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I need advise please. I am sexually attracted to my 15 year old (to be 16 next month) stepdaughter. I'm petrified for all the obvious reasons, her age, the fact that she's my stepdaughter, the fact that I'm married to her mom, and a billion other reasons that you can probably think of on your own. I'm also concerned because I think she has noticed that she arouses me when she's next to me and her skin touches mine. The first time she noticed that she aroused me, she became somewhat distant with me and would try not to be next to me. But recently she has been getting close to me again. She recently brushed my penis with her foot. I want to think it was an accident, but it happened about three times within the span of an hour. I got the feeling that she liked it. While due to my attraction to her I like the idea that she might enjoy knowing that she arouses me and might even purposely be starting to do things to arouse me, she is under age and more importantly, she's my stepdaughter. I don't want to ruin what we have by doing something stupid, but at times I feel like I can't control my feelings. What do you think? Has anyone been in this situation before? Are there any stepdaughters out there that can give me some constructive advise? Thank you.

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May the LORD REBUKE POPE FRANCIS UNTO REPENTANCE, lest he slip into an eternity without Christ...and suffering the torment that state will bring. Or is he really and anti-pope?

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i fucked my aunt!


OMG! It happened yesterday. I am staying at my aunt's for two weeks and she's a 28 year old single woman. Very hot and well mannered and it beats the sense out of me what she did yesterday. I was asleep but i awoke when i felt this incredibly good sensation on my cock. I opened my eyes and i saw my aunt sucking my cock which was about to get hard and it did almost immeadiately. I was lost for words! My aunt? She looked up at me and smiled. She kissed my balls and caressed them. IT WAS AMAZING! Then she undressed and lied on top of me and kissed me all over my neck.. I don't have a gf but no girl can compare to my aunt when it comes to lovemaking! I licked her pussy and fondled her huge breasts for like 2 mins. She was already wet down there and inviting.. I entered her without protection and we rode each other for minutes in doggy, reverse cowgirl, and missionary till i finally burst inside her! SHE FELT SO GOOD! She licked my cock clean and we lay together kissing till we both fell asleep in each other's arms. We fucked again this morning before she left for work...

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That is narcissism on his part.

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I have felt lost all my life, I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing. All for what purpose? I have many feelings and thoughts that I can never tell.. mainly because I don't have anyone. I say that, knowing it is likely to be a result of me subconsciously not want too. I try but nothing comes out, I ignore and get on with life. I don't expect anyone to read this or reply, I think this is just one way of telling someone.. I'm lost.

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A mass murderer who accepts Christ on his deathbed goes to heaven. Where is the justice in that?

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Jews are wicked, repulsive parasites who live to perpetuate global conflict and mayhem. They are behind our wars and every sinister social movement you can think of. They are sponsors of terrorism. I honestly don't know why Trump has bothered to side with them, because they all hate his guts. Why the fuck are we giving all of our money to those rat-nosed leeches? We get nothing in return other than degeneracy and mediocrity. Jews are the lowest subgroup of the human race, yet think they are the chosen ones and view everyone who isn't a Jew as goyim (cattle). They are a plague upon humanity. And anyone who disagrees with me obviously has their head up a kike's ass. That's right, keep sending those checks to Tel Aviv, see where it gets you.

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The guy ultimately had white on black intentions. So killing a white woman seems directly counterproductive to that agenda But what does it matter ? It doesn’t matter to heather anymore does it ? Yes I’m putting out a candle tonight an all American Girl has died for her beliefs A West Goshen, Pennsylvania man shot his GOP neighbor twice in the head and killed him Fox News never said a word Just think I’m the worst criminal because I'm a police officer and I enjoy watching kiddy porn when I get off work

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I miss him alot nd luv him alot..al i want is he shud cme to me n say he ws wrong to leav me..to say he luvs me nd wil nvr leav me..m i wrong..m rdy to frget bt he is nt cumin bck..shud i finaly leave..i knw if i try i cn mke dis wrk..bt i want him to cme..he hurted me alot..dnt i deserve sme luv nw..shud i chnge job..or city..or shud i jst stay here nd luk at him evrydy nd wait fr him..wil leavin al dis help me to survive widout him..cn i stay widout lukin at him..or talkin to him..i dnt want to..it hurts too mch to stay away frm him..i cnt even imagine doin dat..bt do i hv a option..wil he evr cme bck..even if he does, on wat conditions..cz wenevr he cmes, he says i wont do dis or dat..wil he luv me agn..nd wat abt d day whr he left me completely..wil i evr frget it..plz help..plz help me frm al dis..i want a normal lyf..whr i smile nd he smiles..y cnt i hv it..hv i done too bad thngs in my lyf..m i a bad person..is it my karma..is it my punishmnt..wil i alwys b sufferin frm pain..is der no end to dis evr..i wish thngs b gud or i die..i cnt survive dis pain nymre..nly one stoppin me frm dyin is my dad..i cnt do dis to him..i cnt hurt him so bad..wil he undrstnd dat i died cz i ws hurtin too mch..nd wil rd survive if i die..or he wil feel guilty..i dnt evrm hv guts to die..i cn nly hope smethn happens to me..gud or bad..bt smethn

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What to do


I have been really good friends with this girl for 4 years now. I have always liked her but have been fine with just being her friend. We have a lot of fun together and talk daily, we have kissed but only when we are both really drunk. We recently went on a trip together with a group of people and had a great time. I am really close to her family her mom several times has asked why we don't date. She has never made really moves to push toward any type of relationship at all, and I am afraid to because I don't want to mess anything we have up. A few years back I approached the conversation but at the time I found out she was talking to another guy so she blew it off. Everyone says we would be perfect together but I don't know if I should even approach the conversation. Any advice?

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Recently my long distance girlfriend broke up with me for accusing her of talking to some other guy and using Whatsapp to communicate with him. It all started cause I had access to our family plan account online. So I went on there and checked her calls. I did cause I had a feeling. Sure enough there was a incoming call at 10:30pm that lasted 96 minutes. I found this very odd and instantly got infuriated! I called the number the next day and a guy answered. I just hung up. I didn't want to bring it up to her cause then she would know that I was online snooping. she gave me access cause she said she had nothing to hide. Mind you that was a like 2 years ago. I gave in and asked her, of course she was mad. Not cause I was snooping, but because I was questioning her on being loyal. She claimed it was some guy she was helping out with his Taxes cause that's what she does. But for a client to call you on your personal cell phone at that time of night and almost talk for 2 hours smells like BS to me. Especially cause this guy is the brother in law of another client of hers that she had recently met as well and became friends with. In the short time of meeting these people she went to a birthday party of her new friends daughter and the guy was there obviously. And the following weekend went to some outdoor activity for a kid event. And of course dude was there but has no small children. My ex said that he went, but didn't go in the same car as them. And that her and her friend and the kids were mostly hanging out together while the dude and his brother looked at other stuff. I'm not buying it. She swears up and down that it nothing like that. And that she only talked to him that once. Long story short. I saved his number in my contacts and can see when he's on WA. One early AM she came on at 4:05am and he came on at 4:09am. Coincidence? She say yes. What do you think? Please give me your input.

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Einmal Indianer sein - Panorama-Nachrichten lakota medicine woman Carme Kwasny

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Native American hobbyist in Germany Native American Association of Germany fake Indians

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Plastikschamanen Carme Kwasny

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KuuNa - Kultur und Natur tantra Carme Kwasny Eisackerstr. 7 67734 Katzweiler Tel.: 06301-60 966 40

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Desperate housewife lets her dog lick her Carme Kwasny (45) aus Kaiserslautern

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Carme Kwasny - Eventmanagement, Künstlervermittlung - KuuNa tantra

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Native American Association of Germany eV (NAAoG eV Desperate housewife lets her dog lick her carme kwasny

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Here is a fascinating video: https:// [filtered hyperlink]. com/watch?v=oD3HevLL-Hs. I believe attempting Transhumanism is a GREAT SIN. We should repent before even trying it. I believe it is the SAME sin Adam and Eve committed in the Garden when they took the fruit and ate it. It is the SAME thing. I contend that the Mark of The Beast is a chip that will change your DNA and change people into Nephilim, making them unredeemable and fit only to burn in the lake of fire forever. https:// [filtered hyperlink] . com/watch?v=zMOd3cw-c8I

Transhumanism could put people into a state of a living hell they can't get out of for a long time, or in some cases, forever.

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I worked in the corporate office and know for a fact- Trump was put in by walmart he's supposed to fake his death 9-11-18 and cause a civil war and Russia invades the US China brought the US and sold it to Russia but they need civil war first Russia comes in to save The Rebel Forces from Trump's Government fascist . it was planned two years ago . Solar Eclipse walmart itself will cause a false flag they plan on killing a few Black kids and blame it on Trump supporters

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Miriam Vashti8 Shut the FUCK UP. #RESIST<< NO NON - BLACK PERSON, SHOULD BE TRYING TO SPEAK ON BEHALF OF BLACK PEOPLE >>. THE FUCK OUT OF HERE..Anonymous reply Miriam Vashti Lulz, we never said unite with oppressors. We said unite, your enemy is not on those streets.In other words if your not black you are an oppressor lol. Nearly 50% of all black males will be arrested by the age of 23.why ? because black youths, make up 16% of the youth population, and account for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests but of course with an average 70 IQ you can't expect them to understand this .. Anonymous what a disservice you do when you lie to people they aren't oppressed they're just naturally gifted at being stupid and fuck everything up

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Send me your daughters for specialized training. The nature of the training requires that they be 18 or older. I will certainly whip them into good shape.

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When countries finally stand up and join together against this power it will be the beginning of large-scale destruction and the era of "trials and tribulations" will begin. The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws. From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.The trumpet shakes with great discord.An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven: the bloody mouth will swim with blood; the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground. In ancient vedic astrology, Trump has the Dragon's Head/Tail conjunct his Full Moon/Sun. Because his Full Moon is under the Earth and the Sun directly overhead that strengthens the Dragon. Lastly, all the planets are on one side of the Dragon's Head/Tail axis, called "The serpent devouring the heavens ". Highly unusual! A triple Dragon

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I like fucking different types of women. I am attracted to various races, various heights, various hair and eye colors, various chest sizes, various sizes except for really large women that are losing their feminine shape and are at an unhealthy weight. I also am attracted to women who have a sense of humor, are fun to be around, are intelligent, and are friendly.

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It's been 36 days since we broke up and 9 days since we last contacted each other

I wanted to fight for you, but seeing you move on so fast and the break up not effecting you was too hard for me. My thoughts

I miss you I wish we could give the relationship another chance Why haven't you contacted me Don't you miss me Did 4 years mean nothing to you Is this really it Is this how we end things How did things turn out this way I love you I miss you Why don't you love me I miss you I hate not being able to talk to you I hate not being able to see you How are strangers again I feel like I lost part of me How do I give you up Why cant I move on I love you I love you I love you Why is this so hard Are we really never going to talk again I wanted to say good bye in person I hate that our last conversation was through text saying that nothing is set in stone and we can say good bye another then but we haven't talked since Why haven't text me Don't you miss me Don't you miss us I love you I really love you I don't know what to do now How do I start moving on How did you move on so fast Why cant talk to each other I miss you Did you ever really care about me I love you and I wish I had said it more

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Plastic shaman Carme Kwasny , the chairman of the NAAoG (Native American Association of Germany

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Native American ceremonies sweat lodge with Carme Kwasny tickets1st Chairman Rodenbacher Str. 22 67661 Kaiserslautern Phone: 06301-59 30. Mobil: 0173-10 12 55 3

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Ingeborg NAFPS Forum Member True Identity is Carme Kwasny Chairwoman of the Native American Association of German Carmen Kwasn

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Carme Kwasny has Been Arrested NAAoG e.V.

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Carme Kwasny Been Arrested

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Carme Kwasy Been Arrested

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Native American Association of Germany e.V. (NAAoG e.V.) home of a lakota medicine woman

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NAAoG / Anlaufstelle für Indianer in Europa tantra center

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KuuNa - Kultur und Natur is a place of tantra run by a Lakota medicine woman

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In the Old Testament God calls the offspring of fallen angels and humans bastards. The Hebrew word indicates illegitimate offspring. In the case of the Genesis 6 giants this is INDEED true. The word bastard MIGHT apply to other situations in the bible, but the giants and hybrid offspring are the FULLEST sense of the word as far as God is concerned. They are indeed BASTARDS. In the Old Testament the Israelites were RIGHTLY told by GOD, NOT RELIGIOUS OPINION, to WIPE OUT EVERY MEMBER of the tribes of giants. Men, women, children, even animals (they were hybridized in by the fallen angels and tribes of giants as well.) I think their purpose was to replace the human race created in God's image with their own kind and also to try to disrupt the bloodline of Christ. When God forbade intermarriage with other tribes it was often because those tribes were hybrids.

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I am not sexually turned on by large women. If someone is only slight above average I am or can be, but if someone is way overweight I am not. I am nice to everyone. I will be friends with women I am not turned on by, but if some women are mean I will avoid them. If large women THINK that they are entitled to have me be turned on by them, which I am beginning to understand is true of SOME, then it just can't be forced, and it won't cause me to suddenly feel attracted to them. I am attracted to a wide range of women but certain more extreme things turn me off, such as being very large. Being unhealthy turns me off in general. If a woman is addicted to drugs, that also turns me off very fast, even if she is in a shape that normally attracts me. I am on a low carb diet and am rapidly losing weight myself, even though I don't do much exercise. I would encourage larger people to reach a healthy weight.

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See It was Obama point blank plain and simple- but hey we did it, every thing niggers are involved with- they fuck it up . We had to lower the test scores when we let them in school with our kids and still they couldn't pass the test . The average Nigglet gets a scholarship because he can dribble a ball and he's proud of that ? it doesn't cost anything to show a little gratitude Chicago’s death toll is almost equal to that of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined. and that's mostly black on black Thank you keep up the good work

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I like little girls I like little girls I like little girls I like little girls I like little girls I like little girls I like little girls

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How do WOMEN feel about death sentence for rapists? Convinced or otherwise. And should women be allowed to kill men who are raping them? I DO there should be a harder punishment for rapists and death is the ultimate one. You didn't give her a choice when you took away her dignity there shouldn't be a choice for him as well

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Matt Ayasse is a computer hacker and hard core Satanist. He is involved in intellectual theft, censorship, human sacrifice, blood drinking, cannibalism, gang stalking, and a multitude of other crimes. He has worked for the US government in their hacking programs and is currently being paid through paypal to cyber stalk, censor, and track people online for targeting. He is an extremely dangerous criminal.

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The police were ordered to stand down and let people be assaulted. They then pushed the unite the right people into the antifa crowd. The governor blames the militia groups and their intimidation tactics. The Right has been saying all along The last thing we need is and communists assaulting people on the streets. Unfortunately that's what is happening . Matthew Malpeli in his own words -- There's no such thing as the alt left. We are left and we kill Nazis. That's our job Define Nazi again Matthew Malpeli any one who voted for Trump . Are you going to do anything about it ? No you're too stupid to realize your in a war . Stay inside your Trailer while we fire bomb it

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Highlighted reply If all the racist people went off killing everyone they hated and succeeded. You'd still lose and burn in a fire and fury that the world has never seen. Meanwhile your victims would be living in eternal glory with The Lord. There is only one God the God of Jesus Christ. However who is Racist ? Have you not become that which you hate ? We have spoke about this. You are blind .and your blindness will lead you into eternal damnation where I have my throne. Come lets go swimming Sinsinawa

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Here are some signs that you’re still being haunted by a previous bad job or bad boss:

You get defensive when your manager gives you feedback, because your old boss used feedback to punish or berate you. Good managers give thoughtful feedback, because they want to help you develop professionally. If you react as if it’s a game of “gotcha” that you need to defend yourself against, you’ll make it harder to get the very feedback that will help you grow in your job – and probably raise concerns in your new boss.

You expect the worst from your manager or co-workers. For instance, you might assume that you need to cover up mistakes, because a former manager would come down excessively hard on you for even minor errors. Or you might assume that your employer will always try to put you at a disadvantage in negotiations, because that’s what happened at an old job. Such managers and employers do exist, but they’re not the norm. Assuming that stance in a healthier workplace can put you out of sync with the culture and even cause problems in your work.

You don’t do your best work, because you learned earlier that it wouldn’t be appreciated. If you worked somewhere that didn’t recognize great work and tolerated shoddy performance, you might have decided at some point that it didn’t make sense to go all-out; after all, no one cared. But if you carry that M.O. to a new job, it can really hurt you and your reputation – and could even get you fired.

You think that “all managers are _____.” It doesn’t really matter how you fill in that blank; if you find yourself thinking that 100 percent of managers think or act a certain way, it’s a sign that you’re not thinking realistically. You want to pay attention to how your current manager thinks and acts. Don't tar her by association with previous managers.

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Innovative and results focused Consumer Packaged Goods sales leader with extensive headquarter and field based managerial experience. Demonstrated ability to grow top line sales and bottom line profit.

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just a rant and nobdy needs that/....lolo....sooo the worst of the worst took to the streets and beat and killed...the police are at fault??? f u and those who would never risk their lives for 25 bucks an hr...gezzz they got familys too....they did the best they could and probably more than they should have...:( why oh why does anyone care who is to blame???? except for that poor lady why does it matter.....it is confusing and i am working some out...ahhhh the kkk had a permit arggggi believe in free speech and they are hate speech....idiots would give them a permit but like the wack jobs of westbro the powers that be allowed it....wtf....then appearently well advertizedd and supported the the otherside of ugly openly calls for violence...some nutjob politian actually said that it is an outrage to condem them all....sereously??? ALL of the parties involved horible racist crazy persons....kkk is easy we all know and loath them....but the otherside want to start a war because we are white......that is some CRAZY shit there....pretty fed up with the sorry i am white bunch too but they aint violent just pussys...arg too all....what is wrong with people....some times it feels like we dont have a brain left amoung us.....even worse for me those that eat the same crap and that covers most of the free world , see the same thing.....sereously how does anybody look at our world and think...that's normal...up a few levels and rather understandable but even bottom feeding media makes reality of nutz pretty fen clear.....gezzzzzzzz

and the only place i feel lonely....ahhh often i think i am the only one that see what is obvious , tons of different options but obvious....ummmm sitting back watching the world and idk sometimes i feel like i have to point to crazy...almost a calling but idkcould be me....i do rationalize in ways..i KNOW that the vast majority think like me anddd that can be very misleading if u believe your own press ... lmao... i do not know where my path leads but as always i am sure it will be interest...i am thankful to God everyday...

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watching people get run down by cars fun stuff rolling coal on BLM protesters fun stuff does anybody remember the news comedy when Rodney King got his ass beat ? How about the world famous Greensboro massacre ? that was a fun time. bam bam - they was good niggers then . of course there was never no charges that's when police appreciated us cleaning up the streets from these kikes Jews and niggers. plain and simple I hate you black bastards I hate you because you're breathing. I hate you because you exist . I can't wait to hear the call Lace em boys we going noosin that ain't just a hanging that's where you drag a nigger through his neighbor hood by his neck I'm sure you've seen it on videos . Well it's coming you called down the wrath of Odin and now you got it . Enjoy spitting up your own blood

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he is never sorry


I made a lot of mistakes in my relationship..i agree..bt my bf..he hs stopped sayin sorry fr nythn..cz he feels why shud he say sorry..he hs dne nothin..my gurl hs dne worst..m tryin to tel him dis is nt d ryt attitude..bt u cnt force sme1 to b sry..lst tim v hd a fyt..i begged him so mch abt a gurl..i pour my heart out that i cnt handle dis gurl..in d next fyt, he tlks to dat gurl..nd says oh i ws angry, sry..is this wat a relation is..u express ur weakness to ur guy nd he bangs it in d vry next fyt u hv..bt i cnt tel him nythn cz his ans is oh i just spoke..(unlike u who went out wid a guy once)..u knw he says he frgivs me..bt smewhr i feel he dsnt..cz if sme1 frgivs u, u dnt use it agn n agn to mke u feel guilty abt it..he thnks oh u hv hurt me worst, dis is nothin..i wish i cud tel him, hurtin u dsnt mean m nt hurt..i dnt knw hw long dis relation wud wrk..cz since few mths, he hs bcmr superior nd m inferior..he points out my mistkes at evry incident he gets to..i cnt sit nd discuss even 1 thng widout my past cumin up..hw wil sme1 survive..yest also he told me u say sry frst, i wil say sry fr my part..bt his sry nvr came..bfr also, v hd a fyt once..he hd told me i knw my mistakes, i wil mke it up once u r sry..i did..bt he nvr..he alwys says u b sry frst..nd his apology nvr cmes..his regret nvr cmes..nd even if he says sry, its mre painful cz its lik..hey m sry bt u hv dne worst..i hv dne nothin..m i into ryt relation..m i makin d same mistke agn..bein wid a wrong guy..do i rly want to spend my lyf lik dis..1 day smile nd 6 days cry..whrs d fun..d njoyment..d respect..m smewhr gettin 2nd thghts abt dis relation..i cnt stay sme1 who keeps using my mistakes to hurt me..who alwys wants me to b sry fr evrythn..nd who uses my weakness to hurt me mre..tit for tat shud b wid enemies..nt in luv..smewhr i hv lost respect fr him whch i hd..past few mths, he hs been vry immature nd vry hurtful..i hv hurted too bt i apologize..i mke it up..nd i nvr remove dat topic agn..he dsnt..he wil nail u wid ur mistakes til u fall dwn nd thn he wil say y u fell dwn..get up..m here to help u..

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Cops are Racist and BLACK PEOPLE ARE VICTIMS. right ? The beginning of black violence was the end of shopping malls , The African cannot be civilized.he has a Low IQ, and lower impulse control, that's why DONALD TRUMP WILL SOON BE SENDING FEDS TO CHICAGO . Especially when , Jackson gets on nationwide TV claiming Chicago has surface to air missiles lol. USA we have a Brain Tumor it's called Niggers

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For about a year now I've felt nothing but pain, agony, and irritation. I look back at old pictures and I am reminded of how happy I use to be before I met you. Why is it that I find it so hard to leave? I've tried once before but some how you manage your way back into my life. I sometimes wish I never even met you but at the same time you are my best friend. I have never felt so much sadness and anxiety as I do now. I hated what you did to me last year and although we worked it, I still get very sad and angry over the situation. I feel like I couldn't leave only because you would still be apart of my life because of our mutual friends. I feel now my hate has become stronger for you than my love. After two years, I am just drained of my energy and to sad now because of you. I wish you felt what I did because maybe you would understand instead of trying to justify your stupid actions. I hate you so much.

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Isn’t it weird how people imagine up the perfect person that they would love to be their soulmate yet, there is no such thing as a nonperfect soulmate. Two longing souls searching for one another, the dream of being the first and only; to only realize that the person you end up with has had other people’s lips on theirs. The blatant thought of knowing some stranger’s lips were on your partners. Where they had their hands on them, and the actions the other person took while being entangled with them. How the thought of not having a virgin of relationships as your intended soulmate just had someone else’s lips on theirs. How their naked torso’s and chests were exposed to one another, and how she may have been on top of him doing the things you do naturally with him now. How he probably ran his hands through her hair as they kissed. How his hands explored the outer shell of her soul; and how he kissed someone that wasn’t you. Stuck with the thought that is now killing you, because he is now yours and you only want him to have you and nobody else. But…the road is two ways. He sits and thinks the same about you. The girl he claims to be everything he would want in a girl, in his dream of a perfect relationship. He thinks about the same things you just thought of yet, you have more exposed. How he listens about the guys of your past, how he pictures you with them. The picture of having his soulmate on top of another guy, how he sees how they destroyed you and caused you pain. He pictures boy number one pulling you into him and giving him the same smile that you share with him. He sees him look at you, and how you shyly look back at him. How he leans in and kisses you and how his hands move from your lower back to your butt. How the kisses intensify and more than just chest and bare torso’s being exposed. It leaves him there thinking about the many boys that were intimate with you and how they threw you aside. More than just a kiss, and how vulnerable they left you. And here you are, worrying and thinking about what he did with her, a kiss and bare torso’s and chests, where you stand bare and entered by many men. It’s weird how the way life works of finding your soulmate. -An Exert from a book I will never write.x.BD

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