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Kwasny Carmen MAKEING slander and libel defamatory statements in regards to Native Americans Kwasny Carmen has a Native American store selling native crafts

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Kwasny Carmen Lakota medicine woman selling SACRED PIPES

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medicine bags for 40 dollars lakota medicine woman made

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Christians voted for a man that is a charlatan who bilked many people out of their hard earned money through Trump University. He bragged about the non-consensual molestation of women. He made fun of a handicapped reporter. He declared bankruptcy four times. He practiced racial housing discrimination. He was close to Robert LiButti, an associate of John Gotti, inviting him on his yacht and helicopter. He intimidated his tenants. He hired undocumented Polish workers. He raped Ivana.

When did this become behavior that Christians condone?

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I literally can't wait for this show it's going to be sooo good. Love the chemistry between Karen and Frank.

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Seriously, I'm so fucking sick of their bellyaching over Trump. Why don't those fucking snowflakes admit their criminal candidate lost fair and square? Oh, right, because they refuse to take responsibility for their own failures. It's always OUR fault. Liberals are so pathetic. They rant and rave about non-issues or issues that have already been solved. Those dipshits love immigrants and terrorists so much, why don't they go live in Mexico or Sweden or some other country with perpetual violence, rapes and terror attacks? Holy shit, those fuckers are stupid. They have no fucking coping skills. I read about how those snowflakes took to drawing in coloring books and playing with Play-Doh after Trump got elected. They talk about fear and violence, but it's always THEM going around rioting and looting college campuses over "muh racism". This country has a whole bunch of serious problems, but they only focus on crap like trannies and other fringe groups. They need to face it, their party (Democrats) and their views are wildly unpopular, contrary to what the fake-ass news media says. All liberals have to argue with are baseless insults and emotional narrative. "Trump and his supporters are racists and homophobes and rapists and fascists and this and that!" Yeah, well you leftards are drugged-out hypocrites, nihilists, communists and globalist puppets for the likes of George Soros. They think all these fucking insults, rallies, protests, threats and snarky jokes about Trump are going to get him to step down? Then they're even dumber than I ever imagined. Their buddy Obama spent the last eight years fucking things up. We were long overdue for a change. Libs are seriously deranged and unhinged. They belong in straitjackets or prison. I honestly don't fucking care how pissed off they are; all I care is that they suck it up and shut up. It's disgusting how unpopular Trump has become; it's obvious the stupidity is contagious. They all sound like brainless, uncool puppets. What a bunch of establishment squares.

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The Italian Mafia and the Saudi Mafia are trafficking humans into the US through the ports in New Jersey and along the East Coast. The Mexican Mafia and Aryan Brotherhood are trafficking humans across the border into the US. The Yakuza are trafficking people into the US on the West Coast. The Hells Angels are deeply connected with the trucking industry and are involved with human trafficking inside of the US. The Albanian Mafia work for the Italian Mafia. MS-13 work for the Mexican Mafia. The Nation of Islam and the Five Percenters which are masonic organizations work with the Saudi Mafia.

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In addition to the “traditional” reasons, your mom may have had you circumcised for at least one or more of the reasons below that she won't tell you (and don't embarrass both of you by asking!):

She wanted you to get blow jobs. Much more likely if you're clean, dry and don't smell bad. Circumcised boys often have to look up the word “smegma” in a dictionary. They have no idea what it is because they never produce any.

She knew that girls like circumcision. It's clean (see above), and it's sexy. The sight of a bare glans (head of the penis) is a major turn on for most women.

She knows or knew another woman who did not have her son circumcised at birth and later regretted it.

She once had a bad experience with an uncircumcised man, or knew another woman who did.

If this post attracts a number of anti-circumcision post, as these kinds of posts often do, ask yourself, this question, based on my own experience what rings true, and what doesn't?

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Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are the top members in the media and run a female pedophilia cult. They were behind the Sandy Hook psyop with the intention of disarming Americans because they are pedophiles and scared of armed civilians. Oprah Winfrey is involved in purchasing children from organized crime syndicates. Gayle King worked for Connecticut news channels for about two decades and oversaw the media during Sandy Hook. Oprah Winfrey used her massive amount of wealth to fund the Sandy Hook psyop. Oprah Winfrey and others funded the staging of a mass shooting of children in the media with the intention of disarming Americans because they are pedophiles who traffic children. Oprah Winfrey was involved in a plot to try and murder me.

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Little Metal Bitches , stood there and wouldn't do shit . Now you see all these metal heads on You tube talking trash ? ANTI FA was up in YOUR house already , and you did ? Absolutely nothing .Go ahead talk trash , because ANTI FA has video footage of you little bitches getting your asses handed to you, and will be uploading it soon.

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here's Dishon . his height was exalted above all the trees of the field, and his boughs were multiplied, and his branches became long because of the multitude of waters, when he shot forth. behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire unfolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire. All roads lead to Lacrosse Dishon has a purpose , but he must sacrifice himself in order for it to be revealed to him. Sinsinawa

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i went on vacation with my boyfriend (over 3 years) family. his mother completely ignored me everyday, and made it obvious that she was only talking to his brothers girlfriend and reaching out to her. i was just trying to ignore it but then she started calling me by her name. i have been dating my boyfriend for over 3 years and the the other girlfriend maybe has been dating his brother a year. it really bugged me that she was doing this. let me mention a little something else. that other girl was caught having sex in the parents room and also drinking with the other brother.  his family is christian and against both of those things. my boyfriend decides to leave me (on vacation) to go somewhere with his mother who has been treating me like this, and i was left crying in the room. i told him about it and he got mad at me. like i did something wrong. then he noticed it the next day and apologized to me and confronted his mom. she said she wasnt doing it on purpose. i mean she didnt talk to me at all for a week and kept trying to get this other girls attention no matter what. i dont believe that she didnt notice. when we got back i avoided going to his house and visiting his family. he agreed with me. i asked him to stop trying to get close with his mother because of what she did to me and other stuff she did to him. he is a major mothers boy by the way. so he went behind my back and planned a whole day with his mother about a family day. no girlfriends invited. i found out by his mother because he tried to hide it from me. he is always so nice to his mother and she can have the worst attitude with him for no reason. she lets the other brother get away with anything and punishes my boyfriend for stupid stuff. im tired of trying to make my boyfriend have a backbone towards his mother. by the way he is in his early twenties and we are getting married. should i marry a guy who seems like he will always choose his mother over me?  am i looking into things to much or should i leave? please help me. i do love him but he has done so much to make me feel less than his mother. he has recently even stopped holding my hand and hugging me and and putting his arm around me when his mother is around. i dont know anymore
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CNN and Facebook have censored this comment. Donald Trump is an associate of the Genovese crime family and they want the wall at the border because they do not like the Mexican Mafia and drug cartels cutting in on their territory. The Italian Nobility control the Italian Mafia. The Spanish and Italian nobility have competitive factions. The House of Bourbon and Spanish Nobility control the Mexican Mafia and drug cartels and MS-13 are their street soldiers in the US. This is why MS-13 hates Donald Trump.

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LeBron James is a Luciferian and a pedophile. This devils needs to be shot in the head.

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Eric Alexander Hofemeister is a Satanist living in Virginia. He is a gang stalker, child murderer, cult leader, racist, and slanderer. He is involved with a cult that kidnaps children in the Virginia area.

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I have this dream, that I think might be my entire purpose for being. It could help people, but I have no idea where to start and how its going to work but Im stepping out on faith that I can actually do this. I mean its my dream right? Every possible thought of failing has infiltrated my mind and I almost don't want to even start. But I have to do something! I can't live this life and be okay. I'm not going to be okay if I keep living this life. I'm dying infant of my very own eyes and I don't want to die anymore. I want to get out of this rut. I lost someone very close to me, and its been hard to cope, to be motivated to do anything. I just go to work come home and do it all over again. I gained soooooo much weight. I just want my life and my speak back, and I want him to be the reason why I could do it. He will be my motivation. I have to do this. I can do this! Scared, terrified, shaking, stumbling, stuttering, lost I am going to do this!

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Jose Ruiz from Hartford Connecticut who goes by the nickname Bigs is a member of a satanic cult involved in gang stalking and murder. He has a reaper tattoo on his forearm. He was arrested as a kid for stabbing someone in the neck. He gets paid to murder people and is part of a group of organized gang stalkers. He may also have a residence in Florida.

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The King of Spain is the head of the Order of Montesa which are the continuation of the Knights Templar of Aragon. The Knights Templar Cartel and others are controlled by the Spanish House of Bourbon and other Spanish and Italian nobility. Drug cartels are drug merchants and the Templars were also merchants and bankers. When Pope Benedict XVI visited Mexico the Knights Templar Cartel welcomed him. MS-13 is a branch of the Mexican Mafia and operate in the United States serving their interests. MS-13 are ruthless. Mexico is controlled by Spain and some Italian-Spanish Nobility like the Gaetani and Ruspoli families. Jeb Bush was the former governor of Florida and Duke Francisco de Borbon of Seville was the CEO of the Bank of Miami. Jeb Bush is a 4th degree Knight of Columbus and his wife Columba Bush is from Guanajuato Mexico where the Knights Templar Cartel are located. George Bush owns large amounts of property in Texas near the border. King Juan Carlos of Spain spent Thanksgiving at the Bush ranch several years back. The Bush family are working with the House of Bourbon and use their power and wealth to assist the cartels and Mexican Mafia in trafficking drugs, weapons, and humans across the border. Former president Vincente Fox was Jesuit educated. The Jesuits settled in Sinaloa where one of the largest syndicates the Sinaloa Cartel are located. The political leaders in Mexico are deeply connected with the Vatican and Spanish Crown.

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The Massimo family own the Holy See corporation which is in contract with most of the corporate governments through covert contracts. They oversee the United States which is defined as a federal corporation under US code 3002 section 15. The Colonna family oversee US politics and the US congress. Colonus is a Greek word meaning column. Christopher Columbus was a Colonna and the District of Columbia is named after him. The Torlonia family are Vatican treasurers and they oversee the US treasury. The Medici family are bankers and tax collectors and they oversee the IRS and federal reserves along with the Borghese banking family. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York looks like the Palazzo Medici. The Gaetani-D'aquila-D'aragona family oversees the US Department of Agriculture. D'aragona means a valley and is connected with the word agra which means land. The Orsini family oversee the FDA. They have a rose on their coat of arms and control the Rosicrucian Order which are alchemists or chemists involved with food and drugs. The Massimo, Aldobrandini, and Bourbon-Parma families oversee the US Pentagon through the Jesuits and Georgetown. The Dukes of Parma created the Jesuits and lived in a pentagon. The Massimiliano Massimo Institute in Rome is the top Jesuit institution. The Odescalchi family oversee some of Hollywood and the music industry. Ode means a musical poem. The Pallavicini family oversee DARPA and many private corporations. They created the Nazis which developed advanced technologies used by DARPA. The Sforza, Visconti, and Borromeo families oversee media. They are involved in Italian media and originated in Milan. Milan derives from the word Mediolanum and is considered a major international media center. The Doria and Sacchetti families oversee Goldman Sachs. Doria means gold and Sacchetti means sacks. The Italian Nobility are meddling in everything. The Holy See is the "All Seeing Eye" of society which is displayed on the US dollar and US Great Seal. Novus Ordo Seclorum is Latin and translates to New Order of the Ages and is also on the US dollar and US Great Seal. The Vatican and Holy See use Latin for official documents. The Italian Nobility are at the head of the global crime syndicate.

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The royal and noble families of Europe have always used what are called "Court Jews" or "Court Factors" to handle their finances and collect taxes. These Court Factors serve their royal courtrooms. Buckingham Palace is a royal court. The Roman Curia is a papal court. Curia is the ancient Roman term for a court. The royalty and nobility are Christian and they specifically use Jews most often as their money changers and this keeps the attention off them and creates Anti-Jewish movements like the Nazis and Fascists. Zionism is really about monopolization of industries and wealth. Many monarchs call the Zionist bankers unprofitable because they spend as much as they make. Their wealth is used as a pool of money while they illegally make payments to fund criminal agendas in politics and also for funding secret societies. Their large wealth masks these transactions. Princes and Kings authorize bankers and control them. Zionists are secondary to the Imperialists. The British Crown established modern Israel after it seized Palestine during WWI and through its migration contracts with the World Zionist Organization under British law of "Mandatory Palestine". The Roman Catholic King of Spain holds the official title of King of Jerusalem. The real criminal bankers are operating in Switzerland. Banking in Switzerland is private by law. The royal and noble families are concealing massive amounts of wealth in Switzerland. The Swiss Guard protects the Vatican City State today and Swiss Cantons have been in contract with the Holy See for centuries. Switzerland is a Papal State. The Vatican and Switzerland are the only two nations on the planet that use the square shaped flag.

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you knowingly elect a moral reprobate that embarrises our country? He is hurting you as much as he is hurting anyone else, so how did you win? Seriously, I don't get how electing someone do a job they are ill equipped to do sticks it to liberals without sticking it to yourself. Or do you still think he is somehow capable of being president?

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They pander to the working class for votes. Then they cut programs that help the working class like unemployment extensions, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Pell Grants, the postal service, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, etc. They will throw the working class a token tax cut and give the majority of the savings to the rich as tax cuts. They don't care about you. Yet you vote for them.

So you vote a Billionaire into the White House. What the hell did you think he would do? He never intended to work for you. He is only in it for himself and his cronies. I hope you see the writing on the wall and never vote Republican again.

So now Trump has allowed the Russians to break into our servers just so he could be assured of winning. I hope this doesn't spell the end of this great country.

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It's time to put partisan bickering aside and oppose Sessions moves to enforce federal marijuana laws. Let's preserve our freedoms.

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That 13 documentary on Netflix, I laughed so hard, Now the reason I laughed is, The documentary was about black man enslavement , like he's the only one enslaved. Now I'm sorry , when an 18-20 year old man gets on You tube and points guns at the camera , and says he's gonna kill the president , because His Momma's food stamps are taken a way and now the baby brother can't have his fruit loops- That man is a major Pussy. This is what we have today ? irresponsible little pussies ? Mommy wasn't getting food stamps when I was 18 either , So I carried a 120 pound back pack and a loaded M-16 20 miles down the Ho Chi Minh trail Any way I took your challenge , now take mine Go on Netflix and watch the movie , Listening I dare you.

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For a wall that will never be built?

You heard every racist and sexist word the man said. You heard him brag about sexually assaulting women and he has a wife too. He hinted at sex with Ivanka. You were aware of all of the times he lied. So you were aware that this man was more immoral than any man that has ever been president before and YOU VOTED FOR HIM ANYWAY.

If you are Christian and voted for him, triple shame on you! You voted for the embodiment of the devil for what? A wall? To protect you from ISIS? to protect you from the Muslim who runs the convenience market down the street? To protect you from illegal Mexicans. Hang your heads in shame. You have destroyed this country! Or did you want the Russians to take over? Either way, you are responsible and are no longer welcome here. Move to your new home in Russia!

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I am 55 divorced over 20 yrs I chose to stay single to raise my children without hassle as my ex was violent , im children have all now flown the nest and have family of there own and there dad is the best sliced thing from bread lol feel ive wasted years ,im attractive red head irish lady but don't have a clue about dating ,im so out of touch

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The House of Chigi in Rome manage the Sephardic branch of Zionism with Prince Mario Chigi Albani della Rovere as the overseer. The Chigi family use the six pointed star on their coat of arms and their name derives from the Hebrew word Shigionoth. Prince Flavio Chigi Albani della Rovere also oversees the Albanian Mafia which do their criminal work. The Albani family were a papal nobility that originated in Albania. Corporate Zionism is all about consumption and monopolization. The Walton family who own Walmart have a portion of Sephardic ancestry. Greg Penner is Chairman of Walmart and Jesuit educated from Georgetown. They currently use the six points that represents the hexagram for the Walmart store logo. The hexagram is the most efficient geometric shape for processing thermal energy. Snakes have hexagonal scales used for absorbing solar rays efficiently. The Walton's use their massive amount of wealth estimated at about 150 billion to fund a "wall" of protection for the criminals running the world. They fund secret societies and pay people off and that is the wall. Corporations like Walmart should not exist at all and are designed to dominate over markets with the intention of hindering small businesses. They are monopolies and worse.

The Mars family are similar to the Walton's and they have a comparable amount of wealth estimated at 78 billion. They appear to have a relation with the House of Candia which they are covering up because they are double agents serving the Windsor family and covertly serving House of Savoy. Mars candy like Candia. Candito is the Italian word for candy and the House of Candia ruled Crete which was involved with the Venetian sugar trade. The Candia family also governed in France and Switzerland under the House of Savoy. The Mars family are serving the British Crown with John Mars as a Crown Knight of the British Empire. The British Crown rules over the Ashkenazi division of Zionism with the Rothschild family as their managers. Many of the major billionaires today have ancestry from the North Italian merchant cities. Ashkenazi merchant clans settled in Venice and Sephardic merchant clans settled in Florence. The groups ruling the world are in competition and are divided in Guelph and Ghibelline factions and their bankers and merchants are also divided in factions.

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Stephen A. Schwarzman is Skull and Bones member, Chairman for Blackstone Group, and worth more than 10 billion. He funds Skull and Bones gang stalkers and paramilitary groups in the United States. He serves the Bush family and works with Donald Trump's strategic and policy forum. He went to Yale at the same time that George Walker Bush was there.

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A woman by the name of Lucille DesRoches is an satanic cult leader. She is Christian Luciferian and the leader of an Amazon feminist cult. She is involved with pedophilia and child sacrifice. She is also involved in managing feminist gang stalkers. She has bright red hair and she is in her sixties. She is completely ruthless, greedy, and murderous.

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Boston Marathon Explosion, Waco Raid, Oklahoma City Bombing All Happened in April The Waco Siege - April 19, 1993 Oklahoma City bombing - April 19, 1995 .The Virginia Tech shooting was also in this week April 16 2007 , the Columbine shooting April 20, 1999 Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson April 13 1743 third President of the United States James Monroe James Monroe April 28, 1758 the fifth President of the United the last president among the Founding Fathers James Buchanan, April 23, 1791 15th President of the United States and Gay Ulysses S. Grant, March 4, 1869 the 18th President of the United States. what's all this mean ?

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I madly fell in love with a girl around 1.5 years ago. We both are good friends but I never told her. She is the best girl I met in my entire life and I cannot describe her in words. I love her a lot but there is a problem. She belongs to a rich family and me from a middle class but this never posed a difference between us. We both are from same college. She is a brighter student than me. I don't know what future holds for us. I want her to be with me always. I will work hard and do everything to keep her happy but I really don't have even 1% idea about what she thinks about me and if she is really interested in me. This thought comes into my mind always and leaves me in tears. I cannot share this thought with anyone. What should I do?

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We know cops, judges, Catholic Churches and social workers are linked to child-trafficking . We know Soros was caught hunting children for sacrifice . what you call Pizza Gate , is nothing new . Isn’t that right Molek ? You now have , tens of thousands of children fled south America , to escape a war created by , cops, judges, Catholic Churches and social workers , who are now building a wall to remove undocumented immigrant gang members , I.E adults who will fight them . Neither Anonymous , or Zeus had done anything but talk. See they cry when a white male football player gets drowned , but who cares about The undocumented eight year old boy from Honduras living in San-Francisco that was sacrificed last year ? Oh that’s right you wouldn’t know about him he was held hostage by cops, judges, Catholic Churches and social workers in a camp you call F.E.M.A , Sinsinawa

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I am a male crossdresser (kind of...) and recently I've been wearing my women's silver shiny metallic crop top straight outta H&M. It is so comfy and relaxing in guy mode because I'm not afraid to do it especially during the hottest weather of the season and it gets me obsessed with this fetish.

Yeah. Can't wait to wear it when I go for a walk someday. (Legal?)

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I hate to have to say that outloud, but it's true.  Today she made me so made that tears of anger washed my face.  I haven't felt that kind of anger in a long time. My sister is in a much higher tax bracket than I am and she makes no bones about how much better she is than me.  She talks down to me as if I were nothing.  I love her and yet I hate her. She can make a room full of people feel awkward just with her mood.  It's palpable.  It's like she needs to be personally invited to every family event there is.  And we aren't a formal bunch.  If my mom calls her in the morning and she's busy then, she expects another call later inviting her again closer to the time of  a meal.  My mom bulls up and won't do that and my sister gets offended and says she's "out of the loop". She always says that sarcastically to me like I'm the one keeping her out of the loop.  That's not true at all.   She won't call my parents and they won't call her.  Both thinks the other should do the calling.  Somehow I get put squarely in the middle as I have my whole life.  Each asks me what the other is up to.  Today my sister brought up an instance where she thought she was slighted about being asked to a flea market.  (Although she said I brought it up, which I didn't.)  She was asked the night before and said maybe. The next morning she was asked again and said no because she had been, "left out of the loop." See, she wants to be invited again and again. So, today I told her that maybe in the future if she feels I'm keeping her out of the loop that she should talk directly with my parents. She tells me I'm making an issue out of things and that she does not need my drama.  My drama?  Please.   She said that we would just continue as we always do.  I said, "Alright then.  Have a nice day." I am 46 years old and older than here.  I will not be treated like that anymore.  I've let her walk all over me my entire life and I'm done.  I will not buffer her sand paper personality for my parents any longer.  She can show her true colors. Right now I am so angry at her that I spit nails. She's a bitch and bullying one at that.  She's got a vicious mouth when she's angry. She'll pick an agrument and then tell me it's my drama. Fuck her.
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The City of London Corporation is a one mile square block in London where the 110 Livery Companies operate from. The 110 Livery Companies represent every industry in the global market. Most major corporations today are connected with the Livery Companies through proxies or subsidiaries. Business at the City of London is mostly private and they conceal ownership through private contracts. The Knights Templar of London were headquartered at the inner temple of the City of London and today are the Order of the Garter headed by the British royal family and British Peerage. The City of London Corporation, Knights Templar, and Order of the Garter all use the same red cross as a symbol. The Knights Templar were merchants and bankers that held gold for pilgrims who traveled to Jerusalem and provided them with bank notes which were used at the Templar's merchant shops along the way. The Knights Templar established modern banking. London merchants have a monopoly on gold and silver which they use as leverage over the markets and monetary system. They also manipulate the price of gold and silver from London. This Templar merchant and banking system is rigged and functions like covert monopolies through hidden corporate conglomerates. Foreign members of the Order of the Garter include King Juan Carlos of Spain, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, King Harald V of Norway, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and Emperor Akihito of Japan. They are members of the Order of the Garter because they covertly do business in London. The United States is a federal corporation defined under US code 3002 section 15 and is really a continuation of the Virginia Company. The Virginia Company was issued by the British Crown from the City of London Corporation for North American settlements. They are using the Bank for International Settlements as a proxy to steal from corporate governments through foreign tax contracts like the Belgian Scheldt Dues. They then launder and conceal the wealth in private Swiss bank accounts. Washington DC was established as a municipal corporate state and headquarters of the United States through the 1871 District of Columbia Organic Act based on debts owed to foreign entities like the Hudson Bay Company, Irish Government, and Kingdom of Belgium. Prince Lorenz of Belgium works at Gutzwiller bank in Basel Switzerland right near the Bank for International Settlements and is overseeing the private accounts of the royal and noble families.

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Eminem is a soulless satanic wizard who has fouled up the United States by spreading his filthy spells. He is a top Illuminati idol and runs a psychic house in society. He mutters demonic spells inciting sexual cannibalism in his fans. Eminem used sorcery to sacrifice Brittany Murphy and the rapper Proof. In Eminem's music video "toy soldiers" it depicts Proof getting shot and then soon after Proof was shot dead. This is a form of Kabbalah. Eminem is a disgusting pedophile, murderer, sexual cannibal, and soulless tyrant. He makes sacrifices for fame and has a ruthless desire to be known as the best rapper. Eminem is directly serving the Vatican and British Crown.

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O.K let the Niggers run the country. The same one's who can't run their own house holds . Remember the 13 year old boy that shot himself two weeks ago ? Yeah, the little baboon had a gun and his mother didn't even know it . Where was daddy at ? Probably in Prison for shooting his brother . or uncle or some stupid Nigger shit. They can no longer say we white folks are wrong in our claims. of how ignorant and Violent Niggers are. Old man picking up cans on the side of the road , and bam !! shot for entertainment . I'm sure white folks are going to give you any kind of control over politics.

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If there existed a way to forget certain events , to completely erase a memory, what would you use it for?

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My Heart Is Tired


My heart is tired much like this post. Damn, really people? Is this the best we can fucking muster up? The behavior around here has been insane. For the life of me I simply don't understand how so many of us can even breathe and walk at the same time. It seems like no matter how many times you try help it's the same tired result. every... damn.....time. It's gotten predictable.

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I stood in front of the classroom, every eye on me, and I literally mean every single eye. I stood there with mouth gaping open like a fish trying to breath air and for my lines that I rehearsed so many times to come out at any minute...it didn't happen. I was the only one in the entire class to completely forget every. single. word. Great. Just what I wanted, now I'm going to be remembered as that person that just stood there like an idiot for a whole two minutes. Every performance I do here on out in this godforsaken class will be forever over shadowed by the humiliating performance that I just put on today. Ugh my teacher, the way he literally had to read my lines for me so I would remember them and get on with my life, but no even when he read a sentence to get me to remember I didn't, I just continued to stand there, brain as blank as a fucking white canvas. I don't want to go back to class and see my teacher or anyone else's face. I just want to stay curled up in a ball eating cookies, is that so hard ask? Ugh fuck public speaking...anyone that enjoys it are the real mysteries of the world.

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When I was 17, I was raped byou my first boyfriend. He stole my virginity. I am now 24 and sometimes I see a rape scene on TV and it sends me into meltdown. I become a complete quivering mess of tears and panic. I hope that one day I can control this.

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How do WOMEN feel about death sentence for rapists? Convinced or otherwise. And should women be allowed to kill men who are raping them? I DO there should be a harder punishment for rapists and death is the ultimate one. You didn't give her a choice when you took away her dignity there shouldn't be a choice for him as well

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A Critical Analysis Why Mexicans Must Return Home. Why It’s For The Betterment of Mexico and America.

I am a simple individual who grew up with values that all human beings are equal and rightfully so, that its best to treat people like you want to be treated, and you do right by others, however this made me come off as too nice personally and interpersonally. I am educated but only by the grace of being poor and working since I was young. I like to think I am a good person for the deeds I accomplished by others regardless of race, status, or cultural difference. But while growing up and to this day I experienced a lot of racism and hate. From who you ask? Well everyone at some point naturally, however none was more prominent then from Mexicans or other nationalities from south America. The irony is most friends I have ever made were Mexicans, but there has been something inside me that has been eating at me for a very long time, for over 17 years to be exact. So, I guess it’s time to be a hypocrite, bigot, racist, and hateful person by society standards and vent out my frustrations by having an opinion based on my experience’s, what I’ve seen, read as well as other people’s stories. This is also based on facts affecting millions of Americans nationwide, so beside how biased this article comes off it’s a problem that millions agree with. These are key factors why Mexicans are being attacked and asked to leave in America. 1. Mexicans have extreme over reproducing habits, 2. Disrespect towards Americans or people not of southern America descent in various forms, 3. Have gang ties more than any group in this country, 4. Overwhelming pride that attacks other people’s existence, 5. The fact that most Mexicans abuse the aid programs of every kind and is its largest benefactor, 6. The ideology that America must return “stolen” land whether true or not back to Mexico, 7. Coming into the country illegally, stealing jobs whether by numbers or “connections”, and so much more. Many people came to this country in search of a better life, and many did so with proper vetting and integration. Why not Mexico? I will be making points as to why it’s time for you to go home and fix Mexico’s problems for it has gotten out of control, and why beyond my perceived racist and hateful overtone’s this plan is a good endeavor for Mexico and America.

  1. illegal Entry – I understand why you come to this country, you and your family seek a better life that is the promise of America and the wish to escape violence. And you’re not wrong for doing so, however its problematic for the number of illegal entry is beyond reason. Millions of illegal entries are by default over these last few decades from Mexico. Sorry but you’re the largest immigration force ever known! Many people conjured reasons to hate you but for simplicity lets focus on immigration. Many people did not see this as an immigration but legal invasion because Americans didn’t know why there where so many of you, as such they felt threatened. Beyond what’s perceived this is not a fallacy on America’s part. America has enemies, and new enemies have no face until they strike, paranoia or not. Also, there has been a hug majority of you that made threats about retaking stolen territory by sheer numbers! La Raza Group is one such extremist organization. Also apparently this deportation exodus that will be happening soon one way or another, happened in the past! The Mexican Repatriations was an event in the 1930’s America where Mexican’s where rounded up by the federal government and deputized law enforcement to deport 2 million illegals and non-illegals. Then it even happened again during the post war of the 1950’s with Operation Wet-Back in which over 1 million Mexicans were deported. The pattern in the past is repeating again now! This confrontational behavior of the majority of Mexican’s is ruining the lives of the minority of said group of people. Therefore, trump was elected into office, it’s not always because people are stupid for voting him in, even if they may not be smart enough to put it into words, and that’s why trump won. It’s because your people are flooding America, and taking the work we need to survive among other reasons soon to be explored in this article. Plus when he insulted the Mexican people how did you act? You rioted and insulted other people for having a different opinion and shouted “racist”, thus you all played right into trumps hands. I will expand on trump towards the end but let’s get back on track. America used your people for cheap labor in the past in Operation Bracero during the world wars then America exiled you during the war again with Mexican Repatriation movement and post-war operation wet-back, now their doing it again present day which will be the third time. Why did your people come back knowing this? Let’s break down why there is no room for so many illegals. Its simple logic actually, think of America as an ecosystem that had balance of deer’s and wolves among other animals, the wolfs keep the deer population in check so they don’t over bread and expand to fast. The ecosystem is fragile so major or even minor changes to it will cause ripple effects in the environment. Now think about what happens if another bigger predator comes into the eco system and wipes out the deer because there is so many new predators, Then the wolves starve and die the eco system collapses and then it’s a matter of finding a new home for all those animals who survive. Mexicans are the new predators, they can’t fix their own territory so they move on to another one, it’s not the best example but it makes my case. So, my point is there is not enough room for you here and your sucking up the resources that’s why it’s a big deal to Americans, especially since its burning a hole in their pockets. When my family first came here in 1903 on just one side of the family, from Ellis island we were treated like garbage! But my family contributed to society by being respectable and useful and we earned respect and citizenship. We were not rich, but poor! Anyone can come here, just respect our ways, then you will become a citizen, use proper vetting and integration. It’s not that America thinks Mexicans are sub-human scum it’s that there is not enough room for you in the eco system. That’s why your blamed, though I don’t hate you. But this needs to stop! Especially since you live off government aid in America.

  2. Taking on government aid - This is pure insanity for the largest group benefiting from the various programs of aid of the U.S government is not the homeless, not the disabled, not our war hero veterans, but Mexicans. Over 15 million immigrants use welfare in one form or another, this is supported by taxes, which is paid by citizens. Illegals do not pay taxes at all, I don’t care what argument says otherwise. So, when 15 million Mexicans take these aids free of charge and it comes out of the pocket of Americans, you see why this makes citizens angry. I will not list all the programs in welfare but it’s very large list, to name a few like TANF (food stamps), EBT (Free Money without usage limitation’s, CHIP (Medicaid), and so much more. When all these programs are used and severely abused by immigrants this leaves citizens drained of finances. Its why so many people have no choice but to work 3 jobs with no benefits or means to put food on the table after it’s all said and done. Having multiple jobs is actually asinine absolute, America is known as the land of opportunity not a place where you don’t know where your next meal is coming from. That’s why people come here, they know if they get one job full-time they can survive and live well and on the side, get to buy things for entertainment, accessories, nice cars, and so much more. All because you make good money by having a 40 hour a week job with benefits. All you have to do is work hard! That’s it! America came a long way during its fight for worker equality and rights. Here is a good example think of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s America. Ask anyone about work and they will tell you it was easy finding work, ask people what money expectations was like back then and they would tell you there was plenty, ask them how was the quality of life and they will say I wish it would last forever. I am 100 percent sure the positive answers outweigh the negative answers from people who lived during those decades. Because finding work was easy and making money was easy. You can understand that was thrown out the window when big corporate America found a new cheap and easily tricked labor force (Mexicans). So, when Americans see Mexicans taking their jobs and living of welfare that citizens pay for, and they must have 2 or 3 jobs just to survive you can imagine why your people are to blame and hated.

  3. Taking American jobs - This is the biggest slap in the face that America did since she actually had a very large hand in it. The CEO’s, business men and women, federal, and state leaders across the board in America saw the effectiveness of Operation Bracero back during the world wars, so they thought up a unique idea. What if we make America a place where immigrants love to be though job opportunity, financial aid in various forms, and rights? Better yet we won’t be paying for it! The answer was by doing so the average American who would not work under the table for less than living wages and benefits by law, would be replaced by an eager hard working Mexican who would take any payment to have the job, this made the old argument come to life “why should I hire you? When Pablo here will work for far less and does not ask for benefits?” Then it sinks in that you can’t fight that argument since the employer has the hiring power, then you realize that when you multiply Pablo by millions of Mexicans who are willing to work for less with no benefits you can’t compete with that desperation. Therefore, American citizens lost their negotiation power and instead take what they can get and bend over backwards in sick demeaning ways in order to have the right to survive. All because Mexicans were so desperate and willing to work for nothing, all because they were not smart enough to know when they were being tricked for a third time! But its ok, Mexicans are hardworking and Americans are lazy. Fact, right? Wrong! Americans are the ones who pay your financial aid as well! Not you! Americans pay taxes and those taxes have increased a lot over the years. Why? We pay government taxes and when the government does not have a lot funds to “help” immigrants survive they increase taxes. Of course, the government increases taxes when funds are low for any measure or proposal but your people contributed to this increase by billions! Thus, squeezing every last penny an American citizen has. This has ruined people and caused death for lack of means to an end. But its ok since your family will survive, right? The last bit is rights. I am sorry but when you come to a country illegally, you have no rights. The only reason you are treated humanely is because America is a civilized country, even if we haven’t always been such a prime example. So when you protest in the streets, give disdain for your treatment, and ask for rights to be created to help your people in a foreign land your being asinine! If you were to try such things anywhere else they would imprison you, deport you, or more commonly in many countries still, kill you. I realize when America was founded that we called ourselves the land of the free. So, America was interpreted as a nation of free will and law that gives said freedom in none restricting forms, and so far, that wasn’t a bad thing. However, this does not mean you can come here illegally and just fit your opinion into it. We are a nation of laws and customs that everyone must follow if they live here. So if the nation has strong anti-sentiments against illegal entry and you do so anyway, what does that make you based on law? A criminal. Pure and simple! Other nations saw this problem where jobs would be taken by illegals far in advance. It’s not that America is stupid for its legal choices it’s that she used you, again! Despite opposition from the citizens of this nation. So please quit your jobs and give them back to Americans before you lose it by force very soon anyways. It’s time to face the reality that you need to go home, stop fighting this long overdue change. Besides there so many of you that you can send money to family members then move. But that brings up another point about Mexicans, your numbers.

  4. Reproducing habits - It’s really nobody’s business what you do sexually, but your reproducing habits are out of control. It’s not that Americans are not very fertile it’s that most Americans are responsible in the act of sex and intent. Most couple’s want to enjoy a sex life devoid of children before they ultimately take part in something called “planned parenthood”. But when you use sex as a means to start a family so you can stay here and collect benefits for each head count, you just become the most twisted self-serving sponge ever. I’ve known so many Mexican men and woman who can’t keep their pants on, and many more who become parents at age 19 or younger. Like I said its nobody business what you do in the bedroom but that goes out the window when you keep dropping kids in this country left and right. Its more mouths to feed and this to comes out of the taxpayer’s pocket! Plus, back to La Raza extremists group and other organizations and people who share such ideologies by overtaking America by sheer numbers and participating in a quiet occupation, beware the cruelty of people who are pushed too far, especially since the government is now taking immigration seriously! Back to reproducing, it’s time to be responsible! Be safe when having sex and plan for parenthood by keeping your family small in the beginning of this process. Having 2 or even 3 children is ok. But if you have more than 3 your just being ridicules! This will suck up resources and piss everyone off. Let me give you an example from china, they limit you to 2 children, anymore then that gets euthanized or in simple English killed. Why? Because china’s population is too large so the government stepped in. Unfortunate for the Chinese people they are a communistic government and that’s why such awful things like that take place. But its ok since America is merciful and democratic, right? Wrong again. While we won’t be extreme and cruel like the Chinese these children will also be deported at some point. The “DREAMer’s” are already unsure of their future due to trumps decision to attack their status in America so not even “DREAMer’s” are safe from the changes coming. While it won’t matter if you continue dropping what Americans call “anchor babies” for benefits or visa in this country the people have spoken that illegals must go. There is very little respect in this regard by Mexican people, I know I grew up with that hate thrown in my face. Which leads to the next point. Disrespect.

  5. Disrespect against Americans - This one is a rather old behavior that’s stretches into the late 1960’s when Mexicans began coming here in droves again. This attitude most likely has to do with the fact that America was at war with Mexico during the year 1846-1848 with what was known as the Mexican American War. Which Mexico lost the war and yielded its territory of New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, Texas, and Colorado during the Treaty of Guadalupe. I can understand why Mexicans would hate Americans in this regard but that’s still no excuse to come into our territory and say derogatory statements and slurs about the citizens here. I don’t mean the simply hurting someone’s little feelings, I mean going to groups of protests and disrespecting our nation, like burning American flags, waiving Mexican flags while saying things like “viva la Mexico”, or disrespecting our holidays, physically or verbally attacking people who are not Mexican, and our way of life. Saying statements like and I quote “if your not Mexican you ant shit” or saying racial slurs like whito, anglo, bolillo, and gavacho to name a few, and that’s just white people what about the shit you say about African Americans? Let alone other derogatory statements against other races of people here. I can understand some bitter blood for a war that happened little over a hundred years ago, but to hold onto that is just dumb. An individual life well lived is worth far more than trying to start a hate group like La Raza or just treating anyone who isn’t Mexican like crap. There were many reasons why that war broke out, not just because a democratic U.S president wanted more territory but also because Mexico was barely a nation that handled its problems uniquely and calmly and turned into a dictatorship under General Santa Anna. I don’t believe that those U.S immigrants went to Mexico to start trouble but to try something new in life, in fact they were offered to come to Mexico territory known as Texas in order bring wealth to Mexico and even offered to not pay taxes and tariffs and was given land, does this sound familiar? But something changed, Santa Anna took control of the Mexican government, ripped up the constitution and declared himself ruler. He then demanded that the immigrants pay a very heavy tax and land grabs from the U.S immigrants. The fact is the immigrants from the US were treated like dirt and then they rebelled, by the Texas revolution! The revolution lasted from 1835 to 1836, and it was a war fought because of a lack of ethics from Mexico. Mind you this wasn’t just white Americans but also Indians and Mexicans. The revolution went on for a while but their last stand was at the Alamo Mexican Garrison, so they took it, then died fighting to the end against Santa Anna’s forces personally, thus ended the revolution. The US saw this as an opportunity and the rest is history. Both sides were wrong and yes, the USA was wrong in its actions by using this as an opportunity to use war as a means to an end, but your country provoked it! But hey what nation doesn’t have blood on its hands? Speaking of blood.

  6. Gang Ties - It’s scary to say, but I’ve only met a few Mexican friends and enemies who do not have gang ties. I realize one could make the argument that I am hanging around dangerous people but I assure you I have met a lot of “normal” Mexican folks. People you would never guess were dangerous, I’m not joking. Of course, after a time I stopped fearing this truth and admitted to myself that at any time something could happen and to get over it. If I died then I died, nothing I could do about it. Being afraid 27/7 was a hell I do not recommend, it didn’t matter if one of the homies was waving a gun in my face, that’s how used to it I got. I wasn’t even raised in a ghetto area and neither my neighborhood was bad. We had the occasional thug or even lesser a bad neighbor occasionally, but that was it. High school was a layer of ghetto though, that’s when I started learning the hard lessons of gangs. Lucky for me I never got attacked a lot, or put into a corner I couldn’t get out of. Enough about me lets wrap this up. Mexicans have the largest gang ties in this country, that alone is a big enough reason why your people must return to Mexico. Mexicans accumulate 47 percent of all gang members in this nation! Mexicans make the largest portion of prison in-mates in the U.S currently! Gangs by Mexicans have raised the bar in violence and efficiency of said criminal life. Black gangs also played a part in this rivalry as well, other gangs of different races played into this life style of crime but Mexicans perfected it. Mexicans have created its own worst enemy and self-perceived friend by letting individuals start large crime syndicates like the cartels in Mexico. That behavior and life style spilled into the U.S. Also, since we are talking about the cartels let’s get this out of the way. The only reason the cartels exist is because of the corrupt rich Mexicans and government officials that ultimately created them. These groups of people where considered thieves and murderers. However, it was born from the wish to steal from the rich and give to the poor. That’s right the cartels were originally robin hoods of their own time! But how did they become what they are now you ask? Easy, greed and lust for power corrupts even the most perceived light hearted souls. Even the Mexican government is corrupt. Your country is corruption incarnate! I really feel bad for your people honestly. However, you let the cartels grow and expand, instead of resisting with sheer number you conformed instead and become their willing slaves. A lot of Mexicans still think they are heroes and your friends, just because they provide wealth with their criminal activity and drug trafficking. They own 60 percent of your country! 60 percent! In the hands of crime lords! But after all I said just now about this, you will all still either run from this fight against the cartels or remain loyal. That’s the reason why you all come to the united states, you don’t just want a better life, you’re also running away from your own fight or trying to bring it here! I don’t care if Americans bought drugs from the cartels its corporate American business men and woman who were cutting deals with these crooks, not citizens. Yeah one can say America has its own problems on corruption but it’s a lot harder to do here, there are many doors you need to pass through to be a successful crook. Then you bring gang lifestyles into the U.S and the process repeats. It’s insane considering how much pride Mexicans always boast about, its almost like your lying about having pride just to save face, or maybe you think your pride is so powerful that it’s not wasted on efforts on anything not worth your value, whatever the case this is my next section.

  7. Pride - This is the one thing about interactions with Mexicans I cannot stand. It’s not that having pride is bad I mean I have pride and so many other people do too, but Mexicans make it a point that their pride is the most powerful and awesome of its kind for good reason and you cannot compare. That you would be lucky to be so proud. Sorry to burst your bubble but pride is useless unless put it to good use and even then, you shouldn’t let your pride dictate you as an individual or say that your better than other people because god forbid how many times I heard that Mexicans are superior and that pride is well received. Ugh it makes me want to vomit. Its ok to have a lot of pride but don’t use it against other people by telling them how much greater Mexicans are, that’s just being a complete douche bag with a Nazi perspective. Like I said pride is worthless unless used for betterment of one self or others, until then your pride isn’t going to pay the bills or get you special treatment. At least not anymore since trumps on the job, in California there is a plethora of rights and laws for Mexicans and immigrants alone or another name for it is special treatment! Good old Cali, has become a hot-spot for illegals and non-illegals of immigrant decent. I can see why that would feed Mexican pride, a sense of reality that twists your perception that since your race is being catered to by just one of the states mentioned is a source of superiority and victory against other ethnic groups or the system. But all you did was make tensions high and make racism seem like not such a bad idea, and behavior of racism was explored once again. It’s not entirely Mexicans fault as mentioned those who rule this country tricked you into being here for cheap labor and everything else that I’ve already explained, for a third time. But that’s just it, for all that pride you were tricked so easily. Take that pride and return to Mexico to make it great again. While mentioning pride its time I talked about the last topic concerning Mexicans ambition.

  8. “Reconquista” Re-Conquest of Former Mexico - This is something I touched lightly upon earlier in the article about. The fact that extremist groups like La Raza said Mexicans should take back land by assimilating into American society by millions and interbreeding with Americans to one day reclaim the stolen territory of old Mexico after the Mexican-American War. Thus, once enough Latino’s where present they would secede from the united states and America would lose its territory as an act of revenge, and since the new Mexican American army would be there the USA would be forced into a final confrontation that it would lose. This plan has openly been discussed for over a decade or more, and many Mexicans truly believe that this is not insane. Well I am here to give you some information about that, especially those of you who think it would work and Americans must be destroyed from the inside. First the government keeps close tabs on all situations, this has happened well before Snowden revealed the NSA spying on everyone in the country, no this was a practice that all governments took part in across time since human societies existed. So that means any extremist plans you laid was for nothing. Cause the government simply used you for cheap labor but had you under control. If you think I am full of it look up FEMA camps in American and notice that most of them around heavy Latino populations and other extreme groups of people in the USA. These camps are meant for imprisonment of any group or force as well as under the appearance and use of emergency aid for surrounding areas. They are built as multi-purpose internment and aid camps. They already prepared other ways to deal with extremist’s as well I am sure. Now the next juicy topic, war. I am going to say it simply, in a war against America you will not survive! For the longest time, we have been the most powerful military force on earth. Mexico going to war against America is suicide, we would conquer your remaining Mexico in mere weeks and that’s not a boast it’s also based on your military force which is painfully small and ill-equipped. Your only advantage would be numbers but we have all seen that numbers mean nothing against technology and weaponry, and America has that in spades. We are literally the giant next door and you don’t piss the giant off. Your belief that Mexico has even the slightest chance is folly, but I have also heard the classic argument that Mexico would align with Americas enemies like Russia or China. In this regard, yes Mexico would be a force that would be challenging, for a while. But you forget that the countries you align with would in turn conquer you so think wisely. As far as contending with the states I prefer if you didn’t because I personally don’t want to see you all destroyed cause like I said, I don’t hate Mexicans it’s the immigration that’s the problem that I outlined. Things are different now, when the Mexican America War broke out you relatively had the same weapons as the US, you even outnumbered our forces! But you were defeated easily losing mass amounts of territory. Now? No way, Mexico wouldn’t stand a remote chance. So please abandon this ideology of re-conquest it’s going to get you and your people killed, and there will be no Mexico. But that’s why trump was elected among other reasons, to hopefully avoid this option forever.

  9. 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump - I said earlier in this article I would create a small explanation on our current president and here it is. Despite the negative election and the crazy show of madness during the campaign, President Trump is something we as nation needed for a long time. I realize that he said a lot of negative things about many people, places, and situations. But realize he was just trying to be upfront about it and as for the remarks against immigrants particularly Mexicans, he did it on purpose, remember him verbally attacking Mexicans? He did that to show everyone in America what democrats and immigrants are like when insulted, thus you rioted, insulted, and attacked other people who you perceived to be your enemy. It also proved my point about the ethics of immigrants as well, including their ideology, and mission. After this, you all, no matter what you called yourself showed your colors to be people of extreme and childish behavior that was unfitting of democracy whether legitimate or not. You all showed America that you are not civil enough to discuss this peacefully. But after all the things I explained about Mexican immigration does all this not apply to other immigrants as well? Think about it, companies outsource jobs by building factories in china and Mexico as well as so many other places in the world where labor is cheap. Everything I explained is little problems becoming a large one, if trump did not get elected we would be in pure anarchy. Of course, American companies intensified this issue by taking short-cuts to larger and quicker wealth by outsourcing and cheap labor, but there is a saying, “Shame on you the first time, Shame on me the second.” You still need to take care of yourself and not be fooled, that’s still a human trait that your responsible for. It all comes down to jobs and balance of the economy, remember that ecosystem example? Same rule applies. Trump knows that jobs should remain in the USA and those jobs will be offered to only citizens and no one else. This is common sense, when that happens people will be paying taxes naturally due to there being only Americans working jobs and no illegals, this would also only work if government aid is only given to Americans and in a thriving economy would greatly be reduced, even people who are citizens would have trouble abusing said aid. This natural influx of tax revenue will increase government spending on the infrastructure (infrastructure in this regard means improving our nation efficiency and GDP) and decrease national debt. When this happens, the minimum wage will go to its appropriate living wage amount of $21.16 or higher. Or even better and maybe simpler, lowering the cost of living across all departments like food, housing, cars, bills, and even entertainment. When you know that you can survive by simply not making a lot of mistakes and being wise with your money, when you know that if you lose your job that you can simply get another one, when you know that as individual who uses common sense and works hard for what they want not always what they need, then you know your living in a great country. Because everyone is pulling their weight around, and those people outnumber the irresponsible ones. That’s why trump was elected, he sees the pattern of success. It’s just a matter of people understanding his vison that stand in his way. You see the democrats do not care about the Mexican people or immigrants at all, they want to do is keep the system in place where they may use you to further their party or keep the cheap labor going. Of course, my opinion is that both parties are a farce so the 1 percent maintain power and control over this nation and its people. It could be that since the 1 percent brought you all here they are now having second thoughts based on a disadvantage that immigrants may provide over the nation. This could be knowledge, ability, or maybe numbers. Who knows it’s all speculation. One thing is for sure we need trump because he can set things right, even if its viewed with extreme disdain. I will provide a simple outline on what Mexico immigrants must do so that it will only better your lives and the lives of your people so that trump will not target you so harshly.

  10. Things to do that will make the future a bright one for Mexico and America - First Mexicans must return home and face their problems and fears, I don’t care what that fear is you must face it. Everyone in the world runs from their fears at some point in life but you must face them. Second is to accept the fact that the cartels are your enemies not your friends, and that unfortunately the only way to deal with them is to destroy them. I really doubt democracy would work on the cartels. Of course, this is easier said than done. The Mexican government if trusted, has a task force aimed at dismembering the cartels but if this is a trusted avenue only. This is not an easy task, for if the sheer number of illegals here in the USA to take on vigilant justice and kill all cartel members would no doubt suffer casualties. Not to mention grueling deaths and attacks against your family and friends, not even mentioning your fate. But you see that’s your greatest strength, numbers. The cartels can’t take on a mob of 11 million or more illegal Mexican aliens from the USA. They would be destroyed in very little time if you all banded together. Together your stronger, divided your weak. Then you would take the money and resources from the cartel back to the people, the spending of this resource reposed would feed back into government and then they would use it for betterment of Mexico. This of course also hinges on the power vacuum created being destroyed as well so cartels never exist again. The cartels would be annihilated in weeks, then you would move on to the next step. Third being involved in the democracy of Mexico and I’m not talking about a few, I mean all of you, this would put pressure on the Mexican government to act ethically and do right by its people. Thus, cooperation will ensue new avenues will open. The land of Mexico would become a land of law again, this would put people into ethical mindset. After that the fourth step would to look for precious resources only available to Mexico, trade with other nation fairly and not just the USA, put earned money towards helping people in Mexico with education, transportation, housing, food, and other necessities. By doing this it would enrich the Mexican people, I remember a saying by an economist whose name escapes me who said that “If we have the virtuous cycle, then everyone is happy, and the economy flourishes”. The virtue cycle of economics is where the leaders in government rule justly and equally for all people of this nation as well in business interaction, the rich provide jobs and reasonable living accommodations with assets and property they own and services they provide like housing, food, wage, products, and infrastructure rule’s that are fair to the poor and middle classes, as well as the lower rich. Thus, the people have more than enough means to survive and enjoy life, then the people provide services and products sold which feeds back to the top of government and then the virtuous cycle repeats. Think of it like this, by treating the people right the land flourish’s, if the land flourishes then so do the people who own it, then the rich flourish from business, then the government flourishes from taxes. The process repeats. A society where everyone wins, and is happy. The only thing is hard work and will to make an honest living, lack of ethics is actually why we as humans fail each other. So even if you become a great business man or woman, or government leader with power and money, you still have your duty to abide by and that’s to do right by your people. Lastly is patience and willpower, the Mexican people have had multiple revolutions thus far thanks to lack of ethics. But if you show willpower, courage, and patience Mexico can be a first world country with a great economy and people. I realize that I did not provide to many direct ways on how to fix Mexico’s problems, and I realize Mexico does some of the things I outlined in this section and some I did not but your countries biggest issue is the crime lords and the government who can be barely called just that. You destroy the cartels and fix issues with government then your people’s problems will start to disappear for good. Do things after that that enrich your nation and your culture, increase your GDP, secure your boarders so you do not have the same problem that the USA has with Mexico, trade fairly and ethically, have a society based on justice and fairness, and become a member of the world that has the power, and discernment when to use it for the better good. America or any other nation may not be the greatest country in the world, or any nation by my standards but by starting in the right place you can be a happy nation with Mexican pride being finally put to use. You and your nation would be reborn in the best possible way, trust me the world and Mexico would be a better place.

  11. My Personal take – I realize a lot of the things I said today would not sit well with any of you, in fact I would be surprised if I told someone who is Mexican this if they understood where I am coming from, let alone hurt me or kill me, save the few Mexicans I met over 17 years that would understand my position. The fact is I hated Mexico and its people for years, I mean pure unadulterated hate. I wished death on your people. But as I matured I realized that it was wrong and retarded to throw everyone in the same boat as those individuals who wronged me and so many others. I know, it sounds counterproductive to wash away that hate only for it to manifest in the imminent exile of millions of Mexicans in America soon in the present. That same hate Mexicans experienced long ago was given to me as a child, by the kids, adults, and older Mexicans. It came from students, teachers, bosses, co-workers, friends, enemies and so many others. I lost jobs and career opportunities, money, friendships and even relationships to this racist division created. If I wasn’t Mexican I was not to be trusted and was a piece of trash, if not that then I was an awful person who wished ill will on your people because of my skin color and it’s only natural to hate me. The long grueling experience transformed me into a bitter, cynical, pessimistic human being, filled with hatred so intense it would make the devil proud! I really can’t emphasize that enough, it was pure rage. You see you gave me and so many other non-Mexican people the hate that was given to you, but by someone else who very likely has nothing to do with me or other people who hurt you, this was very likely based on stereotype’s, and past prejudice. Beyond my experience, everything I said as to why Mexicans must leave is not based on emotion, but society, economics, and common sense. I simply shared a tiny fraction of my life with you that’s all. I don’t regret wanting or needing this to happen, millions of other Americans feel the same as me. That’s why trump was elected to do so many tasks, this being one of them. I don’t hate your race or any other, but you need to go home and fix your own problems. There is so many things pushing fate in this direction. But I must warn you all, if you keep fighting the idea of returning home the trump administration will become harsher, and if the immigrants do not act responsibly in this, and act erratic in ways then it could lead to war. I know I said do not take this path for it will be your end, and I meant it. If it comes to that, may god have mercy on you. Please go home, all logic aside. The next response will be emotional, and emotion has a tendency of chaos in it. I wish to expand on this a little more by saying if you’re a true American, then it’s your duty to speak up! I have already myself participated in giving anonymous illegal immigration tips to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) through their tip form on their website [filtered hyperlink] which was successful. You can simply visit their site with google or any browser. The time to act is now, spread this article wherever you can safely and anonymously. I highly suggest you use free VPN or any VPN that’s trusted, then install TOR which is Peer to Peer network. This will give you complete anonymity. Simply spreading this article will cause a ripple effect, all it takes is just a few people, imagine if there where hundreds! Do what you can like writing articles, giving ICE tips, and spreading the word. To bring awareness and needed change, lets help the U.S President as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to help! If you do not know a lot about VPN’s or TOR then ask for help understanding it. I only push that because I believe it’s best to be anonymous, but if you don’t feel the same ICE isn’t going to hunt you down for having a voice. They also reward you sometimes with funds! Do your part as I will continue to do so as well. This is all I have to say. Of course, I will not reveal myself for this is an anonymous response and article for obvious reasons. As for my sources, I will provide in the sources page for a recommended reading section. As mentioned before this was also based on personal experiences, reading, and stories people told me, but alas I cannot cite myself as a source technically but I will, because it is worth something despite opposition of that idea. There are many articles on the internet, please search them out and you will see everything laid out to you in detail that this article could not do completely. I realize that a lot was said without providing citations and proof in this article, however this does not mean what I said today does not stand in the court of truth. Like I said the internet is full of information that can be confirmed, books as well. Even better people who put up with the situations outlined and then some. People can’t all be lying just because their racist or were insulted by an immigrant, millions of people don’t just wake up and find a reason to hate you or ask you to leave. There is reason produced by something we all share, experience. Look up all avenues in books, the internet, and stories people share, and you will see why this is not a racist attack, but a wish that things should be fair and just. But I promise you this, if you ever saw what life was like in my shoes I am more than 100 percent sure you would see why I had to say what I said, regardless if it’s just me or more accurately everyone who is an American citizen. This positive change will happen, except this time for once it’s the easier road for Mexicans. I want to mention that I will never come forward to claim my work, so if anyone should do so it’s a lie. Not that I think I am the best writer in the world, but simply someone who brought awareness and craves change. Thank you for reading, bless be.


The Individual Bigot

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This pedophiles soul is going to be erased from existence. David Rothschild is a lust filled pedophile and cannibal.

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The Italian Nobility and European royal families have spent tens of billions of dollars in persecuting me alone. They terrorize me covertly non stop. They have tried to murder me several times. They have funded large scale military black operations on me. They have poisoned me numerous times in various ways. They use emf weaponry on me all the time. They hire gang stalkers and cyber stalkers to harass me all the time. They completely deny this as they continue persecuting me. They claim that covert is the same thing as never happened. I demanded sovereign land and reparations from them and they said I am greedy and increased their persecution. They will continue to die and I will continue to kill their souls too. They made their decision and will die in their pride. There is no other option.

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Prince Carlo Odescalchi is one of the highest authorities in Rome and at the Vatican. The Odescalchi family have princely titles from Northern Italy, Austria and Hungary and connections with the Roman Catholic Church, Knights of Malta, and Jesuit Order. They also established a influential bank in Genoa. They claim they were part of the resistance to the Nazis in Hungary however today they work with the Vatican and other Austrian princely families that have direct ties with the Nazis. Prince Carlo Odescalchi has authority over the CERN program in Geneva Switzerland which also controls various particle accelerators around the world. Particle accelerators are nuclear technology. CERN is Nazi technology developed under the Manhattan Project. German scientists worked with American scientists on the Manhattan Project to develop nuclear physics. The particle accelerators are really increasing gravitational pressure in the lower atmosphere which is speeding up the rate of time and decay on matter. When they turn up the particle accelerators the air feels denser and it creates more stress on the body. Gravity refers to weight and is like electromagnetic pressure. The Odescalchi's Ilok Castle has a clock tower. They are like "time wizards" using their particle accelerators to oppress society so they can control the present and then dictate the future. In Roman Mythology they worshiped the deity Janus who is connected with time and doorways. Saturn is also connected with time in the Roman Myth and there was a Cult of Saturn located in Rome. Ode means a musical poem. The Odescalchi family have a portion of authority in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Tom Cruise got married at the Odescalchi castle and he serves them as a Knight of Malta. Katy Perry covertly serves the House of Odescalchi and she is a wiccan member of the Cult of Saturn. Other members of the Saturn cult include Queen Elizabeth II, King Harald V of Norway, George Walker Bush, and George Soros. Prince Carlo Odescalchi is the head of the Cult of Saturn today.


Gravitational time dilation is a form of time dilation, an actual difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers situated at varying distances from a gravitating mass. The weaker the gravitational potential (the farther the clock is from the source of gravitation), the faster time passes. Albert Einstein originally predicted this effect in his theory of relativity and it has since been confirmed by tests of general relativity.[1]

Gravitational time dilation has been experimentally measured using atomic clocks on airplanes.

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We are looking for people to help us blow up The Pentagon . TEXT one of us now . 470-455-1172 901-754-1652

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Steven James Dishon is the high Freemason within the United States. He is a high level manager in various secret societies and works under the British Crown and as a double agent for the Vatican. Steven James Dishon is one of the highest level Freemasons in the United States. As if he was Lucifer himself.

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Jamie Cahill Bailey runs a satanic wiccan cult. She is easily the most evil woman I have ever met. She was caught molesting an African American child in a bathroom at a school she worked at a while back. She sacrificed an old man named Marty in 2010. She is working with human traffickers connected with the US military. She is involved in human sacrifices, cannibalism, gang stalking, and murder. Her father David Cahill is multi millionaire and high level Freemason funding gang stalkers in the New England region. They are working under the British Crown.

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Baron Thomas Henry Foley and Rupert Thomas Foley are Nazi thieving devils. The name Foley means a "plunderer" They have a hired a woman from my region and their lineage name Shannon Foley to gang stalk and harass me and she works with other Nazi cult members like Justin Caruso who I have already name in another post. They are ruthless and extorting. They are involved in murder, theft, extortion, human sacrifice, and more.

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