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I am completely done tolerating this tyranny. If I do not receive sovereign land and reparations I am killing the body and soul of every oppressive prince, banker, mafia don, priest, rabbi, etc. Test that out. I am done. Your wicked souls are already be erased from existence. If your answer is no....Die in your pride.

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Brandon Morales is a Freemason working for the British Crown. He oversees a group of satanic gang stalkers and he is a murderer. I believe he lives in New Britain Connecticut.

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Steven James Dishon lives in Michigan and he is the Lucifer. He caused the Kalamazoo Shooting in Michigan in 2016 as a sacrifice for energy. The Illuminati and Occult are telepathic brain intruders. Steven Dishon took over the mind of Jason Dalton and caused him to shoot and kill 6 people. Their deaths were sacrifices to fuel Steven Dishon's evil spirit.

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MI6 also called Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) created and controls the ISIS program which is really International Secret Intelligence Service with intelligence agencies all around the world involved like the CIA, Mossad, GID of Saudi Arabia and others. The British Crown established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Treaty of Jeddah. All the heads of MI6 are knighted by the British Crown because they serve the British royal family. MI6 is leading this operation and involved with staging terrorist attacks. The Belgian royal family were exposed for their tax schemes on the United States so MI6 staged the Brussels Bombings as an excuse to increase security for the Belgian royal family and their corrupt bankers. The Treaty of London established the Kingdom of Belgium and appointed the House of Windsor's cousins the Saxe Coburg and Gotha family as the head of Belgium. The 1871 District of Columbia Organic Act established Washington DC as a municipal corporate state based on debts owed to foreign entities like the Kingdom of Belgium, Irish government, and Hudson Bay Company. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel Switzerland is in contract with the US federal reserve and most central banks around the world through fraudulent tax contracts like the Belgian Scheldt Dues and siphons off wealth. The money is then transferred and laundered into private Swiss bank accounts. Prince Lorenz of Belgium is married into the Belgian royal family and has worked as a banker in Rome, Paris, and London. Prince Lorenz is a managing partner for Gutzwiller Bank in Basel Switzerland right near the BIS and he is managing the private accounts for the royal and noble families of Europe who are stealing from the central banks. Once this was all exposed MI6 staged the ISIS bombings in Brussels as reason to increase security for the royal family and their bankers. The House of Windsor are controlling MI6.

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Shankaracharya then warned me that Mahesh now knows you are here in Vrindaban with me. He has sent Nadikishor and his spies here with others to watch you, you must be very careful. He placed a guard outside of my bedroom door at night and had someone travel with me at all times. Much to my amazement, I discovered that, in fact, I was being followed.

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I'm in love with my best friend for five years now. I told him a couple of weeks ago and he was really sweet about it but he doesn't feel the same way. Has this happened to anyone else? How can I get him to see me that way?

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Prince William runs the Gay Mafia. They do exist and are deeply connected with secret societies. They are putting estrogen mimickers into the food which lowers testosterone in men and causes breast cancer in women. They are targeting men because tyrants want men to be more passive. Prince William was on the cover of a British gay magazine. The musician Prince was also a high level member of this cult.

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I can't stand it anymore, I have no one and no one wants me. Seriously think about that last statement, isn't that what every human being lives for? Yes, to love and to be loved, by that one special someone who makes you feel like heaven is on earth. Who makes you feel like if the world were coming to an end next week, you would just want to spend every last moment with them, watching your favorite movies and getting cozy under a blanket. Well guess what, I have NO ONE! No one likes me, no one wants me, and no one loves me in that romantic way. What a fucking life. And no I am not one of those nerdy magic card playing guys with braces or suspenders. I am a decent looking guy with a job and lots of things going for me. I don't know why this "curse" has been put upon me. All my friends have girlfriends left and right and I am always the third wheel left out in the lurch. Fuck this I hate my life and goodbye cruel unfair world...
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Happy Cinco de mayo all who may or may not be reading. Welcome to another day of my escape. I've come to the conclusion that I am depressed. Emotionally, possibly clinically. Can't tell the wife because she claims to not feel empathy. Can't tell my friends because they are virtually non existent. Coworkers? That's out of the question. I miss her. I hope she works today. I need a pick me up. She is my drug and I am so addicted.have a good day

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The Zodiac killer did come to Pastor Charley . and Charley was a Revelation The Proof. 1969 was the last time you heard from him in California , November 16, 1970 Manson found Guilty . Even though Manson never killed any one neither did he give the order to kill . June 29, 1978 Bob Crane Was murdered by The Zodiac killer why bob Crane ? bob is a symbol Gemini twins with Eye peering through . Crane? Is not only a bird it’s also a machine for construction and building . Can we fix it ? Yes we can !! Yes we can reversed type that in on You tube when the Zodiac heard that Pastor Charley got convicted he sent a message to the Illuminati. Sinsinawa

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Wigley and his hand puppet King Cuttica (yes there was a coronation last summer and yes if you do not blindly support the King you will be tried for treason) are fond of saying that Sun is “an enduringly great proprietary trading firm”. What a bunch of doo doo. An enduringly great firm does not sue its employees; it does not lose employees to competitors; it does not keep friends around when they do not perform; it rewards performance not politics and so on.

Most of you may not remember Tonh Hu and Leonid. Very smart PhD quant

traders and partners. They grew tired of the stupidity they saw at Sun and its then Head of Trading and left the firm. Sun tried to screw them of their cash. They sued and Sun has no case so settled with them for lot more money.

Then comes Kieran, remember him, MBM trader, made lots of money for

Sun, gets shafted on his bonus, he leaves, Sun accuses him of destroying its algos, Sun goes after him and tries to destroy his reputation. Guess what, Kieran fought back and a three person arbitration panel found him innocent of all charges. Sun goes after him for $240k but now has to end up paying him $1.3 million (not including whatever it cost Sun for legal fees and distractions). Speak of another stupid management decision.

Surely, there are more such cases hiding in the vaults. Curious to

know what happened to Bernie (the song and dance that was put up for us – well most saw through it). Is there a lawsuit there?

Asad and Tom Kelley, the best traders at Sun both are working at

competitors. The last five developers to leave are all working for competitors. There are over 80 people who left Sun in the last 4 years. Yes a truly enduringly great trading firm.

So as you look to see why you get shafted on your bonuses year after

year, look to see all the stupid decisions management makes, all the money it throws away and then you will realize why there is no money to pay you. Unless of course you have your head up you know whose you know where, then you will be taken care.

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This is what they know that YOU do not . When the Jews return to Zion / And a comet rips the sky / And the Holy Roman Empire rises, / Then You and I must die. / From the eternal sea he rises, / Creating armies on either shore, / Turning man against his brother / until man exists no more. "When the Jews return to Zion Black Jew that’s you but you only have half the story !! and a comet fills the sky, Sorry This was supposed to be Spaceship (( Poladian’s )) and the Holy Roman Empire rises pay attention to this Roman Empire WILL RISE ; then you and I must die. From the ETERNAL sea he rises That’s the Abyss !!, creating armies on either shore, turning man against his brother, 'til man exists no more." How does this happen ? I told you Prince William is The Antichrist – Or at least the host of The Antichrist. Remember The Last shall be first and first last. Prince William will die and be the LAST British King . I.E King of Israel. Not Jew ( Judah ) Israel . Paladins will enter the Earth , Prince William’s spirit will go into The Abyss The Eternal Sea. And come out of C.E.R.N !!! and enter The Red Haired Giant they found . That is and yet was not . Let them who are in Britain flee !! That’s the return of Israel . He will gather them out of all nations !! Paladins and there followers will attack those who will not bow to Gilgamesh . and they will attack Israel . Gilgamesh will take his seat on the Throne that was dead and yet it’s alive. He must subdue three kings. First was William King of Israel, The second, The King of Saudi Arabia The King of Islam and Third-He will remove The Sword of St. Galgano where he will become King over Rome . Remember The Harlot rides the beast – She is NOT the beast . The beast is the one who claims to be King over The harlot . the Pope is just a Stewart . Like Denethor the second was of Gondor in lord of The Rings ? Gilgamesh will rise up and claim Kingship over all . Until The Redeemer remembers his Promise To David. That His Throne will be Eternal. Sinsinawa

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Before I start, ty to who commented on the last post. It gave me alot to think about. Was up late last night. Darren's gf was on FB messenger so I decided to text her. Everytime I talk to her, the more she reminds me of the girl I fell in love with in high school. Not your puppy love. Like legit fireworks, butterflies the whole 9. She's strong, funny beautiful and the best part is I don't even think she realizes it. He sure doesn't make her realize it. Maybe that's why she comes to me....her smile gives me goosebumps in the best way possible. Her eyes light up what was once my dark world. Is this what love once felt like?

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For some reason I dreams of her last night . Debbie was 13 I was 8. She was my first crush , oh well. Debbie had a Boyfriend who was killed , they asked me, I told them The boy and his friend probably raped Debbie , and she probably killed him. in the early 70s that would ruin a girl. at that age. The friend went to Juvenile hall on a rape charge I was told not to say a word. EVER the thing was Debbie never knew I was an evil kid . I killed him. Out of jealousy . The boy was riding his bike I threw a brick into his face and knocked off his bike . Then I walked over and cut his throat. Killing is fun especially when you can blame some one else for it.

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She met him over five years ago. For her, it was love at first sight. Not for him. Unfortunately for her, he kissed her best friend on the neck ( her friend also had a crush him - or so she said) but her friend was mortified and said after she hated him now. Anyway, our girl still loves him. They become best friends -not just them, it's a group of five bffs. She eventually gets over him, though some part deep inside of her is in love with him. Sometime later, she likes him again. Over the five years, she likes him on-and-off. Present day: she's realised how strong her feelings are. Adorable. She has crushed on other guys in the meantime, but he was always at the back of her mind. Anyway, she one day managed to pluck up the courage to tell him how she felt; her feelings must be really strong as she wouldn't have dreamt of telling any of the flash-in-the-pan crushes her feelings. Anyway, she tells him. He is sweet and kind about it. He doesn't SAY he doesn't feel that way and he doesn't have a girlfriend - or boyfriend, not assuming his sexuality - but if he did like her surely he would have said? She's a bit upset but mostly relieved that's she's finally told him, but she wants to know - will he ever see her that way?

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Once upon a relative diversion of the Human space and time continuum, a Goat and a Crab that never met were in love with a particular similar , but oh so different creature. The Man called it a wide arrange of different names going between Scorpio or Serpent/Naga , Eagle or Aquila/Garuda and some of the wiser ascendants were known for the aspect of The Dove or The Phoenix. The Nameless, known and feared by many , understood by few, knew not what he was for a part of his being was lost in the process of his Creation. So the Eagle flew high, and she saw the Scorpion about to sting this young Goat, and he did, and so the Goat was his, still alive but barely her own self anymore, took captive by the Scorpion and the Serpent alike, as one is decietfull and the other poisonous with its Kiss. And so it was , for a time, the Scorpio loved his Goat, enchanted was she, the product of Sin. His Sin. Once every night the Scorpio would transform in his sleep, and he would fly with the Eagles that all-see. And so he saw all aswel. But that night he was shown what he didnt want to see, a baby Goat abandoned at the desert, she sobs and whimps as the tears flow like a crystaline river down her cheeks, she knows not where she is or who she was, desperately looking for the warm sun in a sea of darkness. Shook by this vision the Scorpio woke up and knew he had Sinned. So from that day on he cut loose the poison that bindeth the creatures of the Earth to his Earthly desires, and set her free. But he knew the damage had been done, his selfish desires of the flesh hurt yet another innocent being. The shame was unbearable and so he fell onto a deep sleep where he would meet his demise. The Scorpion came from the Waters and the Earth. The Eagle came from the Winds and The Sun. The White Dove and The Phoenix came from The Fiery Eather of the Father. They are One. Their number is 22. To be continued..

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The boy that spends his days dreaming about the overwhelming power of his blood writes. -1 A vida e a morte Corrente cristalina da sorte O azar , esse traz um traje belo e dourado. Esse é amaldiçoado pelo padre Amado entre o condenado que não tem nada a perder. Pois a morte que vem em má hora é considerada azar Mas a fortuna indesejada é igualmente marcada pelo sentimento ocular Que não regista na fita do destino tão querido pelo orador Por isso a morte , a sorte , o azar e a dor São igualmente inopurtunos quando não se lhe enxergam a cor.

-2 Ás vezes quero-te mais que nada És a neutra energia que equilibra dois polos És o ponto infimo e infinito partilhado por dois corpos. Diferentes mas iguais. Acho que te Odeio Tanto quanto te Amo.


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I feel like I'm always the "other" friend. My best friends all seem to like each other more than me, and I can see it all the time. I can't ever tell them anything because I worry they will be upset or hate me. I need someone to talk to who will understand me.

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A mother bird lays her eggs the baby hatches and they are fed until they grow, she nourishes and grooms them, until they are able to fly. but until then they must remain in the nest Do you understand? you will find what you seek , but not yet. Sinsinawa

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Gannon, a homicide and missing persons detective, said trademark graffiti left at the sites where the victims have been dumped in the water reveal a pattern of intent however he doesn’t remind people, demonic bastards taunting police !!!! Why shouldn’t we ? The Police enforce unjust laws made by The Illuminati , and every cause has an effect. You told Parents how to raise their children, when they could no longer handle their children , they threw them out . When they went out on the street , the met Pastor Charley . He took them in, because society didn’t want them. The Family of Love went teaching love and acceptance , you ran them out , killed them, called them every foul thing you could think of, because they didn’t believe like you did. Jim Jones , would not let you kill his congregation. Like you did The Branch Davidians. Even in The organized religious churches , what did you do ? Father Flanagan did a good thing to help the children and what did you do ? you threw dice to decide which of his people would be your slaves. you traded boys to obtain prostitutes and sold girls for enough wine to get drunk. I told you , you aren’t looking for it, so you don’t see it. Why only white collage men ? why not Black men ? According to you , 6,000 blacks where killed by other blacks in 2015. And yet there is no outcry !!. A hundred Black men could have drowned in The Mississippi River and no Police officer would have ever investigated it. Remember Aileen Wuornos quoted she was a killer and would kill again, however she killed 8 people before any one ever investigated her. Until she killed Walter Antonio, a security guard, and police officer !! Here’s The People YOU work for Gannon. Margaret Sanger we want to exterminate the Negro population, Hillary Clinton quotes , I admire Margaret Sanger enormously. So, Are you breathing? So, Are you breathing? Now, Now Are you breathing? So, Are you breathing? Now! Wake up, are you alive Will you listen to me I’m gonna talk about some freaky shit now Someone is gonna die SINSINAWA

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The NDAA act of 2011 and 2012 renewed the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 which authorizes the funding and spreading of "information programs" also called propaganda to be used in the press, entertainment, and social media regulated by the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The question is which media outlets is the BBG in contract with? It states that these information programs are intended for international use but use on a national level is not restricted or "Prohibited". It would be impossible to only use propaganda or "information programs" internationally without being connected with national media since all the major national media companies are international.

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Patrick Guinness is involved with murdering children and drinking blood. He holds a claim to the Kingdom of Jerusalem and is high level in the Vatican's Illuminati. He is completely abominable and lawless.

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Facebook censors people who speak out against the Italian Mafia.

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As I sit and wait to start work, my coworker Jacobs girlfriend texts me saying she's taking her son to the hospital. My other coworker Darren's girlfriend also text me saying she wants to see me outside before she starts work. Oh boy exciting start to my day. Oh and a little recap from last night, the wife....yea I believe that will be her name...the wife....it's ample...she got too drunk and started slamming shit which led to the short post last night. Didn't get much sleep but that's normal lately. Is anyone even out there or am I venting to myself as always? I'm so tired....

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Mysterious and unforeseen Alternately exalted and cursed Webmaster to the wretched To whom we are eternally grateful for the existence of this little patch of paradise in a din of digital death The question on everyone's lips is "What does he get out of it?"

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Where she desperately looking for attention from those who don't care about her A fifty yr old living at home Bumm 305-298-2701

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i went on vacation with my boyfriend (over 3 years) family. his mother completely ignored me everyday, and made it obvious that she was only talking to his brothers girlfriend and reaching out to her. i was just trying to ignore it but then she started calling me by her name. i have been dating my boyfriend for over 3 years and the the other girlfriend maybe has been dating his brother a year. it really bugged me that she was doing this. let me mention a little something else. that other girl was caught having sex in the parents room and also drinking with the other brother.  his family is christian and against both of those things. my boyfriend decides to leave me (on vacation) to go somewhere with his mother who has been treating me like this, and i was left crying in the room. i told him about it and he got mad at me. like i did something wrong. then he noticed it the next day and apologized to me and confronted his mom. she said she wasnt doing it on purpose. i mean she didnt talk to me at all for a week and kept trying to get this other girls attention no matter what. i dont believe that she didnt notice. when we got back i avoided going to his house and visiting his family. he agreed with me. i asked him to stop trying to get close with his mother because of what she did to me and other stuff she did to him. he is a major mothers boy by the way. so he went behind my back and planned a whole day with his mother about a family day. no girlfriends invited. i found out by his mother because he tried to hide it from me. he is always so nice to his mother and she can have the worst attitude with him for no reason. she lets the other brother get away with anything and punishes my boyfriend for stupid stuff. im tired of trying to make my boyfriend have a backbone towards his mother. by the way he is in his early twenties and we are getting married. should i marry a guy who seems like he will always choose his mother over me?  am i looking into things to much or should i leave? please help me. i do love him but he has done so much to make me feel less than his mother. he has recently even stopped holding my hand and hugging me and and putting his arm around me when his mother is around. i dont know anymore
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The Massimo family own the Holy See corporation which is in contract with most of the corporate governments through covert contracts. They oversee the United States which is defined as a federal corporation under US code 3002 section 15. The Colonna family oversee US politics and the US congress. Colonus is a Greek word meaning column. Christopher Columbus was a Colonna and the District of Columbia is named after him. The Torlonia family are Vatican treasurers and they oversee the US treasury. The Medici family are bankers and tax collectors and they oversee the IRS and federal reserves along with the Borghese banking family. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York looks like the Palazzo Medici. The Gaetani-D'aquila-D'aragona family oversees the US Department of Agriculture. D'aragona means a valley and is connected with the word agra which means land. The Orsini family oversee the FDA. They have a rose on their coat of arms and control the Rosicrucian Order which are alchemists or chemists involved with food and drugs. The Massimo, Aldobrandini, and Bourbon-Parma families oversee the US Pentagon through the Jesuits and Georgetown. The Dukes of Parma created the Jesuits and lived in a pentagon. The Massimiliano Massimo Institute in Rome is the top Jesuit institution. The Odescalchi family oversee some of Hollywood and the music industry. Ode means a musical poem. The Pallavicini family oversee DARPA and many private corporations. They created the Nazis which developed advanced technologies used by DARPA. The Sforza, Visconti, and Borromeo families oversee media. They are involved in Italian media and originated in Milan. Milan derives from the word Mediolanum and is considered a major international media center. The Doria and Sacchetti families oversee Goldman Sachs. Doria means gold and Sacchetti means sacks. The Italian Nobility are meddling in everything. The Holy See is the "All Seeing Eye" of society which is displayed on the US dollar and US Great Seal. Novus Ordo Seclorum is Latin and translates to New Order of the Ages and is also on the US dollar and US Great Seal. The Vatican and Holy See use Latin for official documents. The Italian Nobility are at the head of the global crime syndicate.

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Well, I guess you could say that when we met, we were more frenemie than best friends. However, we grew close when I became best friends with his, then, gf. As time went on, I started to notice that my mind would subconciously turn to him, no matter what I was doing. The real peak was during my schools musical season, we shared a dressing room and he and his gf were having problems. There is a big tradition that everyone brings in all of these pillow and blankets and shit for the room. One day after dinner, we were just laying there, basically spooning, and talking about his relationship problems, we made eye contact, and for a split second I thought he was gonna miss me. He knew I was gay, but he always claims to be straight, but I was still a little hopeful. I blinked and the next thing I knew he was standing up and getting ready for the next scene. A month later he broke up with his gf.... I don't know what to think..... All I know is that I really love him

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I just spent 3h staring into the void, dreaming about a life I will never have with my lover, who's love I honestly just don't deserve. It's been weeks like this. I'm distracted and completely unproductive. Full of longing. I can't believe this. He carried me in his heart all this time. Through my marriage, through the affair I had which he knew about... through his own relationship. All this years we were only friends, and all I did was just be there for him.. and he kept me in his dreams. Until the day he came here, and held me, and I felt whole and happy like I haven't in years. He cured me in so many ways. Fully reviving the romantic part of me which I thought was dead and gone.

All I want to do is leave this place, country, everything and just be with him, like he wants me to.

But its not gonna happen. Cause the realist in me knows there are no happy endings. And I don't deserve him. And there are duties, commitments, responsibilities that tie me to this place.

My love.. I wish I could cure your migraines for good. I wish I could rub your back every day and give your glorious orgasms. I wish I just had a lot of money, or connections, to just make your life easier, at least a bit.

Sometime I look at you, and I'm in awe of my own shortsightedness. My god, you're beautiful and amazing in so many ways, I can't believe how shy yu are.. You are the best lover I ever had. I wish i could give you the life and love you deserve. A part of me dies knowing I will never have it. I love you x

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I wonder sometimes that I am too busy to love... Too busy to be nice... Too sucky to be a good mom but I remember I work everyday and I love my kids. I yelled tonight because they drank the entire two litter of soda I bought.. I have teenagers... But then I remember it's not their problem I live paycheck to paycheck... They just know they got soda tonight. It's things like that.. Simple and small in the grand scheme that I know I am not a bad mom. They love me. I love them and things will get better. One day at a time. I wish you enough.

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SEOW HUI XIAN SARAH IS A SHITTY LAWYER WHO GIVES SHIT ADVICE. People go to you because they want to stay out of jail, you bitch. WHAT THE FUCK AM I PAYING YOU FOR?

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If there existed a way to forget certain events , to completely erase a memory, what would you use it for?

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I have regularly defended women of all ages and all appearances against the rants and unfair characterizations by men. But the longer I work in retail, the less I believe.

So women who are pretty really DO live in a different version of the world. Because seriously, you were literally surrounded by people on a line going around the store, with only 3 cashiers working. Were you blind to the piles and piles of merchandise surrounding every surface of the counter and the floor around customers AND the cashiers? because we simply couldn't keep up with putting them away PLUS handling the line?

You were returning items that were over a year old, you only had one or two receipts, you couldn't even find your own ID for 20 minutes, but the real problem is that the cashier didn't seem to care???

I called managers, I called associates, I processed six different returns for you. Was it because I dared to work with other customers, answered 6 calls while we waited?

Truth is - I don't care. I don't get paid enough to care. It was late in the evening, I was on my 6th hour of work. SO, sorry, I wasn't perky fresh as a daisy. I did my job and I didn't lackadaise about it. I don't surf my phone while working, I don't chat with colleagues, I don't flirt while you fume and wait helplessly - EVER. But that's not enough - You need to feel like I'm holding your hand?

I can only imagine that you get so much of that kind of attention that you think everyone's got it to give. Nope. I am very committed to keeping my promise and doing my job. But appearing to care? I have none of that to offer.

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So, ever since I was younger I had these huge dreams of being either a successful business woman or a news broadcaster. I've kept those dreams my entire life until recently. I'm getting older now, about to graduate college, and things have been no less than hectic as of February 17, 2017 for Americans. There has not been one dull day in the media since Donald Trump took office. Now, I expected a backlash once he was sworn in, but I never predicted things to be this bad. I knew a lot of people did not like Donald Trump and the ideals he stood for. I also knew a lot of people that did support him. I've always felt that Donald Trump does not have an ability to project his intentions in a respectable way. I also believe that the media is biased and controlled by rich powerful people. The media is working as a business. The media attracts audiences with misleading propaganda that is scripted and controlled by producers who are in mutually beneficial relationships with political elites. Like I mentioned earlier... I'm 21 years old and I have a question that I think a lot of people my age have. Is society getting worst? Or is it just the fact that I'm old enough to understand what's going on in the world? What will historians write in textbooks for future generations to read about what is happening to America in 2017?

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I have this dream, that I think might be my entire purpose for being. It could help people, but I have no idea where to start and how its going to work but Im stepping out on faith that I can actually do this. I mean its my dream right? Every possible thought of failing has infiltrated my mind and I almost don't want to even start. But I have to do something! I can't live this life and be okay. I'm not going to be okay if I keep living this life. I'm dying infant of my very own eyes and I don't want to die anymore. I want to get out of this rut. I lost someone very close to me, and its been hard to cope, to be motivated to do anything. I just go to work come home and do it all over again. I gained soooooo much weight. I just want my life and my speak back, and I want him to be the reason why I could do it. He will be my motivation. I have to do this. I can do this! Scared, terrified, shaking, stumbling, stuttering, lost I am going to do this!

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Alison McCarthy Senatro, Jimmy Laccavole, and Carlos Ruiz are three Nazi gang stalkers that work together. They are cyber stalkers and gang stalkers. They are involved in a plot to carry out a holocaust on the East Coast. They are involved with human sacrifice, poisoning, theft, and harassment.

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Seriously, I'm so fucking sick of their bellyaching over Trump. Why don't those fucking snowflakes admit their criminal candidate lost fair and square? Oh, right, because they refuse to take responsibility for their own failures. It's always OUR fault. Liberals are so pathetic. They rant and rave about non-issues or issues that have already been solved. Those dipshits love immigrants and terrorists so much, why don't they go live in Mexico or Sweden or some other country with perpetual violence, rapes and terror attacks? Holy shit, those fuckers are stupid. They have no fucking coping skills. I read about how those snowflakes took to drawing in coloring books and playing with Play-Doh after Trump got elected. They talk about fear and violence, but it's always THEM going around rioting and looting college campuses over "muh racism". This country has a whole bunch of serious problems, but they only focus on crap like trannies and other fringe groups. They need to face it, their party (Democrats) and their views are wildly unpopular, contrary to what the fake-ass news media says. All liberals have to argue with are baseless insults and emotional narrative. "Trump and his supporters are racists and homophobes and rapists and fascists and this and that!" Yeah, well you leftards are drugged-out hypocrites, nihilists, communists and globalist puppets for the likes of George Soros. They think all these fucking insults, rallies, protests, threats and snarky jokes about Trump are going to get him to step down? Then they're even dumber than I ever imagined. Their buddy Obama spent the last eight years fucking things up. We were long overdue for a change. Libs are seriously deranged and unhinged. They belong in straitjackets or prison. I honestly don't fucking care how pissed off they are; all I care is that they suck it up and shut up. It's disgusting how unpopular Trump has become; it's obvious the stupidity is contagious. They all sound like brainless, uncool puppets. What a bunch of establishment squares.

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Kwasny Carmen MAKEING slander and libel defamatory statements in regards to Native Americans Kwasny Carmen has a Native American store selling native crafts

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Kwasny Carmen Lakota medicine woman selling SACRED PIPES

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medicine bags for 40 dollars lakota medicine woman made

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Christians voted for a man that is a charlatan who bilked many people out of their hard earned money through Trump University. He bragged about the non-consensual molestation of women. He made fun of a handicapped reporter. He declared bankruptcy four times. He practiced racial housing discrimination. He was close to Robert LiButti, an associate of John Gotti, inviting him on his yacht and helicopter. He intimidated his tenants. He hired undocumented Polish workers. He raped Ivana.

When did this become behavior that Christians condone?

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I literally can't wait for this show it's going to be sooo good. Love the chemistry between Karen and Frank.

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The Italian Mafia and the Saudi Mafia are trafficking humans into the US through the ports in New Jersey and along the East Coast. The Mexican Mafia and Aryan Brotherhood are trafficking humans across the border into the US. The Yakuza are trafficking people into the US on the West Coast. The Hells Angels are deeply connected with the trucking industry and are involved with human trafficking inside of the US. The Albanian Mafia work for the Italian Mafia. MS-13 work for the Mexican Mafia. The Nation of Islam and the Five Percenters which are masonic organizations work with the Saudi Mafia.

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In addition to the “traditional” reasons, your mom may have had you circumcised for at least one or more of the reasons below that she won't tell you (and don't embarrass both of you by asking!):

She wanted you to get blow jobs. Much more likely if you're clean, dry and don't smell bad. Circumcised boys often have to look up the word “smegma” in a dictionary. They have no idea what it is because they never produce any.

She knew that girls like circumcision. It's clean (see above), and it's sexy. The sight of a bare glans (head of the penis) is a major turn on for most women.

She knows or knew another woman who did not have her son circumcised at birth and later regretted it.

She once had a bad experience with an uncircumcised man, or knew another woman who did.

If this post attracts a number of anti-circumcision post, as these kinds of posts often do, ask yourself, this question, based on my own experience what rings true, and what doesn't?

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Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are the top members in the media and run a female pedophilia cult. They were behind the Sandy Hook psyop with the intention of disarming Americans because they are pedophiles and scared of armed civilians. Oprah Winfrey is involved in purchasing children from organized crime syndicates. Gayle King worked for Connecticut news channels for about two decades and oversaw the media during Sandy Hook. Oprah Winfrey used her massive amount of wealth to fund the Sandy Hook psyop. Oprah Winfrey and others funded the staging of a mass shooting of children in the media with the intention of disarming Americans because they are pedophiles who traffic children. Oprah Winfrey was involved in a plot to try and murder me.

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Little Metal Bitches , stood there and wouldn't do shit . Now you see all these metal heads on You tube talking trash ? ANTI FA was up in YOUR house already , and you did ? Absolutely nothing .Go ahead talk trash , because ANTI FA has video footage of you little bitches getting your asses handed to you, and will be uploading it soon.

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here's Dishon . his height was exalted above all the trees of the field, and his boughs were multiplied, and his branches became long because of the multitude of waters, when he shot forth. behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire unfolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire. All roads lead to Lacrosse Dishon has a purpose , but he must sacrifice himself in order for it to be revealed to him. Sinsinawa

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CNN and Facebook have censored this comment. Donald Trump is an associate of the Genovese crime family and they want the wall at the border because they do not like the Mexican Mafia and drug cartels cutting in on their territory. The Italian Nobility control the Italian Mafia. The Spanish and Italian nobility have competitive factions. The House of Bourbon and Spanish Nobility control the Mexican Mafia and drug cartels and MS-13 are their street soldiers in the US. This is why MS-13 hates Donald Trump.

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