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from on top of a building Get a bunch of pig or dog poop and hot water . put it into a super soaker and make it rain on them.

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Get a couple guys together - stand on top of a building were they are protesting have with you - a 5 gallon bucket of petrol -- and a can of Draino one of you throw the petrol over the crowed the other throw the Draino into the petrol while it's in the air.

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Congratulations you have destroyed another human being. You gave up, didn't even want to try, but then couldn't say that you didn't love me. But did you really because people who love each other don't give up on the other. Especially for the reasons that you gave. You are a selfish human being, selfish because you weren't think aboutiques us like you said, you were only thinking about you. How your life is hard, not how my life is hard, not how our lives are hard. Three years. That just a number. Three years that I gave you, three years that I loved you, three years that I supported you, three years that I comforted you, three years where I put up with all the bullshit you brought, three years and on because we planned our lives together. Literally just a few nights ago talking about our future together. Two days later saying your life is too complicated without having to worry about our relationship. Two days and a year having to take time out of your schedule to come see me was too hard. 1 minute. That's all it took to break me inside. Suddenly I wasn't worth trying anymore, all those future plans no longer exist. You completely blindsided me. You had just told me hours before you loved me. Then you do the opposite and break me. You blame it all on distance, you know what I blame it on your selfishness. Your selfishness to end it when you did. Your selfishness for taking and not giving. Your selfishness of keeping silent instead of talking. Your selfishness in stealing moments that I could have spent with someone who actually cares. Your selfishness for making me love you. I want to hate you, I really really do, but I know that I can't. But I also know you are going to move on faster than me and kill me inside even more. So just so future tips for you, don't tell them you love them unless you are going to stay. Don't make them deal with your mother and her negative soul crushing self unless you plan to stay. Don't let them love you just so you can crush them. Most of all you need to get out of that house. This isn't for me this is for you. If you don't get out now you never will and they will control you for the rest of your life. Say no. Don't be their slave, your their child and there is nothing wrong with helping but you are allowed to say no. Get away from the negative toxic environment that you live in constantly. Most of all I hope that you succeed in your career. I hope you find happiness and peace. Most of all I hope you find someone who lived you as much as i did. Goodbye.

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So this is what we have become. Two strangers who barely speak. You're over me I'm still recovering from you but in the end seven was just a number that someday meaning today would have no meaning. Blue will never exist in my world again. She made a great impact but it's all over now. Chapter seven has fully ended.

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Why would an all-powerful God need praise?

posted to religion by Bobbie, Samurai of Good (1 comment)

you knowingly elect a moral reprobate that embarrises our country? He is hurting you as much as he is hurting anyone else, so how did you win? Seriously, I don't get how electing someone do a job they are ill equipped to do sticks it to liberals without sticking it to yourself. Or do you still think he is somehow capable of being president?

posted to society by Blaine, Sheriff of Musclebeasts (1 comment)

My boss is a major jerk 85% of the time, at least at work. When we're off the clock, we get along just fine. I enjoy talking to him when he's not on the clock. But when he's in boss mode, he's the worst and nobody can stand him. We've had people walk out and quit, because of him. I've almost walked out myself, because of him. The weird thing is, I am very sexually attracted to him. He's older, I am 26 and he's almost 37. I don't think I am emotionally or mentally attracted to him, but I have started finding myself obsessed with him. Most people know I don't care much for him. Every time I am pissed off at work or because of work, people are like "what did _____ do now?" One day, him and another guy I dislike were off of work. I told one of my managers (who is the sweetest girl ever and doesn't have any enemies) that both of my least favorite people weren't there that day and she asked "who's the second one?" because even SHE was aware of who the first was lol!!! He's been out of the country this week for a church mission trip and last night, I had a dream about him. It was a sex dream originally, but then he was my boyfriend and I told him I loved him. What the heck does this mean? I had a crush on him a while back and my friend said she figured I did because he was the one I "hated" the most.

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They pander to the working class for votes. Then they cut programs that help the working class like unemployment extensions, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Pell Grants, the postal service, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, etc. They will throw the working class a token tax cut and give the majority of the savings to the rich as tax cuts. They don't care about you. Yet you vote for them.

So you vote a Billionaire into the White House. What the hell did you think he would do? He never intended to work for you. He is only in it for himself and his cronies. I hope you see the writing on the wall and never vote Republican again.

So now Trump has allowed the Russians to break into our servers just so he could be assured of winning. I hope this doesn't spell the end of this great country.

posted to society by Cosmo, Ninja of the Financial Services department (7 comments)

I needed to talk to someone and cant speak to my family or friends or fiancé for that matter but do you ever feel alone?

I'm getting married in September, everything is more or less arranged apart from the honeymoon. This is where the trouble starts!

Me and my fiancé have paid for everything, sometimes its been a struggle but we got through it. We both work, she works full time and I have my own business which I only do one night. As its getting closer to the big day the word honeymoon keeps coming up, she is so apprehensive about booking it or talking about it and I thought I could understand as there was money that still needed to be paid, but now that its all been paid and I mention about honeymoons her response is lets not talk about it or we cant talk about it.

The thing is with my business I can do an extra night and we would have the money in a matter of weeks, am I just overthinking things??

I know for women they have dreamt about there wedding day all there lives, but all I have thought about is seeing how beautiful she looks on the day and also getting away for a few weeks to relax.

Am I thinking wrong, and if I am please tell me because I'm so confused.

(W from the Emerald Isle)

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I can never post anything like this on any social media, people will only say it's in my head and that i'm beautiful just the way i am. I've recently started working out, at first i felt great because i was doing something productive, but i feel so out of place at the gym. I'm this tall, big, and intimidating looking girl, and if that's not enough to make me hate myself i'm always surrounded by girls who are smaller and better looking than me. I thought that i had started working out for myself, when really i've been trying to change myself to look like those girls. It's not their fault, it's my own brain getting in the way, telling me i'm not good enough. That if i lost more weight, or if i was more feminine, tried to be a little sweeter, then maybe more guys might find me attractive. Maybe if i wasn't myself, maybe if i changed enough to be what guys wanted i would be happy....I am disgusted by my body, i hate who i am, i hate how i look, the things i like always push people away from me. My own family finds me disgusting, so tell me how that is beautiful? tell me how this is all in my head when i feel the pain in my heart. I will never be perfect. And i will always be alone.

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I am so fucking sick of everyone kissing the fucking illegals asses. They come over here not seeking a better life but to steal our cars, do home invasions while people are still in thier houses, and do drug runs. They steal identities of people, they do some of the worst crimes imaginable then flee to Mexico. If they wanted to be "American" they wouldn't be so GD proud of being from Mexico, if your so proud of it stay there MOTHER FUCKERS. I am so fucking sick of peoples unfound unfound unfound racism against blacks. They were kidnapped, raped, and murdered for decades upon decades and fucking proud ass white mother fuckers find it funny to be racist against them for the way they look!  If you must be racist do it against fucking illegal bitches. It's so fucking obvious whos illegal, first giveaway, they can't spick english, they are about 5 feet tall fully grown, and they fucking stink. If any of them ever break into my house with me home or try to steal from me I will cause some fucking physical harm and laugh doing it. I wish I could go to a local prison, ask to see an illegal, take them into a room and beat the fuck out of them. Give them a prison pounding so to speak. I am so sick of their fucking "If it dosen't pertain to me attitude". Watch out you fucking illegals with your careless driving, if you hit into me I will get out of my vehicle and give you a beating to remember, you know the way Mexican men beat thier wives. I won't get in trouble unless you want to go to the cops and get your illegal stinky ass deported.
posted to life by Harper, Dark King of the Forgotten Lands (72 comments)

Black Lives Matter is an organization that is often referred to as a black-supremacist organization due to its tendency to ignore facts, and to push the agenda to kill police officers, coupled with , a liberal calling Bomb squads , and having an entire neighborhood evacuated , over a couple SPENT 20 gauge rounds lol. So, violant niggers and dumb liberals I can't wait to see what happens next . Trump responds grab them by the pussy so do it ya'll grab them by the pussy . Translated to English - Trump responds Kill the Liberal

posted to society by Nadine, Shadow of Justice (9 comments)

He was travelling to work through a residential district when his vehicle was sprayed with bullets, police said. Mr Bhatti, the cabinet's only Christian minister, had received death threats for urging reform to blasphemy laws. In January, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who had also opposed the law, was shot dead by one of his bodyguards. The blasphemy law carries a death sentence for anyone who insults Islam. Critics say it has been used to persecute minority faiths. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-12617562
posted to society by Samantha, Musician of Light (94 comments)

The name of Hesperos today is Steven James Dishon and he lives in Michigan. The Greek word for Lucifer is Heosphoros. One of the most wicked devils in existence. He is a child murdering cannibal and all around lunatic. He is telepathically trespasses on the minds of others. He is a telepathic brainwasher that ruthlessly radiates minds with lies.

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The name of Tartarus today is James Milikowski. Tartarus like Taurus a bull and like Baal. Telepathic Canon law tyrannical devil and fallen angel.

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Body Image


Dealing with my own body image issues

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My girlfriend asked me one day if i have ever fantasized about being with a guy. After feeling a little scared because i didnt know if this was some kind of test I said no but have wondered how it would be. So the next time we had sex she started playing with my ass and it was nice but didnt play into it. A few days later i walk in the room after getting home from work and she was masturbating to some bisexual porn she told me how much it turned her on so i sat down and watcbed it with her she noticed how hard i was getting. She had me undress and and went down on me she got her finger wet and slid it inside me and things have progressed since that day using a dildo on me and now wants me to be with another man. I am open to try but she wants me to pick up a guy and i have no idea how to go about this.I want do this for her but am scared to death that my guy friends will find out and out me to evryone including my family. Please help me....

posted to relationships by Rebecca, Stewardess of the Wildlands (20 comments)

I crave something I never had I don't think I deserve it I crave to be looked at by men and I crave to be kissed I crave hands to roam my body I crave innocence and simplicity I crave to be loved like none other I just want to be wanted I crave a smile, a blush, a simple touch But I've yet to gain that privilege I know I am not good enough, but cant you give me a chance ? Like I said, I crave to be something...anything at all.

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Since you can't find us among the living maybe you should look among The dead-- Get a spirit box and go to the river -- Dan Zamlen is the best you got ? Not even close Sinsinawa

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Hello everyone, I think I have been on this site about a hundred times, just reading other peoples stories. Seeing if I can help, looking to see whether I can apply any advise given to my own life, or just to read out of pleasure. But now, this is the first time I have something to ask. Something to tell, so that it will just be put out there for anyone to listen to me. How do you know if you are in-love? All my life I have never believed in it. I just though that it was all in your head, and that cheating, and divorce, or not being attracted to each other was the constant thing in relationships. But now that I'm in one. A relationship that I'm completely happy in, what do I think now? Am I in-love? Am I going crazy? Or is this actually what it is? Happiness and caring wrapped up so tight that I can barely think or do anything.

How do you know if you are in-love or not?

posted to relationships by Nikki, Scout of the Financial Services department (4 comments)

I baught a Holy Bible and read some of it. The part where god makes stuff is cool but I dont understand the garden part. their is a talking snake. Their are no talikg snakes. Why is their a talking snake? God leaves atree their and gets mad because they eat from it. If you leave a cooky jar out and your kid eats them you have noone to blame but youself. Why does god? Can somebody anser.

posted to life by Blaine, Archaeologist of Good (15 comments)

about what the right wing has done to my country. If they care so little about our country that they voted Putin's lapdog into power, they can just pack up and leave the country to those of us who cared enough to pay attention to Trump's multiple red flags. You must be the most idiotic person in the universe if you thought Hillary was worse. Where was your judgment?

The damage is done and the right can start with some heartfelt apologies for the damage they have done to this country and for what? To deport some Mexicans who do the jobs that no American wants? I hope it was worth it to sell out your country, because of your resentment towards someone who picks lettuce. Where are your priorities?

I use to tolerate you guys. Now I despise you. Leave! Just move and leave the country to those of us that actually care for the country and the constitution and what this country stands for. Anti-immigration policies are the tools of fascists. If you knew some history, you would know that. Learn a little history and maybe you will smell a dictator in the making next time. If there is a next time.

I never want to hear self-righteousness from a conservative again. You have proven yourselves unworthy. Russia is more conservative than we are. Go live there. To hell with you!

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50% of all blacks in America have Herpies. Over 85% of all the black sows in this country give birth to bastards. 1-3 black males goes to prison. Of those that aren't in prison only 2 out of 3 work. Some are part time. Black graduation rates are the lowest among all races. Homes in Detroit, Michigan and Gary, Indiana go for 1.00 no lie. Real estate around blacks almost becomes completely worthless.

Blacks get every kind and type of free anything and we sponsor their high schools like they are frickin third world countries. We dump buckets of money on the heads of blacks hoping for them to succeed. Blacks in America were the dumbest in Africa (orignated from the Congo). Blacks live up the their stereo type wherever they go. Blacks name their children after cars, bikes, electricity, homemade words, etc. Shay-quanda Honda, Shay-Queenie, Teqwuila, Artreyou Jr., Sha-neenie, etc.

Blacks get kicked out of pretty much every kind of business any people of all races brace themselves when a group of blacks are passing by, or are about to come within distance. Blacks tend to rudely speak loudly, exhibit poor boundaries, call themselves ghetto and from the good to justify ridiculous behaviors. Blacks have generational welfare on a larger scale via their percent in society then any other race. Blacks commit almost 50% of all crime and are only 13-15% of the entire population.

Blacks have to constantly act superior because they know truthfully their inferior. Blacks have to speak sexual constantly because their stinted brain isn't capable of abstract thought. Black songs actually exist named, "The Booty Clap", "I'm yo Nigga", etc. Blacks have very little self control and are on average 15+ points lower in IQ then most other races. Blacks have gross hair that explodes in the rain so they need animal hygiene products. Blacks sweat more then any other race. Blacks have wide disgusting lips, brillow like hair, (similar to pubic hair), a protruding forehead, very flat alien looking nose similar to something in the jungle.

Most blacks don't know who their father is and the ones that do hate their father. The mixed blacks hate the full blacks and the light blacks hate the dark blacks, etc. Truth is they all stink. Blacks benefit from ape-firmative action and wind up in many jobs they aren't qualified for because of the Jews and corrupt laws governing America. Blacks get offended easily, must prove a point constantly and grab their dicks excessively. Blacks like to walk down the middle of the road and whenever you read, or see a crime on the t.v. it is no surprise when its a violent crime it is usually a black male.

Blacks expect respect constantly because they don't respect themselves and they have no value of education, self-worth, fatherhood, being human because they're not. Blacks claim they're from Egypt, but Africa is largely full of primitive bone nosed naked jungle tribes today. Blacks will not identify themselves with Africa, but more with how successful America is because according to Blacks they were the engineers of everything. Blacks have no history and where their real roots are (Africa) it still sucks today. Blacks are the worst customers relating to pretty much everything.

Blacks created ebonics because their inhuman like organs can't produce speech in the way humans naturally can speak. Broken words is the most you get for someone who really isn't human. Blacks have no stages between slightly angry and explosive because they aren't human. Blacks are less self-aware and cannot appreciate anything relating to real art, or music. Blacks can make words rhyme, but they have no real sense of taste relating to anything. Blacks love being loud, hyper, distracting and being the center of attention every second. Blacks have a ton to say, but really have nothing to say at all.

Blacks love to burn their own homes down and riot when they're upset, but that's because they didn't build it and they never paid for anything. Blacks have no sense of value of money because they associate money with entitlements and even the rich ghetto blacks try to wear their money as much as possible (like an animal). Blacks fill the prison system, fill the welfare system, destroy our schools, bankrupt our property values, fill the air with their monkey chants (rap music), completely ghetto out any car they can with gaudy wheels and other ridiculous modifications.

Blacks are stupid, ignorant, crime prone, worthless, diseased, problematic, societal drains in every country they exist in. We have to have a black history month because outside of this countries 300 year past they have no history. Blacks will never admit it, but they all know deep down inside they are in fact less then human.

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I thot he loved us. can we hav 2 chance in hell?

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For a wall that will never be built?

You heard every racist and sexist word the man said. You heard him brag about sexually assaulting women and he has a wife too. He hinted at sex with Ivanka. You were aware of all of the times he lied. So you were aware that this man was more immoral than any man that has ever been president before and YOU VOTED FOR HIM ANYWAY.

If you are Christian and voted for him, triple shame on you! You voted for the embodiment of the devil for what? A wall? To protect you from ISIS? to protect you from the Muslim who runs the convenience market down the street? To protect you from illegal Mexicans. Hang your heads in shame. You have destroyed this country! Or did you want the Russians to take over? Either way, you are responsible and are no longer welcome here. Move to your new home in Russia!

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I've been seeing this guy for about 9 months now. Most of which have been long distance which has its up and downs. About four months ago, we broke up. It was hands down the most emotional thing thus far in the relationship. We were both very emotional and crying. He was the one who ended it. He wanted to know if we would stay in touch after the break up. I told him, maybe, just not anytime soon. I needed time and space to get over him. Then about a month after that, we spoke again. I asked him how he was doing.. and just like that, we picked up where we left off in a way. To this day, he hasnt gave me a reason as to why he decided to continue our relationship after he decided to end it. But in so many words, he said he was reflecting a bunch while we were apart, so maybe the helped. Now, we talk almost everyday or every other day. We just work well together. We dont get to see eachother in person that often anymore unfortunately but we send gifts, facetime, message, ect. It's for sure hard living extremely far apart (13 hr time difference too). There are so many factors working against the relationship but despite the odds, we both remain together. I can honestly say hes one of my best friends. I love spending time with him and talking to him. I honestly cannot see myself with anyone else. I'm even at the point where I care about him so much that I would even be willing to go our separate ways- if thats what made him happy.

With all that being said, of course, both of us have our flaws and difference but despite those things I deeply care for him. After much thought, I think that deep care is love. Ive never been in love with someone before so im not really sure how it feels but I think this is it. At this point Ive been feeling this way for a few months now but I'm deeply nervous to tell him. What if he doesnt feel the same way? what if he react poorly? Should I wait for him to say it first? Then my next obstacle is how to tell him? ..We wont be seeing eachother in person anytime soon but we do facetime/ skype quite often. So perhaps thats the best method? Or should I wait until I see him in person next? Or should I do it over a message? Im so lost here so any guidance at all will be deeply appreciated. thanks!

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57 Symonds st, Dr Andrew Grobler, SODOMITE CENTRAL

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Dr Andrew Grobler, as a SODOMITE he clearly has issues.

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for Native Americans who may be targeted by Native American Association of Germany e.V Native American hobbyism in Germany Carmen Kwasn

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  • The Native American Association of Germany presents SCHWITZHÜTTEN Carmen Kwasny
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Carmen Kwasny is a Plastikschamanen she is poseing has a lakota medicine woman and the word is she doing tantra in sweatlodge

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KuuNa tantra service [filtered hyperlink]

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Carmen Kwasny (@CarmenKwasny). Eventmanagement, self-employed. Katzweiler. tantra services in germany

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Carmen Kwasny lies in the news in her news article in merkur

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Carmen Kwasny obsession with American Indians

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native american association of germany Carmen Kwasny has a fascination being the police chief on north american indian tribes

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Native American Association of Germany is a hobby group that thank there real indians Carmen Kwasny

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The Native American Association of Germany presents SCHWITZHÜTTEN Carmen Kwasny

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[filtered hyperlink]

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this is a blogger post wrote by Carmen Kwasny [filtered hyperlink]

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this is blogger post written by Carmen Kwasny [filtered hyperlink]

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aKa carmen eagle his a student of
J.-Michael Kohfink/Kalagin aka Tacansina Kalagin aka Tacansina Miwatani Carmen Kwasny carmen eagle is the chairwomen for Native American Association of Germany

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Carmen Kwasny Native American Association of Germany slandered native american indians false spoken statement that causes people to have a bad opinion

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false and malicious statements that damage the reputation was found guilty in a court of law for false and malicious statements that damage the reputation and slandered

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Carmen Kwasny speading lies on NAFPS and Psiram web sites

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I say keep the Mexicans , and get rid of The Niggers . The best piece of pussy I ever had was a Mexican girl- I was like 22 she was 17 . Nice and tight . I raped her , she never told on me. She had a kid-- who looks like me . You see daddy's boy is a latch key . Them were the good old days Rape a Mexican girl she never told from fear of deportation.

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I am sitting here with my pain pills , and my whiskey , and thinking about writing a song for my son. I owe him something , because I sure as hell never gave him anything else. Yes I deserve a broken face . and he certainly didn't ask to be born , My mom told me , You know you will pay one day for your sins . I'll probably be heading to detox in little while . Not now though- I ain't feeling no pain . I wonder how everyone else in Dallas is feeling ? Maybe later I'll go slap that cop that asked me to press charges .Dallas County cops are always asking people stupid questions like where you going ? I tell them that way and point. They get mad .

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Both World War III and another civil war in the U.S. I voted for Trump to prevent such things, but it looks like the Deep State has done enough sabotaging already to let it happen regardless. We still have millions of idiots who keep blaming Russia and accusing Trump of working with them. Where's their fucking proof? There's so much leftist rot in the media, colleges, Hollywood, etc. and none of it is being rooted out. I predict an unprecedented amount of bloodshed by the end of the decade, nukes going off, civilizations being wiped out, terrorism everywhere... Trump's not going to be enough to stop it all. We've become to lazy and complacent to help turn back the leftist tide. The world is doomed, people. WE'RE FUCKING DOOMED.

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I just discovered this blog site. I sometimes spend time on The Experience Project and Anonyme, but just discovered that they have both ceased operation. What were the real reasons these sites shut down? Anonyme sites lack of sufficient funding. Perhaps. Were there legal pressures? Other mitigating factors?

I am deeply concerned. We need to be able to communicate and express ourselves freely. Technology has provided the platform, but digital communication has stripped us of privacy. If we are to be free, we need these channels open. It is vital that we remain aware and vigilant, lest we lose our voices before realizing their worth.

My thanks to Fearlessblogging.

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first we saw footprints creature had to be 9 -feet tall; 800 pounds because the prints where 20-inches long at least and they were fresh !! That night we heard screams like a woman being tortured . I thought first day light we need to get the hell out of these woods !! Then we started smelling a Rotten egg odor and hearing wood knocking I don't believe in fairy tails but what ever that was it was damn close . and I didn't like it Bigfoot Hunters go here if you find a big primate let us know. .35°49′0″N 80°15′31″W

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