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My boyfriend of two years and I broke up 3 weeks ago. I was a wreck the first two weeks, crying almost everyday. Over the last 3 days Ive become aware of a couple things that have changed my point of view and now I am confused. This is a man that I imagined having my future children and spending the rest of my life with. I truly love this man.

He broke up with my because he didn't feel a deeper connection and wasn't sure there was a future with us. Which now I understand is true. Nothing was bad with the relationship but we never talked about deeper and more important things- our regrets and aspirations, our fears and achievements.

Two days ago, my aunt let it slip while on a walk with me that my older sister is actually my half sister. That my father wasn't her biological dad, pretty shocking to find out when you're 26 years old. My dad loves her as much and exactly the same as he does the other 4 of us. What I'm trying to say is that I realized that I wanted a man to love me like my father loves my sister and mom. An unconditional love.

Yesterday I went out to brunch with his sister, who had previously wanted to go out before the break happened. When we talked I found out a couple things about him that I didn't know. He had been talking to his ex before he broke up with the girl he had been dating with at the time and that he had also started talking to me before he broke up with his ex. I thought this was weird but later on I also found out that he had gotten his first girl mfriend (not the other two I just mention) pregnant but they did not keep the baby. I couldn't believe we hadn't talked about this before....I realize now that it's because I never gave him a chance too. He still doesn't know that I know all this. I realized now that maybe I wasn't the girl for him.

He had hurt me before and because I was so scared to get hurt again I focused on building my own walls and never even thought about breaking down his. I had loved him so superficially. I thought that as long as there was attraction and we were having fun that was enough. Now Ive realized that he may not be the guy for me but also that I'm may not be the right girl for him.

Now I don't know what to do, I love him and want to be the right girl for him but I fear it might be too late. I was so naive in our relationship, and I feel like I have a lot to work on, that the person that I am now is not someone he needs but I can't seem to let him go. I know we're broken up... but we still talk. I don't what to do, please help

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Especially when I'm a non-student crossdresser who wants to go out for a walk through campus while wearing my PVC capri pants in the silicon valley.

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before he does I want pizza . Lollipop, lollipop Oh lolli, lolli, lolli, lollipop, lollipop

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Brenda Haworth she's a Security Guard for Central Event Security Lives in Largo, Florida Certain people are trying to set her up for some bad stuff . hack into Event: APEX Central security 407-846-1435 . Guy working with Dust & Sand Construction now resides under concrete He was destroyed personally financially and vanished without a trace .

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Cops are Racist and BLACK PEOPLE ARE VICTIMS. right ? The beginning of black violence was the end of shopping malls , The African cannot be civilized.he has a Low IQ, and lower impulse control, that's why DONALD TRUMP WILL SOON BE SENDING FEDS TO CHICAGO . Especially when , Jackson gets on nationwide TV claiming Chicago has surface to air missiles lol. USA we have a Brain Tumor it's called Niggers

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Let's face it. The bible is clear. When Jesus said not to lust after a WOMAN in Matt 5:27 both the context and the rules of Greek indicate He was referring ONLY to a betrothed or married woman. Adultery biblically defined is a man taking another man's wife. Adultery of the heart means to covet another man's wife. Period. That is it. There is no such thing as a "sin of lust" in the sense of strong or sexual desire except in the sense that there may be in the sense of putting other things in front of God. That is like idolatry. There is lusting after SOME THING you shouldn't have, but in the Greek the bible uses the same word for lust for desiring both good and bad things. The most LITERAL meaning for the Greek word for lust is "to set your heart upon". In English bibles it uses the word desire for good things and lust for bad things. Christians need to stop thinking any time they see someone attractive and get a reaction that GOD BUILT INTO US is a sin. Teachings that say that is a sin are infected from ancient Gnostic HERESIES that influenced Christianity over the centuries. Gnosticism said that enjoying physical pleasure of any kind was inherently evil. The bible teaches that things are to be enjoyed in moderation and God is to be put first, but never says we are to avoid fun or pleasure. The bible praises seeking God first, and hard work, but also says good things in life are to be enjoyed in certain passages rebuking Gnostics. In fact Peter equates Gnosticism with a spirit of antichrist. That some churches seem to have an antichrist spirit is no surprise. This ties in with prophecies of God judging churches this year. Churches do need to examine themselves unto repentance. I would like to see repentance back to preaching a gospel of grace and away from this "Lordship salvation" gospel nonsense.

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I dont i.l evr undrstnd wat luv means..evry person hs der own meanins nd rules fr it..u do dis, u luv me..u dnt do dis, u dnt luv me..y is d luv v giv nvr enuf..d person i trusted most, thght he is d mst sensible person i hv evr met..most undrstndin..tdy fails to undrstnd even 1 smal statemnt of mine..m nt sayin m gud at it..i do mistakes too..i hurt him too..bt i knw whr to stop..he dsnt..his hatred nvr ends..even if he luvs me, he wants to hurt me badly..wat does it even mean..guys i dnt umdrstnd..hw cn dey want to hurt d person dey claim to luv..no matr hw badly m treated, m hurt nd i jst b in my own world..bt i dnt try to hurt d othr person jst cz he hurt me..if ppl keep hurtin each othr wenevr dey r hurt, dey wud nvr hv tim fr luv..fr njoymnt..y is it dat evrytim guy cmes in my lyf nd claims to luv me alwys ends up hurtin me..he keep lashin on me nd he expects i pamper him..i cnt do it aftr a point..bt m atlst m talkim sensibly..nicely..respectfuly..pamperin wil cme ltr..hw cn sme1 keep sayin bad thngs to u nd also complain dat u r nt pamperin thm..rly..u keep thorns in my path nd u expect roses in urs..u shud b happy atlst m nt keepin nythn..m lettin u walk d way it is..wat happens to d maturity guys show wen dey want us..its lik u dnt wanna fall fr him..bt dey wud mke u believe dat happy lyf exist..thn u strt fallin fr thm..nd wen u r deep dwn in luv wid thm, dey jst lash out on u..dey suddenly hv al attitude, power to hurt u..nd dey use dat power amazingly on u..its ur loss at d end..cz if u stay u r hurt, if u dnt, u r hurt mre..cz u wanna mke it wrk..u hv planned ur lyf wid thm..u wanna live dat lyf.. m i ryt dat i shud nvr luv a person or m wrong dat bad thngs shud nt affect gud thngs..he cmes, hurts u..u tke ur tim nd try to recover..wen u get sme hpe nd try to luv him, he agn hurts u..its lik he nvr wants u to get up..he keeps pushin u nd pushin u..bt he also expects u cme wid a lot of luv..luv nvr ends..its alwys der..bt depression tkes a place in ur heart nd luv is unable to cme out..wen wil a guy undrstnd dat luv is makin d othr person happy..if u cnt do dat, atlst dnt mke it mre miserable..

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Finally, someone in the regime of darkness with some understanding. How can you sit in The company of Devils and not be influenced ? If any regime needs to be changed, it's the rogue Federal Regimes not just The United States but all Regimes. terrorists such as John Mccain and his boy Lover that half man, half woman Lawrence Graham . Tell me, how is it Pastor Charley never killed a single person, and he will never get out of prison, yet Hillary Clinton Killed . Don Adams John Ashe Robert Bates Admiral Jeremy Boorda James Bunch Danny Casolaro William Colby Only three homicides makes you a serial killer . I could fill up the whole page. You think Donald Trump didn't know this stuff ? If Kathy Ferguson where still alive she could tell you different. Kathy Ferguson supposedly committed "suicide The Red Herring and Trump know better . Every time Hillary stood in front of her accusers she used the Chewbacca defense, Think about what I'm saying , you will discover why since, from the time of David Berkowitz until Pastor Charley and even today , men have done and will continue to do the unthinkable. Sinsinawa

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I hate to have to say that outloud, but it's true.  Today she made me so made that tears of anger washed my face.  I haven't felt that kind of anger in a long time. My sister is in a much higher tax bracket than I am and she makes no bones about how much better she is than me.  She talks down to me as if I were nothing.  I love her and yet I hate her. She can make a room full of people feel awkward just with her mood.  It's palpable.  It's like she needs to be personally invited to every family event there is.  And we aren't a formal bunch.  If my mom calls her in the morning and she's busy then, she expects another call later inviting her again closer to the time of  a meal.  My mom bulls up and won't do that and my sister gets offended and says she's "out of the loop". She always says that sarcastically to me like I'm the one keeping her out of the loop.  That's not true at all.   She won't call my parents and they won't call her.  Both thinks the other should do the calling.  Somehow I get put squarely in the middle as I have my whole life.  Each asks me what the other is up to.  Today my sister brought up an instance where she thought she was slighted about being asked to a flea market.  (Although she said I brought it up, which I didn't.)  She was asked the night before and said maybe. The next morning she was asked again and said no because she had been, "left out of the loop." See, she wants to be invited again and again. So, today I told her that maybe in the future if she feels I'm keeping her out of the loop that she should talk directly with my parents. She tells me I'm making an issue out of things and that she does not need my drama.  My drama?  Please.   She said that we would just continue as we always do.  I said, "Alright then.  Have a nice day." I am 46 years old and older than here.  I will not be treated like that anymore.  I've let her walk all over me my entire life and I'm done.  I will not buffer her sand paper personality for my parents any longer.  She can show her true colors. Right now I am so angry at her that I spit nails. She's a bitch and bullying one at that.  She's got a vicious mouth when she's angry. She'll pick an agrument and then tell me it's my drama. Fuck her.
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He took his ball and went home because he thought the other kids might laugh at him

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. please donate to the pine ridge Indian reservation Re-Member is a nonprofit organization which works with the Oglala Lakota Nation on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota please send all your donations to help the lakota and send the donation directly to Re-Member

P.O. Box 5054 Pine Ridge, SD 57770 US

(605) 867-2282 [filtered hyperlink] Many of the children who come to us come from very needy families, who fight daily against the great poverty in the reserves

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Bitte spenden sie direkt an die folgende NON PROFIT Mission: Preservation of lakota language and culture Programs: Began distribution and sales of 5 'lakota language learning stations' $6,000 sales and $25,400 cost. 240 children benefited from this. sold books and cds on the lakota language and culture. 366 people benefited from these. annual lakota sundance - community unification and the core of lakota culture experience for the lakota people. 1,000 people were benefited. now they need a school - the children want to learn LAKOTA LANGUAGE EIN 36-3900385 (605) 867-6056 Po Box 1958 Pine Ridge SD 57770 USA [filtered hyperlink]

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. fearless blogging [filtered hyperlink] St. Joseph's Indian Relief Society Hanauer Landstraße 126-128 15th floor 60314 Frankfurt am Main

E-mail: [filtered hyperlink] Tel. 069 509 575 549 Fax. 069 509 575 555

Bank connection No. 413 829 501 BLZ 370 100 50 IBAN: DE20 3701 0050 0413 8295 01 BIC: PBNKDEFF370

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A woman by the name of Sherrine Garland is an Amazon Cult leader in my area and involved with gang stalking and paid terrorism. Other members of Amazon cults include Olivia Wilde, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and many women in Hollywood and the music industry. They are violent fascist feminists that should be investigated for receiving illegal transactions and involvement in the human trafficking of children.

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please send the donation DIREKT to the RESERVATION in South Dakota it is really needed over there . . . . . . . . please help them they really need EIN 61-1595432 Pine Ridge SD 57770 USA [filtered hyperlink]

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St. Joseph's Indian Relief Society About us We support the St. Josefs Indian School, whose mission is to provide the basic care of children and the spiritual, emotional and scholastic development of every child, while respecting their culture and traditions.

vision Lakota (Sioux) families turn to the St. Josefs Indian School to receive support for their children. Parents, grandparents, educators, and pastoralists know that St. Joseph's Indian School is more than just a safe haven.

Lakota language In the St. Josefs Indian School, we know that a culture dies without their language. Mother tongue and traditions Preserving and promoting the knowledge of the Lakota (Sioux) language is a particularly important element of the formation of Lakota children and adolescents in the St. Josefs Indian School. The Lakota youth in the St. Josefs Indian school learn their mother tongue and traditions. Promoting and promoting the culture and language of the Lakota (Sioux) around the world gives these Native Americans hope for a bright future. Help the Indian children with their donation the hope and prospect of a good future We have found a new project! ! !

Please donate directly to Pine Ridge South Dakota The money is urgently needed there, so all Preparations can be made over the summer and the children have a school in winter.

Oceti Wakan, PO Box 1958
Pine Ridge, SD 57770 (Email: [filtered hyperlink] )

Link for direct donations: Non Profit Oceti Wakan Sacred Fireplace

[filtered hyperlink]

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Lakota (Sioux) Familien wenden sich an die St. Josefs Indianerschule, um Unterstützung für ihre Kinder zu erhalten. Eltern, Großeltern, Erziehungsberechtigte und Seelsorger wissen, dass die St. Josefs Indianerschule mehr als nur eine sichere Zuflucht ist. Von der kulturellen Integration im täglichen Leben bis hin zu spezialisierten Heilverfahren nach Missbrauch stellen wir den Jungen und Mädchen Programme zur Verfügung, die so einzigartig sind wie sie selbst.

Darüber hinaus profitieren die Kinder an der St. Josefs Indianerschule von individuellen Betreuungsmodellen, die auf nationaler Ebene zugelassen und anerkannt sind. Unsere Freunde, die die St. Josefs Indianerschule unterstützen, helfen uns dabei, die Kinder auf jeder Ebene ihrer körperlichen, geistigen und pädagogischen Bedürfnisse zu fördern. ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG Bitte spendet DIREKT nach Pine Ridge, denn die Leute brauchen das Geld sofort.

Native American Heritage Association webside [filtered hyperlink]

Bitte direkt dorthin spenden

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. is asking people to donate directly to KILI, licensed to Porcupine, South Dakota, is a non-profit radio station KILI, licensed to Porcupine, South Dakota, is a non-profit radio station broadcasting to the Lakota people on the Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River, and Rosebud Indian Reservations, part of the Great Sioux Nation.

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. is asking everyone to send your donations to pine ridge Indian reservation we have a new program and we like for you too seen the donations directly to the lakota please do not send your donations to [filtered hyperlink] Helps to maintain the Lakota heritage and teach more than 200 boys and girls! Your donation helps a Lakota child to break through the devil's devil circle of poverty, addiction, and abuse. send the donations too EIN 30-0403784 (605) 867-1766 Po Box 693 Pine Ridge SD 57770 USA please do not send any more donations to our website thank you St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V.

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. would like everyone to send their donations to An independent registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, USA. We improve the quality of reservation life through relationships, shared resources and volunteer services. Re-Member

P.O. Box 5054 Pine Ridge, SD 57770 US

(605) 867-2282 [filtered hyperlink] [filtered hyperlink] Sie können den not leidenden Kindern der Lakota-Sioux helfen Re-Member

P.O. Box 5054 Pine Ridge, SD 57770 US

(605) 867-2282 [filtered hyperlink]

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. has a new vision we like you to send your donations to EIN 38-3553177 (605) 867-2282 5 Saint Annes Rd PO Box 5054 Pine Ridge SD 57770 USA [filtered hyperlink] If you want to learn more about the Lakota Indians and their culture. [filtered hyperlink]

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If you want to learn more about the Lakota Indians and their culture. please send your donations to Tipi Raisers Share Your Story Donate Tipi Raisers Logo South Dakota > Pine Ridge please do not donate to St. Josefs Indian Relief Society please send your donations to [filtered hyperlink]

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk oder das kulturelle Erbe der Lakota please send your donation to [filtered hyperlink] St. Josefs Indian Relief Society has a new vision for everyone to send money to the pine ridge reservation

St. Josefs Indian Relief Society is now working to help the Lakota on the Pine Ridge [filtered hyperlink]

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Die St. Josefs Indianerschule verfolgt ein einfaches Ziel: Lakota (Sioux) Indianerkindern und deren Familien in Zeiten der Not Hoffnung zu geben – und dies kostenlos. please make a donation to The Tipi Raisers is registered as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization in the State of South Dakota. All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be mailed or emailed.

Donations can be made online or mailed to: 10244 W. Arkansas Drive Lakewood, CO 80232 [filtered hyperlink]

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High Ridge Brands, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, is focused on providing high-quality personal care products at compelling value. Today, High Ridge Brands has a portfolio of trusted, iconic brands serving skin cleansing, hair care, and oral care markets primarily across North America and Europe. Its brand portfolio includes Alberto VO5®, Binaca®, Coast®, Dr. Fresh®, Firefly®, LA Looks®, Rave®, REACH®, Salon Grafix®, Thicker Fuller Hair®, White Rain®, Zero Frizz®, Zest®, as well as several licenses such as Barbie, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Star Wars and Transformers. With offices in Stamford, CT, Buena Park, CA, Slough, UK and Shenzhen, China, High Ridge Brands has a global presence. The company operates an asset-light business model, outsourcing most of its manufacturing needs, and currently has approximately 160 employees worldwide.

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High Ridge Brands, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, is focused on providing high-quality personal care products at compelling value. Today, High Ridge Brands has a portfolio of trusted, iconic brands serving skin cleansing, hair care, and oral care markets primarily across North America and Europe. Its brand portfolio includes Alberto VO5®, Binaca®, Coast®, Dr. Fresh®, Firefly®, LA Looks®, Rave®, REACH®, Salon Grafix®, Thicker Fuller Hair®, White Rain®, Zero Frizz®, Zest®, as well as several licenses such as Barbie, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Star Wars and Transformers. With offices in Stamford, CT, Buena Park, CA, Slough, UK and Shenzhen, China, High Ridge Brands has a global presence. The company operates an asset-light business model, outsourcing most of its manufacturing needs, and currently has approximately 160 employees worldwide.

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Entertainment & Consumer Marketing Leader with expertise and record-setting results in:

  • Entertainment & Youth Marketing including year-round buzz building, next generation media plans & community driven Pop Culture launches, helping grow Call of Duty into the leading Entertainment franchise of its generation, and 4 consecutive largest entertainment launches in history, $2BB, and 20%+ growth.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods expertise including product launch, retail marketing, catalog management, and driving consumer insights into offerings to drive innovation and growth.
  • Media expertise driving worldwide Strategy, buying, partner selection, and flighting across full sprectrum of new & traditional media with $30-40MM+ budget launches.
  • General Management expertise including managing billion dollar P&Ls, international oversight, and project management.
  • Product Development roadmaps including collaborating with developers, producers, and consumers to drive 5+ year product Franchise plans, & concepts for new products.
  • Partnership & Licensing expertise including direct relationships & driving eight-figure partnersips with Licensing, Corporate Alliance, & technology partners like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Jeep, Monster, Sprint, and others.
  • Digital Leadership - Managed go-to-market, media, and social media plans for largest Digital launches in the industry - generating more than $250MM, 10MM downloadable content purchases, and 12MM active social community conversions.

Passion for entertainment, games, electronics, music, action sports, and 21st century marketing building a conversation with consumers.

Specialties: Consumer Marketing & Product Strategy, New Product Development & Launch, Entertainment & Youth Marketing, Project Management, Licensing & Partnerships, Media Planning & Social, International Marketing, General Manageme

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Experienced (Bilingual) Executive Assistant to c-level executives includes a decade of stable working history and experience providing thorough and skillful administrative support to CEO and senior executives as well as having significant experience in marketing, social media, PR and HR functions.

  • Demonstrated capacity to provide comprehensive support for CEO and executive-level staff.
  • Detailed oriented with strong organizational skills and ability to maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Ability to prioritize and work on multiple tasks. Self-starter, proactive and good communicator.
  • Experience with marketing and project management functions; leading, overseeing and contributing on major marketing projects.
  • Experience with public relations functions; coordinating and attending major PR meetings and events (MTV, Oscars, Teen Choice Awards)
  • Experience with management; leading and training the administrative support team.

Specialties: - Executive Administrative Support - Event/Project/Cross-Team Coordination - Event Planning - Marketing - Social Media - Public Relations

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Dr. Fresh dental division specializes in providing affordable quality products for use by both consumers and dental professionals. Dr. Fresh brands include Dr. Fresh Dailies, Dr. Fresh Travel Kits, Firefly, Binaca, TEK, Aim and licensed products such as Marvel Heroes, Peanuts and Barbie. Dr. Fresh is also affiliated with Crest, Colgate and others.We license Pepsodent,Close-UP and AIM brands in USA and Canada.

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Seasoned executive with 20+ years experience in the consumer products industry. Successfully built and led several high performance teams, developed strategies and recommendations for clients, implemented a multitude of analytics and technology supporting sales, marketing, and research as well as provided strategic direction to executive management. Unique talent of consulting organizations to elevate their capabilities and market value-added intellectual capital to their customers. Aptitude for and proven record of collaborating across various functional lines and agendas to achieve superior results. Leverage and apply consumer & shopper insights to key strategic pillars; rapidly build and strengthen client relationships; capable of quickly solving problems and keeping relationships on track; unique ability to view issues through client’s perspective.

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High Ridge Brands Co. manufactures and distributes hair care, skin cleansing, and oral care products globally. The company offers shampoos, hair conditioners, hair styling and treatment products, fragrances, deodorants, body washes, bar soaps, aerosol and non-aerosol hairsprays, salon-quality hair styling products, manual and power toothbrushes, travel kits, and rinse and floss items. Its products are distributes through retailers in food, drug, mass, and beauty channels. High Ridge Brands Co. was incorporated in 2010 and is based in Stamford, Connecticut.

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Rapid business growth, especially after the business and ownership changes in mid-2012. Optimistic about short term outlook. Senior Management that is concerned about the culture and values it promotes. Company values entrepreneurial attitudes and provides hands-on opportunities across various roles. Pleasant, hard-working employees who care and are comfortable with change. The organization's strongest …

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High Ridge Brands, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, is focused on providing high-quality personal care products at compelling value. Today, High Ridge Brands has a portfolio of trusted, iconic brands serving skin cleansing, hair care, and oral care markets primarily across North America and Europe. Its brand portfolio includes Alberto VO5®, Binaca®, Coast®, Dr. Fresh®, Firefly®, LA Looks®, Rave®, REACH®, Salon Grafix®, Thicker Fuller Hair®, White Rain®, Zero Frizz®, Zest®, as well as several licenses such as Barbie, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Star Wars and Transformers. With offices in Stamford, CT, Buena Park, CA, Slough, UK and Shenzhen, China, High Ridge Brands has a global presence. The company operates an asset-light business model, outsourcing most of its manufacturing needs, and currently has approximately 160 employees worldwide.

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Dr. Fresh, one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S., is a multinational company with distribution in over 35 countries worldwide with major offices in London, UK and Shenzhen, China. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company offers consumers over 250 quality and affordable personal care products. Innovation in new product development has been the foundation of the company’s steady growth and success.

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Guys are Visual -- when it comes to females . their Penis gets hard At least you know if his endowment is too your liking. Feminist don't allow Man Spreading -- because they are ugly and stupid and can't get a guy any way. - If you learn how to please that Penis (( Guys Brag about how good you are )) Then you Too can be passed around like a foot ball and run around the neighborhood asking every body for a D.N.A test until you find the daddy. Speaking of daddy He has a Penis - If you assure him you won't tell mommy- he can teach you how to take care of the Penis.

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Life in Christ   I am trying so hard to satisfy my desire to be perfect, and i feel pulled in so many directions that i cant see clearly. I am tired of trying to find my satisfaction in myself. God is right here waiting for me, and i keep sulking in my emotions, thinking that the more i cry, the better my relationship with Him is going to grow. Not until this moment, i have realized that crying may make me feel renewed for a while, but the truth is that God’s tears are probably way more that mine. I cant imagine how Jesus felt when he took all of the worlds sins for his own. My sins have been washed away by those of Jesus, but even that makes me feel sad to know that someone so innocent could have taken my shame and guilt for himself. If I feel this way, i cant fathom how our Father feels when we continually fail to please Him and constantly miss the opportunities that He places in our lives. I know that im only 15, but because of Christ, everything in my life is blessed. I am striving to be a perfect friend, daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, and student, but what i truly want and need is to be the perfect Child of God. The only way that i could ever come even close to that is by seeking Him and only Him. I know it is possible to have a close relationship to God because i have lived it and thrived in it.  It has taken me almost 3 years to build such a strong and real connection, and yet i constantly allow it to be pushed aside by everyday sin. . I know that my heart desires to be completely offered to God. It is what i was created for. I want to be remembered as the girl that was a servant to God and who had a heart that reflected God’s own heart. He lives in me, and that is TRUTH. I am excited to see what God has planned for me in the years to come. I am still waiting for some guy to come into my life. The world bombards me with intense messages that boys will make me happy. Honestly, i feel like a loser for not ever having a boyfriend, first kiss, or date. I have a feeling that God is preparing someone very special for me. If not, that will be very confusing and difficult to understand, but i can get through it with Gods unconditional love to me.  I don't really know why i decided to write all of this, but writing helps me organize my thoughts and differentiate my emotions, my Spiritual decisions, my problems, and my heart. Even youth grow tired and weary, which i am right now. God already has taken up my sins, and it amazes me how He wants me to cast even more of my burdens on Him. He is the ultimate sacrifice that has shaped me into the woman i am, and is going to continue to do so until i ultimately run into His arms and He welcomes me to sit on His lap in His Kingdom for ever and ever.  Renewed and lifted up in Christ,    A teenage girl 
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im attractive irish red head 55 looking for love and adventure were do I start to look???????????????????????

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I put my daughter to bed tonight at around 7:30 PM. She's just over a year old and has developed a habit over the past two weeks or so of fussiness just before bed and naps. She's had a bit of a cold the last couple of days, which I'm sure is part of why she's so hard to put down at the end of the day, but there's a level of boundary testing that is going on. As a parent, hearing your baby screaming in the next room is like a knife through the heart, but you know she has to learn to put herself to sleep so you sit and grit your teeth, watching the clock and praying she just goes down. After about 20 minutes or so, I go in to reassure her that we're just in the next room and project a calming energy with my voice and sways while doing a quick diaper check and general situation assessment to ensure nothing is actually wrong. After that it's back in the crib and back to my spot on the couch to grit my teeth to the sounds of her screams after she watches me leave the room.

At about 8:20 I'm in the room again, it's now been about an hour of crying with no hint of sleep. With the light in her room still off, I activate her turtle nightlight, take her out of her crib, and lie down with her on the floor. The turtle is like a stuffed animal, but with blue and green lights that can be projected from its shell. The shell has little cutouts of stars and a moon, and when illuminated, the room is filled with stars in calming blue and green.

By this light, I begin to read "Goodnight Owl" and she is quietly sitting next to me, reaching out to turn each page as her congested nose makes little noises with every breath. I try to wipe her nose after reading the last page, but of course she doesn't want to cooperate and gets up, moving about her room. I sigh. This is not playtime.

I begin to dread the fact that I came in the room and took her out of the crib. Perhaps I've reset the cycle of her trying to get to sleep, but I watch quietly as she waddles over to her turtle nightlight. She picks it up, and the stars around the room begin to whirl with her movements. She looks up in amazement, smiling as she twirls in the darkness, illuminated by the soft greens and blues. I smile with a tear in my eye, suddenly overcome by her innocence and inquisitive nature despite having been screaming at the top of her lungs not five minutes before. She falls, but braces herself using her backside in a well-practiced motion. She smiles at me. I smile back and am filled with a million emotions I can't quite explain or put into words.

It's intense love and happiness seeing this healthy baby girl being so dazzled by everything around her, but a sadness knowing I'll have to leave the room again and she'll go back to screaming out for me. It's a longing for the past innocence of my own, but a satisfaction that I am there to guide her through a world that is new and amazing to her. It's pride, it's fulfillment, it's wonder, it's nostalgia, and hope all rolled into one with a few others to boot.

I smile, grab her bottle, and put my two hands out to her. She reaches for me to pick her up. I do, and offer her the bottle. She takes it, and begins to drink. I lie her down on the bed, rustle her hair, and tell her that daddy loves her. I leave the room and brace myself for the screams. I am met only with silence.

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when you start to lose your innocence to turn into something so full of curiosity, the kind of curiosity that leads you to crave independence and drink and smoke and have sex and be okay with loudly voicing your political opinion, are you supposed to acknowledge it? and if you do, should you ignore it or prevent it? ive grown up reading required novels in school about preserving innocence and its significance, but i was never really sure why it was so important? so what people have sex? so what people drink and smoke? it was never really a big deal to me. but now im starting to understand, and maybe ive just been exposed to barely a glimpse of it, but it terrifies me. and it's suddenly hard to do everything. i see people in the street and i stereotype, although i don't mean to. i see children playing around and i hope they grow up to be successful people and never have to come across monsters who would so easily strip them of their innocence and leave them with nothing to fight back with except small screams. such little screams. helpless screams. i look at the people of america and notice a divide. a huge divide. and i am silenced. i dont know what to say, what to do, or how im expected to act. I look at myself in the mirror, reluctantly, and i frail figure. when did looking into the mirror to check if anything was out of place turn into looking into the mirror to check if i fit the beauty standards influenced by the modern society that i live in and adolescent fire? i see my parents, and i feel pity. and regret. and suddenly i want to stop writing. because i have been overcome with an overwhelming influx of feelings. self-hatred. longing. disgust. being privileged. so damn privileged. i am dishonest and unappreciative and not innocent. and i dont feel like writing anymore. sorry. i thought i had something to say, but i guess i didnt. im just scared.

-i think the worst parts of my life are when i reminisce.

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When I was 17, I was raped byou my first boyfriend. He stole my virginity. I am now 24 and sometimes I see a rape scene on TV and it sends me into meltdown. I become a complete quivering mess of tears and panic. I hope that one day I can control this.

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I am a male crossdresser (kind of...) and recently I've been wearing my women's silver shiny metallic crop top straight outta H&M. It is so comfy and relaxing in guy mode because I'm not afraid to do it especially during the hottest weather of the season and it gets me obsessed with this fetish.

Yeah. Can't wait to wear it when I go for a walk someday. (Legal?)

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So, ever since I was younger I had these huge dreams of being either a successful business woman or a news broadcaster. I've kept those dreams my entire life until recently. I'm getting older now, about to graduate college, and things have been no less than hectic as of February 17, 2017 for Americans. There has not been one dull day in the media since Donald Trump took office. Now, I expected a backlash once he was sworn in, but I never predicted things to be this bad. I knew a lot of people did not like Donald Trump and the ideals he stood for. I also knew a lot of people that did support him. I've always felt that Donald Trump does not have an ability to project his intentions in a respectable way. I also believe that the media is biased and controlled by rich powerful people. The media is working as a business. The media attracts audiences with misleading propaganda that is scripted and controlled by producers who are in mutually beneficial relationships with political elites. Like I mentioned earlier... I'm 21 years old and I have a question that I think a lot of people my age have. Is society getting worst? Or is it just the fact that I'm old enough to understand what's going on in the world? What will historians write in textbooks for future generations to read about what is happening to America in 2017?

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A week ago my girlfriend found out she has a tumor in her brain. The doctor said that it had grown too large for them to cut it out. She's starting chemotherapy tomorrow and she's scared to death. I don't know what to do. How am I supposed to help her when I'm breaking down myself on the inside. She's my only light in this world that's screwed me time and time again. I've always been there helping her achieve greatness and now it's coming to an end. I can't rationalize this. It just feels like a bad dream that I can't wake up from. I feel useless just sitting here by her bedside every night, not knowing if I she's going to slip away in her sleep or will it make her suffer for years. I want her to live, but the odds aren't in our favor. I just can't see a life after this. I'm going to be all alone again, I don't want to be alone again. I don't want her to leave. I need help. I don't know how anyone could. I'm going to be all alone again. I think it's all going to end.

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Last weekend, my boyfriend got extremely drunk, phoned me up and gave me some lame excuse to break up with me. We had been on the rocks for a while but i always expected me to do the dumping so i wwas slightly taken aback when he decided to blurt out those fatal 2 words, 'we're over'. Throughout our relationship he introduced me to his friends, all of whom i got on with extremely well, especially his best friend. His best friend was the reason for multiple arguments between us, mostly because my boyfriend believed i was cheating on him. I have never cheated in a relationship and never plan to.  The night i got dumped my boyfriends best friend phoned me explaining he had heard about the break up and offered his support by taking me out for a few drinks to cheer me up. We both got very drunk and i ended up going back to his where we had (from what i can remember) pretty amazing sex, twice.  The following day we both woke up with hangovers from hell and matching john wayne walks when my ex called me asking to meet. We met up and he gave me a long speech on how he didnt mean what he said and how he still loved me, all the while the overwhelming sense of guilt was eating me up inside. There was no way i could accept his apology and let him back after what i had done, so i expained that we were definately over. That night i seeked comfort in his best friend, and of course one thing led to another and we had sex again. i dont want a relationship with his best friend at all, but im contemplating getting back with my ex... The only thing is i dont know if i could live with the guilt of my actions. Oh and theres no way im ever going to tell him because i couldnt upset him like that. I really dont know what to do. 
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So, something I don't get... Why is it perfectly acceptable for straight couples to grab each others asses and make out in public, but if a man grabbed another man like that, there would be a public outrage.....

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A sociopath wouldn't think of a human as a victim. "Victim" implies empathy. We are seekers of optimal gain, and I can't imagine many cases where hurting someone excessively is ever optimal, for many reasons. I have hurt a lot of people but it's not often I go out of my way to hurt anyone Never forget, your pain is my pleasure. To me, this world is nothing but evil, and my own evil just happened to come out cause of the circumstances of what I was doing. “We’ve all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. The ones who aren’t afraid, control life itself.”

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Yes that ANTIFA girl I'd suck a dune out of her ass. Let me show up to a protest and your pretty ass is walking around acting crazy-- Fake Badge and Handcuffs- I'm tossing your salad .I'll put it on Video and let her name it . All I want is to lick that ass crack and hit it like a jack hammer and I don't need to get paid . I'll do that for free .

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Оскільки вантажні судна "Клінтон Фундамент" допомагають у сюжеті "Ісламський терор", Антіфа плаче про все під сонцем, а Ниггерс - ніггерс Трамп розгорне військовослужбовців та присяжних у США, щоб обійти протестувальників незаконних іммігрантів та нарцисистів. Це реально. Коли ти скажеш, ладно, це остання солома. Коли ваш уряд юридично здатний конфісковувати всі наші володіння, і ніхто нічого не робить з цим? Ви вже вступили в воєнний стан! Існує не інший спосіб це зробити. У них тепер є танки на тій вулиці, і солдати оточують вас, які живуть у внутрішніх містах. Коли ти визнаєш, ми перебуваємо під воєнним положенням? Ти в американських серйозних неприємностях. Але що я знаю Я тільки воював за свою країну, щоб бути вільним від Організації Об'єднаних Націй

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