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Maybe we were right to part ways, now hes blossoming into the person he wants to be and thriving. Its crazy because Im super happy for him, but I cant help but be sad because I cant celebrate that amazing moment with him. I know I should be happy either way but we shared everything together. My depression days are becoming shorter so thats good I think.. I realized why I hung onto him for so long and still am. I guess I just thought I found a person that wouldn't leave me yunno. Im getting better I know I just have to keep going.

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Recently I've found out that I've been diagnosed with cancer and have been taking chemotherapy since. It's been a month and I'm in remission but still have sessions to complete and I've been thinking a lot too. It's strange how happy I am that I'm in remission but I can't help but also be afraid that the cancer can come back. It's so recent and feels surreal how it all happened, no one plans for it, no one expects it.

I was even afraid of telling my own family about my illness and didn't want them to worry or cry or treat me any differently. There are those who have pity on me and that makes me feel like I'm weaker. I try to stay positive as much as possible and not think about the cancer at all. I would prefer if people treat me the same and no differently.

I preface this because I enjoy being alone. For the longest I didn't like being in relationships. I would often get agitated with my partner or uncomfortable and push people away. At the end of a relationship before breaking it off (or getting dumped), It often ended on a sour note and it was often my fault. I could have been afraid of commitment but I never really felt alone, even when I was. The more and more I do chemo, the more I think about where my life will be.

I don't have much family in my life and it feels like going into the future that maybe I "do" need someone in my life. I may sound like a hypocrite but if it weren't for my family there to support me during my battle with cancer, I don't know how I'd feel. Right now I feel grateful but once my mother passes on, who else will be there for me? It's then that I start thinking about relationships and whether i should start pursuing one.

In my "weakened state" , I feel as if I need someone to tell me it'll be okay. I've always prided myself of being my own cheerleader and being "strong". Before my father passed, he would always tell me that men don't cry and wanted me to be very machismo. I sorta grew that way, even if it was unintentional and till this day I still am a very "strong" person who puts up a strong front to not let others worry. I feel obligated to be the strong one as a "man".

I've been thinking about dating a few girls but something holds me back. Do I really want them to know about my cancer? They'll eventually find out, even if I don't tell them but I don't want anyone to worry, thus not knowing helps only me in that regard to cope. Also, I've been thinking, will that be a deal breaker in the future? Will I die before living a fulfilling life with someone I can call my soul mate? Even now I feel selfish for craving someone to be by my side.

It feels unfair for me to let them go into a relationship with me, knowing I have cancer. I don't feel like I'm going to die and my treatments have been going well but how do people view me now? Do they see me weaker? Do I become undesirable ? I feel as if trying to date someone would be difficult, as if people are afraid to date someone with cancer. Even if they agree, are they doing it because they genuinely love you or out of pity?

I don't want to be in a relationship that is formed out of pity. I want someone to love me for me. For this, I feel like I'll end up being alone.

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Hi im 51 very atractive large breasted womon 38 GG been single long time , i get very horny and sometime i call chatlines were i talk to strange men and sometimes its very very sexual chats that leads me into talking about fantasies i have had some powerful orgasims just by chating and and fingering myself othertime i use sex toys i think i would like a reationship with a man that can do this to me why am i so horny

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You are 26, I am 24. I moved back home for you. I got a bigger place so you could leave your boyfriend. And the day we move you ask him to move in without even consulting me. Everything is in my name. The place the bills. Your phone. You wanted to leave him because he didn't treat you right, but all I saw was you not appreciating. From what I could tell nothing he did was good enough so he did what any sane person would do in that situation. He stopped doing. So you wanted to leave. Your baby sister made that possible. Then you didn't even want to go a day without him. So I let him move in. And now you are still cheating, you don't clean. I haven't seen you do a single thing but bitch at everyone here since we moved. You didn't even help move all you did was put groceries away. What am I supposed to do now? Be stuck here listening to you guys fight, forced to make excuses for you when you don't come home till 1 or 3 in the morning because you were with another man? This is not my job or place. And how dare you put me in this position.

Well that's what I would say to my big sister if I had any balls. I keep telling people not to allow negativity in their life and I hate to say it but I think she is my negativity.

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How can I be hairy and confident? I want to be able to ride my boyfriend and feel sexy without worrying about my hairy stomach or ass. What do you males think if you had sent with a female that has a hairy stomach and butt? If its shaved, it'll be bumpy and come our darker so its a hassle and Laser is not an option right now. Do guys like hairy women? It makes me feel so shitty about myself. Like any guy will instantly feel turned off so I make it a point to keep my shirt on and lights dim during sex.

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I had this friend. He was sort of in my friend group but he was sort of on the fringe. He spent all his time drinking and hanging out with his film major buddies and working on their "movie sets" and treated our group as "class friends," which was fine but it was kind of annoying when he'd act like a "leader" to us when he was barely there. After a year or so I got to know him and I started to realize he was a pretty cool guy. Then it just hit me. I liked him. For few months I really liked him. I wanted to spend time with him, get to know him more, really see if we would make a good pair. But from that point on it all went downhill.

I told him I liked him and he rejected me. I promised myself I would try to rise above my emotions and not let it turn me into a bitch drawing lines in the sand, commanding my friends not to be friends with him or whatever. They should like who they like, I'm not going to tell them who to be friends with. Well, I guess this dude realized that he didn't have as firm a grip with my group as he thought, so he immediately starts sucking up to my two best friends in the group. One of whom is the best artist in the group. And these two people are the two that have been helping me get through this. I stopped talking to them about it because if they were becoming friends with him then I shouldn't bias them, but it drove me crazy and I started feeling competitive and possessive of them. I wanted to be the better friend. I felt that I was because, unlike him, I was there all the time having work/skype sessions and talking about their problems and joking around or giving them rides while he was off drinking and partying with his other friends. He just kind of popped in during class and sucked up to them before immediately ditching when class was over.

It was so hard seeing him every day. It's like there's just a magnifying glass over all of my insecurities as a person and as a woman. I'm not cute and tiny and pixie-like. Finally we graduated and I thought he would finally be out of my life and I could move away from this and for over a year that was the case. But now he's back and he's suddenly there all the time. And though enough time's passed for us to be friendly, it still sucks because he's started turning his attention to this new girl in the group and flirts with her.

At this point I don't feel what I felt for him before. I think it's just my ego. I know that it wasn't meant to be, and I know it's probably really stupid to be feeling so much since we never actually dated but it's still fucking awful to have this dangled in my face all the time. And it's like...I can't just not Skype with my friends. I still feel competitive. I have a full time job, I can only be there at night. He doesn't have a job, so he can be there for all the morning, noon, and night Skype sessions. And I love this girl and care about her, and if she finds happiness with the guy who broke my heart, then that's something I'll have to get over and I'm working my way to being prepared for that, but it still is awful. Why does this have to be in front of me? Why do I still have to have such a problem? Why can't he just fuck off back to his old friends?

And now I just panic. What if this is always how it's going to be? What if I find a guy and reject him or not feel anything because I'm always comparing him to how things went with the first guy? What if I can't stop thinking of him? It's just awful. I wish he would leave. I wish I could just be with my friends. I wish he could fall in love with some nice girl I don't know and live far away from me and only spoke to my friends rarely when I wasn't around. I just wish he wasn't in my face anymore.

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Celebrating its 160th anniversary in 2017, the Academy of Mary Immaculate is the oldest girls' secondary school in Melbourne and continues to offer a dynamic learning environment, built on the Mercy tradition. From the beginning of the secondary journey, our structured Year 7 immersion program builds a sense of belonging while supporting girls to grow their independence and take responsibility for their learning.

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There are so many schools to choose from in Australia. The Melbourne metropolitan area alone contains over 1,200 schools! Choice abounds, as do the challenges for families having to make the best possible education decisions for their children. The Good Schools Guide will help you navigate your way through these critical decisions.

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Intix Product card 9967072878 sound box is not working on low speed USB, I faced same problem with Intix Mouse also request you to buy product with proper research

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I warn you I point things out to you you and laugh and mock me ? Remember , it says touch not his anointed and do his prophets no harm . have you not read , the prophet went up to Bethel; and as he was going up by the way, young lads came out from the city and mocked him and tormented him , Then two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty-two lads of their number. Since you won't listen to me , He tells you himself . No in truth , and they preached the word with SIGNS FOLLOWING !!! "Prophetic Bible Page Survives Tennessee Fires" Joel 1:15 The day of the LORD is near, the day when destruction comes from the Almighty. How terrible that day will be! Joel 1:19 To you, LORD, I call, for fire has devoured the pastures in the wilderness and flames have burned up all the trees of the field.Joel 1:20 Even the beasts of the field pant for you because the water brooks are dried up, and fire has devoured the pastures of the wilderness. And at the bottom barely visible is: Joel 2:1 Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand; I am Sinsinawa and I warned you in past because He loves you , I love you , and I hope we see one another in Glory . Even Zeus Your knees will bow and your tongue confess . The Redeemer is Lord . Sinsinawa

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FBI POSITION ON HOA EMBEZZLEMENT & FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURES - they are "civil" matters & advise fraud foreclosure victims to hire attorneys (very expensive).

You will most likely lose your home, retirement & your credit will most likely be destroyed for 10 years if you buy in Nevada HOA.

In other words, your government will NOT protect you or enforce the laws. Please BOYCOTT & DO NOT BUY HOME in NEVADA HOA!!! It's far better to rent if you have to live in Nevada.

Not legal advice. Good luck

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This is embarrassing but I need some women here to help me figure out a way to use tampons. I am very fat at about 360 pounds. I'm 5'2". I had to quit wearing tampons years ago because of weight gain from medications I was on. I'm slowly losing weight but am tired of pads. I want to go back to wearing tampons but I'm not sure I can do it. I just can't reach well enough to insert one fully. Are there like some devices to help with this? Please don't make rude comments or "advice" that I need to lose weight. Or that I am a fat pig, etc. I'm human, just like you are, and I have emotions, too. Please be respectful. Thank you.

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EEks.  Yes, it's true.  I've been with my husband for 14 years.  We've been married for nine of them.  There has always been some sort of tension between his brother and I.  Well problem solved when he was a druggy loser and then moved out of state.  Well, now he's back, sober for three years, and I can't stand it.  I find myself fantasizing about him all the time.  And when I get near him, I feel electricity running through my body.  I know the feeling is mutual because he texted me the other day and wanted to Sext me.  Sexting is stupid.  But, that's not really the point of this blog post.  I told him I would never hurt his brother.    But I still want to screw his brains out.  I saw him yesterday and boy this has just got to stop.  It's totally in the air between us.  I just don't know what to do, but I do tell you I know what I'm going to be thinking about tonight before I go to bed.
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From your mother's home bk bedroom! Your husband looks at me urinating. Perverse after me urinating! And yet time and time again! I contact your number with no response! 305-298-2701! Your husband has lust his eye gate! This is why continually you witnessed your 70 plus year old husband, lusting after girls that are young enough to be his daughter. Sexual immorality has a stronghold over your husband, and yet you choose to keep him in your mother's home. 2865.. Opa locka Fl. Who else in the church that your husband is listing after without your knowledge. Its not like you will do anything, he admitted and confessed and yet you kept him. I wonder who else is Willie victims to his lust of the eye gate

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He is smart, funny, good-looking and such a NICE guy.  We’re both married, so it won’t happen, but it sure doesn’t stop me from thinking about kissing him, exploring his body freely… I want to just GRAB him, kiss him, suck him, and fuck him!  
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I do all the housework, cook, discipline/watch the kids, work from home. Trying to get in the holiday spirit, but no one else is into it. Made cocoa for everyone today... SO says "It was alright" after I asked if it was good, kids just ate the marshmallows off the top and left the rest. I keep getting distracted from work because SO keeps telling me to see what's on the TV. I don't feel well. Kids don't know how to flush the commode or wash their hands, despite being reminded every time they leave the bathroom. They also don't listen to SO or me. Just stressed and annoyed and trying to enjoy the holidays, but I'm more irritated than festive.

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I'm going to see my doctor today, but I wonder if anyone out there might be able to solve a mystery.

I've been suffering from mild chest pain for about two years now. I've had almost every test in the book done, EKGs, Holter monitors, blood work, chest x-rays, echocardiograms, and they've all come back normal. The only two things I haven't had are an angiogram and a stress test (going to request those today).

Anyway. I'm young, fit, eat healthy. My stress levels aren't too high, I sleep 8 hours a night, I don't smoke, and have little to no family history of heart issues. Cholesterol and BP are stellar. But I have this constant mild, dull ache in my chest. No other symptoms really, no breathlessness or dizziness or nausea or sweating. I went to the ER a few days ago because my shoulders and arms started hurting (but I was never seen, they were so busy). I started feeling better, so I went home.

Here's the weird part: Exercise makes it go away. ??????? Antacids don't really help... exercise is literally the only thing that stops the pain, and about 10-15 minutes after I finish, it comes back.

Any idea what this might be??? Does this sound like a cardiac issue? Anyone ever have a heart attack with these symptoms but no problem with exercise/exertion?

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When you are in a relationship, but feel completely alone.......what do you do?

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Hey, I'm at a dilemma, uh. I want to change schools, I go to a five-star, renowned, award-winning school. It's more or less a technical school, I don't know the correct term. Anyways I applied and attended it originally just because of the prestige, my parents were proud when I was accepted, and attending the school is kind of a legacy thing with my family, considering that a sibling has attended the school every year since it opened, and it's been some eight years now.

Anyways I'm fed up with the strict rules, high expectations and my peers. So I want to return to my "home" school, as they say, which is an average school and definitely carries some less than flattering reputation with its graduates. But I desperately want to change schools, I'm losing interest in even showing up to class, it's sort of a "Dead Poet's Society" sort of situation and it's not fun to defy the rules, it's just punishing. My mind's set the only problem is I don't know how to convince my parents to do the paperwork or sign anything. I'm almost convinced the only way to get a transfer is to get expelled, but I can't comprehend how to do that, and whatever it would take would definitely scar my record. So if anyone can help me find a loop-hole so I can arrange it myself, or know a good way to bargain with my parents to do the paperwork and not hate me for it please comment. I really need some help. The semester ends like Dec. 23rd or something like that; so an immediate response would be appreciated.

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I recently found out I am 6 weeks pregnant. My fiance and both of our families are extremely excited. I, however, am not. I hate the fact that I'm pregnant and constantly wish for a miscarriage or fantasize about how I could get an abortion with no one ever finding out. I'm already getting gifts and my MIL squeals with excitement, but all of these things just annoy me. On top of that, my body is going through the cliche pregnant lady changes and I have morning sickness (which I don't understand why they call it morning sickness because I'm sick the entire day). I am depressed, miserable, and not looking forward to my breasts leaking milk for the next year. I don't want the full time responsibility of raising a child either. When I walk through the baby section in a store, I don't become elated with joy at seeing the tiny outfits. I prefer not to hold people's babies and frankly it's rare I find one cute. They annoy me with their crying in restaurants and when someone brings one into a movie theater, I feel a strong need to ask the mother what the fuck was she thinking. I feel like my life is now over--all of these little fantasies I had about going back for a Masters or JD will now be put to bed, living in Barcelona will never happen. And on top of that, I can't go on my fucking ski vacation! I want to run away, live by myself, and never see any of you people ever again.
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Should USA Network RUSH star Tom Ellis be the next James Bond 007?

OMG - He's so HOT!

Please vote - YES!!!

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If it takes 1 partner and 2 more on the side to make me feel ok. You all make such dumb mistakes, but then you have your good moments too. If I put together all your good moments, combine them and imagine you are one, even then, you don't come close to what I provide to each of you.

But maybe that says more about me than about you.

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Anonymous - Calls Out Anonymous "Official" and AnonHQ Anonymous has therefor decided.These Humans that claimed title to govern Humanity. Has to go. For that name, government. When I told you to become a force a tangible force , you did just that . I told you , that Madeleine McCann was kidnapped and used as a child sacrifice , you must have laughed . But I saw it . There was a Mirror in her room . A mirror in the car . Thank you . WIKILEAKS HUGE CLINTON CHILD PROSTITUTION SATANIC PEDOPHILIA RING Where did Wikileaks get the Imformation ? Never forgive never forget . The Family doesn't either . SINSINAWA

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Im so frustrated with many things right now. For the most part, its been sexual frustration. I love my husband so much. He is the best husband.any wife could want. Hes not perfect by all means, but I have a winner. I feel so frustrated and guilty all the time because I lust after other men. I am constantly fantasizing about having sex, long hard, passionate, raunchy sex. I love sex with my husband. But he doesnt seem as interested. And whenever I suggest foreplay or try new things to spice things up (wwe just got over the first year of second baby born) he looks at me like im weird and says ive changed. I feel rejected. Ive struggled with my confidence and body image this past year. I want to feel sexy again. I know im very beautiful, curvy and sexy to alot of people, but you look at yourself different when you dont FEEL it. I make an effort and he doesnt get it. We have a friend, who in fact married us 7 years ago, that I am completely attracted to. I think about him all the time. I know he has been attracted to me since we met. We have always been friends. Both of our families hang out. I domt want to have an affair. Sometimes I think it would never happen to me. I dont go out of my way to meet anyone. But then I think the longer I indulge in these fantasies and lust, its only a matter of time before I cave in if the opprotunity presents itself. I hate feeling like this. I am a christian who believes in marriage and faithfulness. Id never thought Id struggle like this. I love my husband. I love my family. I love our friendships that we have with the "other guy" and his wife. Id never want to tempt him or ruin his family or mine. Does anyone ever feel like this? I feel so alone. I pray but sometimes I feel like its useless. How do you overcome something like this? Ive never been with anyone except my husband. I asked if he would be ok with me using toys and he said no. But at this point I think Im going to get one and not tell him because I feel its the only way to keep me faithful in weak moments. Between this and all the trials and problems we have had in 2014, Im officially going crazy!

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I suppose I have too much time on my hands but I often just sit and think about really overwhelming things. It's good in a way because I'm getting to know myself but it's also kind of dangerous because I could drive myself crazy. A common thought is that I don't really serve any purpose on Earth. I feel I belong somewhere else. I'm just getting by here. It's not really fulfilling, satisfying. I feel like there's another world out there. Somewhere I'd feel more at home, somewhere I'd serve more purpose. I've tried explaining this feeling to my closest friends but nobody has felt the same and think it's really strange. Does anyone else ever feel like this?
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LGBTetc people are mentally retard & need therapy

If you're a faggot, you need help. Sticking your rod inside another man's shithole is not normal & disgusting & you could potential die of AIDS because of it.

If you're a lesbian, you need get over your issues with men because we're not all the same. The only reason why you're lesbians is because you never had a real fuck & because many you can't get a man. Maybe you lost some pounds & acted more like women, you might actually get some real dick for a change.

If you're bisexual, you need to make up your mind. Cause swinging both ways will get you neither.

If you're man in drag, stop calling yourself a "woman" or a "transgender woman". Putting on a dress & calling yourself a woman does make a REAL woman. You don't have a fucking pussy. You're just making an ass out of yourself. You're a fucking crossdresser who happens to be a MAN.

If you're a dyke, stop calling yourself a "man" or "transgender male". You're weren't born with a dick so stop calling yourself a "stud". You're a fucking WOMAN. Everyone can see it! Looking like a man doesn't make you a man because you weren't with a dick!

Also, to the lipstick (possibly bisexual) lesbians who date dykes, you should quit fooling yourself & get a REAL man. You're not fooling anyone by playing pretend.

To the Etc people who are fucking children & animals, you should be executed & shot

With all the issues above, people who are not LGBT seem to be only sane people around.

I'm an Atheist, & i think the LGBT community are a bunch of freaks. I thought furries were bad, but the LGBTs take it to a whole new level.

BTW I'm sick of whiny fags acting like their the only victims around. Special snowflakes are nothing more than narcissists with big chips on their shoulders

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I hate my job. Dreading going to work is worse than being there. It even makes being home suck. I just want to enjoy my job and my life and not worry about it.

I had a business idea that kind of got crushed...but I might have a way to salvage it. I'd really like to just do something independently and take my wife on great vacations every six months. I love my wife so much.

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You walked up while I was working with a customer. ANother service agent was at the counter. The agent left and did not return quickly.

SO you decided that I was rude for not replying to you although I was on the phone when you spoke to me.

But when the other agent came back there were no complaints for her lightskinned, straighthaired self. Only when MY DARK SKINNED, not - straighthaired self needed to be called rude, disrespectful and made responsible for a problem that didn’t even happen at OUR STORE.

But PLEASE feel free to speak as the rest of your kind does and tell me that I am merely imagining racism. I should believe that I DESERVED to be yelled at for a situation I did not create. While the other people around DID NOT receive that treatment from you.

Was it because I smiled while on the phone. Clearly I was too relaxed and that galled you? You needed to see someone like me in a supplicant and harried state - only then does the world make sense, right?

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There was this girl that I met in school. She had nice eyes and she was pretty cool. I went to her house one night just to see her cum. She got on top of me yeah it was going down. But her family was home and it was really late. She denied me all her glory but she let me stay. I woke up early the next morning just to kiss her face.she told me we were friends and nothing more. Then one day I called her we talked a long time. Conversation ended with her lips on my mind. She came over teased me again. she grabbed me by my waist then she spread my legs.she got me soaking wet just to up and leave. She said she had to work "jacenda needs me". Told me shed come back I wanted to believe her. So I found some lingerie it was my turn to tease her. She came back over to my surprise. She looked me up and down yea she wanted more. We got a dildo called it blue she worked it so good. That I named her BLUE. She finally feel in love with me she was all mine. We were forbidden fruit straight from the vine. We loved hard and passionately. She was the best and I was happy. We separated for a while that hurt a whole bunch. I cried ever day BLUE wasn't here. Thinking I had lost her. I panicked, but now were friends. Just friends at a distance. When I'm with her BLUE and RED appear. Her eyes do that thing that tells me she's there. Now we go back to separate homes. Just so I can dream about her being in my arms.

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Actually, calling Jews "people" is far too kind for them. They are more like parasites who can only survive by leeching off of other countries, draining them of their finances and morality in the process. All of them are left-wing, nihilistic Communists who are trying to start WW3 and destroy conservatism/nationalism. Jews are the most dangerous, degenerate and subversive race to ever infest this planet. The world will never know peace and order until the last Jew is rightfully eradicated.

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I'm lying now on my bed thinking about tomorrow when my new ten Inch dido will arrive ,I'm 54 havnt had sex in 2 yrs and gagging for it my open and broad minded anyone know any good chatlines I can go and and fuck myself with my dildo ,I'm gaging

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I caught my bf looking up other girls on Facebook and looking at their pictures. When I brought it up to him, he admitted to finding them more attractive than me. This really hurt me. Especially because he never compliments me. I know I have a cute face, average body, but a great personality. He's a good looking guy and gets a lot of attention so I just feel insecure that he'll leave me for a hotter girl. I also feel insecure because my ex's have cheated on me and because I have a hairy butt n stomach. It really gets to me so much that I'm starting to forget to focus on my strengths.

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i went on vacation with my boyfriend (over 3 years) family. his mother completely ignored me everyday, and made it obvious that she was only talking to his brothers girlfriend and reaching out to her. i was just trying to ignore it but then she started calling me by her name. i have been dating my boyfriend for over 3 years and the the other girlfriend maybe has been dating his brother a year. it really bugged me that she was doing this. let me mention a little something else. that other girl was caught having sex in the parents room and also drinking with the other brother.  his family is christian and against both of those things. my boyfriend decides to leave me (on vacation) to go somewhere with his mother who has been treating me like this, and i was left crying in the room. i told him about it and he got mad at me. like i did something wrong. then he noticed it the next day and apologized to me and confronted his mom. she said she wasnt doing it on purpose. i mean she didnt talk to me at all for a week and kept trying to get this other girls attention no matter what. i dont believe that she didnt notice. when we got back i avoided going to his house and visiting his family. he agreed with me. i asked him to stop trying to get close with his mother because of what she did to me and other stuff she did to him. he is a major mothers boy by the way. so he went behind my back and planned a whole day with his mother about a family day. no girlfriends invited. i found out by his mother because he tried to hide it from me. he is always so nice to his mother and she can have the worst attitude with him for no reason. she lets the other brother get away with anything and punishes my boyfriend for stupid stuff. im tired of trying to make my boyfriend have a backbone towards his mother. by the way he is in his early twenties and we are getting married. should i marry a guy who seems like he will always choose his mother over me?  am i looking into things to much or should i leave? please help me. i do love him but he has done so much to make me feel less than his mother. he has recently even stopped holding my hand and hugging me and and putting his arm around me when his mother is around. i dont know anymore
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are white guys really attracted to black women? or is it just a "yolo" feeling? and if so why are so many either scared or never able to approach them if they do like them? I just really want an understanding on this whole fetish thing. A guy awhile back told my friend he's intrigued by the whole "dark chocolate aspect" but he also said he has a fetish for nationalities. I don't know whether to be offended or okay with that statement. PLEASE HELP!!!

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There is one race of beings that has done more harm to our world than any other: Jews. Jews are a race of parasites who leech off of every civilized country they can slither into and feed off of it until its economy is drained and its moral fabric is completely unraveled. Jews are left-wing degenerates and Communists who promote every type of social ill and destructive lifestyle you can think of. They pressure the shabbos goyim in our governments to support their "holy land" called Israel which they stole through bloodshed from the Palestinians, and to give them reparations for a genocide (the Holocaust) which has largely been proven to be a hoax. Jews are bloodsuckers, thieves, crooks, liars, manipulators, con men, swindlers, peddlers of immorality and indecency, etc. They are a nihilistic cult of deviants and sociopaths who bring misery and sorrow to all civilized nations, and control and corrupt all of our institutions. We really should have let the Nazis win WW2. Hopefully someday we'll have a leader who will finish the job Hitler started.

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There was a girl I loved so much, I think I still love her and miss her so much.... She was the first girl to be with me ever, first person who treated me so nicely, friendly, to tell me that I'm great, that I look awesome despite me denying. I've never meet better person ever but after all she told me that we can't be together cuz she still has feelings to her ex. We were arguing a lot after that, I could not be just a friend and finally she left me completely alone. I'll never find any girl to love me anymore, I tried everything, clubbing, dating websites, chats, writing random people on fb but after all despite me writing 100s new girls daily, I got any respond from just about 10 and they just chatted with me for few mins. I don't have friends either since one of my 2 friends got angry with me when I called him trash when he was ignoring me and I don't keep in touch with the other one since he is in his work all the time. I'm really lonely, I miss her, there is no more a person to even ask me how was my day, maybe from time to time SB asks me for some money cuz I always hive money if SB asks and that's it, no one else. I have nothing to do with myself, I have no hope no more since I'l never be loved, never have a wife, nothing.... I have some money but it doesn't make me happy since I bought all I wanted and don't even want to use anything of that. There is no hope for me anymore, I don't even have anybody to say goodbye and can't kill myself either :(

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I always had a gut feeling. But i never trusted it, thought it was from trust issues, but voila i was right, amost everytime i felt something was sketchy its because it was. Girls and guys trust your gut. I am now stuck in a nasty relationship. we have a beautiful 4 year old daughter and have never had the best relationship. i love him, but never felt he was really in love with me. The most emotion i got from him was i love you babe. all the time the same thing scrolling through my text, didnt matter what i said, love you babe. love you babe. ugh he makes me sick. I found out his facebook info and he was messaging girls for the past 2 years. and the most recent hurt the most. He acted on it. i though the text were bad, nope. NASTY pictures, and videos, he went to her house to have sex. some nasty bitch he barely knew...I said what did i do wrong? what did i do that led you to this... it wasnt your fault blah blah. Fuck you dude. Your disgusting and far from a man. Because what man would go have sex with someone then drive five mintues away to pick up his daughter and girlfriend and act like it was because he wanted to be nice. NO. its because you conviently were in th area fucking some her fucking ugggggg. And now im at a crossroads in llfe. Stay, cohabitat, so my beautiful daughter can have both her parents together and no drastic life change, or pack our bags and go to my cousins house. she has everything for me, a better life. But its a bit of a drive and its not home...but what is a home? somewhere you constantly feel sick and pain memories all around you, somewhere you feel unwanted and unloved, somewhere he can control you, or somewhere your loved by all those around you, somewhere you can focus on college and being a mom not have to struggle, working, being a mom and student. but its hard to make that decision because its not just my life its hers. He didnt just ruin my future and break my heart, he did this to her too. And here he is as i sit painfully silent tears running down my face, here he is playing video games laughing with his friends, like nothing happened. pressureing me for answers as to what im going to do now. I DONT FUCKING KNOW BITCH, you cheatted, your disgusting , your the one who threw away 4 years of relationship and a lifetime of family for some pussy on the side. and let me be clear to readers, i was always offering and always here if he wanted to have sex, even if i didn't want to i got in the mmood, i was there for him emotional, and physically. Complimenting him, doing his every demand and desire, for what? nothing in return. No sweet words, no beautifull or even pretty. nothing.

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Considering the amount of work stores want done in the timeframe they want it done and the level of accuracy PLUS the positive attitude that translates to good customer service that retail demands - when companies go their next step they will probably replace us sales & customer service people with machines.

They would have to.

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It's odd. I never thought I'd be married with children and it was my most secret wish. I never made it public since I felt it would never happen. I did and later in my life. Now it's time to move on and it's killing me. I've never been able to let go. I have a tendency to just keep trying to the bitter end.

That time has come now. I am saddened that my children are so young. I'm going to try build a small house with the few assets that I have and will try my best to be close. But I'm a photographer in a foreign land and I move around for a living. I will do my best but fear for my children.

I wish I could have gotten through to her but I can't. It's like an insurmountable wall. A few of the blocks were placed by me and for that I am truly truly sorry. I do feel that most of that wall was built by her and long before I got there. I do not want her to build that wall for the children.

My heart still hurts, even now as I write. I so desperately want a family still. I came to understand her better and realized too late that she never truly loved me. If she did at one time it was fleeting. I was single for so long I became happy and really understood the freedom and love of being single.

My heart doesn't bleed for her though. It does for my children. I am lonely without them. And not having a woman that I feel actually loved who I am at my core has left me with another huge gap in my heart. I need to feel whole. Having a family showed me another side of life.

I've climbed mountains, hiked glaciers, trekked jungles, traveled for years, and descended into the deepest caves. It's been fantastic. Nothing compares to my children though. They are the greatest events that have ever happened to me. I love them with everything and would give up everything for them, a true miracle.

We tried to reconcile. Now it's time to move on. But I want to cling on because it's my dream, the biggest one, the secret one. I feel it's over and I've failed, miserably. I couldn't bring us together no matter what I tried. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion with your family on the tracks. I couldn't stop it. The train wrecked and I still linger at the site over the bodies hoping for a resurrection that will never happen.

Now it's time to file for divorce and it's miserable. Is it really too much for me to hope?

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I wish EVERY single person who EVER complained about our service would work 6 months in our department. It takes about 3 months to learn 90% of the job. (there's always new information or situations that happen infrequently). So since "any monkey could do our job" and "the mentally disabled have done our job and gotten it right every time" then the next 3 months should be smooth sailing right?

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So Black Friday is here. My prayers to all of us who are sales people, customer service folks and otherwise working in retail. We are about to be screamed at, cursed at, insulted and best of all - blamed for decisions made by the corporations we work for - all for the great salaries of hovering at or below minimum wage. Good luck and let's hope we have something great waiting at the end of the day - even if it's just a safe bed to sleep in.

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So I was in a relationship with this guy for about a year and 6 months when I first got with him he was supper nice to me he always surprised me with cute presents jewelry Disneyland annual passes he always took me out he was always by my side he was there for me he spoiled me he was nice loveing but when we first got together I was hung up on my ex that had cheated on me I told him everything from the girl he cheated on me with to the time I almost wanted to die because of the pain he put me thru he promised to never ever mistreat me that way so time passed by and I started to see him change he was supper controlling I found myself losing my friends and even family members I was supper close to started distancing them selfs from me. We litteraly argued every single day yes I know sometimes it was my fault because I have a strong adittude but I was just getting fed up I could even go out with my parents with him he was at my house every day from the moment I was out of work to the time I went to bed I couldn't even dress the way I wanted to because he didn't approve he started getting more aggressive he started screaming more he started calling me a bitch , trash and a hoe . On Christmas of 2015 he gave a promise ring that he was going to change he was going to love me and never hurt me or disrespect me and that he will always be there for me to make me happy I believed him I thought he was going to change but he just got worst so we ended up braking up for like 3 months in those 3 months he got with the girl my ex had cheated on me with and it killed me I wanted to die again all those feelings came back and they felt horrible then he left her and came running back to me and I made the stupid decision to get back with him and that moment I don't know what the hell I was thinking well we got back at first again he started be the nice guy he even proposed to me 2 weeks after we got back together I was so excited but it only lasted a month until he became controlling and at this point when we would argue he would scream at me like I was a animal like and choke me after the first time he tried choking me something went off on me and I was not the same happy person I once was I felt like my soul has just died and he was inside of me like a pulpit my life was no longer my life I was so unhappy depression hit me hard I wouldn't even get up from bed sometimes and he got so upset when I didn't do what he wanted me to do then he just became a psycho he would get in my face all the time scream at me and blame me for him being broke I never asked for all those presents he gave me so how was that my fault he sad I ruined his life because he had no more money because of me his family had disowned him have in mind he's 25 has no job doesn't go to school he basically lives of his family's money but anways about a month ago we went out he got drunk and he went crazy on me his favorite thing to call me was a piece of trash and a bitch so that's all he called me for about a hour i Reyes calming him down but he wouldn't then he got a man upset that was driving by us so the guy got out of the car I stood in front my my ex to protect him because regardless of everything I still loved him so the other man was throwing hits and instead of hitting him he was hitting me in the head my ex just stud there and didn't do anything then the man left and my ex screamed at me called me a stupid bitch and said that was all my fault and Attempted to choke me again never asked me if I was ok or anything I know it was my decision to get in the middle but I wanted to protect him after all that I still stayed with him but the respect he had for me was no longer there and 3 days ago I finally left him it's crazy I still can't believe I went thru that before him I was such a happy girl i was 19 living my life to the fullest concurring my dreams and he turned me into a dark cloud but now I'm just happy he's no longer in my life there's moments I think about him but then I remember everything he put me thru and it goes away

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My wife figured out I was bi a few years ago, she wasn't really ok with it at first but over time learned to accept it. This last summer we went out on a date, we were driving and having a good time and she told me that she wanted to watch me with another man. I didn't know what to say so I just said ok and we would talk about doing something. She liked at me and smiled, then told me she had already arranged something for that night. We went outside and across the parking lot where there was a hotel, she told me she had found someone and we were going to meet him there.

As we went into the hotel she went straight to the lounge day down at the bar ordered a drink, I told her I wasn't feeling all that comfortable with it. Told her that knowing was one thing but song was something completely different. She just smiled at me and said ok turned away grabbed her drink and sat down with this black guy. After a couple drinks and getting to know each other we went to the room where it didn't take long defore we were undressed. This guy didn't waste time and started blowing me, I looked at my wife she smiled at me and defore I knew it this guy was fucking me we finished about a half hour later. My wife now invites this guy over every week so she can watch but sometimes just let's us be alone.

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I'm not being paid enough to do more than what I did. I get it that you people don't care but most who work ehre are either part time and working more than one job or going to school. Even the full timers often work more than one job.

Clearly the company has made a choice - Salaries are not incentivizing what it takes to face you people and to truly give you the improved customer service and results you believe you're entitled to. My time outside of work is NOT spent trying to improve my skills AT this job. My time outside of work is spent trying to improve my ability to GET OUT.

And it's not that the job isn't important - we promised to do it and so we do.
MOst people who are given a full time position - leave after LESS THAN ONE YEAR. That's how lousy it is to face you people with your champagne expectations day after day in return for dirty water salary, as in not-even-beer-money.

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My boyfriend told me recently he wishes I'd take a more active role in his kids' lives. He said, "I wish you would accept them more." I love his kids, I really do, but I've never been much of a "hands on" kind of person when it comes to other people's children, despite being a teacher for over three years. I babysit when he needs me to, a role that usually goes to his mother, because I work from home as well. I often go with him to pick them up after school. I was the one who suggested he try and get full custody when things went bad with the ex. I love his kids... I'm just not entirely comfortable around them yet.

This comes off an incident this weekend when he asked me to come to his niece's birthday party. She's four. I wasn't feeling well, not to mention hanging out in a house full of toddlers isn't my idea of fun. He was bummed when I said no, even though he said it was my choice. Since then, and since he mentioned feeling bad because it looks like I don't like his family (I do), I just feel like a shit girlfriend, and I worry that maybe his exes were better to his kids than I am. Even though I live with them.

I don't know what to do to start being more involved, but I'm definitely going to try to be. Outside of cooking for them, cleaning their rooms, and helping with homework, what else can I do to take on a more active role in my boyfriend's kids'/family's lives? :(

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My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 months...we came very close..nd we even have married each other with a small ritual in our Hindu custom...we r just 16.Recently he broke up with me because our exams are coming nd moreover he told me that his family got to know about us and they are very angry at him.Once I called his mother nd his mother was very rude to me but I am not sure whether it is true that his mother got to know about us.He said that we will patch up after the exams but he hasn't told me surely.Moreover one of his friend told me that he was in a relationship with another girl.When I talked to her she said that yes they were in a relationship.I told her why we broke up.Then she said that he has given her the same reason.I showed her some screenshots but she never showed me anything.Our common friend told me that my boyfriend told him that he will be single after the exams nd he might patch up if he wants.Please someone advice me what should I do.I asked my boyfriend about the cheating thing nd he told me that his friend was lying nd the girl as well.He said that he can never cheat on me.Please someone help me.Whom to believe....my boyfriend or them.I am just very confused and will my boyfriend come back to me??...he is now my husband only so can he just leave me like this...please advise...its about my life.

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Well, I'm trying to reconcile with my wife. I really can't take being away from my kids. It's eaten away at me. I just have ZERO love or even attraction to my wife. I don't even want to touch her. I can't talk with her either. That's a no win situation. So, I'll move back in eventually since I can't be away from the kids. This will eat away and fester for the rest of my life. It's a little difficult for me to love her since she's made it clear to her that I'm not a best choice. I don't have any real respect for her as a person either at this point. I just wish I could start over with another woman.

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My boyfriend has not talked to me for a week I've been trying to get in contact with him for over a week I've texted and called him and he doesn't respond he's done this to me before but for only 3 days and all of a sudden he did it again I don't know what to do my cousin saw him like 4 days ago at the store and he was with two of his friends also my brother saw him driving twice but he has not come in contact with me at all I don't know what to think I don't know what to do I need advice please

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I dont know how it got to this, just last year we were talking about how you didnt want to loose me. Now you dont have feelings for me. I called today, maybe because you told me last night that he was coming over. You sounded happy for once. I guess i failed in that respect. How can i love you so much? How do i spend the whole day thinking about this, about us when there is no us anymore. How do i move on? How do i get rid of this pain? How do i.. I wanted to talk to you, maybe get some closure. Then i realised that it doesnt matter, you will never say the words i want to hear, the words i heard so often only months ago. Its really over and i dont know how to take it.

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I'm so lost...


I feel like I can't move on with my life. I was with who I thought was going to be the women of my life. She left me though, she decided that she could do better than some college student. I'm no angel and I accept that but I never did her a wrong in the world. I made it to her HS graduate the week before my own HS finals, I came back over the summer to spend my last free summer with her so that I could go and finish my degree. I even was working towards moving to live in her city even though I was going to be doing something I hate. I guess she didn't have anymore time for someone who was building his whole future around her. I tried so hard to make her happy, put my all into everything I did so I could be by her side. Now she's going to marry a guy she's only known for 4 months. Guess being 5 years older than me and having a well paying job as a detective over does someone who's spent 6 years working his ass off to make you happy. I can't bring myself to be with anyone else because I'm afraid that I've become too bitter and spitful to be any good to anyone. I guess happiness isn't for everyone. I'm just so tired of her trying to keep me in her life. Atleast she could do me the courtesy of letting my heal this broken heart on my own without the consent nagging of her trying to figure out why I've changed and her telling me I need to go back to how I was. I can't go back. I don't really even want to. I loved her but to even think of going back to her would be disrespectful in my eyes. I respect her choice and I want her to live it out. I don't want to be apart of it anymore. I just want to get my degree, work, and drink my weekends away alone.

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