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Was it a mistake


My friends have no idea how much i miss them. I hate being alone. If it wasnt bad enough its my first year of college and i havent made any solid friends sure a couple but nothing to brag about. I hate that im always alone unless its at class or the occasional girl that i hang out with, but i cant even depend on her to do things with. College definately has taught me that one saying is true you can be in a room full of people and still feel like your alone. My parents say it will get better as the months go on but i feel like if it hasnt gotten better by now it may never get better. The only thing keeping me from crying my eyes out EVERY NIGHT is my 3 close friends which i talk to practically everyday. If it wasnt for them and God, id probably have just ended this semester now. Being heartbroken and alone in college is a recipe for disaster.

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The one thing I desire! Is to finally see to hear that Willie got shot to his death. 2865 or 4751 , as long as he has wind he is continuously oppressing or watching from his in law . back bedroom. Where his wife keep his hostage. But there address is public information for anyone who desire to drive by. And about her husband. His daily activity is to provoke you through oppressing. Listening to every word and yet he allows every complaint to fall on deaf ear. Just so he can obssrs himself with you. Willie needs to shot at. 2865 or 4751

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RBC VISA Fraud Department Customer Service is useless 8007692512 800-769-2511 RBC visa fraud department is usless and always blames customers if there is fradulent charges on the customers credit card. RBC visa will never resolve any customer complaints. According to RBC visa any time there is a fradulent charge on the credit card it is the responsibility of the customer to resolve the dispute with the merchant and recover the money through court claims. RBC visa WILL never get involved in the dispute. IF that is the case what is purpose of RBC visa frauld claims department ? WHAT are these customer service representatives doing sitting on fking BUTT and getting paid for free ? RBC visa makes 5% on every customer transanction. So if the customer spends $ 10,000 these morons made $500 from the customer and on top of that they blame the customer for a fraudlent charge ? How can a merchant charge a credit card for items never bought ? How can hotels charge for incidental charges which never happened ? RBC VI SA will ALWAYS ALWAYS be on the side of merchants because they get 5% commission from them. RBC VI SA will NEVER NEVER help the customers. RBC vi sa customer representatives are very rude and scream at customers. They have to understand a basic principle. The customers bring the business (that is as simple as it gets). IF there are no customers , no rbc vi sa. Cancel all your rbc vi sa cards NOW.
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Before I got hurt by a women, I presented myself to the world in a happy optimistic way, but when I experienced rejection, I thought fuck it, just make money, work out, and become all the superficial things that women respond to, after all I can't blame them because I respond to the superficial attraction of their exterior beauty. Lets both be superficial and enjoy hot sex while we are still young. I don't need someone to love me I can love myself, but my body isn't equipped with a vagina so I need someone else for that.

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Seems like everyone on the Web is a libtarded social justice warrior who thinks Donald Trump is some kind of hardcore, right-wing, racist, xenophobic, misogynist, fascist-type. But he's really not hardcore ENOUGH. He has his flaws, but he is by and large the best choice for president. Trump knows the key to preventing World War III is making peace with other superpowers like Russia, so we can work together to tackle issues that affect the whole planet, such as terrorism. Unfortunately, liberals and SJWs don't care about issues that affect America the most like security and prosperity. They care more about "muh BLM" or "muh refugees" or "muh LGBTQs". They obviously have not been paying attention to the chaos going on in Europe, where there's some mass shooting or beheading seemingly every week, or the fact that Trump has lots of support among blacks and women. What's funny about them is that they were the ones criticizing the establishment in past elections and demanding real change. So, along comes a guy like Trump who promises the type of change his predecessors have failed to deliver on, and now they are embracing the aforementioned establishment. They are pussing out. They would rather continue the Bush/Clinton duopoly that has perpetuated the mediocre rut we've been in for over 25 years. So they would rather vote for one of his more wishy-washy and corrupt opponents? Have they not been paying any attention other than the bullshit mass media spin? Are they too messed up on drugs to do so? The proposals Trump has laid out is only the foundation. Trump is not the ultimate solution, but rather the first step in it.

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Tonight im going to disown my mom. She has never had my back and she beat me as a kid not like whoppins but like her and my brother used to jump me. Ive always made excuses before when people said i should stop talking to her, but i get the picture now,she adopted me. she didnt owe me any thing she didnt have to love me because i wasnt her real child it was easy for her to do the things she did because she could never love me like her own. I hated this woman from the time she took me into her home, she was mean to me and my sister from day 1. This woman sat on my chest when i had a asthma attack so how could i expect better than hatred from her. Idk why she hates me so much, for 13 years she tortured me and made my life a living hell and she enjoyed doing it. She will never be my mom. Her husband divorced her before she got me. So i had no father. Real parents are crack heads somewhere in america so i already disowned them. My sister left when i was 6 and my brother hated me just as much as my mom.Wow. She has crossed the line with me one too many times. I guess i really dont have a family. One by one they are all leaving me. I think im in shock. This is evil even for her. So many thoughts right now.i think its time to be the one to let go for once.

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Tune into TBN but once again his attention into you. 10-11-1956, The adulter of the pulpit

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Its crazy how you can go from spending everyday with someone, you let them into the deepest part of you and just like theyre gone. It was a rollercoaster but that person was everything to me. As i learn from the many mistakes i made i still remember what you taught me, i know you couldve never imagined me turning on you like i did,you probally dont understand, i tried to explain it but ended up just making a fool of myself instead. To be honest i could never be as happy as you are for me, i shouldve just told you i didnt think we could be friends because i honestly i cant watch you be like that with anyone else i really dont undestand how you could do it. Everytime i thought you were with her it hurt me because i was in love with you too and i was still competing for your love. When she left the nunchucks at that moment i realized that you would soon chose her over me and maybe i was wrong about that but at the moment i actually knew what you eant when you said you felt temporary and i did !nd said sone hurtful things because i wasnt cooing with the heartbreak well. All i kept thinking is one day all the things we did and time we spent together woundnt mean anything to you. And that was the worst one of all. Crazy thing is i do still miss you, i get these random dreams and flash backs of time we spent together, you still hold that part of my heart. Though its better if i love you from a distance i still make wishes for you at 11:11.

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This is what was removed from the servers by King Cuttica:

Wigley and his hand puppet King Cuttica (yes there was a coronation last summer and yes if you do not blindly support the King you will be tried for treason) are fond of saying that Sun is “an enduringly great proprietary trading firm”. What a bunch of doo doo. An enduringly great firm does not sue its employees; it does not lose employees to competitors; it does not keep friends around when they do not perform; it rewards performance not politics and so on.

Most of you may not remember Tonh Hu and Leonid. Very smart PhD quant

traders and partners. They grew tired of the stupidity they saw at Sun and its then Head of Trading and left the firm. Sun tried to screw them of their cash. They sued and Sun has no case so settled with them for lot more money.

Then comes Kieran, remember him, MBM trader, made lots of money for

Sun, gets shafted on his bonus, he leaves, Sun accuses him of destroying its algos, Sun goes after him and tries to destroy his reputation. Guess what, Kieran fought back and a three person arbitration panel found him innocent of all charges. Sun goes after him for $240k but now has to end up paying him $1.3 million (not including whatever it cost Sun for legal fees and distractions). Speak of another stupid management decision.

Surely, there are more such cases hiding in the vaults. Curious to

know what happened to Bernie (the song and dance that was put up for us – well most saw through it). Is there a lawsuit there?

Asad and Tom Kelley, the best traders at Sun both are working at

competitors. The last five developers to leave are all working for competitors. There are over 80 people who left Sun in the last 4 years. Yes a truly enduringly great trading firm.

So as you look to see why you get shafted on your bonuses year after

year, look to see all the stupid decisions management makes, all the money it throws away and then you will realize why there is no money to pay you. Unless of course you have your head up you know whose you know where, then you will be taken care.

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Hey...when a thread has like 500+ comments, and someone comments WAY down the list, and the thread pops up as new content.....how can we have it jump down to that latest commet?

I am always on the mobile site, btw.

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Accept that you are married to an adulter and get him the HELL out your mothers home bk bedroom.

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Well maybe the advice part would be too late since the relationship is over already. I am a 35 yo caucasian who has never been married has no kids and am very independent. I recently dated a Russian guy that was 24 and born in the US. His family was not though. They are from Russia. Next week would have been a year but I couldn't deal with not being introduced to his family. It was like I am his dirty little secret. Supposedly his mom only would meet me if we were going to get married and that wasn't even guaranteed since he feels she would have issues with me. He feels to young to get married also. Plus his mom has an issue with my age, the fact Im not Russian, and supposedly said she is my age when she is 65 and her oldest child is 40. He does spends time with his family and goes to family functions. He always speaks in Russian to them and I never understand their conversations. Before our year it finally took a toll and we both agreed to end it. I feel biter but basically I was never able to convince him Im worth it. I guess this was more of a vent but I am open from learning from my mistakes. He did meet my family and friends and seemed okay with that. It was just the family thing that still makes no sense to me and basically we never could come to a compromise. So that's basically it.

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Advice? So this year when I started my second year in college and I had these two girls, we started talking, walking together and doing assignments together, we were hanging out you know. Then my mother passed 2 weeks ago, I told them cause we are building a friendship. I didn't get one text from either of them asking me if I'm doing okay, non of them offered to help me with work to catch up cause I missed several classes. When I finally come to school I'm in my feelings and choose to ignore them cause I don't want friendships where people don't even ask how you are holding up. I'm distancing myself from them and I don't have any friends (by choice). Am I wrong? Do I need to tell them how I feel?. It's so hard cause I feel so lonely and not having friends that are actually there for me hurts a lot.

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I'm kind of bummed. One of my better guy friends has been giving me the cold shoulder lately. I found out today that he just started a relationship with someone. This has happened before... he ignores me when he's in a relationship, but the second they break up, I get a text saying "Hey." It's a little frustrating, and makes me sad, considering I've been there for him whenever he wanted to talk. Now I see why he hasn't answered any of my texts.

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So I've been "talking" to this guy for about 5 months now. He lived in my city for less than a month while he was in the states for business (He's Australian). I met him through a mutual friend at party and I was essentially smitten from the start. At first it was very light hearted. A lot of banter, joking, and flirting. Then we hung out a few times in a larger group setting, but then I realized that our time together was nearing a close. He ended up going back home before we had a chance to spend alone time together. But he gave me his skype and information so we can stay in touch and continue whatever was developing. Ever since he went home, we've talked nearly everyday and it never gets boring. I even find myself missing him on days when I don't get to see or speak with him. Over these past few months, we've grown really close and found out a lot about one another. But I still have a bunch of unanswered questions about what exactly we're even doing. I think I'm afraid to ask because I'm afraid that he might not be on the same page as me. We planned to go on a mini vacation together in November, and it's fastly approaching. I haven't spent any significant alone time with him so the vacation will be a good time to sort things out. It's hard to be so vulnerable, but if I'm being honest with myself because I think I might be falling in love...hard. I've never felt this way about anyone, and I can't imagine being with anyone else. As of now, we aren't officially in a relationship but I'd like to be. But I'm not sure how long I could be in a long distance relationship for. I'm still in school in the States and have quite a bit of time to go. Whereas, on the flipslide he's established himself already and is not planning on moving, ever. I don't know. Am I delaying a doomed relationship? Am I being naive? Or am I self sabotaging? I'm not sure what I'm doing or thinking. I'm going crazy at this point lol. Another thought: I'm not seeing or fooling around with other people and I'm pretty sure he isn't either. But like I said, I don't know for sure because we haven't discussed it. I guess what I have to do is be realistic and have an open dialogue with him. I just can't seem to take the first step to having that conversation. I think I'm afraid of losing him if our answers don't align. Who knew caring about someone so much would be so challenging at the same time. Any thoughts on the matter? All comments would be appreciated.

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He isn't the type that is never on there. He is constantly on there. He has NEVER put me on his instagram or snapchat and the one time he put me on his FB was when there was another chick in the photo with us. I put him on all of my accounts all the time. I openly address him as my boyfriend as well. I understand how some think it's stupid to be bothered by this but why wouldn't I be on there? If we go on dates out to somewhere cool...he'l post about everything there....except the one he came with (me). Am I over reacting?

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Is it true that when you are in a real good relationship you never feel alone? Is it a thing to always have those cute moments and inside joke between the 2 of you that no one else understands? There are days that I am so in love with my guy but then there are days when I wonder why I am with him. They are totally drastic feelings and idk why it happens. I find myself being upset over the fact that I feel like my relationship is a "good one". We don't have alone time where we just sit and talk for hours with each other. We don't even have time together for dinner. Sure, we sit in the same room 90% of the time but he never talks to me. He always has to have a tv or a phone or another person around. I know guys are known for not being into mushy gushy love but isn't it a problem that he never wants to cuddle or have cute kissy moments? I want to have those moments that other people envy...and we just don't. I don't believe anyone looks at us and would say we are in love. I wouldn't. He gets so offended when I talk about this to him...so maybe it's all in my head? I just know the only time I truly feel loved by him is while he is drunk. He loosens up and isn't scared to show his real emotions. He's scared and he says he's working on it....but how long do I need to wait in order for us to have a happy normal relationship?

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A white girl curls her hair, and people everywhere get offended. A popular Halloween attraction gets shut down because it might offend people with mental disabilities. BLM has a BBQ with local law enforcement, and everyone loses their minds. A doctor stating the biological sex of a baby when he/she is born gets everyone's panties in a twist over gender association.

You all need to shut the fuck up. This is ridiculous. Soon, no one will be able to leave their house without being harassed for just being themselves. You want everyone to avoid gender assumption, racial microagressions, or cultural appropriation? Maybe everyone should shave their heads and wear potato sacks. That'd be great. Ever read The Giver in school? Idiots.

You think you're fixing the problem? No. You ARE the problem. Hatred, bigotry, bullying, and downright harassment has skyrocketed over the past few years because everyone wants to be a special fucking snowflake and hide in their safe space when someone disagrees with them. Bullshit. You all are taking the attention away from people who actually deserve and need it for no reason other than to get your five minutes of fame. Stop it. You're pathetic. Toughen up and get off Tumblr so you can understand how the real world functions. The preservation of your feelings is not guaranteed in real life.

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He is smart, funny, good-looking and such a NICE guy.  We’re both married, so it won’t happen, but it sure doesn’t stop me from thinking about kissing him, exploring his body freely… I want to just GRAB him, kiss him, suck him, and fuck him!  
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We gave medicines to The Niggers we gave them clean drinking water , and sustainable food resources . We should have let them die off and continue to consume one another in the name of whatever false God they worshipped . I still challenge any Nigger to provide proof of any City that they have built , at all in History . I know they’ll say Egypt . What a Joke . Egypt was built by The Indo-Aryan Here’s the proof that Niggers did not build Egypt , Jamaica , Sudan , Nigeria , these places are like, Detroit , Chicago , Baltimore , Richmond , see they are all waist lands In fact Iraq went through five years drone strikes , and they still have a more livable environment than Detroit , Chicago , Baltimore , and Richmond I can’t wait for the Civil War , race card will be gone , and we can rid this planet of those savages .

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i have no one in the world. i live with adoptive parents that hate me and i hate being at school because i have one friend and she makes me feel terrible about myself. I cry almost all the time because this feeling of loneliness is overwhelming. I dont know what to do. I wish i had at least one genuine person in the world i can love trust and care about. Unfotunatley its just me and most likely will be like that forever.

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I've had depression for a year and a half now. I go to therapy but that doesn't help. I've tried to kill myself five times and have been in a mental hospital for two months of my summer. That did not help. I used to be on fluoxetine and now I'm on sertraline. I self harm. My mom and dad think I'm getting better but really I've just got good at acting. But now... I am just so emotionally and physically numb that I can't think straight.. Nobody understands. The last time I felt like this was the night I swallowed 80 pills. I can't even rembered half the things I 'felt' that night. Then again in the mental hospital. Not until a month later did it really sink in where I was. I'm open to chats and I'll be blogging my feelings most days.. To anyone out there listening.... Hi😬

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When push comes to shove you will always stay together. Lack of finances! Retirement check! Lust of the eye ate! Adulterous marriage! No credit! No home! And get this .. Absolutely.. No morals. And keep a man like that in your mothers home bk bedroom. But what's Gayle's care. Trying to Pierce your prayer. And not building finances. Unless you speak of tithe and offering. And getting her mid fifty's hee own residence.

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When I was younger (and still sometimes now) I would sleep with my hair in small braids, so that when I took them out the next day, my hair would be frizzy. Apparently, doing that is ignorant now, because it's "stealing black culture."

Listen. I'm not doing it because I'm white and want to be black, or because I want to take credit for something you THINK you own. I do it because I like how it looks on me.

"But society says we look unprofessional like that. Why is it that a white girl can wear her hair 'natural' and they see it as a fashion statement?"

The fuck if I know. I don't control what people think. If they think it looks better on me, how is that my fault? And for the record, I have ALWAYS thought natural, frizzy hair on black women was beautiful. So my hands are clean.

Jesus Christ, people, why not start focusing on the violence in your own communities before attacking people for "stealing" your hair?

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I rock on this bed that does not belong to me. What does?

I fought these thoughts. These feelings. These wants.

Oh wouldn't it be peaceful?

To make it all end.

To make it stop.

To rip out my heart. Feed it to my mother.

I sit here in the dead of night contemplating my worth. In this world. In this life. I wasn't supposed to be here. I couldn't have been. God could never do something as cruel as to let someone like me live in a world like this. No. This isn't gods doing. Maybe it's my own. I should never have been born. I was born out of disdain and it's what I have grown in.

I try so hard to oppose it. To love, to live. But being surrounded and abused by spite and in affection wears me down. I clench my jaw and fight the urge not to scream out in pain or to cry out in frustration. I think of you my love and i try to calm my heart but it only makes things worse as the letters on this phone blur as my hot, silent tears hit the screen. Making their mark briefly then fading away. It must be nice.

I dream of a time when I am in control of myself. Of a time when I do as my mind heart and body wishes and I am free. I dream of a time without my bloodline. A time when I have chosen my own family. A family who cares, loves and laughs. A family whom are honest and have each other's best interests at heart. I dream of dying. How peaceful. The tranquility. To be or not to be that is the question right? You see, Hamlet used to annoy me with his indecisiveness, it irritated me that he couldn't just do as he pleased and either live with his love or kill himself and be done with it. But I understand more than ever in this moment how it is a lot more difficult than that. As much as I want the peace to begin and the pain to end I do not want to exit this world by leaving a painful mark on those I love and those who love me. My sweet broken love with faults and perfection a alike i could not leave you to mourn my loss. I would rather die, ironically, then cause you pain. My loyal friends, without your support I would have already been dead. And my mentors who guided me through life showing me ways and solutions to so many problems that I didn't want to admit I had. Without you all I would have lost myself. I would have been dead. I would be alive but I not living. Every time I felt my soul, my spirit, my being slipping away, allowing the numbness to enter, to dull the pain, you would be there, picking me up, letting me live, pulling me through. Bringing colour back into my cold grey soul which was turning pitch black.

Oh but what a wondrous colour is black. It sucks you in, caresses and enchants you. It promises secrets and it promises light. Too often have I almost gotten lost in the black abyss that is your heart. Ma. No. But you see ma you are not just any old black you are the metallic black that we all desire in the depths of our soul. That metal black that has shimmers and reflects light and like a moth I am often drawn in, only to then be blinded and left in the darkness. Alone. Too many times have let myself come back to you over and over again just to be let down over and over again well mother I tell you I am no longer blind. I write this as I can barely see because these tears are indeed blurring my vision but they also wash away my naivety. They wash away anything that I was holding onto. I will no longer let you control me. I will no longer be in pain. No more will I lay in bed at night and cry for our lost relationship. No more will I need to pray to God to help make the pain go away because I am now done. I am No longer the moth that will fly into your blinding trap. I can finally see. Ohhh I see. I'll tell you what I see ma. I see a strong woman. I see a strong black woman. I see a strong black woman with ambition. I see a strong black woman with ambition, determination, kindest in her heart and goodness in her soul and she does not need ANYONE to tell her other wise. I see myself..... Oh But I also see you. Every scar that you have left on me, physical, emotional, mental I see it. I see it in my paranoia. I see it in my self hatred. I see it in my depression, in my newly found anxiety, in my trust issues, in my desperation for a family of my own.... In the distress of never creating a family. But don't get me wrong ma.. Oh my mother my only mother my one mother don't get me wrong I love you. With every part of me I love you. I always have and I always will. Lord knows I am grateful for all that you have done for me but ma don't you see yourself in me? Where do you think I received my stubbornness and determination from? We walk the same ground ma but I wear wedged boots as you wear spiked heels. We simply have on different shoes. That's just how we are.

But I've accepted that there is not a 'we' I can't remember when there last was a 'we'.. I'm ready to walk by myself now ma.. I'm ready to leave you behind and changed from those wedged boots and put on my running shoes because I am ready to be moving forward as fast as I can and I can't keep stopping to try to bring you along with me and make sure that you're okay. This is about me now. I'm ready for me now. Goodbye ma.

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I am so done with mornings i cant fucking bare to see the sunlight i cant bare to see people's morose faces every morning bored with life. I hate mornings but there is no well paying job for night owls so i guess i will have to stick to this.

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Pedophile of the pulpit, lust of eye gate, no job, no home,, retirement check, residing w your mother, lusting after girls in the shower, urinating, and brushing your teeth. And this is the husband you keep. Hahaa

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i recently started dating this guy who i like so much the only catch is he is about eight years older than me. does age really matter? i need someones opinion on this

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I whole heartedly agree that the US should pay reparations to all former slaves. They should be paid a full days pay for each day they were held in slavery. Once Congress appropriates the moneys all former slaves will bring proof of their slavery to include location of slavery, duration of slavery, and masters name and address. We must compensate these poor souls for their work. Maybe after we treat these slaves fairly, their descendants will stop fouling their own habitations, and join the rest of society.

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No one's reporting on Trump's debate bombshell. Everyone's pretending it never happened, but it was probably the most important point of the evening. Trump said that we are in a huge financial bubble, larger then 2009. We have no growth, high debt, and an over inflated stock market caused by FED policy of free money to the banks. When the FED starts to raise rates, this bubble bursts (most likely right after the election), the result will be a depression much worse than 2009. When it hits, you have to decide: do you want someone well verse in finance to lead us or do you want a politician to lead the way. It's up to us people!

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Looks like it's a wash. No one won and no one lost. I have to admit though that Trump did reasonably well against both opponents. The Clinton Holt team kept trying to destroy Trump with worthless low ball questions, but Trump kept knocking the balls out of play. Can't wait to see who Hillary teams up with at the next debate.

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He may not get it all right. He may not even come close to perfect but i love him. They said find what makes you happy and i did. He really makes me happy. Its been a rollercoaster of a marriage but hes all i want. I hurt him, really bad but he saw something in me that was wirth keeping. Ive had a good man all this time and all he needed from me was a little time and patience as we worked through our pile if problems. For the first time in months i see that guy that i married, the one who lit up my world everytime he was mentioned, the guy i fell head over heels for. Were still reparing the damage i caused but were happy again. I made the right decision and im happy now. I cant believe i almost gave up on him. Hurting him was the dumbest thing i could ever do, as i work to mend myself he helps too. He never lost sight of why we got married he fought hard for our marriage, and everything we built. He is the best thing i could ever ask for. I cant wait to see what our future holds.

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Ecommerce and Internet Speed Introduction Internet is becoming the lifeblood of business. It enables the engagement of firm in number of e-activities such as e-learning, e-commerce, e-training etc and facilitating online research and consumer interaction via social media platforms. The paper would describe the findings regarding e-commerce and Internet speed. The research was conducted on analyzing the performance of top 500 online retailers. The main objective of this research is to develop an insight into how leading e-commerce sites provide its functionality to users who makes use of Internet under certain browsing situations. Mixed Method approach for research A mixed method approach is selected for conducting a research as would integrate both qualitative and quantitative approaches and would provide a complete understanding of research problem than a single approach would provide. Key Findings Certain compelling key findings from the research consist of following: User Expectations are not met Research revealed that web pages would load in four seconds or less than that. However, it is found that the home pages of top 100 ecommerce take approximately 6.4 seconds to deliver its basic content and take 10.7 seconds to load completely. Only 12% of top retail sites grants an ideal user experience. 18% took almost ten seconds or more just to become interactive.

Web pages are getting slower and faster In just the time span of one year, TTI (Time to Interact) has gradually slowed down by 26%, that is, from 4.7 seconds to 6.3 seconds. On the other hand, the load time has suffered 49% increase, that is, from 7.4 seconds to 10.5 seconds. Page complexity and its size: factors in performance slowdown The findings revealed that a page size has grown by 65% in a single year, that is, from 1007 KB to 1677 KB. In addition to this, the page contained 82 resource requests in last year. In contrast to this, the page contains 100 requests today. This complexity is due to the poor third-party scripts and optimization of images. Conclusion There is one positive takeaway for website owners. Several websites offer greater potential for optimization. It is found that site owners who have successfully applied fundamental web performance optimization (WPO) practices observed a difference in a positive way. In addition to this, they must be knowledgeable enough about the fundamental front-end WPO processes that can help in accelerating the speed of their web pages.

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 Now listen up I know the first thing most of you after reading the title will say is "dude stop chasing her and move on, there are other girls." I mean yeah, if she was just some girl that I happened to have casual sex with or just thought she was sexy I would agree. Here's the catch though I love her. No I don't mean I'm obsessed with her and I can't go without her, I've had good relationships without her. I want her to be happy, I would do almost anything to support her, of she needs to vent I will listen. Make no mistake I know she doesn't owe me a damn thing... I'm 18 and she's been in a 1/3rd of my life. We first met in middle school around 6th grade. 8th was the year I made love to her and kissed her, sadly when she was already dating someone. (I was caught up in the moment.) She makes me feel like no one else, I went years without seeing her and I was fine, but the moment she came back into my life that spark lit a fire in me. She is intoxicating, she understands me, she still cares about me, she still calls herself my best friend... best friend. Friend huh? No matter what else I do when I see her my heart is on fire, a passion I can only get in lesser amounts from other women. Yet she doesn't use me and respects me, calls me to see if we can go see a movie or hang out. 

 I tried to convince myself I don't love her to this day, tried to convince myself she wasn't my first and true love. Yet damn what anyone else will tell me... if this isn't love than love doesn't exist. My heart cant give any more than this, my body can't want ANY more than this. She is my final frontier, yet in the end if she want's me to leave I will. I'll go. Because if I couldn't then I know it wasn't love. Now I am more straight forward about how I feel, I stare into her eyes. I tell her out loud I am not one of her girlfriends. And she responds, her friend told me her feelings are becoming confusing about me again, she doesn't think she is in love, but she likes me more than a friend. If god exists I merely ask for 1 of 2 things.
  1. Let us be together, if only for a year or two more.
  2. Erase her from my memory so I can be free from love's curse.
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I am a 50 yo male, married and my stepdaughter,18, walks around in a g string and bra, sits on my lap and pinches my nipples all the time. I want to fuck her so bad but i haven't crossed that line yet. Anyone else in the same boat?

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I suppose I have too much time on my hands but I often just sit and think about really overwhelming things. It's good in a way because I'm getting to know myself but it's also kind of dangerous because I could drive myself crazy. A common thought is that I don't really serve any purpose on Earth. I feel I belong somewhere else. I'm just getting by here. It's not really fulfilling, satisfying. I feel like there's another world out there. Somewhere I'd feel more at home, somewhere I'd serve more purpose. I've tried explaining this feeling to my closest friends but nobody has felt the same and think it's really strange. Does anyone else ever feel like this?
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So long story short, I live with my ex. We have been broken up for years, never did the 'friends with benefits' thing. I feel like I am a free agent. So a couple months ago his old friend starts to hang out with us, and I had an instant attraction. He's such a hottie, and has a heart of pure gold. A couple weeks ago, we found ourselves alone in a room for the first time, and he confesses to me that he has feelings for me. I tell him the same, and we kissed. Not just any kiss, but a 'God I'm so relieved I finally get to do this' kiss that makes time stop and winds cease. Now I find myself completely head over heels and in the biggest quandary of the year.  By some horrible coincidence, my roomie / ex states out of the blue today: "I dont want you to hook up with him. He just started hanging out again and I dont want you two to hang out all the time and leave me out." I am certain he has no clue we have made a connection already, but he knows me and the friend get along famously, and we have alot in common. Is what he is saying filled with vindiction? Does he just want to keep the friend all to himself or what?? I am so confused, I want to be with his friend soo terribly, but I dont want to screw up my living situation by making my roomie mad. Please, someone tell me something to make me stop crying.
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I'm currently 19 and she is one and a half year younger than me. I know her for a year now, we've been talking everyday since then on skype or just texting. I've been in love with some girls before but it's different with her... i can tell her everything and anything, we know each other so well that we understand each other's feelings with no word. I know that she likes me and cares about me a lot, I can make her happy and I even saw this once when she did not realize that she called me and she was extremally happy because of me. She is my only reason to live, I ain't got no friends and don't get on well with my family - she is everything for me - my best and only friend, my family replacement and finally the person I love the most and above everything, including myself. The think is that despite her liking me so much, whenever I ask her out she says that she wants to be alone and she doesn't want a BF :( I hope that it's not true and think that it could be caused by her horrible family situation - where she has to care about the house and her little bro since her mom gives no shit and hangs out with her lover instead. I dunno, all I know is that I LOVE HER SO SO MUCH!! LOVE YOU KATE!!!

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This is the marriage your fighting to keep in your mother's home, back bedroom. Lust of the eye gate. The adulter, pedophile of the pulpit. Watching while urinating, brushing teeth and in the shower. What type of women are you? Absolutely no morals; knowing the details. And yet keeping him. Thee greatest kept secret, hmm now EXPOSED! Your marriage

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The FBI/Secret Service U.S. Government does NOT serve and protect you - it serves and protects Nevada HOA CRIMINALS!

Nevada HOA Victims have been told numerous times by the federal government that HOA crimes are LEGAL.

The U.S. Government engages in ANARCHY by not enforcing the laws to protect law-abiding People - and we pay taxes to this corrupt government - so it may protect and serve criminals!

None of this is legal advice.

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Recently it has come to light that Anthony Weiner has yet again been caught sexing, for the third time now. This time is different, however. The person at the other end of the line is a 15 year old girl. This could potentially earn Weiner some time in the big house if NY prosecutors determine the messages were sexual enough to actually break the law. But we all know he did and we all know he will be facing charges. But what is he really guilty of?

In today's world of Snapchat, Periscope, and other online services that allow young, attention seeking girls, to self-produce their own content to be consumed by an audience thirsty for something new to look at that doesn't cost any money. We have a whole demographic of girls who are essentially willing to work for peanuts. Only in this case, they are being paid with attention. What these girls do not realize or perhaps they do not care about, is that their audiences, which can quickly grow into the thousands, are full of men that would frighten them if only the could see them or know their age. These girls dress in a very revealing manner and sometimes even engage in exposing private parts of their body just to get more viewers for their broadcast and to get more "followers." Once their broadcasts are complete, however, they are quick to delete the broadcast footage from the service in order to avoid the footage being used against them for shaming purposes in the future.

Anthony Weiner was pursued by an under-aged girl who claimed to be "obsessed" with him and now in retrospect the girl claims she just wanted to write a book about him. While this is a noble aspiration and certainly adds to her narrative as a victim of Weiner's double life as a sex addict, there are some interesting nuances that should not escape us as we analyze this story and quickly drag Weiner into the public square.

First off, the girl had carried on an inappropriate relationship with Weiner for months but suddenly had an attack of guilt and decided their relationship needed to be made public. The interesting part about this is the timing, only a couple weeks after it was discovered that Weiner had been exposing himself to victim #2. This suggests he was sexting both victim #2 and this under-aged girl at the same time. Which I'm sure when the news story about victim #2 broke, it was probably the first time the under-aged girl had heard about their being another girl. I think you can see where this is going and that's because we all know how much everyone loves cheaters. Was this public outing a cry for help or an act of revenge?

Weiner exercised incredibly poor judgment but does he have a mental disorder? Well if he does then we have a pretty sick world on our hands. In fact, web sites have started to pop up that make finding girls of all ages easier to find when the broadcasts are becoming sexual. Sites like YouNow and Periscope are exploding with new users because of this "work for attention" mentality that is plaguing the online community. They take very ineffective measures to curb these behaviors. They only care about masking the problem to avoid breaking any laws or evade legal liability.

Let's be very clear, girls who are under-aged, should not be allowed to broadcast video on the internet. The fact that these services allow under-aged girls to broadcast, knowing these girls will behave inappropriately to gain popularity, is disgusting. They are using gaming mechanics and other emotional exploits against these young girls to temp them into inappropriate behavior and drive site traffic. It's gross. Any measures they do take are reactive and any warnings or account deletions happen after the behavior has already taken place and displayed to a completely open internet audience.

Is it the other way around? Should older men not be allowed to watch broadcasts of those who are under-aged? The current strategy of these broadcast sites is to allow everyone to watch any broadcast, even users who haven't event registered for an account.

So clearly nobody cares. Clearly we want act like Weiner's behavior is not on the same continuum as the epidemic of under-aged girls behaving inappropriately on the internet. It would be so easy to prevent, with just an age verification step including a photo ID. But no, that would destroy the user-base of these sites and therefore cannot be. So clearly we need to make an example of Weiner and go about our professional and perverted life duality that we seem to cherish so much.

Let's acknowledge the problem and do something about it. Scaring men into "not looking" at under-aged girls broadcasting on their own volition by making a pariah of Weiner does not solve the problem in its entirety and will only cause the problem to go deeper into secrecy.

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I've had this hopeless infatuation with one of my managers for several weeks now. We're both 25 and he's married and has kids. I feel so bad having feelings for him, but I can't help it. When I say I am consumed with infatuation, I mean I don't go a whole 10 minutes without thinking of him. I am constantly fantasizing about him, even when he's around and I even dream about him all the time. I don't think he has any clue I am into him at all. He also makes me very horny and I hate it. I hate being around him sometimes because all I want to do is jump his bones. Thank goodness for self-control! I don't even understand why I have such feelings for him. He can be very hot-headed and gets onto me a lot about things and gets frustrated with me more often than I'd like, but he also can be funny and goofy and he has his flirty moments. I wish I wasn't so addicted to him. I am just getting out of a relationship and my heart is broken, so I guess in a way he's been a great distraction, but this is getting very unhealthy.

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There may be a reason Police officers shoot Black People . Despite making up just 13% of the population, African Americans committed half of homicides in the United States . Well , the only good thing about this , over half of them murders , are black on black .In that respect keep up the good work .

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We have been dating for a few months, he's 21 and I'm 19. He likes to role-play incest situations, like pretend I'm his younger sister. It's been fun in kind of a weird way. He has been begging me to tease and seduce my actual brother. Dressing sexy around him, brushing up against him, just little things. My confession is I fucking love it and I get so excited when I think about how far I can take this.

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...I want to say, OK. Yes, I'm white. So that gives me a "privilege point" over you, because most people judge someone immediately by what they look like, including skin color.

Consider this as well: I'm a bisexual female with a history of being sexually and emotionally abused; my parents have been divorced for years; my brother, as well as two cousins and an uncle, are not white; my brother is going through the judicial system for selling drugs; I work THREE jobs, yet I am on welfare; half of my family (including myself) have struggled with substance abuse for years; I live in one of the poorest regions of the US; I suffer from three different mental illnesses (anxiety, depression, and OCD) as well as a few physical illnesses; I have been homeless; and I have been bullied.

My point is, if YOU don't want US to judge you for your skin color, DON'T JUDGE ME BY MINE. We do not know everyone's background and life story. I have spent my entire life trying to do the right thing, and that includes standing up for people who are being unfairly judged. I've been bullied due to poverty and sexuality my entire life, so I know how important it is to help others when they're down. However, you all are making it really hard to stand up for you when you fight violence with more violence, and then law enforcement responds with MORE violence to protect their city, so you turn around and respond with even more violence. And when I try to open dialogues with you to better understand my "privilege" and what I should do to help, I am belittled, spoken down to, treated like shit, and told to "go talk to your people, whitey." Since Treyvon Martin, I've done my best to stay educated and on the right side of history. But I do not want to be associated with the thugs that burn their own city down and destroy black businesses and black neighborhoods because they say "Black Lives Matter."

Anyway, from here on out, I vow to keep my political/social views on what's happening in this country to myself. Arguing on the internet only results in more conflict, and doesn't solve anything. I always seek to understand before being understood, but it's a little pointless when I'm the only one doing it. I'll take action as I see fit, and stand up for those who need my help in my own way, WITHOUT anyone else's input. I'll vote for who I think will fix this country.

PS - You can support equality without waving a BLM/feminist/LGBTQ flag. Just be a good fucking human being. That's it.

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You just can't make this stuff up! PBS News did not mislead about what Trump said, they did not misinterpret what Trump said, they flat out blatantly Lied about what Trump said. Trump was talking about Hillary's call for anti-gun laws. Trump said: "I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. They should disarm. I think they should disarm immediately, what do you think, yes?," he said. "Take their guns away, she doesn't want guns. Take them, let's see what happens to her. Take their guns away, okay. It will be very dangerous." This is what PBS News reported: TRUMP CALLS FOR VIOLENCE AGAINST HILLARY! "Trump Talks About an Assassination Attempt on Hillary Clinton for the Second Time". And the media wonders why people don't believe them anymore.

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A few months ago, I dated this guy. From the beginning being together was difficult because of the long distance. However, we grew to accept the distance because our feelings were far greater than any silly distance.Then I find out that my parents strongly forbid us to be together. I'm talking about Romeo and Juliet stuff, they're so dramatic.They didn't approve of his family background. I understand on some level why they worry but he was a good guy who loved me more than anything . After months of resisting my parents, we broke up. I've tried moving on and dating other guys but I could never love them the way I loved him. I'm angry at the world for making it so difficult for us to be together. I'm angry at my parents for breaking us up. The one guy I've ever actually could love, is the one guy in the world I can't be with. It frustrates me. During the time I was with him, were the happiest, even with the distance and drama. Now my life without him, it's not the same. Even though, I don't see him or talk to him, I still think about him every day. I just want be with him again, but I can't change how my parents feel about this. I kind of wished he fought for me, instead of ending our relationship. He said that he didn't want to hurt me any further especially since it was causing a lot of drama.Now I've lost my boyfriend who was also my best friend. Yeah I know, I should choose my parents over some boy right? Well who said I was choosing. I'm simply just following my heart (super corny), it just happens to be a guy my parents don't approve of. The thing that frustrates me is that its not that they don't approve of him, its his parents! The whole reason why we broke up, is not because we weren't a good fit, it was because of other people. I might be walking out on something really good. I've been hoping he would talk to me again. He did, but I was on a date (trying to but unsuccessfully move on). After that we found it difficult to find the right time to talk to each other, since we had busy schedules ALSO seems like life is against us being together like some kind of big sign saying I should give up on this relationship. However, I don't believe in signs especially when they are telling me the opposite of what I want! I just want to know if I should reach out to talk to him again. I'm not sure if I should be fighting for him since he clearly is not fighting for me. If he really loved me he should've reached out to me or something or at least continue being good friends? He knows I've been seeing someone, so maybe he thinks I've moved on. Should I talk to him again, to clear things up. Should I let him know I still love him or just forget him and let him believe I'm over him.

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Ild kill myself if i weren't so scared of what the afterlife may hold

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I am finally dating the nice guy. It's great! We've been dating 2-3 weeks. But....he wants to get concert tickets with me for March....which is 6 months away. I just got out of a relationship that lasted a year and 3 months before that I was in a relationship for 5 years. and three months before that I was in a relationship for 2 years. All with complete assholes. Needless to say, I am NOT jumping into another relationship because I am finding that I choose shitty men for fear of being alone. Which is all fine and dandy to realize but is not the issue. The issue is, I don't know how to nicely tell him I don't want to get tickets with him for something 6 months away, we will still know eachother at that time no matter what, bc of our friendship group... What should I say to this guy? I really like him, but that's just too far out.

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Hillary reportedly was on the "‘Funny or Die’ with Zach Galifianakis" show (whatever that is, showing my age). From the reports she was not a happy camper, at one point she says: “I really regret doing this.” She cancelled a "Press" call scheduled for Thursday afternoon to discuss "Hillary Clinton’s plan for Historically Black Colleges and Universities". Guess she couldn't get up the energy for a pandering session after a full morning being punked.

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