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Seth mcfarlane [yuck!] is an idiot suffering from a HUGE inferiority complex and a SMALL penis. Family guy has never and will NEVER be as good as the Simpsons or even Futurama and seth KNOWS it. Instead of improving family guy the idiot keeps creating even worse spin off cartoons like AMERICAN DAD, the Cleveland show etc. What a LOSER.

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hotel echo lima lima oscar 814 the raven spread her wings

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Niggers should be wiped off the face of the earth . White, Asians , a majority of Latino we all pretty much recognize Niggers should be killed . They are a violent savage bunch rape and murder are highly admired among them . Just look at the black man's biggest heroes Rodney King a drunk nigger behind the wheel speeding and driving recklessly what they do riot because the cops stopped him he fought them so they hit him a couple times. Mike Brown we saw what happened there . police should have shot him . Treyvon Martin same thing he's a good nigger Good and dead . We should start a new campaign , Save the world kill a nigger !!

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If at least you told that customer that you were giving him or her a courtesy it would be less of a surprise when I act according to policy.

But no, some employee for whatever reason gives this person what he/she wants then that cust blasts a different employee for following the rules.

Shift work being what it is, it's not like we all jave the opportunity to even know that this customer "usu asks for and gets the non-pol treatment.

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This is the husband of M Huynh who has beaten her , points a gun at her and promises to kill her and their daughter. This piece of shit resides at 2350 Kenwood Ave which is in Williamsport. She has a heart of gold and this scumbag has ruin her life. Want to do something good call Old Lyco Twp Police

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Yes that ANTIFA girl I'd suck a dune out of her ass. Let me show up to a protest and your pretty ass is walking around acting crazy-- Fake Badge and Handcuffs- I'm tossing your salad .I'll put it on Video and let her name it . All I want is to lick that ass crack and hit it like a jack hammer and I don't need to get paid . I'll do that for free .

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usain bolt, at age 31, wants to start playing professional soccer!!! Is he broke or what? or does he miss the roar of the crowd? What part of RETIRE does he not understand? mohammed ali, mike tyson, michael jordan, Pele all "retired" and then came back again to be SHADOWS of themselves. I'm sure if Michael Jackson were alive "This Is It" would not have been "IT". He would have continued producing albums till an album sold less than a thousand copies!!!

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Yesterday saw on CNN that speilberg wants to make another indiana movie. OK, no problem with that BUT he wants to cast Harrison Ford in it!!! PLEASE, somebody tell harrison ford that he is TOO TOO OLD to play indiana jones!!!!

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I feel like having sex with my sister, she is acting slutty atound me sometimes she unzips her jeans in front of me and sometimes she touches my cock purposely and smiles at me while doing it.I unzipped her jeans one time and she slapped me.I feel like I should rape her.What should I do?

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Still have a very active sex life with the wife, but can't shake these gay fantasies I have had for almost 8yrs now.

I wish they would go away, or I wish I could act on them and figure out if I really am bisexual.

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I need advise please. I am sexually attracted to my 15 year old (to be 16 next month) stepdaughter. I'm petrified for all the obvious reasons, her age, the fact that she's my stepdaughter, the fact that I'm married to her mom, and a billion other reasons that you can probably think of on your own. I'm also concerned because I think she has noticed that she arouses me when she's next to me and her skin touches mine. The first time she noticed that she aroused me, she became somewhat distant with me and would try not to be next to me. But recently she has been getting close to me again. She recently brushed my penis with her foot. I want to think it was an accident, but it happened about three times within the span of an hour. I got the feeling that she liked it. While due to my attraction to her I like the idea that she might enjoy knowing that she arouses me and might even purposely be starting to do things to arouse me, she is under age and more importantly, she's my stepdaughter. I don't want to ruin what we have by doing something stupid, but at times I feel like I can't control my feelings. What do you think? Has anyone been in this situation before? Are there any stepdaughters out there that can give me some constructive advise? Thank you.

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THAT idiotic retard seth macfarlane always made fun of Steve Hawking and his disability in that stupid cartoon family guy. SHAME ON YOU, SETH!! The ghost of Stephen Hawking will punish you, seth Macfarlane. it's downhill for your career henceforth!! IT IS NOT OK TO MAKE FUN OF THE PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED!!! YOU CAN BE FUNNY, SEXY AND ENTERTAINING WITHOUT MAKING FUN OF SICK PEOPLE. SETH, CHANGE YOUR WAYS!!!

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If you think this earth is a sphere, and we are walking upside down on a ball. I really do feel sorry for you!!!

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... to leave my wife, and move in with my cousin. She is single now and I wish I was too.

I believe she would be happy to live together. And develop a full relationship as a couple.

I want to make love to her.

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What the fuck is wrong with the people on this site..........

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Two man can sucky each other on the walk but father go to prison for spank child

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It's been a while.. I see you accomplished one of your many beautiful dreams. I'm so proud of you, I watch from a distance respecting my boundaries. A continuous urge so just say hi. Not sure what else to say after that. How are you? Suppressing memories make me laugh a little then it's back to my day. I'm writting a book. I've gotten really far with it. I hope you read it someday and and smile. Still praying for your dreams, I'll never stop. I hope your happy. I love you're smile...still..so much strength and beauty behind it..

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I local church near me is some politically correct mess of an emergent SJW CUCKS!!! HERE is a statement from their website on how be SAVED...

Our inability to reestablish our relationship with God leaves us dependent on God's mercy. God graciously provided the means to reconcile this relationship through faith in Jesus Christ. - (CORRECT SO FAR) - Our relationship is re-established when we make a commitment to accept Jesus as God's son and Leader of our lives. Through faith in Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven, and we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and eternal life.


First of all making a "commitment" to Jesus saves ONLY if it includes TRUSTING Jesus, otherwise it is not saving faith and only produces fake Christians, which explains probably why some modern churches are such messes. So many churches and pastors are currently filled with fake Christians, and many others are true Christians but are heavily compromised and spiritually weak, tepid, and pathetic. Christians need to pray for some real repentance and the power of God to work in their lives.

To me a church like that has TWO purposes for someone like ME to attend, ONE is to tell them to REPENT, INCLUDING THE PASTOR, and if he will not receive it, then I will walk away. The other is to meet some nice young Christian ladies. A GOOD church to me means attending for primarily spiritual purposes with social things including with the ladies a SECONDARY purpose, but a church like that, getting with the ladies is a PRIMARY thing as far as I am concerned, along with trying to tell the pastor and people there to REPENT!!!

Practically speaking, this acceptance is demonstrated through both a private and public commitment. We demonstrate our commitment privately by faith (acting upon our belief that God has the power to save us) and repentance (turning back to God and depending on Him to control our lives). We also publicly express our commitment by confessing our acceptance of God's salvation and submitting ourselves in baptism by immersion.

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I seriously think suicide is a really weak thing to do, I mean if you "hate living " ūüėā so much because of how people treat you , you should just stand up for yourself , why would you even let anyone talk down to you so much that you'll want to end your own life? Stop posting so much about how you wanna kill yourself and just ducking do it already, and if you can't then just stfu and enjoy life already you stupid emos ūüėô

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Hey JoJo Siwa your but hole my mouth , please come back with a boomerang make it tasty and smelly

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Sometimes its hard to function because there are too many bastards with hearts full of darkness and heads full of shit. Some days it takes all you have to keep on going in the middle of so many sons of bitches, and all their friends who agree with them.

Too many zombies, not enough real people left.

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I did play with the ouija board and now I'm scared you check back with me, I asked who was ZoZo it said King Joshua I thought I was being funny but I'm scared now . It said Kid Joshua is the thief and will kill everybody in the world. and it spelling adpatrik what is that ? What really scared me was it said dead and a clock flew off the wall .

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If I'm ever on death Row for my last meal I want 6 slices of pizza , extra cheese .with walnut sauce

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The short answer: Nobody knows for sure, but it appears to be common enough that you know someone who has been involved, whether you know it or not.

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allah worships my penis-----Finally a colour photograph of allah has been taken. To see it google ‚Äėblack pig‚Äô.

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Bearing in mind I've sodomized allah a milliard times, I’m getting concerned about how much of my sperm has leaked from allah's anus into the bedrock of arabia. It might affect the oil supply. Oil companies take note.

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During our usual sex romp at the kaaba in mecca last night allah overshot his sperm quota. ‚Äďallah swallowed 0.0007 ml extra sperm and must be punished! What do you suggest as the appropriate punishment for allah for swallowing too much of my cum during our saudi sexcapade? A] force allah to wear a long black dress under the hot arabian sun B] cut off allah‚Äôs hoof C] give allah 20 lashes D] stone allah to death. These punishments may sound extreme, but they are things allah himelf has ordered done to MANY people for over a thousand years

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-allah sucks DAVID DUKE’S Penis 5 times a day!! -allah is the slave of the CIA -allah is the only begotten piglet of a dirty pig! - allah is the only begotten son of a dirty pig! -allah is the chattel slave of BREITBART

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I know where allah lives. ‚Äďallah lives in the white house main toilet. allah‚Äôs favourite treat is DONALD TRUMP‚ÄôS FAECES. Be silent and hear allah now. allah eats Donald Trump‚Äôs shit as allah shouts:-‚ÄúDONALD TRUMP AKBAR!!!‚ÄĚ

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-allah is going to get what is coming to him- DEATH!!! I charge allah the pig guilty of being a thief and a fool. Choose his punishment viz- 1. I will force allah to wear a black dress under the hot desert sun 2. I will stone allah to death 3. I will cut off one of allah’s hands.
Do these punishments sound extreme? They are things allah has done to THOUSANDS for centuries. Tit for tat. That fool and imbecile allah should eat a taste of his own medicine!!!

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-islam is a religion of PISS. Pig piss!!! allah is the slave of pigs islam has no place in civilized society The quran is a cheap, poor quality answer to the Bible The quran copied the Bible, and very poorly too -allah is my slave, bought and paid for by a litre of whisky and a pound of pork! I swear by Him that lives forever and ever that I will one day kill allah!

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allah smells like shit mixed with piss Bought a quran yesterday. The cover smelt like bitch, the inside smelt like shit. Pig shit! What is mohammed’s mother’s name? BITCH -allah’s favourite food? Pig shit -allah’s favourite drink? Pig piss

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I charge allah for encouraging mohammed [shame be upon him] to fuck a 9 year old girl!!! I find allah guilty of encouraging dirty old men in paedophilia.

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LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! Where is allah now? In Mauritania, eating pig shit In Madagascar, drinking pig piss In turkey, drinking pig sperm In New York ground zero , licking my dick!

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Masturbate on the quran and switch off all electronic devices. Youwill hear allah screaming “AMERICA AKBAR!! DONALD TRUMP AKBAR!!!’

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Warning everyone planning on doing business with an individual named Alex (Alexander) Shchekin, currently residing in Long Grove, IL. I have never written anything like this before but wanted to share some quick facts about this individual and issue a warning. If you don't feel like spending a few minutes reading this then here is a short version: DON'T GIVE ALEX SHCHEKIN A SINGLE PENNY AS HE IS FRAUD! Alex, aka Sasha, aka Alexander Shchekin is a professional scam artist who feasts on the poor, ignorant, and desperate people. Along with an individual named Andrew Menasce they have 2 websites: Intergam.com and ReadOz.com. He claims that he is about to go public with his company and that he no longer needs investments from anyone, but he will do you a favor and let you buy some left over shares for just a fraction of the cost. When my partner and I bought well over $25k worth of shares from him and signed the contract, he began systematically failing to deliver on any of his promises and giving an excuse, after an excuse, after an excuse as to why that happened. As I began searching more about him I realized that EVERYTHING that this guy says is complete and utter lie... Every page that you will ever find about him, like facebook, zoominfo, vc, twitter, etc that supposedly have his name, or his company ReadOz mentioned in them, are all made by Alex Shchekin himself in a very poor attempt to try and make himself look bigger than he actually is… He is currently being sued by at least 4 different parties for the same exact company (ReadOz) that he claims is about to go public. He claims his other company called Intergam makes $45 mil./year, yet his website is not even finished, it was forcefully shut down by the government twice for a failure to pay the annual corporate filing fee, he has no customer service, his address is a PO box, and when you call the Contact # it goes straight to a voicemail. I found out that his ReadOz company that he claims is just about to go public has been "just about to go public" since 2007, which is when he took well over $100k from a group of investors and most likely used it for his personal agendas. His home in Long Grove was recently foreclosed upon by the bank. He sells shares fraudulently to unaccredited shareholders, clearly violating the law. He will tell you great stories of how much he has accomplished in life, and how he knows many celebrities and government officials, and what a generous person he has been to everyone, and that everyone just tried to screw him over, but those are all lies, as he simply manipulates people. He will even go as far as tell you "secrets" about his personal life just to get you to trust him more.

What Alex Shchekin does is this: he takes your $, makes many excuses each and every time asking him why he hasn't delivered on his many promises, and waits for the time to expire for you to be able to sue him, all while living on the $ that you supposedly "invested" in him. In fact, if you try to sue him, he will simply use the same $ you gave him, or another person like you, to defend himself in court.

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The Ruspoli family is the most wicked Illuminati bloodline and top owners of the Vatican with princely titles all over Italy and Spain. The Ruspoli family are also intermarried with the House of Sforza and are involved with Italian banking.  Prince Alessandro Ruspoli is the a direct descendent of the Mattarazzo family of Brazil. The Mattarazzo family originated in Italy before immigrating to Brazil. Count Francisco Matarazzo founded Industrias Reunidas Matarazzo S.A which was one of the largest companies in Brazil and Prince Alessandro "Dado" Ruspoli inherited a portion of its wealth from his mother Claudia de Conti Mattarazzo. Prince Dado Ruspoli was also an actor and in the movie Godfather III which is one of the many examples of Hollywood glorifying the Italian Mafia. Tao Ruspoli who is the son of Dado Ruspoli is in the entertainment industry and was married to the actress Olivia Wilde who covertly manages a satanic cult in Hollywood today. Dado's other son Bart Ruspoli is married into the Getty family who established Getty Oil Company. Jean Paul Getty was considered the wealthiest man in America in his time. Prince Lilio Ruspoli-Sforza was a top executive for Banca Romana and worked under the Italian Bank of the South. Prince Lilio Ruspoli-Sfora was also the Italian High Commissioner of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and ambassador for the SMOM. Marquis Luis Ruspoli who died in 2011 was also a Knight of Malta. The Ruspoli family have two grape vines on their coat of arms. Grapes and wine are often used as metaphors for blood by the Illuminati. The Roman Catholic Church drinks wine as a metaphor for the blood of Christ. Members of the Ruspoli crime family include Prince Lilio Ruspoli-Sforza, Prince Francesco Ruspoli, Princess Giacinta Ruspoli, Tao Ruspoli, Bart Ruspoli, Don Enrique Jaime Ruspoli, Don Carlos Osvaldo Ruspoli and Don Luis Ruspoli.

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Donald Trump is the greatest President EVER. Almost 24 hours later I'm still invigorated by his speech! DONALD TRUMP IS PROOF THAT GOD IS NOT YET DEAD!!!!!! DONALD TRUMP IS PROOF THAT GOD HAS NOT YET GIVEN UP ON AMERICA, AND ON MANKIND. I hear GOD in Donald Trump's voice. Maybe Donald Trump IS God.

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Today I’ve only thought about killing myself twice today. I have what I need, just have done it yet. I painted a little and it helped. I’m so tired of being completely forgettable

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What is a nigger? Proof that skunks mated with monkeys. Why do black people have white hands? The paint rubbed off from the cop cars! Why do more niggers get hit by cars in the winter? They're easier to spot! How do you get a nigger out of a tree? Cut the rope. why were so many niggers killed in the Vietnam war? because when the sergeant said to "get down", they all got up and started dancing.

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No one's tired because they know it's the truth . big lipped flat nosed savages Trump called it they are from shit hole countries and the people are walking turds . Rich man travelin' down thru the South Stopped in Mississippi to get a tooth pulled out When he paid the doctor the charges due He said "My nigger chauffer's got a bad tooth, too" "Well, I'll pull it...", said the doc, "but you'd better not holler! Cause I'll have to charge you $200.00 Cause here in Mississippi he can't open his mouth We'll have to go thru his bottom, to get the thing out!"

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No - It's Hillbilly cannibalism . Especially in Eastern Kentucky .

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Wells got caught up like many others they hired him collected insurance and called the police on him . So he sits in jail . They find a drug addict a few hits and promise a couple k . in dollars while he's on his way they call 9-11 report a prowler get the insurance the police get a lunatic drug addict off the street case closed .

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2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV) 14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

So very often GOD'S people need to repent. That is in the BIBLE. I would include myself, as being encouraged to grow spiritually and throw off sin from my own life. Since ALL believers are saved by God's grace, and no human is perfect in this life. I may be more serious about attempting to have good doctrines than many of these emergent churches, but still spiritual growth is a process no matter how you slice it. So anyone who denies that churches and Christians need to repent ever, should refer to the above referenced bible verse.

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the earth is flat. was very surprised when i found out. was fooled all my life. DAMN!!!

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On Glebe RD I killed a black girl last year , dumped her in their dumpster Place is Paki so you know who caught the blame-- isn't that right terrorist ?

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I think about suicide a lot. I'm not at the point where I want to try it again, but I feel like I keep relapsing. I'm good for a few days, then stress takes over and pushes me to start thinking about how pointless everything is. I get scared of getting old. I get scared of feeling sick. I get scared of staying at my shitty, dead end job. I get scared thinking about leaving the shitty stability it gives me. I get scared because I spend all my days at work working to earn money and at night I stay home and work to try to get a foothold to do something I actually want to do. I'm burning the candle at both ends. I'm tired. I'm afraid I'm wasting my life. Everyone around me has so much more life experience and while getting drunk and having one night stands doesn't interest me, I want to make that connection.

Sometimes I feel like I have it with this friend of mine but it feels so inconsistent. Like he's constantly drifting me in and out of the friendzone. I don't know if it's because he knows. Maybe he likes having me like him unconditionally. But I can't tell what he's really thinking and I'm too scared he'll reject me again. I don't know if I should just cut and go though, because what if he does and I hurt him?

It's all a big jumbled up mess. I can't get my head to calm down. I can't relax. I can't stop pushing myself to work hard and make my dreams come true, but then why can't push myself enough to find a way out? When will I finally get my chance?

I don't know.

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I am Nobody


I wish I could have done better. The truth of the matter is I have very little utility to my wife and my parents as well. I was treated in the USA and don't have the values or culture of my Asian white or parents. For me it's like being out in a round room and then being told to find the corners. I will always fail. It was foolishness on my part marrying this woman and thinking she would understand I'm American. I am nobody to them and always will be a fifth wheel.

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