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posted to society by Aubrey, Monk of the Hungry (5 comments)

The latest farce in America where a federal high court judge has put an injunction on President Trumps travel ban seems to be a test of how much power the president has and also testing the power of the legal system. If this challenge to the presidents power is upheld in the courts this would make a high court judge in reality more powerful then the elected president of the United States. In Australia The federal court enacted what was called the "Mabo decision" which effectively recognized native title claims over the whole of Australia. This was never voted on in any election but the federal parliament rushed to pass legislation to cover what was essentially a high court decision over Eddie Mabo's sweet potato patch which had been in is family for generations. But because Eddie had moved to Townsville for work and no longer resided in the Torres Straights his family's sweet potato patch was being used by another family. All the legal work was being conducted Pro Bono by The James Cook University's legal facility. and went from a dispute over who owned an acre of sweet potato's in the Torres Straight to effectively throw into question the actual legality of Australia as a country. Like Dick the butchers line in Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part2, Act IV, Scene 2."The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers". I don't mean literally but I think there power should be curtailed. throwing into question a whole country's legitimacy is really damaging to the rule of law. I.E. it might force people to act outside the law to protect there way of life some judge has thrown into jeopardy with the stroke of a pen.

posted to society by Dana, Carpenter of Imagination (5 comments)

I just really need to say this without her or her friends seeing this. I love her, so very much. If I could make my life the happiest it could be it would be right beside her raising the family she always wanted, and pursuing our dreams as a team. It won't happen but I guy can dream can't he. I honestly couldn't tell you how she feels about me. I know that she cares but I don't know how much. She doesn't share her days with me like she did when we were together and she's keeping distant from me. It feels strange, she normally is so adiment about telling me about her day and always about her new boyfriends. But a few days ago she told me she broke up with a guy she was with for 3 months. If felt horrible because she encourages flirting between us. You can't do that while you're dating. I brought that up with her and it upset her. She thinks of me like a brother now so I guess that makes it ok, but what about how her now ex felt about it or about how I felt. Even if I don't have a chance I still don't like the idea of it. Anyhow that's not why I'm here. I'm at a point where I need to focus on myself and I can't seem to do that with the idea of her being sad. She was really hurt by it and I can't focus on getting my own shit together. I want to tell her she will be alright but I don't think that will help her. She wants a foundation that no one our age can provide for her. She's lost in this princess world I just can't seem to pull her out of. I mean she's smart and working as a teacher but that was because she really is a genius of our time. If she would just find a older guy with decent values I think she would be happy but her parents wouldn't allow that. I don't know. I just needed to put my thoughts together where people i dont know can respond if they feel so inclined.

posted to relationships by Dakota, Warrior of the Irredeemably Moist (0 comments)

Fallen Angels


I expose all the fallen angels on earth today on the site conspiracy outpost in their hardcore conspiracy forum. People should know who the fallen angels are since they are enslaving and tormenting humanity. This site does not allow links so I cant share them here.

  • Zeus
posted to religion by Shiki, Master of Darkness (1 comment)

It's just hit me , I've just realised what I have been feeling for the last 5 months ... Grief! , I've been grieving for the loss of my mother even though she is still alive , wow! I'm heartbroken and I've only just realised ! No wonder I was confused to why I'd keep crying, why I feel like dying , why my heart aches . I'm grieving for you but I didn't even realise.... when you break up with someone you go through the same motions but you know why it's pretty much like grief because you feel like you've lost that person forever and it hurts and you try everything to get what you had back because it hurts but things seem to get worse and you don't know why , why are you trying and things get even worse for and that person pushes you away even further and your heart squeezes extra tighter and I did even notice it's actually, maybe not that I'm grieving the loss of my mother but it's the relationship breakdown which equals to the loss of my mother . How sad ... should I tell you I don't know but what I do know is I will feel better now I know why I feel this way ... finally

posted to relationships by Blaine, Cleric of the Financial Services department (2 comments)

I fucking hate my sister. That ignorant, self-absorved bitch thinks she always get her fucking way. We were fine a coupld of days ago, until an argument a few days later made us angry at each other again. That "argument" started when I was having a conversation with my mom. This conversation led me into being furious with my mom. When my sister asked me to use my computer, i said "OKAY!" in a, supposedly, rude tone. I mean, if I was angry with my mom, I cant control my feelings if she asked me the next second. That resulted in my mom and sister bashing me and constantly reminding me that i have "attitude".  Today, it was fine. We started talking, but it was small, yet very awkward. She asked me if she could use my laptop and I rolled my eyes, doing the same as she had done to me a couple of days back. I know it was not the best thing to do since you shouldnt "fight fire with fire" but im human, i cant control the way i feel.  So, i was in my moms room and she kept yelling at me to turn my laptop on. Annoyed, i yelled, "BE QUIET, IM COMING". As i walked to my room, i saw an eye roll. I mean, a couple of days ago, when I rolled my eyes at her, she went CRAZY. So, I did the same, but very minimally. I asked her why she rolled her eyes and she said "WHATEVER.. HURRY UP." I do so much for this bitch, and she cant even aknowledge the fact that someones doing something nice for her even when shes so ignorant. I quickly turned around, back into my moms room, and told my mom what a bitch she was being. She came right behind me yelling at my mom claiming i was "rude" and "selfish". I admit that giving my sister a taste of her own medicine was immature, but i was angry at the moment. I wanted her to know what it feels like to be treated like shit all the time. (She has done much worse to me in the past, some which is unforgivable, but i still forgave her) So, my sister yells at the top of her lungs saying, "SHES SUCH A FUCKING BITCH" and right then, she pushes me soo hard, i land straight on my moms treadmill. (ps. my ass still hurts, LOL) My mom went to yell at her and she just stormed out of the room. I fucking hate how she thinks shes always right. How can someone be soo ignorant. She takes everything of mine, and i dont mind, but the one time i touch her shit, she goes fucking balistic (sp?) I hate her. I know im saying this now, and later will forget about the past, but for now, shes an evil, psychopathic bitch. the end. *****please dont comment stating that its my fault or that im immature/pathetic/stupid for fighting back - tell me someting i dont know LOL***** 
posted to life by Ari, Musician of the Wildlands (21 comments)

Australian aboriginals as such are heading for extinction. They are incapable of change after 50000 years without any major advances in technology or culture. They see no reason for change so they are refusing to change. The main driver of aboriginal activism at the moment is all of the main players are basically Europeans with an aboriginal background. The only reason they are interested at all in aboriginal activism is to get on the gravy train. There is untold millions millions of dollars in mining royalties, rent for various national parks and other crown land and eventually we will have to pay rent for Australia. Even the idiot judges that invented MABO realized that for the ongoing stability of Australia all freehold title has to be sacrosanct. I have retired in in South East Asia and every day I see people with nothing get up in the morning and attempt to improve their lot. Sweep their dirt floors, repair there houses they basically built with there own hands, tend there vegetable gardens send there clean children to school, the children do well at school because they realize that it is a way out. These people are polite, well spoken, and happy. Now after 40 years living in aboriginal community's all over Australia I have noticed It is the complete opposite in aboriginal community's. No one gets up in the morning and does anything, no cleaning, no repairing the houses that the government has given them, no tending the gardens to feed there children, the children don't go to school whats the point. They are only interested in sit down money from the Government that they can spend on grog, ganga and gambling. I met a drunken Australian archeologist in New Zealand who tried to tell me the Australian aboriginals were physic and had special abilities and then basically explained in a semi coherent drunken rant why the Australian aboriginal is superior to almost every other race on the planet. Why does this obviously well educated man subscribe to these crazy theory's, because he to is on the gravy train he has started believing his own waffle . And basically any respect I had for archeologists in particular and scientists in general has evaporated. So in The aboriginal people and there culture are rapidly disappearing because they aren't coping with the harsh realities of the 21st century they are being replaced by people aboriginal or islander backgrounds that have enough European heritage to take advantage of the current situation, this is Darwins " natural selection" in action it is basically there European heritage that is driving change in aboriginal Australia. 50000 years of internecine warfare in aboriginal Australia before the arrival of Europeans prevented any sort of change in aboriginal technology or culture

posted to society by Alton, Bard of Evil (3 comments)

He still makes my knees weak. I cannot be myself around him anymore because I was never enough in the end. He's trying to be nice to me, but I can't look at him without feeling that rush. I can't let go of my first love. I found out he's friends with this slut girl who I hate. It bothers me she talks to him. I want him to look at me the same way for just a moment. It will never end, he'll be gone forever after May. I wish I could have done something right.

posted to relationships by Peyton, Carpenter of the Homeless (2 comments)

Dear Yan Liang, PRC PM in Brightoil,

Nobody said your English is bad, you stupid piece of shit.

Nobody said it ALOUD.

But your words are indistinct and your pronunciation sucks and there's no point in getting angry when your frustrated audience doesn't understand you.

posted to work by Dana, Attendant of the Unimaginable Terror (0 comments)

A mother bird lays her eggs the baby hatches and they are fed until they grow, she nourishes and grooms them, until they are able to fly. but until then they must remain in the nest Do you understand? you will find what you seek , but not yet. Sinsinawa

posted to religion by Bishop, Observer of Light (0 comments)

Sufi is black magic. One of them is Kashif Ansari. He does black magic to control others to get what he needs. He knows the thoughts in ur mind and control it to make u do what he wants, try not doing what he says. If he says that a something is not good for u, its not ur choice to do it, he will force u to leave it at any cost. He doesnt care about consequences to u, u can get into serious car wrecks, have problems with co-workers or even completely ruin ur life, you HAVE to do as he wants. He holds extremists meetings and black magic rituals.

Once he decides that u should join his cult, he will do anything to get u. he will start with religion, lie and give u a weird twisted deep sh*t why his lies are not a lie. If u dont agree to join, he will start creating situations through black magic to force u. He will make your life miserable. He hides behind his religious and god fearing cover to m,ess u up till u join. And u cant tell anyone because he does this from black magic. As he makes tons of money, u are trying to fix ur life that hes making hell. Its very hard to know his reality as he goes to great lengths to hide his true identity. Theres a reason he leaves the country so many times a year - he goes to meet his masters in his native country and attain more power. On top he seems like a god fearing man who is helping everyone, in reality he is a black magician hiding behind loads of curtains. If you work for him believe someone who has been through it


posted to life by Ash, Secretary of the Homeless (1 comment)

On March 29, 2013, Reid Fliehr was found dead in bed at a Residence Inn in the South Park hotel room in Charlotte, North Carolina Fliehr's autopsy revealed it was an accidental overdose . Was it ? No he got a hot shot . a lethally large amount of heroin, usually given to troublemakers to make them appear to be a random overdose.I told him to keep his mouth shut about The Lightning Kid . Ashley you're next

posted to society by Frankie, Dark King of the Idealistic (1 comment)

Please allow me the privilege of introducing myself, I'm Kevin . Let's see now, anticipation will probably do more to excite and paint your mind a picture of me than any I could send at this time. Brown hair, green eyes, 5ft8in, 165lb, physically fit. I like nature, holding hands, full moons, summertime, fleamarkets, picnics, playing banjo and keyboard, cooking, a good movie. I own a house. There, I think I typed that in one breath. lol Need more? Well alright then. If you're my girl I'll caress your cheek when I walk by just to show I care. I'll listen intently when you need to talk about something important. If you're my girl I'll rub your back and shoulders after a long hard day and bring you breakfast in bed on your birthday. Want me to stop? Didn't think so. My lips are Sooooooooooo Kissable. In the bedroom (or the kitchen?) I'll do my best to make your hips thrust forward with delight just before we make love and hope the feeling never ends....Oh Sweetheart  My friend  My lover. And that's a savory taste of who I am. This is what you desire. This is what you deserve.........................

posted to relationships by Allison, Tour Guide of the Forgotten Lands (3 comments)

I will tell you a truth that even the Juggalos didn't realize. However i will let you find it yourself. Take the lyrics to the jokers cards pay attention to "Southwest Song" by Insane Clown Posse translate that into Greek and code it.like you would The Bible There are four prophecies given and a name that you must know . The Great Melinko is what you call him, The Jews called him The Nazarene I call him Lord Every Knee shall bow. Sinsinawa

posted to religion by Halley, Breeder of the Irredeemably Moist (0 comments)

But it is the fucking Christians that want to regulate everyone's life that prevent mercy killing. My life sucks. I want to end it and your fucking laws prevent it. Get your laws off of my body. Small government, my ass. It is my life and I should have the choice. Nothing works. Medication, therapy and Jesus are all just placebos. ECT doesn't work either. I would kill myself, but I would just fuck it up and end up with brain damage. Should I do something so I get the death penalty? I don't want to hurt anyone. Suicide by cop. I would rather not adversely affect his life. The doctor should be able to do it, but the fucking Christians want to shove their fucked values down the throats of normal, law abiding citizens. Trump should deport the Christians and make life safe for the rest of us. Then maybe I wouldn't feel like killing myself.

posted to life by Rook, Ship Master of the Idealistic (8 comments)

Anyone who refuses to protect you from hell because you don't praise him has a serious problem and is certainly not worthy of worship.

posted to religion by Brett, Administrator of the Unimaginable Terror (1 comment)

when Trump drops the big one and the Earth is finally rid of that scourge, humanity. We suck. We are the worst species to have evolved. We are God's biggest mistake. He must have been smoking crack when he made us. Did I say we suck?

posted to life by Ari, Accountant of the Wildlands (3 comments)

Frequently, people would simply have to be scared into worshipping one god over another. By representing it as powerful, destructive, jealous and harsh, the Jews who wrote the Old Testament were affirming that they believed their God should be worshipped, and other Gods should be abandoned. This is why the Jewish God is such an ass.

posted to religion by Lexus, Superintendent of the craft table (0 comments)

We should just read the NT.

posted to religion by Stevie, Knight of the Homeless (4 comments)

but are turned off by the personality disorder of the Christian God. No wonder they are losing so many people to the New Age. Eliminate the Old Testament and Christians would go a long way towards making their religion moral.

posted to religion by Samantha, Ninja of the Poor (6 comments)

Yoo-hoo! OK, all you alt-right creeps! It's time to crawl back into your holes!

posted to life by Rex, Curator of Good (1 comment)

What do you do when you know you are right and everyone else is wrong?

Do you bark out your opinion, hold it up high for them to see and admit their faults? Do you shrink in fear and pretend you think just as they do, scared of being different? Or maybe do you doubt yourself and ask, maybe it is me who is wrong and them who are right?

Is it right to feel that crushing frustration with them, wondering why don't they understand? Is it strange to direct that frustration back on yourself, knowing that no matter what you do, you cannot change your own opinion? That you cannot change theirs?

What do you do when everyone thinks one way but you don't?
posted to life by Frankie, Druid of Light (1 comment)

So this is going to be really sappy and and winey, but I have to get it out. I get upset When my boyfriend goes out to parties or social events without me. Not because I want to party or anything. It's because I'm jealous other people get to be with him when I don't. I know that's selfish, but bare with me. I have very bad anxiety, trust issues, and am emotionally damaged to the max. I have this irrational fear that he will find someone that he connects with more than me. Which I know it will happen. It always does... And I won't be mad when it does. I know I'm not good enough for him. I can't do most of the things he does or wants to. I would love to, but I have a daughter that I have to care for. I know he's not ready for the responsibility of a child. He may say he is, but he's not. Even his mom so kindly threw that at me. And I can't blame him. He's freshly 21 and getting ready to graduate from college. He's in his prime years. It's not fair of me to hold him to that. I'm not sure how long it's going to take for him to realize that he wants someone better. But I'm going to cherish every moment I have with him..

posted to relationships by Taylor, Cleric of the IT department (1 comment)

He notices me. He stops my busy mind just to remind me I'm loved.sacrifices made just for me. He just wants to see me happy he says so he does everything he can to ensure it. I'm oh so grateful but he doesn't know it. Mistakes of our past haunts our memories as we fight to make new ones. But love is enough. Love made us fight for what we had. His word is bond but insecure at times I loose my mind I'm still fighting for myself still recovering from mistakes made by my ex's. He sees my demons but they don't scare him away. It's deeper than looks he tells me when I ask if he finds me attractive still. This man really loves me I think to myself. I've given you so many reasons to dislike me but you don't budge. You're love for me is enough.

posted to relationships by Peyton, Sommelier of the craft table (1 comment)

"By the time I recite this to you you will be way passed moving on and already well into a stage where I am nothing but a passing face in the crowd. You might even be at the point where you need to think a bit before you remember the small bit of history between us. You'll probably laugh and think why is she even bringing this up? Non the less I feel the need to tell you what has been on my mind for the past few months...

I need you to know that even if what happened between us didn't mean much to you, it meant a lot to me. And even if you say I didn't hurt you that much (or even at all), I know for a fact I did. It may not matter anymore or even ever have mattered to you at all, but it does to me. I treated you terribly... you are one of the most amazing people I have ever encountered. I can't think of a single time I wasn't smiling when I was around you. You make people happy, you made me happy. You still do.

The point of this isn't for it to be some pathetic "take me back please" attempt or an attempt at boosting your ego or even an attempt at sympathy, but rather a way for me to let you know that I was an idiot. And that I KNOW I was an idiot. And I seriously can't stress that enough. I need you to know that I realized I made a mistake... and I need you to know I am sorry. Sorry if I ever made you feel at all that you weren't worth it or (even worse) that you didn't deserve me. If anything I never deserved you. This literally sounds like the soppiest, cringyest shit ever and it's driving me insane just typing this because I HATE talking about feelings, but it seriously needs to be said.

I was falling in love with you and I mistook it for "just a phase". I had this idea that I would know when I was falling in love... like there would be some kind of sign. I call bullshit. I only realized once I'd made the mistake of cutting it off. And, once again, this isn't me proclaiming my love for you and begging you to give me another chance. No, this is my way of showing you that I did care and that I feel like the biggest dumbass on the planet. I regret my decision almost every day.

Eventually we will both have moved on and non of this will matter anymore, but for right now it does matter (to me at least). Thinking about you absolutely kills me and the amount of tears I have cried over you is utterly ridiculous. And all the while I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to be upset about this. Because, truth be told, I shouldn't. It's all my fault and I need to deal with the consequences.

More likely than not you're probably reading this and thinking it's way dramatic and unnecessary and even humorous. But I don't care. That doesn't matter. What matters is that I was an asshole. And if you feel that what we had wasn't serious at all then hey, easiest "I forgive you" ever am I right? But if it was serious, and if it did matter... then I am unbelievably sorry. Doesn't matter whether I was the love of your life or merely just some girl you liked spending time with, I am sorry. Even though a worded apology can never actually fully make up for mistakes that we make, it's the least one can do. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I honestly and with all my heart wish you all the happiness in the world. You deserve that and more.

There's a shit load more to say but honestly it is 01:36 in the morning and I am dead tired. Hopefully you get the just of it. I don't expect a response... only an open mind and an open heart. I love you and, for the 100th time, I am sorry."

Haven't had the guts to send this yet. Should I? I need help :(

posted to relationships by Brett, Monk of the IT department (1 comment)

I have so much love to give, yet I am so alone. It is so hard to recover from a broken heart, it takes so long. Each day gets a little bit easier, but some days I feel like I'm going ten steps back. I need to separate myself from him completely, but I can't seem too. He's the only man who I'll do anything for, and the only man that won't do anything for me. He's taken me for granted, used me, hurt me, lied to me, and I've only responded with love, never came down hard on him, always supported him. Still wasn't good enough, sometimes I think I will never find love. I am so alone and may always be.

posted to relationships by Stevie, Sommelier of the Hungry (2 comments)

I recently found out I am 6 weeks pregnant. My fiance and both of our families are extremely excited. I, however, am not. I hate the fact that I'm pregnant and constantly wish for a miscarriage or fantasize about how I could get an abortion with no one ever finding out. I'm already getting gifts and my MIL squeals with excitement, but all of these things just annoy me. On top of that, my body is going through the cliche pregnant lady changes and I have morning sickness (which I don't understand why they call it morning sickness because I'm sick the entire day). I am depressed, miserable, and not looking forward to my breasts leaking milk for the next year. I don't want the full time responsibility of raising a child either. When I walk through the baby section in a store, I don't become elated with joy at seeing the tiny outfits. I prefer not to hold people's babies and frankly it's rare I find one cute. They annoy me with their crying in restaurants and when someone brings one into a movie theater, I feel a strong need to ask the mother what the fuck was she thinking. I feel like my life is now over--all of these little fantasies I had about going back for a Masters or JD will now be put to bed, living in Barcelona will never happen. And on top of that, I can't go on my fucking ski vacation! I want to run away, live by myself, and never see any of you people ever again.
posted to life by Harper, Gunner of Generosity (167 comments)

I love my boyfriend but I can't be with him anymore, I have gone through so much just to be with him, we both live in the same area yet I only get to see him 4 times a month, I just want someone that's actually there, if i'm feeling down he'd be able to come and make me feel better. His parent's were the reason we couldn't see eachother much but now that they've accepted us, the extra 1-2 holidays we used to have together every other month he told me he can't see me on them, for no reason. I'm tired of being with someone and feeling so lonely

How do I move on from him ? I do love him so much but I am not going through the pain he puts me through and letting him decide everything, I know he's wrong for me so I need to get over him, I just don't know where to start

posted to relationships by Brett, Curator of Evil (0 comments)

How do you MEN think a woman can keep things interesting and fresh? what makes you excited to see your girl? What is necessary to keep you interested and in love with a woman?

posted to relationships by Addison, Hunter of Good (8 comments)

I'm so incredibly tired of being taken advantage of. Everything I do for you is out of love, and it's just being taken for granted. You sit here and say that it isn't, but then turn around and treat me like a worthless piece of shit. I bend over backwards for you. I'd attempt to walk on water for you. Why am I never good enough? I have no control of what other people do, or tell me. Just like you have no control of what other people tell you. I don't understand why I'm always the one to get hurt. Why I mean nothing to you? It's exhausting. Completely exhausting. And I can't even tell you any of this to your face because somehow it will all just fall back on me. The fact that we're broken up will get thrown in my face even though we haven't acted like we're broken up since we have broken up... I mean, I really don't know what the fuck to do anymore. I'm slowly starting to give up, and I'm not sure if that's your plan. To push me away until I finally give up on you...but it's hurting me. All of it. And if that's what you're trying to do... it's working.

posted to relationships by Andy, Chronographer of the Financial Services department (1 comment)

You think I'm nicer to strangers than to people in my life. I'm sorry but I work in customer service. Maybe I am thin skinned to friends and family - but I take more than enough abuse from customers who SWEAR that $10 an hour means I SHOULD take it. I don't have any of that particular kind of patience left from people in my real life.

posted to relationships by Lexus, Maiden of Darkness (1 comment)

In addition to the “traditional” reasons, your mom may have had you circumcised for at least one or more of the reasons below that she won't tell you (and don't embarrass both of you by asking!):

She wanted you to get blow jobs. Much more likely if you're clean, dry and don't smell bad. Circumcised boys often have to look up the word “smegma” in a dictionary. They have no idea what it is because they never produce any.

She knew that girls like circumcision. It's clean (see above), and it's sexy. The sight of a bare glans (head of the penis) is a major turn on for most women.

She knows or knew another woman who did not have her son circumcised at birth and later regretted it.

She once had a bad experience with an uncircumcised man, or knew another woman who did.

If this post attracts a number of anti-circumcision post, as these kinds of posts often do, ask yourself, this question, based on my own experience what rings true, and what doesn't?

posted to life by Dakota, Sous Chef of Musclebeasts (27 comments)

Bestiality is the way to go. Animals don't talk back.

posted to relationships by Bowie, CTO of Space (10 comments)

So why should I worship him?

posted to religion by Ari, Counselor of Arts and Crafts (3 comments)

God the father is a hypocrite. Rip the OT from your Bible and worship Jesus.

posted to religion by Ash, Shaman of the IT department (2 comments)

which I have no way of knowing if I will like it. It's not like there are brochures for me to look at and make an informed decision. In exchange, I have to renounce science, consider the Bible to be the infalable word of God and vote Republican. It doesn't seem worth it to me. Am I missing something here?

posted to religion by Harper, Secretary of the Homeless (8 comments)

because they worship an evil God, who has documented his evil in the Bible. He tortured Job. He told Abraham to kill Isaac. If Abraham had been moral, he would have refused. He commanded Israel to cleanse Canaan of its immoral, idol-worshiping nations after the Exodus, and in 1 Samuel 15 he instructed them to destroy Amalek completely, “man and women, child and infant, oxen and sheep, camel and donkey.” The list goes on.

posted to religion by Rook, Observer of the Poor (7 comments)

I have a few questions for believers. Like I believe that there is a higher power above us that's not human, because humans a mortal. I just want to know why"God" has been given a human form? and that of a white man who as that? And why is it a man and not a woman? Why was there hate that made other look down on others and hurt them because they were different? Why were there wars? Why is there so much evil if this world belongs to "God"? Why do horrifying things happen to innocent people? To people why pray to this "God"? Why is that the bible says only a few people will be welcome in heaven when "God" created and loves all of us?? If we were all created in the image of "God" why do we hurt each other. why is there so much hate in the world? Why is it the poorest countries, the places where people suffer the most are the places where "God" is praised the most? I just don't get this. Who wrote the bible, really I would lI've to meet the guy who wrote the bible, did they know God? How did they write the bible, why does the bible ban so many things? How do you know that theses a "God?

posted to religion by Ash, Architect of Musclebeasts (0 comments)

You know what throws me? Internet Jehova witnesses. Like B I know you tryna prove a point but then you add a bible verse, like G you so extra you need a scripture to prove your point? LOL

posted to life by Shiki, Ship Master of Good (0 comments)

As if I'm going for a walk on the outdoors wearing a trash bag underneath my pants for fun.

posted to life by Bowie, Sommelier of Imagination (1 comment)

I have prayed for God to come into my heart many times and with many people. I have prayed with pastors and missionaries. I went to church regularly. My prayers were never answered. I have never been filled with the Holy Spirit. Has God rejected me?

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I've been striving for balance since youth. As a first born American, I had issues with culture relations with people that have a similar skin color as mine however we are very different. My most vivid memories in grade school was being beaten continuously in the back of the head while I was face down on the ground hearing sounds of what was my so called friends laughing. In the neighborhood gang violence was the norm and I was lucky enough to be a victim. After being embarrassed and bullied my mom decided to change me from on elementary to the next where things got worst. In the 5th grade not even after a few months the most popular guy in the school decided to slam me on the ground while putting his private near my face while asking to give him butter. (Slang for suck my dick) This occurred during lunch in front of most of the students. I had no real friends except my girl cusins who were very close to me. Bad enough I was being bullied but this also tremendously impacted me academically. In middle school might have been the most physical punishment I ever had to endure in my teenage life. My mother switched me from a school in the semi ghetto to a well to do neighborhood at the time. My second day I met a friend during nutrition, we purchased food and start walking towards the yard. Several students AKA thugs were in front of us walking, one looked back at me and asked me what was I looking at. I replied nothing much, he quickly walked towards my direction so I prepared to defend myself and I simply can't recall anything else, until I woke up in the nurse office at school. My head was very heavy so I got up and walked to the mirror to see what happened. I was devestaded to see how much damage was done. I did not recognize myself. There was blood all over my shirt and paints my face looked deformed. Long story short it took to weeks to heal with no mental therapy during recovery.

After being passed along in a questionable school system while being a victim to gang violence I decided to never let such a thing happen again. In high school I often skipped class and hung with a group of guys. This is of course after my mom decided to take me out of another gang infested school in exchange for what they called back then a opportunity transfer. Faster forward to my third year in school learning almost nothing but how to defend my self. I managed to gain another guy who hatted my guts which was from a gang. I never knew why until after I knocked him cold out for starting a fight young man with a big chip on his shoulder due to his past However I gave him more than enough chances to back off. To say the least he even brought his gang and a gun was shown to me briefly telling me not to come back to school. This hole thing was because a girl he liked happen to like me which did not sit well. 

This emotional scares can make or break some of us. However love is the key ingredient to overcome all. I am a highly respected professional now with a beautiful family. In addition, I am a inspiration to many. This truth was kept close to my heart for ages but I finally decided to let it go. I am now in college taking Statistics at a university when I never learned how to long divide. The moral of the story is to understand that we'll all are not going to have a easy route my keep trying and your goals will eventually come true.

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To use tv characters as an example - maybe Gloria Pritchett is not a gold digger, but would Jay have married her if she were not as hot as she is?

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Peters was last seen fishing Tuesday evening near Lazy Days Marina off Lanier Islands Parkway, Wilbanks said. Family members reported him missing after he didn’t return home. Foul play is not suspected at this time They never see what they don’t look for Sinsinawa

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What's it mean when you contact an older female friend and she gets back to you 2 days later?

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Men and women are not compatible. We are better off without each other. Unlike "love", prostitution is honest.

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So...Im a teenager who was raised to be Christian, but in middle school I converted to Atheism. I felt fine about it. You know, not having to worry about anything, I even got over my ex boyfriend whom I reallly liked for 3 yrs. and found a  new guy! (who..didn't work out, lol) But then..I slowly converted to being an Agnostic-believing in God but not the Bible. Again, I felt alright. &then my extremeeellyyy religious aunt started taking me to Church &stuff..and telling me all about Heaven and Hell &I became a Christian..but the more I think about it..the more I realized I only became religious through fear of God punishing me! (&getting my prayers answered) &I'm still sooooooooo frightened of that man. I'm in fear EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE now. I have OCD, now. Always thinking he's going to do something horrible to me to test me &I'm only human! You can only push us so far before we completely lose hope! Especially me.. Because I'm so ignorant and naive. On the other hand, I lovelovelovee my Jesus(: Lol. Because of what he's done for us and I can just imagine him..healing people...So, why can't I do the same with his Father? I don't like being scared of the higher power who gave me life..But I am. &I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it? He can damn us all. He can do whatever he wants if we don't praise him. We're nothing compared to the high powers... Dear God, you scare the life out of me. Please, please show me you're not going to harm me. ? =\
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This woman has been accusing countless people for months of cheating,lying,stealing,abusing & hiding. She is the real culprit of all these actions. Why is it she points her guilty finger at everyone else when she is doing the things she publicly acuses them of doing. Hate hypocrites. [filtered hyperlink]

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A short history of my trading account and the reason why I am feeling depressed.

February 1st: Profits. Greed.

Send me 600$ of this week I am going to make 3200$ 1200$ total rn 3000$ already need to pay Big amount

February 2nd: First margin call.

"Gold Blown up all News bad dnt worry i will flip back Gold is fucking playing dear"

February 3rd: Noticed really bad risk management but saw account recovery and hoped to at least breakeven. I was also afraid to offend, and didn't like to say no.

February 24th: Second margin call.

yes But u know my market i flip from 800$ to 2500$ okay next week i will use small lot ? ok slowly

I asked for smaller lot sizes and a risk of no more than 3% per trade. It did struck me that the possibility of greater losses was there, but he had agreed to my request and I decided to continue.

March 7th: Third margin call.

"Hey I am done with low risk thats why account is low. Fund it little plz and i will do my scaling and make it bigger i make 1000$ to 4000$ we lose some we win some u were happy when i make money"

That self-proclaimed guru is Taufeeq Rehman ([filtered hyperlink]) "Sniper", but there are others like him.

No doubt everybody else would have more common sense than me, but I could be a negative example to someone on the verge of making the same mistake and putting money into somebody else with such poor money management skills.

Apart from the initial fee to join, there is only the 50% of profit sharing they can look forward to. These account managers bear NO RISK. At least the money, even if it is lost, cannot be withdrawn to anyone other than yourself, and of course, nothing more need to be said about active monitoring. Yes, trust those you partner / employ, but make sure they are worthy of your trust.

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