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It is God's will for all the corrupt politicians be rounded up, especially those involved in child trafficking. I do not care if half the Senate is rounded up, put on trial, and thrown into prison, if half are involved, then half should be rounded up. I do not care even if Federal judges go down if they are involved in this stuff. Round them all up. I do not care if some SJW's cry "Trump is imposing martial law...." Let it be known that rounding these people up will PROTECT our Constitutional Freedoms in the long term. They had designs to do away with those rights within a few years from now especially had Hillary won. I do not care if there are a LOT of sudden job openings in the government, let those positions be replaced by upright people. AMEN!!!

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... to leave my wife, and move in with my cousin. She is single now and I wish I was too.

I believe she would be happy to live together. And develop a full relationship as a couple.

I want to make love to her.

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I don't understand how i end up saying sorry always.. Even when its not my mistake.. I have a habit of justifying, explaining in detail as I always fear of being misunderstood and hurting my guy.. But he thinks i am dragging things and debating and arguing and stressing him.. So this time when he again blamed me for things which were no where in my control, i just let him vent out.. Thinking lets not stress him by speaking too muh..and also because I have already spent 2 nights explaining him those things already.. But then he tells me you don't even explain today so you don't care.. Wow.. I bloody cared too much that's why i let u blame me even if i was not wrong.. And i did what u always wanted.. But still you are not happy.. I mean this happens always.. I do what he expects me to do and even after that, he is not satisfied.. I have to be sorry always.. Wen he said i don't explain, i started explaining.. Then he tells me you are dragging it.. I am tired.. What the fuck am i suppose to do.. You have a problem if m quiet, you have a problem if i explain.. Just make up your mind dammit.. I get tired of being the one who is blamed always.. Everything that you do that hurts me, you say you don't have a option.. But when same happens with me, you are accusing me that i deliberately hurt you.. The way you don't have a option, i also don't have a option.. Atleast i still feel sorry for hurting you.. You don't even feel sorry because you say you had no choice.. I feel guilty and say sorry always even when its not my choice.. Did u appreciate when for 2 nights i was crying and requesting your forgiveness for the mistake i haven't done.. No.. U don't.. But you can blame me for not repeating those statements today.. Whats the point.. Do you hear... No.. U keep blaming me.. I am. Always the bad person.. I am fucking tired of such unfaur behavior

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I have dual citizenship in the United States of America AND Kekistan. Hail PEPE!!!. The ancient ancestor of Pepe was a great chef. Hail PEPE the Great!!!

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So easy to blame white people for your lack of progress in life. Why wouldn't you want your city to become productive and safe. You enjoyed the abandoned buildings the Government handouts and gang infested blocks ? Not being racist its just an observation of how communities go to shit when it's an all black neighborhood The more blacks that move into a neighborhood, the worse it becomes, especially since whites, the ones paying the taxes to keep the neighborhood running, when we move out. , you totally destroy everything in your path . Despite these problems, social categories are often times completely dismissed when it comes to the NIGGER problem . Choosing how to socially identify members of social populations is not a trivial matter it is however self-evident . Here it is November 5th I was hoping civil war I wanted so bad to kill a few niggers. I would have beat you like Jon Grissom beat Corey Feldman

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The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has included pedophilia in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders therapy may help them manage those feelings and not act on them.But heaven forbid we should seek help .

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Just can't trust any girl to blow me. I'm scared they'll bite off my dick!

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So my wife has just informed me that we are going to be splitting up... no infidelity no other issues other than she wants to be on her own and live her life. I want her to have that. But it hurts so bad.... I am happy in this marriage and willing to do whatever it takes but she wants out... and apparently that's what's going to happen. I'll let her have whatever she needs but I still want to fight for us. Am I an idiot for this? Am I just a fucking coward? Do I have a chance? Or do I just accept things as they are and move on. I hate this with every inch of my soul. And I've never felt so alone in my life.

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Sometimes its hard to function because there are too many bastards with hearts full of darkness and heads full of shit. Some days it takes all you have to keep on going in the middle of so many sons of bitches, and all their friends who agree with them.

Too many zombies, not enough real people left.

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So there's this girl i'm sexing. I feel so happy with her when we're alone or among black people. once we're among whites i feel so totally ashamed of her. what to do?

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I know many like their customer service/ retail jobs and seem to resent those of us who vent.

But to me, seeing colleagues leave that job is like seeing them break up with an abusive s.o.

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I had the weirdest dream about my ex (he dumped me)... we’ve been broken up for just over 6 months now. He’s been in Poland for the last 2.5 months for work. We were on and off communication throughout the summer but since he’s left we’ve talked pretty consistently, probably around 4 times a week. I haven’t spoken to him in 4 days tho...

So last night I had a dream I was dating this high school friend of mine and we were in The library at the university... I’ve been done uni for 4 years now and I haven’t thought about this friend since high school (don’t think that has any deeper meaning)

Anyways I was looking for my friend (who was my boyfriend in the dream) and I saw one of his friend who said he was in the back but warned me not to go there now and that I should dump his ass.... which in the dream pissed me off cause I knew it meant that my “boyfriend” was cheating on me

I went to the back and saw him and we started arguing cause I was upset that he was hanging out with this chick that I knew had feelings for him and I was mad that he didn’t considering “Making out” or “kissing” some else cheating. Anyways l, things started to Escalade in the dream and I ended up screaming something along the lines of “I can’t believe you’d do this to me when I told you that (ex’s name) cheated on me and I was really hurt from it!!!!!!!”

Then I woke up... super confused. My ex sort cheated on me just before we officially got together. We had been sleeping and dating for 6 months before he went off on a week long trip and ended up sleeping with the girl he was traveling it. Sort of justified it as not cheating cause we hadn’t actually talked about being exclusive with each other... or was stupid. Anyways, I thought I wanted to get back together with him... but I wonder if subconsciously I know I have never forgiven him for that....

I also hung out with a good friend of mine last night, had dinner watched a movie... it was a guy that my ex never really likes me hanging out with. I’m not sure if I felt guilty for hanging out with him....and maybe not having talked to each other for the last 4 days had something to do with it... anyways

I have no idea what this dream was about, what do you think i was trying to tell myself on a subconscious level?! Maybe I’m reading to much into this? I don’t know... but I feel pretty impacted from the dream. Little confused, not sure how I’m feelkng

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I'm 21 and I have never been kissed, I'm a virgin, and have never had any sort of romantic relationship. Not many people know this about me, in fact only two people know the extent of the lack of...well...extent I have in the relationship department lol. And it's not like I don't want a relationship and all of that stuff that comes with it, because I do. I have a hard time opening up to people, putting myself out there, and not having extremely high expectations of someone (I'm a hopeless romantic unfortunately). So when people assume I've had the normal amount of relationships I don't deny it, and now I feel I'm constantly living a lie because around this age you usually talk about sex and such with friends. But I don't have enough courage to tell people otherwise because I don't want to be judged or labeled as virgin or prude. And now I fear once I do finally get into a relationship my significant other is just going to question why I have never dated anyone and been with anyone which has added to my list of fears of romantic relationships. But although I have had a great time being single and learning to dependent on myself and not someone else for my happiness, I finally want that relationship experience, I just don't know how to go about finding one, and putting myself out there, because I'm so scared of rejection and putting trust in someone that might break my heart. SIGH

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https :// www . sordrescue . com/uploads/4/7/7/9/47798703/01-19-18theevilcrewof_32.pdf

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The first time I cheated was when I was engaged. I had a "fling" with a co-worker who later fell in love with me when he knew that all I wanted was a fling. After I got married, I had a child then found another job after my baby was a little older. At my job, I was the youngest employee and naturally grasped the attention of all my older male employees. I loved it. I enjoyed dressing pretty sexy just to see their faces. One in particular got my attention. He was much older than me and so very different, in every aspect; race, religion, and so on. He knew exactly what needed to be said to me to get what he wanted and that I secretly wanted too. Mind you, I love my husband with all of my heart but sometimes I felt like I needed something else. I guess I was tired of the monotony, the same thing over and over. This other man and I went at it for a couple of months. We had amazing sex in hotel rooms, in his car, at work. We even had sex in a bathroom at a movie theater. I loved the thrill and the adrenaline of doing something I wasn't supposed to do. But of course, all things come to an end. I decided to stop doing things with him and he noticed. He didn't oblige, he also had a live-in girlfriend. He's the "I-don't-believe-in-marriage type of guy. I stopped it for good. That was a year ago. My husband and I have had our ups and downs. We've gone through it all, but somehow things have changed between us. I wouldn't dare to ever look at another man now. The way I was before is not me anymore. However, I don't regret it. My past has made me who I am today. I've never told anyone about this, until now.
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My girlfriend asked me one day if i have ever fantasized about being with a guy. After feeling a little scared because i didnt know if this was some kind of test I said no but have wondered how it would be. So the next time we had sex she started playing with my ass and it was nice but didnt play into it. A few days later i walk in the room after getting home from work and she was masturbating to some bisexual porn she told me how much it turned her on so i sat down and watcbed it with her she noticed how hard i was getting. She had me undress and and went down on me she got her finger wet and slid it inside me and things have progressed since that day using a dildo on me and now wants me to be with another man. I am open to try but she wants me to pick up a guy and i have no idea how to go about this.I want do this for her but am scared to death that my guy friends will find out and out me to evryone including my family. Please help me....

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I have a strong desire to be a cuckold. I believe that women come first. I believe that a woman should be able to do as she wishes and the man should follow. As an average white man I do not feel that I please my wife like I should be. I cannot maintain an erection for a long time, or at least until she is happy and I think that it is only right for her to have multiple partners as she desires to be fully satisfied. Because i cannot please her she has not let me try in a while. I have been wondering if she has been fooling around already because the average trip to the store takes several hours. I just do not think it takes that long to go to the store. WHat do you think?

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Only recently did I discover motivational speeches by Trump on success: https :// [filtered hyperlink] . com/watch?v=1xuAO0zKRAk

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With God's justice being poured out, and accelerating now, I am taking bets on the EXACT percentage of Senators and Congressmen involved in human trafficking or other corruption to be hauled before tribunals.

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To the wicked elites, I say this: "Against GOD, BRING IT ON!!! STEP UP INTO HEAVEN, and BRING IT ON!!!!, see how fast you are destroyed." Can you count in microseconds?

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What do you do with your money? Does it make you happy ? Do you still have problems?

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I was walking late night a couple years ago- at the Cleveland Medical Center I saw this young girl in the parking lot. It was kind of dark in the area I put a knife up to her throat and made her lick my testicles . I didn't kill her no need too I want other men to feel as good as I did and she did good with the swallow .

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most of us on this planet died in 2012. remember that movie the matrix [1999]? We are all dead. we have lived before and ARE being recycled. Personally I have died 13 times. Laugh all you like and call me crazy-but so have you. Remember a world in which Mandela died in jail the 80s?remember Michael Jackson being shot by a crazed fan in 1986? Remember Donald Trump being New York mayor and Hillary Clinton becoming vice president? Remember 9/11 was the statue of liberty destroyed and NOT the world trade centre? Is it beginning to come back to you? "They" are recycling us from timeline to timeline and rewriting history but sometimes someone slips through the cracks. It's like recording and re-recording over VHS tape. Sometimes I get flashbacks of JFK running for two terms, Martin luther king dying of old age in 1997. THINK THINK THINK. Don't let them fool you. WAKE UP!!!!!!

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-allah sucks DAVID DUKE’S Penis 5 times a day!! -allah is the slave of the CIA -allah is the only begotten piglet of a dirty pig! - allah is the only begotten son of a dirty pig! -allah is the chattel slave of BREITBART

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allah is the poster pig for syphillis

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NEWSFLASH-let me assure all muslims worldwide that even though I have fucked allah in the anus 453 times, allah’s rectum has not ruptured-yet

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I don't know where to start from.. My boyfriend who is married was too much in love with me and me too.. But now we are having some issues in our job life.. He says he can't love me right now.. He is too stressed.. But love is not a duty or a task.. It comes naturally like breathing.. You cannot stop loving someone because you are stressed or tired or busy.. I miss all the love and care.. The understanding... Just because life is giving us problems, are we suppose to keep our love life on hold and restart when everything is okay.. It does not make sense to me.. Still I agreed thinking everyone is different.. He might not b able to do it and thats why he is saying so.. But then he says I want my home life to be normal.. I don't want to fight with my wife anymore.. And i don't understand how to take it.. We are together because he is not happy with his wife and soon he wants to have a life with.. My only pillar for this relation is his love for me and his issues with his wife.. He is taking both of these away and expecting me to be fine with it.. How can i see them as family.. As normal husbad and wife.. Just because he does not want any more stress, he wants things to be normal between them.. How can i approve it.. Will he like it if i do the same..how am i suppose to survive this relation if i am not getting anything.. How can he be so blind that he cannot see the kind of pain he is putting me in.. What kind of love is this where problems make you blind towards others feelings..when i had problems in my life, i don't stop loving him or makin him bear the people he doesn't like..just because i don't wanna see him in stress, how should i bear so much.. I am really broken and tired.. I need help.. I cannot survive anymore.. I cannot live without him and i cannot bear all this too

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Warning everyone planning on doing business with an individual named Alex (Alexander) Shchekin, currently residing in Long Grove, IL. I have never written anything like this before but wanted to share some quick facts about this individual and issue a warning. If you don't feel like spending a few minutes reading this then here is a short version: DON'T GIVE ALEX SHCHEKIN A SINGLE PENNY AS HE IS FRAUD! Alex, aka Sasha, aka Alexander Shchekin is a professional scam artist who feasts on the poor, ignorant, and desperate people. Along with an individual named Andrew Menasce they have 2 websites: Intergam.com and ReadOz.com. He claims that he is about to go public with his company and that he no longer needs investments from anyone, but he will do you a favor and let you buy some left over shares for just a fraction of the cost. When my partner and I bought well over $25k worth of shares from him and signed the contract, he began systematically failing to deliver on any of his promises and giving an excuse, after an excuse, after an excuse as to why that happened. As I began searching more about him I realized that EVERYTHING that this guy says is complete and utter lie... Every page that you will ever find about him, like facebook, zoominfo, vc, twitter, etc that supposedly have his name, or his company ReadOz mentioned in them, are all made by Alex Shchekin himself in a very poor attempt to try and make himself look bigger than he actually is… He is currently being sued by at least 4 different parties for the same exact company (ReadOz) that he claims is about to go public. He claims his other company called Intergam makes $45 mil./year, yet his website is not even finished, it was forcefully shut down by the government twice for a failure to pay the annual corporate filing fee, he has no customer service, his address is a PO box, and when you call the Contact # it goes straight to a voicemail. I found out that his ReadOz company that he claims is just about to go public has been "just about to go public" since 2007, which is when he took well over $100k from a group of investors and most likely used it for his personal agendas. His home in Long Grove was recently foreclosed upon by the bank. He sells shares fraudulently to unaccredited shareholders, clearly violating the law. He will tell you great stories of how much he has accomplished in life, and how he knows many celebrities and government officials, and what a generous person he has been to everyone, and that everyone just tried to screw him over, but those are all lies, as he simply manipulates people. He will even go as far as tell you "secrets" about his personal life just to get you to trust him more.

What Alex Shchekin does is this: he takes your $, makes many excuses each and every time asking him why he hasn't delivered on his many promises, and waits for the time to expire for you to be able to sue him, all while living on the $ that you supposedly "invested" in him. In fact, if you try to sue him, he will simply use the same $ you gave him, or another person like you, to defend himself in court.

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They beat me , and put me in jail Only thing I was doing was waiting on a metro bus he asked me something . I'm hard of hearing and couldn't hear him I moved my hands to sign to him he tazed me and hit me several times with his night stick Court said by raising my hand the officer felt threatened . Now how are the hearing impaired supposed to communicate with them ? If he reads me my Miranda rights how to supposed to understand them if I can't hear them being read? Long story short I have 12 staples in my head , and he got a way clean . .

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He would be 18 right now getting ready to finish high school.

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Very Ancient Hebrew is a pictographic language. In Genesis 1:1 when it reads "In the beginning" in English bibles, in pictographic Hebrew the letters used in this phrase can spell another sentence based on what the picture each letter represents.

It reads thus: "The Son of God will be pressed by his own hand on a cross". I would say that is ABSOLUTELY NOT A COINCIDENCE.

I also like how when Yahshuah (Jesus in Hebrew) is spelled in pictographic Hebrew. It the sentence made from the letters reads "The ARM that will destroy the establishment of the EYE". As in the eye in the capstone that WISHES to plant itself on top of the pyramid. THIS eye is an usurper. God will defeat it in the end. Looks like some things going on right now are keeping it back if you will, things in the spiritual and political realms. The ancient letter "Shin" is ONE letter, but with THREE crowns. I wonder what THAT is supposed to mean.

The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the Tav. In pictographic Hebrew it looks like a cross. Again this is no coincidence. God set it up to be that way on purpose. It also has the meaning of marking the sign of a covenant. Once again, NO COINCIDENCE here.

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Only because they told us ANTIFA was going to Sturgis our reply is simple we already have a bunch of whiny little bitches running around you'll know them they have Warlocks on their Jackets . and our dicks in their Mouth's . IOFFIO/MBBM

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allah has sucked my dick again. For 7 days straight allah has been sucking my dick. i fear allah's rectum will rupture from my penis. allah IS A FUCKING BASTARD!

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Life.....it can be so interesting sometimes and then so dull at other times. My life the past 2 years has just been, well hectic yet amazing. I had my son who is my savior, my anchor, and my best friend. But then I had other people who were trying to rip me down and make me something I’m not. I gave into it and became someone I didn’t recognize. Lost my boyfriend at the time, the father of my son. And just thought my life was falling to pieces. But here I sit now realizing it all happened for a reason. I just didn’t know it at the time. Fast forward to two years later and I’m living at home with my son saving for a house and enjoying every minute of my life. And my sons dad is dating the person who turned me into the person I hated. Definitely makes me open my eyes and realize I’m glad that girl did rip us apart because if he can be in love with someone like her then me and him were definitely not meant to be. She’s not a very nice person, just from my experience with her and well I am a very nice person, sometimes to nice. Does it make me look at him different? Yes. At first it amazes me that he could be with someone who talked so much crap about the mother of his son and who even said horrible things about his son. But then I read an amazing book and realized I just need to let it go. Now I just look at him as my sons dad and that’s it. He’s happy and that great, I’m happy for him. I’m happy as long as I have my son. Yes I’m living in my parents basement, yes I live paycheck to paycheck, and yes it’ll be a couple years till I reach my goals but that’s just it, I will reach them. I will have a house for me and my son and our animals! And we will have so many adventures together and it will make the best memories. I wish his dad could join in on some of our adventures as a family but I’ve accepted that’s not happening. I don’t want to deal with his girlfriend and would rather just be the adult and move on and just keep on good terms with him. I will never look at her and be able to accept her around our son but I trust him and that’s all that matters. I never thought I would be a good mom but I think I’m doing a pretty good dam job, no matter what anyone thinks. I’ve been talking to a rescue for the last month that I fell in love with a few years ago and they actually offered me a full time job and housing for me and my son last week and I mean this is what I’ve been waiting my whole life for. It would literally have been a dream come true. But it’s out of state and now that I have my son I just know there’s no way I’d be allowed to take it. Really hurt me but I turned it down. Balled my eyes out and questioned everything but now I realized I have my son and that’s all I need. Another opportunity will hopefully come along later in life! And maybe my dream man who works at a dog rescue :). I’m just going to keep living day by day and enjoy the memories I’m making along the way. No more dwelling in the past!

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Some asked why I am obsessed with human trafficking. There is a VERY GOOD REASON for my obsession. First of all, people engaging in it open doors for evil powers and principalities to have authority over our nation, regions, and cities. When we end or at least decimate human trafficking those powers will be weakened, and people will be able to more quickly and more easily be able to experience POSITIVE spiritual power. Then of course, it is a tool of the evil elite cabalists, and going after human trafficking means arresting many of THEM and throwing them into prison, taking the US out of danger of losing its sovereignty to some global government that would take away our freedoms. Of course it also means the victims being free to live a normal and healthy life. Their slavery is a PICTURE or symbol of what kind of enslavement would happen to the rest of us if the cabalists gained full power. We need to pray against the spiritual powers behind them and sooner or later, "deal" with them. They belong in prison. We should pray that comes to pass soon.

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Thousands have been arrested for human trafficking last year, the mainstream media reported some of the stories, but not all or not in as great of detail as they should have...but I am beginning to feel this year is a year for higher level people to be rounded up for this stuff. I read again a few more pastors got arrested. Church leaders that are corrupt on this level take my warning VERY VERY VERY SERIOUSLY. GOD IS NOT FOOLING AROUND ANYMORE, if there is not quick repentance God will MAKE SURE that pastors doing this kind of stuff will go to prison in similar circumstances where others might slide by a little longer, and if there is repentance and they haven't done stuff too horribly serious, get lost in the shuffle where they won't get caught. What is happening and coming soon, IS GOD'S JUSTICE, make no mistake about it. The human agencies involved will merely be acting as visible tools of an invisible God's justice. Make no mistake, authorities involved in this stuff WILL be taken care of as well...God will MAKE SURE they also get arrested and thrown into prison, MAKE NO MISTAKE about it. They are being tracked by the eyes of God, the ONLY protection is, as I keep saying is REPENTANCE REPENTANCE REPENTANCE!!! God tracks things in ways the NSA and CIA only DREAM about.

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Trump is now a Christian. That means ALL of his sins are forgiven. To judge him by his past sins, including that infamous tape with Billy Bush on the bus, tells me you do not really believe in the forgiveness of sins. The blood of Christ forgives ALL sins. If you do not believe in the forgiveness of sins an ALL levels, then what are you doing even BEING a Christian. If you condemn Trump for his past then you are a hypocrite as a Christian.

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I REALLY wonder if that garbage truck was deliberately parked to attempt to make that train derail and kill those lawmakers. I hope a FULL investigation is done and that a deliberate assassination attempt is not ruled out unless it is pretty much PROVEN that it was an accident. This "accident" sounds REALLY suspicious to me.

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I have read articles of how bullying at a young age can have effects on your life at a later age but never thought anything about it until yesterday. If you have been bullied before you will know how it feels when someone says or does something hurtful and you try to block out what you are feeling. I have not felt this feeling since I was a child when people would pick on me. It was truly traumatic for me just as when it would happen in school only this time worse. If you can think of how someone with ptsd from war going back to a war zone would feel, it is one in the same. Except for someone who has been bullyied it can get triggered almost anywhere any time. People always say this and I know it is an old cliché but think twice before you say or do something. The person you say or do it to could have a bad previous experience that could trigger their ptsd from bullying.

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Spent yesterday listening to 80s and 90s music- bobby brown, Michael Jackson, Madonna, mc hammer, whitney Houston, George Michael, Irene cara, culture club, Elton john. Their music so superior to the crap called “music” today. What’s wrong with today’s musicians? Has the muse of music departed the planet or what?

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I feel like having sex with my sister, she is acting slutty atound me sometimes she unzips her jeans in front of me and sometimes she touches my cock purposely and smiles at me while doing it.I unzipped her jeans one time and she slapped me.I feel like I should rape her.What should I do?

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I read an article recently that 500 got arrested for human trafficking in California. This is NOT regarding regular prostitutes and pimps, but forced human trafficking, 56 were rescued, some were kids. Granted with regular pimps, they are often abusive, but that is somewhat separate from the forced human trafficking networks. The STORM is beginning to gain momentum. THANK YOU JESUS!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!

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You southern white people are dumb You southern white people are dumb You southern white people are dumb You southern white people are dumb You southern white people are dumb You southern white people are dumb You southern white people are dumb You southern white people are dumb

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I was taking a road trip and saw several things in a row that upon praying felt they were signs from God. The order also indicates they were signs. Each of these took place the order I am going to list. The first sign I saw was a top tower, and I was thinking of the tower as a symbol of power for the elite cabal. Very close to the tower was a downed tree trunk. The interpretation here is that the towers of the elites will fall flat. Then a little later I looked up at the sky, it was very overcast with dark clouds, but I saw sunbeams breaking through holes in the clouds. When the elites fall, the light of God will begin to shine down more easily, also connected with prayers to expose and bring down the elites and their human trafficking. Then later the next sign I saw was a prisoner transport bus that I passed. The sign here is of human traffickers being arrested, put on trial, and sent to prison. The next sign I saw a little later was a deep pit off the side of the freeway. Here this means if the elites and human traffickers do not repent, they will be thrown into a deep pit. Later the road led up higher into the mountains. This represents being on the mountain of God, such as when Moses encountered God on the mountain. When the elites are taken down, it will be easier to experience God. After that I saw a sign mentioning the city of Berea was coming up. This is like the Bereans, who searched the scriptures to see if these things were so.

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I heard some claim now that promoting or drinking MILK is in and of itself RACIST. These people are STUPID. I am going to now have to increase my milk consumption. I am trying to cut back on sodas and other sugary drinks anyway, so maybe a little more milk can fill in the gap.

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I really need to tell someone this but I'm going to get in big trouble if my mother ever finds out about it. I 'raped' my mom's boyfriend. In fact I'm still 'raping' him. So you see why I can't tell anyone (but this place is anonymous so it's OK). My mom's a cougar and dresses like a slut so she brings home lots of young adults. They're still older than me by like 7 or 8 years but they're all hot as hell and shouldn't be with such a skank like my mom. I'm 18 BTW. Anyway, one of my mom's boyfriends is this really lean white guy with wavy blond hair and perfect white teeth. I love his smile, it's the prettiest thing I've ever seen. One day my mother brought him home and I could hear them fooling around upstairs in the bedroom, so I went downstairs to do my homework. I could sort of still hear them (enough, anyway), when it suddenly got quiet and my mom came down to the living room. She told me she was going into town to run some “errands” and that she would be back in a few hours. Her giggling set off an alarm in my head. About half an hour after she left, I realized that I didn't see her boyfriend leave the house. I already know what that means: a few months before this I accidentally wandered into my mom's bedroom while she was running some “errands” and found her then-boyfriend tied to the bed, gagged and blindfolded. I was SO embarrassed, but he couldn't see me and I didn't tell my mom afterwards, but I was mad at her for like a week. So, yeah. My mom's into some kinky stuff, maybe it's genetic, because I'm starting to like it too. Anyway. I knew he was up there, and I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't stop thinking about his smile. And his body (I'd never seen him naked, but I could almost imagine it). And the way his soft blond hair must feel, and a million other things that wouldn't stop bugging me. The harder I tried to ignore the thought hotter I got. My shirt started feeling sticky and my pants felt a size too tight. I went upstairs to go to my room, I mean, I meant to, but instead I was facing my mom's closed bedroom door. I put my hand on the handle, and I couldn't take it away. I just wanted to take a peek, and I was pretty sure that I could play it off as an accident if he could see me. My chest was really shuddering when I opened the door and saw him... naked, spread-eagle on the bed, glistening with sweat. When he heard the door open he struggled, but he was handcuffed to the bed with those hard steel cuffs that the police have. My mom had put something around the base of his cock to keep him from coming, and then tapped a pink bullet vibrator to the head of his cock, on the underside. It was like hypnotism. All I could hear was the buzz of the vibrator and all I could see was his throbbing cock, and then suddenly I felt like I was suffocating and had to get out of my clothes. The cold air hit me and then I noticed my panties were wet. Really wet. I started touching myself through my panties. I'm not a virgin or a prude or anything like that. It felt right and besides, he was wearing a little red or pink ballgag and a black hood so he couldn't see me. He probably even thought it was mom just teasing him. But then he made this pretty little moan through his gag and I was absolutely drenched. And I know it's wrong, but I had these dirty thoughts in my head and I didn't have a boyfriend and... Well, I climbed on top of him and pulled my panties down. He tried to struggle a little but I grabbed his cock hard and sat on it, and OH MY GOD. Between the vibrator and his throbbing cock I almost came immediately. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. That first time I only got to bounce on his cock a few times before I orgasmed and fell on top of him, all sweaty and weak and hungry. I felt sort of bad he didn't get a chance to come, but I didn't want my mom to know, so after cleaning up his cock and myself with my panties, I left and pretended like nothing happened. But that was the best orgasm I have ever had. Mom has had him over several more times since then, and whenever she leaves him alone with me I sneak up there and have him for awhile. It sounds really messed up but I've gotten a lot better at making him “suffer” by lasting longer before orgasming. It feels really good though and if he didn't like it his cock wouldn't be so hard. Plus the way he moans and begs through his gag is a real turn-on for me. His cock is probably sore by now, but I don't know if I can ever get a boyfriend like this guy so I'm going to keep using him until my mom dumps him... maybe I can blackmail him or something after that so I can keep him for myself. I hope it's soon, I really want to take my time with him and try some stuff I found on the internet with wax and clothespins. As much as fucking him tied up really makes me wet I want to do stuff to him that makes him moan and beg for me to stop. That gets me really hot. I know this sounds really, REALLY wrong (which is why it has to be anonymous), but it feels really good to get that out. Thanks!
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A loss of life


A co-worker's wife was killed in a car accident. Hit by a shoplifter running from the police.

My first thought was "why couldn't it have been MY wife?"

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Four young chiquitas in Omaha Waitin' for the band to return from the show A feelin' good, feelin' right and it's Saturday night The hotel detective, he was outta sight If he's got a penis and a a couple dollars she's happy Booze and ladies, keep him right As long as we can make it to the show tonight he'll be floating by day light - Sinsinawa

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islam is more of a criminal enterprise than a religion. islam dulls the intelligence but sharpens the violence

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you won't admit it Did you see the Picture of Obama with the Little Asian girl on his lap ? He pulled that skirt straight up didn't he ? I Can't blame him . I'd want to feel that cute little butt too . If an Ex president can play with a little girls butt why can't I ? I would't hurt her , every body likes their butt hole licked and when he touched her she smiled she knew and liked what he was doing .

Do something you enjoy, that expresses your talent.

Don't die making a living.

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