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I've lived a long life. Fought in a war, tried to be the best possible person I could be for the ones I cared about. It was never enough though. You can't repair the damage you cause no matter how hard you try you are what your weakest moment was. I ask forgiveness from those I've hurt and those who were affected by my choices. They were only meant to give others a better shot at life at a life worth living. I spent years training my body and heart to endure any obstacle, but I didn't think it would be too much for you to handle my friend. I never meant to show you how cold I could be, but I guess monsters all eventually reveal themselves with time. I just hope I've plucked our enough of them so that others can live happier that those of our past. Isn't it the cruelest thing to know that you can't ever change, no matter how much good you do. I pray no one else has to walk my path, and chooses to love instead of hate.

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This is an article by Christian HYPOCRITES. They do detail some of Trump's PAST sins, probably accurately. Granted sometimes past sins of famous people are overblown, but let's say this report of Trump's PAST sins is accurate. Trump has now publicly apologized and repented of at least some of his past sins. He is the most praying president ever. He is known to hold prayer meetings every day for at least a few hours, especially to see guidance from God's Spirit. If these Christians want to condemn Trump for his PAST, let them look in the mirror FIRST, point the FINGER, and condemn themselves for ALL of their PAST sins, and declare themselves unfit to be used by God for anything important and fit to burn in hell FOREVER. HYPOCRITES REPENT REPENT REPENT. HYPOCRITES REPENT REPENT REPENT. HYPOCRITES REPENT REPENT REPENT. I do not apologize for calling my fellow Christians out when they play the hypocrite. Aren't ALL SINS supposed to be forgiven when one trusts the Lord to save them LIKE TRUMP HAS, even if that is recent? If you do not accept his repentance then you ARE A HYPOCRITE, no matter your past sins. His wealth is not a sin, maybe he had a greedy attitude in the past, which is a sin, but now forgiven, and he has a new attitude or is growing into a new attitude as a believer. Two people can have the same amount of wealth, and two different attitudes, one sinful, the other not. Many Christians need to repent, not to get saved, but to grow spiritually, unless some who call themselves Christians who are not, then they need to trust Christ to get saved before they stand before Him on judgement day and are told "I NEVER KNEW YOU, INTO THE FIRE PREPARED FOR THE DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS". Take this warning very very very soberly and seriously.

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I am a faithful, bible-thumping Christians. There is a particular group of street preachers I can't stand at all. Their tactics are stupid, even some of their DOCTRINE is wrong, ESPECIALLY on what they are telling people they need to do to be saved. If you go out and street preach, FIRST make sure you are telling people how to be saved the correct way, otherwise you are wasting a lot of time. God can use them in the sense that people like ME can point out to unbelievers that they are presenting how NOT to get saved, and acting in a manner that Christians or even human beings should NOT act. They can be used as object lessons. Not very flattering but I don't care. I am done being politically correct anyway. Right now the Holy Spirit in me won't allow it. I am allowed to be and even sense an encouragement to be respectful, but not politically correct where I pretend to agree with someone else on an issue or belief just to make them feel better. These street preachers teach that you must stop sinning to get saved. They claim that they don't sin or don't sin much. They ignore large parts of the bible that talks about sinning with your attitudes and in your mind, and focus more on outward behavior. It is easier to change outward behavior but not your mind and then deceive yourself into thinking you are sinless or almost sinless. They are also very strict about rules they say people should follow that are not based on the bible or a very loose interpretation of some scriptures and take things out of context. One thought life thing people do get wrong is Matt 5:27-28 where people think it is a sin to be attracted or fantasize or even desire a woman. The Greek word for woman here, gune, can mean woman or wife depending on context. Since Matt 5:27 is speaking of adultery gune here means another man's wife or betrothed. The Greek word for lust also means a strong desire beyond simple attraction. So adultery of the heart means to strongly desire another man's wife or in the modern sense maybe a serious girlfriend he is committed to or fiancée. It does not mean a single woman at all. If you were to take that verse to out of context, adultery of the heart to "lust after a woman", you would have to say that even includes your own wife. That is utterly senseless. We have a choice, we can either interpret the bible contextually so that things just make sense, or we can rip things out of context and end up with senseless beliefs and look stupid to people who might ask good questions. However it is still very possible to sin in your mind and many people do so in many varied ways.

Also on salvation we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ for eternal life. We can do so because he paid for all sins at the cross, and then was raised from the dead. What is interesting about these street preachers is they almost never talk about salvation in Christ. Or if they do, they do it in the sense of "believing in Jesus" is just one more thing on a list of things you have to DO to be saved, such as "have faith in Jesus, stop these sins, do these other things", blah blah bah. That is a false gospel. They are also very angry often. The bible does tell Christians to often be more kind when attempting to correct others and be more stern only in more extreme cases or when the other person just knows better but is being really stubborn.

One thing I am really more stern about lately are many modern churches entering into a state of apostasy, but I feel more stern to Christians who should know better vs. unbelievers. Oh ya as a Christian you have or can get indwelling Holy Spirit if you are not a Christian but put your faith in Jesus Christ. I think the Holy Spirit in me is causing me to be more gentle to people who don't know as much, but more stern to Christians who should know better but don't. This means both apostates and people like these street preachers who are stricter than the bible and who twist scriptures.

One wonders how many converts they gain. What comes to mind with these street preachers, is what JESUS SAID, JESUS SAID, JESUS SAID, to the Pharisees, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, you make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves." In videos of these street preachers on YouTube I have not seen them win ONE SINGLE convert. A friend says he caught one video once of them gaining one convert. That is amazing to me in and of itself.

I know of an Independent Fundamental Baptist Pastor who also has lots of rules that are based more on the twisting of Scriptures but his beliefs and doctrines are much better than these Street Preachers. In spite of his blind spots and weaknesses he has won MANY converts the gospel of Christ when he has gone out to harvest souls. See the contrast? I have boldness for the Lord. I am not ashamed of my Christian faith. I AM ASHAMED to be associated with people that twist the gospel and twist the scriptures and make it harder for people to enter the kingdom of heaven than it should be. I am NOT ASHAMED of Christ. I AM ASHAMED OF THESE STREET PREACHERS. I would prefer that they not call themselves Christians.

For all of their preaching they preach very little about Christ and faith in Him for salvation. When REAL Christians confront them, they berate and make fun of them, and call them lukewarm, compromisers, etc. THEY are compromising the gospel of Christ. If people trust what they say how to get saved instead of Christ Jesus, the people hearing their message will remain unsaved, unless they are already saved, but then it may throw their life of faith off track the Holy Spirit corrects them and hopefully they will listen to such correction. Christians or people who call themselves Christians have no business acting like modern version of the Pharisees. Acting like that calls for repentance repentance repentance. Since we are saved by the grace of God through faith, part of living a Christian life does mean examining your self and repenting in a process of spiritual growth.

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Predestination in the sense of God choosing who to save and who to leave unsaved is false. Yes the scripture teaches people need the Holy Spirit to draw them to Christ. Calvinists teach that the drawing cannot be resisted even by free will, and if people remain unsaved it is because God never drew them to begin with. This contradicts many passages in the bible. The only places where the bible talks about predestination is where it talks about those who ARE believers are predestined to become conformed to the image of Christ. Predestination is not for salvation, it is for those who become saved to be conformed to the image of Christ. The ultimate end on that is to be resurrected like Christ at the end of the age.

There is an extreme wing of Calvinism that says that EVERYTHING that happens is predestined by God, there is no free will. So that rape, that murder, that torture, was all predestined. God may allow things but they actually say God CAUSES such things. The problem with that is the bible says that God is not the author of sin and does not lead people or tempt people into sin. The early church had a militant view of fighting evil, that is to spread the gospel, teach the bible, and pray, and do spiritual warfare, to change themselves and those around them to make the world a better place. If not perfect, then at least better. The extreme Calvinists have a defeatist attitude and say what will be will be, and say well at least WE are going to go to heaven in the end. Their attitude may end up being a self-fulfilling prophesy. They have put down their spiritual weapons for the forces of hell to devour them. Many modern Christians have degrees of this defeatist attitude. May we repent. The old teaching of the Catholic Church calls the church in heaven the Church Triumphant. They call the church on earth the Church Militant. I don't agree with all Catholic doctrine, but they have this one RIGHT! Amen!

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I am a Christian Who masturbatea and thinks of nice ladies. It is not a sin unless you are coveting someone else's wife.

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maybe if I am famous they won't look down on me

maybe If I obeyed I would know what to be

some-times I sit at home thinking I can't tell what I think

some people sit at home drinking I just lay down and sink

O God, why do you hate me? can I just die today?

they all have perfect families eating at Chicken-Filet

just maybe if I am famous They'll look at me nice someday

but really they will still hate me I'm a per-ver-ted thing

honestly I don't really want I don't really want to change

but sometimes sometimes I feel sometimes I feel such shame

can I? can I really want to? can I turn sin away?

can it be? an old man with a family? and can I love myself one day?

all I can do is pray - for God's mercy all I can do is pray

can I really want to can I really want to change? can I really want to can I really want to change?

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I did some research, and am coming to the conclusion that I John 5:7 "For there are three who bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Spirit, and these three are one", DOES belong in the bible, and WAS in the original manuscripts. It is missing from many ancient Greek manuscripts from about 300 - 400 A.D. There is a reason for that. My research shows that parts of Europe (The Byzantine Empire) was very heavily influenced by Arian heretics at that time, and that they removed that verse simply because it went against their theology from their copies of Greek texts. Remember in the East they spoke Greek in churches, and never had to translate the New Testament for a long time like in the Western Church. Arians believed that Jesus was a created being and therefore they denied the Trinity. That verse goes against their theology, so they removed it. God is not pleased when people remove verses from the bible because they go against your beliefs. The correct thing to do in that situation is instead repent and change YOUR beliefs, instead of trying to change what the bible says.

In Greek the grammar is mismatched if you remove this verse. It is in the Latin Vulgate, and Jerome commented on how this verse was being removed by the Arians.

Check out this page: http : //www . kjvtoday . com/home/the-father-the-word-and-the-holy-ghost-in-1-john-57#TOC-Extant-Greek-manuscripts

I just find it interesting that the texts used for many modern bibles are missing verses and fragments that support the deity of Christ, the blood of Christ for atonement, the Trinity, even the virgin birth is muddied somewhat. I find it hard to believe that they weren't removed by scribal errors or deliberate action by people throughout church history who didn't WANT to believe those doctrines, and didn't want them in the bible. Then they could say see see see here is what the bible says....and use it to bully you when you say well wait a minute, what about what might have been in there originally.

Case in point, this is more of a translation issue and which texts are used, but the KJV uses the word fornication to indicate sexual sin, whereas many modern translations say "sexual immorality". I prefer the word "fornication" because it is more precise to what it means, and it is defined by the bible itself to mean all sexual sins which are listed. It would include incest, animals, sex between men, taking another man's wife or betrothed, and temple prostitution. The Greek Septuagint uses the word "pornea", out of which we get the English word fornication, which in 1611 meant roughly the same thing, but the definition should really be taken by how the bible defines it in a its larger context. Note that many biblical heroes kept concubines (women they were NOT married to) and the bible NEVER defines that as a sin. "Sexual immorality" COULD be understood in the same context when people read modern bibles, but the thing is often it is ingrained in modern culture to think of "sexual immorality" as mainly unmarried sex, which takes away from the original meanings of "pornea" and even "fornication" when taken its biblical context. Many are tempted to take the term "sexual immorality" and ATTACH any meaning they want to it, sometimes accurate, sometimes not. The Hebrew word for "pornea" has a similar meaning to the word in Greek. I also recently found out that when God tells ancient Hebrews in the laws not to be prostitutes in the Law, THAT Hebrew word is SPECIFIC to temple prostitution. Ancient Hebrew has other words for secular prostitution which is not used in any of those passages. That is interesting.

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My best friend is a selfish person. It's almost that time of year again October, which in tell brings fun activities and days such as Halloween. Three years ago my friend and I had nothing to do on Halloween so we searched for ideas and end up finding this Halloween activity that is costly but we had both always wanted to do. At the time I wasn't working and had absolutely no money for it but she begged me to go, so what did I do? I put together all the money I could scrap together over a couple of days in order to pay for it. Well now that time has come where we planned on going to the event again, but this time she doesn't have the funds to pay for it, and she pretty much shuts down the convo about it or says she cant right now. How is that fair for me? When I didn't have the funds she begged me still and I did everything I could to go but when the shoe is on the other foot she says nope, she cant do it. She always does this, makes her life and problems so much more important than mine, and this is in all life situations with her. I would go with someone else but she's my only best friend ugh. I love our friendship but her constantly making herself the most important one and never taking into consideration my feelings doesn't feel good. I need to find more friends to balance out our relationship, so I'm less dependent on her, thus not getting hurt as much because I have other people to do those things with. Now the hard part is finding those people lol.

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The only reason I haven't killed myself is because I don't want my kids to who are young to not get the chance to have a dad. Most days I'm an amazing dad, but that is all I can do. No person or thing perks my interest anymore. I'm going to end it all in an "accident" in 6 months to make sure my life insurance premiums will be at their peak, and that all of the money for them is set. I realized over time I am to unstable to be thier dad, and that they deserve a shot at a great life. Feel awful, but have accepted it and cherish the time I see them a lot. I know they are gonna do amazing things and me being gone ensures that sadly.

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its all a lie. I'm the one who does everything. I please you, I pray for you, I rub your back when you are tired, I rub your head when you are sleepy, I cook you food when you are hungry, I'm on your side when people do you wrong, I comfort you when you are sad, I bend over backwards to make you happy,i make advances toward you sexually only to be rejected I beg you to tell me about your day, all I want is to know you are thinking of me or care even alittle. but NOO. when was the last time you cooked for me? when was the last time you made a sexual advance to me? when was the last time you held me when I cried, when was the last time you told me I'm important, when was the last time when you weren't horny probably from seeing some other guy that you actually made an advance toward me. when was the last time you rubbed my head when you were asleep, when was the last time you held me close for no reason, when was the last time you stood up for me........all I ever wanted was to know I'm wanted and to show you off to the world..... but, you never want to go anywhere with me because of (insert excuse) but you'll go out with your friends and do god knows what with whoever......when you ignore me its perfectly fine but when I ignore you I'm a horrible person..... yet I am the one left to hurt and hate myself at night, I'm the one to cry myself into an exhausted coma, I'm the one who looks left and right for my love to save me...when it is you who destroys me the most....save my from the limbo that is my suicidal thoughts, that is my self hate, that is my depression.....with only a smile, my demons flee...... but, I don't get smiles, I don't get love, I get a master to serve.....and by choice I have been pulled from limbo into hell

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'Would you talk to a good looking person or an ugly one?' Why does it matter? You can talk to anyone, I don't get this kind of logic of people having to look decent enough to be talked to, whAt a whole load of bull.

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Tonight I realized (again but most thoroughly) that I have failed my children; five girls all adults (34-19). They are selfish and ungrateful, and unwilling to do any more than they have to in regard to the family. In a year I am going to sell my 4 bedroom house and get a small 2 bedroom home that I can take care of by myself. I figure that way I will have less resentment toward them and hopefully toward myself for allowing them to grow up this way; due to economics 3 of 5 live with me; 2 temporarily and the oldest long term due to anxiety and depression.
I appreciate the chance to get this off of my mind.

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I love Handicapped children. I love all children . I think it's just so easy to indoctrinate from a young age . If a kid see's daddy getting drunk and beating up mommy and mommy sticking pain pills up her nose all day , that's normal for him or her Of course a seven or eight year old love toy would be awesome . I still hold to my claim you want daddy singing his fist all over the place - and mommy that pays little or no attention to you because she is almost catatonic 90 % of the time, or do you want a parent that gives you 110% and a good pussy licking when ever you like- I have yet to meet a girl who doesn't enjoy a good licking .

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Copy paste what's written in parenthesis onto Microsoft word (( Abrir puerta insertar mexicano )) make a sticker out of it -- Glue and Paper -- put that on a Police car door .

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My life isn't going as planned right now and I feel like everything is completely falling apart for me. Parents are always arguing, we have to move out, we have no money for a house at the moment, I'm gaining what I feel is stress weight and my mind as been all over the place. I've been considering going to counseling to see if that makes me feel better or at least makes me feel like myself but I don't want people to think I'm mentally unstable or something. Honestly, the only place I feel like myself and safe is when I'm with my boyfriend, he literally feels like home to me. He makes everything so perfect again and I just wanna feel like that at all times since everything else is so unstable. When we're together he talks about our future and all that and ion so comfortable that I think that having a baby would make everything okay because it would be my own and no one can take it away just like you can easily take away a home, money, being able to say you're comfortable. I know I'm too young to do that and I have a life plan but I really feel like it's what I want. Don't get me wrong sometimes I'm just like "no I don't need a baby I'm young what the fuck was I thinking?". I don't know what the point of this was but can someone please leave some advice for me? Please?

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Am I Wrong?


I take my 9 yr old brother to the bus everyday except one day when I had work really early. But in this scenario I was going to work at 11 am while my ma is going at 9 am so I shot her a text saying hey take him to the bus? She says no. See I'm pretty upset cause he's her son but I'm always taking care of him and shit. I mean she just got a new job Wi the morning shift and I'm like cool but then her schedule was matched up to mine so he'd be home alone... She tells me to make them change my hours so I did even though I loved my hours.

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i just wanted to try and see how this 'anonymous' posting went. Yea life's crap, it's unfair and contains fake hope and dreams. Idek what I'm saying, I just needed something to let some of my nonsense out. Everyone's prob thought this once in their life but it still makes me wonder how much of a difference would it make if I wasn't here? Prob not a lot, but it still makes you wonder right?

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Honestly my life is not the best I wish I knew a way out and way I wouldn't hurt anyone a life that joy was number one were love is endless and money wasn't important where I could breath and feel relaxed pain is not physical but mentally life is hard but why

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I'm sorry but - Slight smile, followed by No thank you is enough. I don't owe it to you to "give you a good reason" or to prove I'm not "full of myself" nor to explain what I'm doing this evening or for the weekend. It's not lying for me to wear makeup or cute clothes or whatever else you or someone else is attracted to.

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Drugged With Benadryl and Advil PM So I Could Rape Advil PM lacks the memory effects of Rohypnol. so i know you remember it.

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bed al'ashya' alty la ynbghy 'an nansaa fi bed al'ahyan hi alssahirat marat min khilal alkatidrayiyat, alkahin aldhy kan fursatan wahidatan lah litadmir hdha alshari 'iilaa al'abd, qalbah bshwlt talf. w sahirat almustanqae ladayha 'iiradat khasat biha. khanat alkahin, waqatilah. 'asbah alttarikh 'ustura. 'asbahat 'usturat 'ustura. walimiati eamin,an tama nasyan alssahira. hataa eindama ja'at alsidfata, tama alqabd ealaa alssahirat ealaa alkamira. alssahirat hi alan tataradad fi aldhahab hayth yardi, waqalat 'anaha ymkn 'an tashrib aldam min 'ayi tifl tifl min 'ayi waqt madaa tahba. alma' al'aswad hati hu ma 'asmuh laha eashat maratan 'ukhraa fi almustanqae hayth alzawahif alzuhuf althueabin shanq samikatan min 'ashjar alsuruwi wataqul sahiratan eindama yamuru shakhs ma min qibal almustanqae hu ealaa qayd alhayat mae 'alf euyun wajamieuhum yuraqibunana ealamat alkhashab alqadimat alty la 'ahad yaerif alsabab qara'at albaqa' ealaa altariq 'iilaa haty's shak fi aljuz' alkhalafii min al'aswad bayw. altariq ealaa altariq min hak shak hunak madinat al'ashbah qalilanaan hayth la yujad rajul qad saeidat alqadam fi 'akthar min khamsin eama. alhadith ean mustanqae sahirat hatiin yuqfal lak eindama tadhhab alshams 'asfal tuufiy hataa almutasalilin qura'at almazid min alkitabat ealaa matn alyasar fi almadrasat alqadimat 'asfal almadrasati. shayieat eamaa faelatuhu, shayieat eamaa kanat tafealuh 'abqaa alnaas qubalat masar kati hatiin fi eumq aljuz' alkhalafii min blak bayu. yawm wahid tifl tasa'al 'abadaan 'an yanzur maratan 'ukhraa 'arsalat baldat taraf min eshrt min wadhahab mezm alrijal almuhrat hataa darab yaktashifun hak shak, walbaldat al'ashbah wahataa tashghil almadrasa .Said almustanqae alssahirat yafeal alsihr 'anaha khadaeat almudun alnaas 'iilaa altafkir sahraha kan mufidaan wajayida ahadaruu hati alqadimat maratan 'ukhraa wawadeaha ealaa alearsh, wadaeaan althaeeabin w 'alighatirz limuhajamat tilk almadinat alsaghirat waeadat eshrt min dun altifl wa'uqsam 'anaha ln tajeal alrihlat maratan 'ukhraa fi almustanqae min dun sbb kan hunak mudhakirat jamieiat wajaduu maktubatan fi aldami min tifl ealij 'iilaa jidhe shajarat waqal altifl qad dhahab la tati tabhath maratan 'ukhraa

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I used to have the best of friends and now I have no one to confide in. I'm young and I'm sure life will bring many lows, but realizing you've lost relationships you once before held so dearly are gone, can't be anything but one of life's most depressing heartaches.

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I have some videos depicting the Army of God. Mighty warriors all of them:

[filtered hyperlink] [filtered hyperlink]

[filtered hyperlink]

The song is in Arabic or Coptic, but the YouTube page provides a translation of the lyrics for us.

Translation of song: Chorus: "Exalt the name of Christ, lift His name up with your songs, call the heroes, His heroes, to walk ahead of you with the cross" ; Say He is risen and death has no power, and there is no forgiveness except through His blood; and the Light of the Gospel is greater; Say he conquered darkness and its power; He brightened our days; and the light of day is greater; Say He conquered His enemies; we conquered by witnessing to Him and by His blood; and our inheritance with Him is greater; live the joy of heaven, as Satan dons the clothes of grief; and our praises are greater"

ISIS is the FAKE army of God. This IS the REAL ARMY OF GOD. They think dying in the service of murdering for God will get them a ticket to paradise. It will get them a ticket to an elevator going down fast......unless they repent and have faith in Jesus Christ.

Comments on these videos please...I am very blessed by them. It aids in spiritual warfare in my own life.

Demonic forces should be afraid, very afraid...Baal should lock his fortress down as if that will do any good, well it is a good try anyway.

The gates of hell not prevailing against God's assembly are GATES. Meaning hell is the fortress and God's army is laying siege to it. NOT the church being under siege with demonic fortress surrounding its walls. Often this is true but the church is supposed to be the besieging army breaking down the gates of hell to go in and rescue the people that are the prisoners. May the real Army of God grow ever bigger and bigger and the people in it do target focused prayer and repentance, hone themselves for every higher levels of training. May the apostate churches repent and join or stay out of the way.

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BlackLivesMatter met House Bill 330 White Folks ain't changed a bit- Safest place to be for a Nigger is back in the fields picking Cotton where they belong. this will happen after Trump moves those nasty Cock Roaches back a crossed the border where they belong. Then Nigger whippings shall commence . ‘Gestapo Tactics,’ ‘Condemning White Society’stops now. You will pick my cotton and this time you get no watermelon .

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This is embarrassing but I need some women here to help me figure out a way to use tampons. I am very fat at about 360 pounds. I'm 5'2". I had to quit wearing tampons years ago because of weight gain from medications I was on. I'm slowly losing weight but am tired of pads. I want to go back to wearing tampons but I'm not sure I can do it. I just can't reach well enough to insert one fully. Are there like some devices to help with this? Please don't make rude comments or "advice" that I need to lose weight. Or that I am a fat pig, etc. I'm human, just like you are, and I have emotions, too. Please be respectful. Thank you.

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Just by reading many of the reprobate titles posted on this blog sight it is clear to see that the culture is in the sewer. We need Jesus to renew our hearts and minds. We need to ask for God's forgiveness through Jesus Christ The Savior.. Place your faith in the Lord who died to save you and allow the Holy Spirit to transform your mind and heart. Read your Bible and draw near to God.God bless.

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The problem with customer service is that anyone can demand immediate results from us. But I've had to wait when I pay for an item or service - and I've waited without calling anyone repeatedly, cursing them out or threatening them.

I hate that job so much I feel I can't breathe.

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The Vatican is an intelligence network. The Holy See is the "All Seeing Eye" in society and a corporate entity connected to many other corporations and governments through papal and royal charters. Bishops are overseers of their districts and Jesuits are spies and infiltrators. The Roman Curia or Papal Court is the highest organized council in society and is directly overseen by the two "Prince Assistants to the Papal Throne" and these two positions are held by princes of the Colonna and Torlonia families. They work with a higher level princely council of Italian Nobility which works with another council made up of the top Holy Roman Nobility. The Italian and Austrian Nobility are intermarried and working closely together, They are running the Sovereign Military Order of Malta which is a sovereign entity equivalent to that of a sovereign nation. The Italian Nobility run La Cosa Nostra and the German and Austrian Nobilities run the Jewish Mafia. The royal and noble have massive amounts of wealth in private Swiss bank account. They are using the Nazi founded Bank for International Settlements to steal wealth from the central banks through fraudulent tax contracts and then laundering and concealing the wealth in private Swiss bank accounts.   The still active top Italian bloodlines include the Massimo, Colonna, Pallavicini, Torlonia, Aldobrandini, Ruspoli, Orsini, Gaetani-D'Aragona, Bourbon-Parma, Odescalchi, Borghese, Adragni, Chigi, Medici, Borromeo, Doria-Pamphilj and Sacchetti families as well as the Savoy, Grimaldi, and Bourbon families. These bloodlines oversee the various spectrums in society. Outside of this power structure is the Committee of 300 with an inner circle consisting of the top monarchs and princes from Europe and the former Holy Roman Empire with members from the Windsor, Spencer, Cecil, Percy, Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Habsburg, Bonaparte, Orleans, Bernadotte, Lagergren, Glucksburg, Hanover, Furstenberg, Austria-Este, Hohenberg, Hesse, Nassau-Weilberg, Habsburg-Lorraine, Saxe Coburg and Gotha, Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Saxe-Meiningen, Braganza, Orange-Nassau, Hohenzollern, Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Liechtenstein, Rothschild, FitzJames, Lobkowicz, Ligne, Merode, Romanov, Thurn and Taxis, Schwarzenberg, Orisin-Rosenberg, Windisch-Graetz, Esterhazy and other families. Many members that do not have noble status in the Committee of 300 are representatives for the royal families.   These families are all enemies of humanity and they are plotting to enslave the world. They authorize the corporations and billionaires. They run the religions. They run the secret societies. They run the mafia and organized crime syndicates. The royal families in Europe are primarily divided into two factions and this goes back to the Guelph merchants and Ghibelline landowners. All of the other groups like Bilderberg, CFR, and the Trilateral Commission are lower level organizations. All roads lead back to Rome which is the foundation of their control system. The European Constitutional Monarchies are branches of the Rome's corporate empire. Constitutional Monarchies are ran by blood appointed heads of state and they serve Rome through the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Pope claims temporal or physical ownership of the Earth. The Pope claims to be infallible from error. The Pope claims ownership over all souls through the Papal doctrine of "Papal Supremacy".  The Pope is a front man for the Black Nobility of Italy.

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A woman by the name of Sherrine Garland is an Amazon Cult leader in my area and involved with gang stalking and paid terrorism. Other members of Amazon cults include Olivia Wilde, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and many women in Hollywood and the music industry. They are violent fascist feminists that should be investigated for receiving illegal transactions and involvement in the human trafficking of children.

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here’s why I say they aren’t intelligent enough to make it in normal society – during the drug wars and even today black people get thousands of dollars cash from drug deals and they show it on videos . Yet in almost every black community businesses are owned by every other race except them lol. Drugs are a lucrative business in fact more lucrative than any other business in the world . and still their communities suffer. Even with dollar stores and walmarts selling Reloadable prepaid cards still they have nothing to show for all that cash . I went to the store with food stamps – brought 4 -12 packs soda from Walmart sold them at .50 cents each I doubled my money put that on a Reloadable prepaid card I brought a box of beads , and some twine $ 7.00 made jewelry sold each piece on e-bay $ 1.00 quadrupled my money . 3 years after prison , I am pretty well off. Financially I didn’t even get into drugs or selling drugs – I didn’t have a thousand dollars a day to play with on the green dot cards. Yet in your community I own two stores that sell costume Jewelry . Not every body can rap , or make jewelry , or what ever , but surely if you can sell a product to people that will kill them and make a thousand dollars a day – why don’t you own a business ? Because Black People Aren't Intelligent .

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I worked in the corporate office and know for a fact- Trump was put in by walmart he's supposed to fake his death 9-11-18 and cause a civil war and Russia invades the US China brought the US and sold it to Russia but they need civil war first Russia comes in to save The Rebel Forces from Trump's Government fascist . it was planned two years ago . Solar Eclipse walmart itself will cause a false flag they plan on killing a few Black kids and blame it on Trump supporters

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How'd that work for ya ? “Blood in, Blood Out" I earned my red laces long ago stupid nigger next time you try to cut a white boy make sure he isn't carrying I hope you die

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I am a straight white man in my upper 30's. Reynolds entry something happened that really made me think about labels that are accepted by the people which make up said group.

I have a "Gay" family member, and I 100% accept his choice on the matter. I truly believe that people should love who they wish to love and that should not be something that has a bearing on anything in world. It should be based exclusively on one's abilities l not who they fuck.

Recently with all of this "Trump" contraversy he has been posting crazy, hateful and angry posts about trump and in general. It causes a bit of a tiff between us as we have been very close since children. We have since made up but the episode has caused me to put a lot of thought into the subject.

I though about how one of the first things trump did was take down the LGBT pages off the government website. Many people straight or not were unhappy.

Here is the thing the gets me. Let's start with the word "gay". Gay was a word used by people who were ignorant and fearful of something different to describe a person who has homosexual sex in a derogatory way. So the word at its very core is derogatory and bad. Yet it is something that people who choose to have homosexual sex cling onto it and wave it in the air like a badge of honor.

I keep saying, "homosexual sex", and you may wonder why which brings us to the word "homosexual" Homosexual literally translates as "same sex". So if you call someone a "homosexual" you are calling them a "sane sex" which makes no sex, but in a similar fashion to those who would use the term "gay", the word homosexual has been adopted by fearful ignorant and closed minded people to label someone who has homosexual sex in yet again, derogatory way. And as such is a bad thing. Yet it is another word that the "gay community" or as I would rather prefer to say, "people who enjoy homosexual sex", seems to hang onto like it's something to be proud about.

As a matter of fact bisexuals is a term that is completely used incorrectly. Litterally translated it means "two sex". How does that make any sense? Maybe if you are attempting to describe a hamaphridite, or sex with 2 people of different sexes??? But it surly does not make sense for how it is used. And that is surly because it was coined by ignorant fearful people of lesser intelligence. It is derogatory and bad.

Lesbian is also a term to describe a woman or we on who like homosexual sex. Or.... "same sex, sex".

Why would a group of people with a similar belief choose to adopt such awful derogatory labels? It makes no sense. And not to defend Trump because it has nothing to do with him but why would you want pages littered with derogatory labels all over it that reference the sexual choices the page attempts to describe in such a derogatory way???

It is my belief that all of those labels should not be used nor should they be embraced. As I have said before, sexual preferacne should not be a determining factor in anything. It shod be left to the abilities or the person in question, and not who they fuck.

Think about it, accepting the label of "being gay" would be like a black person accepting and embracing the label of "house nigger". I must make it clear that that last sentence was awful and the word nigger is one of the most disgusting words ever, which reinforces my point, because the fomenting and discussEd labels are just as disgusting.

Let's all just be people, and let people be with who they wish because it's fuck in stupid to care who fuck who.. I mean seriously.

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cancer and surgery were a vacation compared to dealing with store customers

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You would never hire me or anyone like me - why would I buy from you? True, I can't say that of a doctor - but, you're not selling medication soooo.. This is a great place to say no, thanks.

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I would drill that pussy hard . I sniffed her dirty panties Since then I been wanting some doggy style. (252) 972-9400

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I hate to have to say that outloud, but it's true.  Today she made me so made that tears of anger washed my face.  I haven't felt that kind of anger in a long time. My sister is in a much higher tax bracket than I am and she makes no bones about how much better she is than me.  She talks down to me as if I were nothing.  I love her and yet I hate her. She can make a room full of people feel awkward just with her mood.  It's palpable.  It's like she needs to be personally invited to every family event there is.  And we aren't a formal bunch.  If my mom calls her in the morning and she's busy then, she expects another call later inviting her again closer to the time of  a meal.  My mom bulls up and won't do that and my sister gets offended and says she's "out of the loop". She always says that sarcastically to me like I'm the one keeping her out of the loop.  That's not true at all.   She won't call my parents and they won't call her.  Both thinks the other should do the calling.  Somehow I get put squarely in the middle as I have my whole life.  Each asks me what the other is up to.  Today my sister brought up an instance where she thought she was slighted about being asked to a flea market.  (Although she said I brought it up, which I didn't.)  She was asked the night before and said maybe. The next morning she was asked again and said no because she had been, "left out of the loop." See, she wants to be invited again and again. So, today I told her that maybe in the future if she feels I'm keeping her out of the loop that she should talk directly with my parents. She tells me I'm making an issue out of things and that she does not need my drama.  My drama?  Please.   She said that we would just continue as we always do.  I said, "Alright then.  Have a nice day." I am 46 years old and older than here.  I will not be treated like that anymore.  I've let her walk all over me my entire life and I'm done.  I will not buffer her sand paper personality for my parents any longer.  She can show her true colors. Right now I am so angry at her that I spit nails. She's a bitch and bullying one at that.  She's got a vicious mouth when she's angry. She'll pick an agrument and then tell me it's my drama. Fuck her.
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brookfield academy highschool.... a place that is supposed to help kids with depression,anxiety,ODD.. etc. this is however not very true at all. this place is terrible... they suspend you for speaking out when you have a outburst.... suspend you for having a anxiety attack and also dont help you or contact a therapist when you have a anxiety attack

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sometimes it just takes a nick to get started and build momentum. I just wanted a way to get motivated to start and then to get the job done. It wasn't to annoy you. Please God, help get me out of this house, so I can stop annoying you.

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