d one takin so mch tim..cz watevr mistkes i hv dne, i hv apologized..nd watevr made him happy i hv tried..he cudnt do it alwys cz he hs othr responsibilities he cnt leav..whch i undrstnd..bt fytin wid me fr anothr gurl..no i dnt undrstnd..meetin her to celebrate frndshp dy bt nt meetin me aftr i came frm my leaves, no i dnt undrstnd..m alrdy havin trouble to manage dis relation wid his wife in picture, y m i xpected to tolerate 1 mre gurl..yes i hv mre guys in my lyf..yes i hv made mistkes..bt nvr hv i fought wid u fr anothr guy..no matr hw gud or bad dat guy is..i hv alwys xplained him bt at d end told him dat i wil do wat mkes u happy..y dnt he say dat..y ws he fytin so mch fr dat gurl..did i fyt fr my frnds..m alwys rdy to leav ny person in my lyf he hs issues wid..bt he keeps fytin fr his ppl..m i wrong if m too hurt dis tim..y shud i frgiv u wen u r nt even sry..y shud i plan my lyf wid u if u r fytin wid me fr anothr gurl..no matr wat m doin whlr dy, her namr keeps flashin on my mind..i cnt get dat fyt out of my head..i nvr had a prb movin on frm fyts..cz fr mr u wer alwys mre imp..bt m nt able to move on dis tim..i luv u..i wanna b wid u..i wanna hold u..bt m upset too fr dat 1 thng..rest al i cn move on..bt m nt sure i cn move on frm dis..u say i left ppl bcz dey wer bad. yes i agree..bt m also rdy to leav ppl who r gud if u hv prb wid thm..did u do dat fr me..u left our frnds grp too..u hd so mch issues wid ur frnds, did u evr leav der grp..no..bt u do it wid me..no matr i try to trust u, smethn happens dat shws ur family nd frnds wud b ur close ones alwys..i wil alwys b an outsider..yes i luv me lik hell..bt u also hate me quickly wen v fyt..i undrstnd u cnt leav ur wife ryt nw bt wat ws d reason fr nt leavin ur frnd..its been a yr nw..hw many ppl did i leav fr us..nd hw many did u leav fr us..u hd to leav 1 person nd u cudnt do it..y ws dat person so imp..fr me..u choose her over me dat dy..so til i dnt feel u wil choose me alwys no matr wat, i dnt wanna plan my lyf wid u..i dnt wanna say sry to u or try to fix nythn..cz dis tim m broken nd i cnt fix u til m fixed..i cn b wrong evrytim, bt dis is smethn m 100% ryt at..i knw i cn move on frm dis hurt too cz i luv u dat mch..bt i want u to b sry fr it..dis tim, i wont move on till u realizr ur mistke..u keep fytin fr ur ppl nd one day i wil b gone..i wud prefer to sufer alne thn to keep losin u to othr ppl evrytim..

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Hello my friends.Its me. Sinsinawa I have a very important message for some, you call them, "Anonymous Lets go. Dear Anonymous Do you really think, that you are important for us? I dont think so. Just because your wearing, a Guy Fawkes mask, you are not scary at all In my opinion, a member of any organization must be willing to make a difference hate people like you because you perpetrated a great fraud among the youth . , people who buy a Fawkes mask and pretending to be a part of your collective should never have been allowed and then you condemn them for so doing ., again interest for Anonymous, they are not important. In real life, you are too cowardly you pound a keyboard and condemn those ,who have taken an all out assault against The Elite They have even been infiltrated by The Clandestine Illuminati .In reality, you are not interested, about the big problems, of our world.

Its very easy to buy a mask, and than saying that you be a part some one and then report what they are doing to The CIA But you cannot accuse that of one of us. I think that anonymous has become a big family of vipers A family that, has no idea what a family is , or should represent .A family that, really cares about the improvement, of the world. must be willing to die for his brother are you willing ? No some of you betrayed your own .But all these things, you dont care., you care about publicity .So my question is:Why do you think, that you are, bigger than us? Can you answer this question? No, you can not. Because you dont know, about everything.Though you think you do .Do us a favor, and throw your masks away, and dont pretend, you are for any one For most of you are scared of a real fire fight Makes no more, embarrassing photos and videos of yourselves , where you talk, unimportant stuff When I saw, something like this, i am the one who drowns the irresponsible for it You are not Anonymous.if the CIA knows you .You are not Legion And I dont expect you. Please don't take this seriously some one needs a swimming lesson . .shall we gather at the river the beautiful river tonight

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I have regularly defended women of all ages and all appearances against the rants and unfair characterizations by men. But the longer I work in retail, the less I believe.

So women who are pretty really DO live in a different version of the world. Because seriously, you were literally surrounded by people on a line going around the store, with only 3 cashiers working. Were you blind to the piles and piles of merchandise surrounding every surface of the counter and the floor around customers AND the cashiers? because we simply couldn't keep up with putting them away PLUS handling the line?

You were returning items that were over a year old, you only had one or two receipts, you couldn't even find your own ID for 20 minutes, but the real problem is that the cashier didn't seem to care???

I called managers, I called associates, I processed six different returns for you. Was it because I dared to work with other customers, answered 6 calls while we waited?

Truth is - I don't care. I don't get paid enough to care. It was late in the evening, I was on my 6th hour of work. SO, sorry, I wasn't perky fresh as a daisy. I did my job and I didn't lackadaise about it. I don't surf my phone while working, I don't chat with colleagues, I don't flirt while you fume and wait helplessly - EVER. But that's not enough - You need to feel like I'm holding your hand?

I can only imagine that you get so much of that kind of attention that you think everyone's got it to give. Nope. I am very committed to keeping my promise and doing my job. But appearing to care? I have none of that to offer.

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you LOVE to complain about your colleagues. you throw them under the bus to ingratiate yourself with customers. Good for you. I don't.

I've only worked for this company for a year - twice I've been cursed out by customers because the store ran out of bags!! How is that MY fault?? This company has chosen to save money by buying thinner bags. They're so flimsy that they have to be doubled or the sharp edges of plastic packaging is enough to rip through them. So of course we go through them faster. Customers regularly demand that we double bag their items. Am I supposed to believe that I as a cashier am not doing enough to save bags??

This company regularly creates situations that frustrates customers who then vent that anger against us.

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I am feeling nothing but alone.and depressed and I just look.out to the sky and it's so empty. I'm so tired of being alone, and being the nice guy to do everything to help the girls I'm with and they just leave. What about me?...

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Sometimes I wish I could stop existing, not die though. I'm not suicidal, and I would never want to hurt the people in my life, and especially my pets. My life isn't bad either, I didn't have trauma or issues that would have dramatically impacted my views on life. But sometimes, when I'm alone with my thoughts, I think of what it would be like if I just never existed, and how the world would still go on, and the people around me would love other people and do different things. And I also get feelings of guilt? When I think about how lucky I am to be living a safe and healthy life, while others have so little, and so many people care for me even if they don't always show it... and I feel guilt over wanting to disappear and leave this life. When I'm alone, and I start to submerge myself into these scary thoughts, I think of messaging close friends. When I start to text them, it suddenly feels like they wouldn't be able to understand my thoughts, and that if I really exposed my mindset to them, they would just tell me to see a therapist or feel guilty for not being there enough to make me happy all the time. And it's not anyone's job to make sure I feel loved every single second of the day anyways. I don't really want to make a big deal over my thoughts, and I don't want to bring people down by unloading all my problems onto them. So I usually keep them to myself, and it's hard. As much as I want to let it all out and just have someone understand, I wouldn't want them to feel down because of it. I guess that's why I'm here unloading it to the internet to ease my mind. Sometimes I feel this way for just 10 minutes, and it passes quickly and I feel great afterwards, but other times it can last weeks, and I just don't feel like going out or socializing. When people try to reach out, I tell them I'm just tired or lazy and that it's nothing to worry about. It probably makes people mad at times because I seem flaky and lazy, and that if I went out I'd probably shake off my thoughts and feel great again. But I know that once I went home my thoughts would all come rushing back, even worse than before. Nothing makes me feel more alone than going home to an empty room after being surrounded by so many friends.

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Carey Cowles from Old Saybrook Connecticut is a top satanic cult leader in that region. He is involved in human sacrifice, terrorism, persecution, threats, cyber stalking, censorship and more. Carey Cowles is working for the royal and noble families of Europe. These satanic cults want to breakdown society for the purpose of human trafficking. Carey Cowles is proud about being evil. He thinks he is the return of Aleister Crowley.

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I'm in a funk


So, I have been feeling super off lately. Being a gay teenager in small town Pennsylvania isn't the most exciting thing in the world. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life, and I feel like I'm drifting. Advice?

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Love should have an on and off switch. Wish it is that easy. Niligawan ka tapos pag mahal mo na biglang aatras. Di kaya ng commitment. Cute! Alam ko naman na alanganin ang situation natin pero sana di ka na nagparamdam kung di ka naman handa na may maramdaman din ako. Ginagago mo ba ako?? Ang hirap kaya. Para ako yung nanliligaw ngayon. Hirap pala pag mas mahal mo na. I believe that we choose people who can hurt us because we allowed ourselves to love those people. We can never be sure of anything pero ngayon sigurado ako sa iyo e. Bakit ikaw hindi?? Ikaw nanligaw di ba?? I-off mo na lang etong nararamdaman ko. Please lang i-off mo na. Paano mo nagagawang matulog ng ganito tayo.

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I am embarking on a great diet to change my life. I am going extremely low carb, very little table sugar, more meat, more fat, more vegetables, a little fruit. I am feeling better. I am losing weight. I am eating more "healthy fats" and I am less scared of fatty meat if I cut my carbs. In fact with a low carb diet I seem to need more fat calories to have enough energy to function well, but I think fat calories are healthier than carb calories. From recent research I think too many carbs are indicated in heart disease, diabetes, and even some cancers.

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Well-meaning, decent people will condemn my behavior , while they’re not concerned their children view the very kinds of things on their computers that turn young kids down the road to be just like me . They printed our stories we relive them, your kids read about us and they learn what we do . I'm a cold ass motherfucker as you might have ever put your fucking eyes on. I don’t give a shit about you or your kids yet you'll look at me and smile with a hello Not knowing II'm thinking you'll make a good sacrifice . I have a lot of fun drowning people I'm driving home from the bar and …This good-looking young man sitting next to me is going swimming I talked with Garrett Gendron Lives in Muscoda, Wisconsin Should I continue or would you like to see his Obit soon ? Sinsinawa

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I miss my friends and I hate him. I feel grateful that I can finally say "hate" when for so long it was mad, sorry for, or miss. I find that I get upset with myself that I cannot push through the feelings father so I have to remind myself that we are human. I am one of many I think who are uncomfortable expressing feelings. As a reference, I am an educated woman with no history of abusive relationships prior to this.

I started putting both feet down and stating that he was not welcome in my life 8 months ago. We dated for just over a year prior to that, and I spent most of it trying to protect myself or avoid drama by walking on egg shells. I made excuses like how I didn't want to burden anyone else or I was too busy to move out, but really a part of me naively wanted to believe that I was not so foolish to let someone so evil into my life. I wanted to believe that the ideal person I met was real and the nice (fake) part of the person would dominate the cruel part. It only became more and more clear that he sought me, and others, out at part of his entertainment. I made excuses for him...for how he was raised or how military protocols contribute to severe mental illness, but ultimately we all have choices. We may not be able to control how we feel but, with exception to certain illnesses, we can certainly choose our resulting words and actions. Fighting left no scars for him or stalled him in anyway. He could always laugh while myself and everything around me was falling down. I experienced preparing to die for the first time after I met him, and then again countless times. This changed who I am, in a way that my friends, family, and peers have noticed but do not understand. I feel sick when men are physically close to me now and I am quiet, but it does not feel by choice. From birth through before meeting him nothing could keep me quiet. I just do not know what to say anymore, ever.

I am grateful to be on this end where I can finally say "hate" and that he does not deserve my time and not feel guilty about it. I hate him. I have never felt comfortable saying that about anyone but I hate him for taking part of me. Part of me that could have been with my family, friends, and loved ones. Part of me that used to enjoy work and now I struggle to get out of bed. It is really such a shame that I endured so much pain and lost so much of my life and my health just because I did not feel comfortable being mean. Or that I even considered standing up for myself as being mean for that matter. Whether that is influenced by societal norms or personality, is another story. I am naturally an incredibly driven and outspoken person but to him I was just another a challenge. A challenge that I still feel like he won; however, I am hopeful that I will continue to love others and surround myself with respectful individuals while he continues to live a life where no one truly knows who he is, isolated and scared. I place empowering visuals everywhere I can see them. I started opening up to a couple of friends which has helped some. I try not to be in the home alone much but for whatever reason I have found myself exhausted since the relationship ended. Mentally and physically in a hole that I am able to climb out of and see the light more and more each week. I am slowly remembering the things I once found beautiful.

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In addition to the “traditional” reasons, your mom may have had you circumcised for at least one or more of the reasons below that she won't tell you (and don't embarrass both of you by asking!):

She wanted you to get blow jobs. Much more likely if you're clean, dry and don't smell bad. Circumcised boys often have to look up the word “smegma” in a dictionary. They have no idea what it is because they never produce any.

She knew that girls like circumcision. It's clean (see above), and it's sexy. The sight of a bare glans (head of the penis) is a major turn on for most women.

She knows or knew another woman who did not have her son circumcised at birth and later regretted it.

She once had a bad experience with an uncircumcised man, or knew another woman who did.

If this post attracts a number of anti-circumcision post, as these kinds of posts often do, ask yourself, this question, based on my own experience what rings true, and what doesn't?

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Me and You , Lets make it happen You want to beat and abuse old white men I got handcuffs and whips right here -- I like that I want to put whipped cream all over your tender young ass and lick you clean .

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Any form of collective ideology is dangerous to individual freedom and personal thinking. I'm thinking , You spanking me for bad thoughts would be fine-- as long as I get to toss your salad

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.Trump said he will defend our country, protect our communities and put the safety of the AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST! That made Louise Rosealma very angry . That's ok come sit on my face I mean lap and cry on my shoulder I'm here for you. As always please let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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I'm a middle school teacher anyone can have free copy.. That's how students at West Sylvan Middle School Portland, OR ended up Nude and online .

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Everyone tells me that all people should work retail at some point in their lives. I didn't realize that as soon as I got a job in retail, that sentence would expand to "all people should work retail at some point in their lives BECAUSE they'll get to learn how cruel people can actually be".

First off, working in retail, I learned that management really is that bad. Like, yeah, my boss is a cool dude, but like, general grade for management has got to be like a C-. First off, I'm a part-time worker. Can you not schedule me for 8 hours a day on like all the days. I don't "want to go to there". I don't want to "live dat lyfe". I signed up for like 22 hours a week, guys; seriously, in my application, that's what I put. Also, when I wrote "open availability", I meant that I could work whenever you wanted me to work, not however long you wanted me to work. Any time, darlings; not ALL THE TIMES.

Also, I know I'm not an expert in ambiguous grocery store running, but seriously? If we have to do some of the stuff we do under the conditions which you are asking us to do it, y'all need to hire some more people. Hire the desperate high schoolers. Do it.

about co-workers: gotta give them a shoutout because they suffer with me and are my guardian angels at times. Other times, I understand why we don't hang out outside of work. Friends, when you call off work the morning of your shift, I get the evil eye thrown at ME when I come in, following the schedule, after refusing to pick up your shift?

Also, I'm tired of getting "talked to" about being slow in my work habits when 1) I'M JUST NEWLY COMING OUT OF THE TRAINEE PERIOD, and 2) I think it's awfully fishy that when I work the morning shift, you're done everything 3 hours before close, but when YOU work the morning shift, I have to work overtime to finish everything. Blame it on the newbie though, amirite?

HR exists for a reason, guys. Just because I work in the same building as you does NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, make it AT ALL EVEN REMOTELY OKAY for you to make inappropriate comments to me, about me, about my family; nor touch me, at all, anywhere, for any amount of time. I'm a woman human being, and you're violating things. Back off.


Now on to our lovely customers. Sure, maybe my store has a reputation for being "friendly", but when I go home, I daydream about bad things happening to you. Hm maybe I should try sounding less sociopathic, eh hem, "but when I go home, I cry tears of joy in fetal position in the corner of my room while whispering to myself "they're gone"." NOPE, no way to diminish my dislike for you.


Do NOT offer me advice on how to do my job better - I'm just following protocol.

Do NOT hit on me; neither your jokes nor comments are funny.

Do NOT ask me about every single ingredient in every single item.

Do NOT ask me to make special exceptions for you.

Do NOT tell me what we apparently "usually do" here.

Do NOT treat me like some kind of personal verbal punching bag because YOU'RE so discontent with YOUR own life that you need to thoroughly insult someone's intelligence.

Do NOT criticize me for not being an expert on EVERYTHING about the franchise.

Do NOT expect me to be making company-wide decisions.

Do NOT get aggravated when I break the news to you that I am neither qualified nor trained to do every single job in the store.

Do NOT get mad at ME when we run out of things or do not carry seasonal items (like ACs in October).

Just because I wear a uniform and stand behind the counter, does not mean that I gave up my humanity card.

OH, and I'm SO SO tired, so at the end of an 8 hour shift of standing and carrying heavy things and doing YOUR bth work, FORGIVE ME IF MY SMILE AND PERKINESS SLACKS.

If anything, I have to give my retail job a little thank you. Dear retail job, thank you for motivating me to get my GPA up and get a real person job because the thought of working here for the rest of my life makes me want to eat shards of glass.

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My reply White people Molest their kids according to statistics , Black people are first to yell Statistics don't lie-- until a white man points out-- Black on Black crime. That's right Blacks are killing their kids . In Record numbers. In the United States A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. !! More than 80% were not yet old enough for kindergarten . See I sought help they tried to arrest me. yet 5 children will die tonight from abuse 3 of them will be because of Living conditions dirty house no water , meth being cooked in another room. There's a lot of people out there who need help . Children who experience child abuse and neglect are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult, and 30% more likely to commit violence crime. 14% of all men and 36% of all women in prison admitted they were abused as children. Society is fucked up they have a sinister under belly that they created , some of us reach out trying to get help-- and you Mike Brown us. Remember him ? Society created Mike Brown gunned him down and displayed him on nationwide T.V like a trophy . At least I'll admit I would do strange things to his corpse You would do it too but you won't admit it . I'm still going to torture and rape and torture Bryan Quang Le as soon as I can get a Plane to Nevada

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It was NOT his job to keep that area clear. He was doing his job as demanded by his supervisors and WHEN demanded by his supervisors. Why do you people swear you know our jobs better than we do???

Yeah so there were so many carts it was hard to reach the counter. Go on facebook and complain, email the company owner - disrespecting that man just creates the reason we hate that job and you!!!!

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I know we moved on and I have really good days where i just think about you and i just simply enjoy the memories i made with you, But then sometimes i have moments where those simple memories become painful and i start to miss you more than usual. Ive tried to move on, ive tried ignoring you, ive given it time and space i dealt with my heart break i even handled you saying there was no longer any meaning to the colors and number. And i mean absolutely no direspect to our relationships but you filled a void for me when you were present. Although deciding to go our seperate ways left an even bigger one that i have no clue how to close or to fill. Maybe you filled yours or maybe you never had one idk i just found myself thinking of you.

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I am married to someone with anxiety, depression and several phobias. Over the 7 years we have known each other it has become increasingly worse to the point where she does not leave the room on some days. I work to support us both, I get up whenever she needs something. I hold my tongue when she does something wrong because I dont want to upset her, yet she does not hesitate to correct me at any opportunity. She does not hesitate to throw a middle finger when I tell her something isn't being done right. We havent had sex in over a month. I feel more and more like a carer and less like a husband. I am drowning under all the weight.... I dont have friends I can talk to about these things, I am alone surrounded by people who say they care but who are sympathetic to her while I stand in the background with a fake smile on my face pretending to be strong.

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It's hard to write this without giving the whole background. I'm married to an alcoholic, bulimic, OCD person. He's not constantly drinking, throwing up, or cleaning. He also wasn't born into a place of love or brought up in a loving home. He's a good provider for our little family. He's affectionate and loyal. He's a dedicated and sweet father. And he's only ever mean to me when he drinks.

I say all of this to myself in a poor attempt to convince myself that the way he treats me is acceptable. He doesn't beat me, but he can be cruel. He treats me the way I imagine his mother treated him growing up. He's hurtful, never accepts responsibility for wrong doing, and is tough. When I tell him he's hurt my feelings or I start crying, he tells me I'm being too sensitive. Everything is my fault. And maybe it is. If the floor needs to be vacuumed, it's my fault that it's dirty. If the dog has an accident, it's my fault that he had to clean it up. Just like any situation, it wasn't always this way. It's not like I woke up one day and told myself to fall in love with the most problematic person I could find. On an almost constant daily basis, I find myself wishing it was just me and my girls (my dog and my baby). I've heard that being newly marrried and having a baby can be tough. But this constant feeling of feeling like I'm drowning and never good enough for him can't be normal. It just can't be.

I don't recognize myself anymore. At night, I'm constantly crying, wishing for a different life for myself and my girls.

And although I feel stuck, I truly do love him. But I can at least try to make an attempt to take care of myself. Recently, I started going back to the gym. Working out was something I loved to do before we met. Sometimes he makes me feel guilty for it, but has never stopped me.

I don't know where this is going, but I just needed to say it. To someone. To anyone, really.

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I'm a 40yo, divorced white male. Single. Lonely - I have no actual friends. I am an introvert and always anxious and often depressed. I have what this society would call a great career but I am not happy and I am tired. I feel depressed. I don't know how (or if I really want to) make new friends at this age. I live in the country in a house I own by myself. I've been on and off Tinder and I don't really have a problem meeting women; but the hassle of starting new relationships just to have them end in heartache once again. I'm overwhelmed with life. How do others maintain happiness? I've done the diet thing, the exercise, the meet-new-people-in-real-life things (serious stays at it for months and years). I've seen a shrink, a therapist, all that. Why do I see so many other people be happy (or at least seem happy) from day to day and I just am not? I sometimes think if I could just sell the house, quit my job, walk away from all my debt and go live on a beach then maybe that would bring me happiness; but the guilt of leaving all that I "have" holds me here.

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I'm angry, and I am confused, and I don't know what exactly I did wrong. I followed all of the steps to get a decent job, in an affordable city and I have a family that loves me, and friends back home who check on me to make sure that I am doing okay. I just don't know why I feel so empty and alone. I've made friends at work that I like talking to, and like to think that I am a friendly enough person. I'm just trying to get by, and be happy but I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I know that there is no formula to happiness, and I know its not something that is definite or comes and goes.

What I don't understand is this: I have a job I like, with people I like. I have enough to get by, and I have some good friends who have my back. I'm just fucking miserable. When I am alone, I feel desperate and lost and confused and just sad and angry, and it feel pathetic. I tolerate myself enough I just don't want to continue like this, I don't like feeling this way, and ive been trying things to make it different because I know doing the same thing over and over again expecting new results is crazy. Maybe I am just in a funk, but this one won't go away.

Maybe i'll figure it out, maybe I won't. I don't want medicated, but I don't like constantly feeling depressed. Its exhausting.


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I believe in Faith and Truth, but not as a response to an argument or question except about timing. I have heard "Truth is Truth", as justification that what someone is saying is true. Guess what? That is not proof what you are saying is true. I believe in God, and I believe Jesus existed, everything I have researched and come across and a basic understanding of human nature only strengthened that belief. I don't expect everyone to believe what I believe, but I do hope that people seek the truth for themselves with an open mind. That doesn't mean you have to be stupid about things, just don't go judging something too quickly. Look at it from all angles. For instance, the Catholic church came into existence little by little between 200-500A.D. and much of their teachings were a merging of Old Testament, New Testament, and Pagan beliefs. After all, Jesus did not ever call himself God or God in the flesh, yet that is what was taught by the Catholics and later all the off shoots. Also, the Catholics, like most religions of the time deified those who seemed blessed or came in contact with Jesus, otherwise why would you pray to them? IE. Mary, the Saints, etc. And according to the 10 Commandments, we are not to worship carved images, yet what is Jesus on a cross? Jesus was a Jew and followed the rules of the Jews, yet recognized some were less important and more guidelines when they became unrealistic. Truth is indisputable logic with solid evidence, which sometimes requires and understanding of how things are in reality. Even some tests scientists do to determine what something is have enough variables they can be open to debate as to the validity of the test being solid evidence. All things are not simple, yet our simple minds want simple answers and refuse to understand anything further, even when it is explained in detail. Truth of anything usually becomes apparent if you understand all things about something, but fact is not everyone can handle the truth about everything because it's too much information. So, we tend to trust one expert or another that we have decided we can trust, but even as good as someone is, they can still be wrong. So, then the question comes to you as to just how important is that truth to you? That is why I think most people live their lives oblivious to a great deal of things going on in the world, because until it affects them, they don't want to care, because it's too hard to care about everything. But then in the end we get in the habit of only caring about ourselves, and not trying to understand anyone else. Complicated, right? Our society has gotten so complex with ideas, that we are overloaded with these thoughts and ideas, like picking what we like from a shopping website but not thinking too much about anyone thing. So, figure out what is important to you, and find the whole truth about it, and make sure to go back to the beginning of what you think you can trust as far as information, because the wrong base can crumble the entire idea. Faith.. Have faith that you will find a full understanding eventually, but don't think you need to have faith that something exists when you haven't even sought the existence nor done the research. You have to look for God and ask for help from Him to find the answers. Then keep your eye's open for clear answers. Then, go ahead and doubt. And ask for further understanding and wisdom. You will come across things that will make things clearer. For instance, there are some who believe in the Bible word for word simply because it hasn't changed much in the last 1500 years, but it's not the ones who had custody of it that you need question but the original writers. In fact, several variations of the same stories give the Gospels more validity than most of the rest, after all, when one person tells a story you have to trust the one, when several do then you have a higher chance of the truth being in amongst their words. Also, there is motivation, for instance, there is a story in Luke that shows that some of the Disciples were becoming thugish in their behavior when a couple that began traveling with the group didn't give up all their wealth to the "group" when they joined and died of shame or "God" struck them down. There are a hand full of stories I doubt the accuracy in the Bible because I know how people are, but that one I have no doubt they justified murdering a couple and called it God's will. Some stories are likely not actual events so much as stories created to teach a lesson. But if one takes into account all historical documents and artifacts, the truth becomes more clear and the manipulations of men more obvious. I do advise you each to do your own research and fact checking, but in the end you will have to trust something, and I advise trusting that which has the most scientific data supporting it rather than theories and political & sociological agendas. After all, how many believe they know what morality is? A quick understanding of knowing if something your doing is wrong, think of whether you would like someone to do it to you. That is a solid fact. Second, if you don't know, ask anyone you might harm by your actions if it would hurt them for it to be done. Politicians giving themselves raises and special healthcare while the country flounders is wrong, yet a teen downloading music to listen to for free is a federal offense? Proving the Golden rule, those with the Gold make the rules. Doesn't make them right, nor moral. Also, things that were common place and frowned on but not prosecuted have over the last 100 years become felonies severe enough to change you to a second class citizen for the rest of your life and spend years and decades in jail, even if they didn't hurt anyone. Morals? The world doesn't understand what that is anymore, they only think they do and want to enforce their idea of morals and justice on everyone else. And partially because of this, they idea of family is disintegrating as well because one part of the family doesn't understand another and there is not enough respect and love to try. Good news? There is always hope, for each person who tries actually does make a difference, like ripples in a pond.

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