Dear Readers, I am going to take you under the hood of the Secret Life of Proshat Sarabloo Lehmann. I can't help feeling sorry for her, because she had to adopt the "fake it till you make it" philosophy in many aspects of her life.  While she has great potential, she is equally the most troubled, reckless, and unforgiving soul I've had the great misfortune of crossing paths with. This is a girl that would make a man want to committ suicide or hold a grudge against his parents for bringing him into this world.  She is the very definition and epitome of what makes women highly dangerous. It is the way some people feel about spiders catching free flying creatures into their sticky and deadly webs. PROSHAT DOES NOT HAVE A LEGITIMATE ARCHITECTURAL DEGREE - She had been reprimanded by Iranian authorities for being too progressive and modern. At some level people can admire that, but when refused her degree by an Iranian University (which was NOT in architecture) she HAD to make it appear to her profession that she was a bona fide feng shui designer. PROSHAT CUT AND PASTED CONTENT FROM ESTABLISHED FENG SHUI MASTERS - It's not only becuase she lacks originality, but it was convenient as the interior design firm she worked for went bust. She copied Lillian Too's business model of a feng shui institute after attending one of Lillian's classes. SHE MAKES PROMISES SHE CAN'T DELIVER - Perhaps it is Iranian hospitality that is responsible, but she is as empty as a balloon that bursts with a sharp prick.  She doesn't have anything to offer UNLESS she is going to gain and benefit from a given situation. PROSHAT ASKED SOME FRIENDS TO FABRICATE REVIEWS ON HER ZENSATION WEBSITE - Aren't you more likely to buy something when there is a good review about it? What if the review was purposely placed there to trick people into buying her serivce?  PROSHAT HAS MORE DARKNESS THAN LIGHT - You cannot ask someone who is MORE NEGATIVE than positive to help you make positive changes in your life.  This is a girl who cried when the hairdresser cut her hair one inch more than should have been.  There are people starving in the world, how self centered can a person be? PROSHAT MARRIED FOR IMMIGRATION TO GET TO AMERICA - If you check the backlinks on her Zensation website, you will find a link for "Green Card Lottery".  It is equivalent to golddigging.  PROSHAT HAS BROKEN PEOPLES SPIRITS MORE THAN LIFT THEM - And she will have the some coming back to her.  PROSHAT MOVED HALF A DOZEN TIMES IN DUBAI BEFORE ESCAPING TO CANADA - She lived in the prestigous Jumeirah area of Dubai, but her and her Nazi douchebag husband had to downgrade to Old Town Dubai and told everyone that it was becuase they wanted a garage to park their cars.  What a load of BS - it was because they were in financial trouble from the expensive lifestyle to appear rich and successful.  Her balloon popped. CANADA OFFERED PROSHAT A FRESH START WHERE NOBODY KNEW ABOUT HER DARK SECRETS - Now she is modeling because she is a copy cat feng shui consultant.   The truth about feng shui is that it can marginally improve circumstances and it depends on a persons auric field and whether they have any energy "leakage". Don't believe this hullabloo that Proshat and other imaginative con-artistsare offering. 90% OF FENG SHUI IS GETTING RID OF CLUTTER - Don't fall for the exotic formulas with a special feng shui compass.  It is something Proshat ripped off from wiser feng shui masters, but they are also selling you intangible results.  "Oh, when we moved furniture, we has lots of money suddenly come in that week".  Crap. The shift in people's mental states produces these results, not the fact that I moved my coffee table 5 cm to the left. INVESTIGATE PROSHAT DEEPER - SHE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED.  No one would go through the trouble to write this about someone if it isn't true. Know what you are getting into with the confidence woman and trickster.  Look up the story of the famous feng shui master in Hong Kong named Tony Chan that claimed to be the lover of billionaire property tycoon Nina Wang so he deserved part of her fortune.  He was only her feng shui consultant, but ended up being a vulturous rascal.  Do I have to tell you guys anymore on feng shui? IF YOU WANT GOOD FORTUNE, YOU MUST FIND A LEGITIMATE ENERGY HEALER - Some people spent a fortune on feng shui and scratched their heads sying "why isn't it working"? Because, you morons, you don't have the energetic and mental imprints that rich high-vibration people do.  Feng shui can't give you that,  but you can find a Light worker that is gifted enough to create those imprints for you.  I spent a fraction of what I paid a respectable "feng shui" consultant to raise my vibratory frequency to previously unimaginable heights. PROSHAT IS SELLING YOU A 1945 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE and TELLING YOU IT IS A FLYING CAR. SORRY, BUT TERRAFUGIA MAKES FLYING CARS PROSHAT YOU FRAUD.

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  1. This post is so true!!!!!   
    • I've never hated anyone in my life as much as I hate Proshat. I'm going to dedicate my last dying breath to go thermonuclear on her. She is basically a female version of Adolf Hitler. Self-centered, ego-maniacal, self-proclaimed psychopath LOSER
      • Ah, but the problem is that she gets away with it . She got away with it in Dubai. She has lied to people , beliveing she has a degree in Architecture. I wonder if the Canadian Archtitectual Association actualy knows ? As it's illegal to call yourself and achitect in Canada if you do not have the right qualifications. And the degree she has from Azard Uni is a fake !!! By the way She has also lied to her husband, and she still gets away with it.
        • Forget about the Architectural Association - she will be in deep shit if Canada immigration digs into detail and finds out her motives behind marriage. And Eiko, whom we should call Rico, only has capacity to think with his penis. Imagine a brainless animal who only knows how to fuck and nothing else . Even that one thing he can do he is not even good at. And again, if Proshat was fat and ugly nobody would listen to a word she has to say - remember that no men will ever second guess her because all they are thinking is how to get her in bed. Anyway, looks like she got her immigration and all she had to do was fuck someone. That's pussy power, she is the biggest perpetrator of abusing sexual power because it is her only Ace card. I have to say, Proshat sucked my dick the second night I went to her hotel room. Then one thing led to another and I we had the most mind blowing sex imaginable. I am jealous that I don't get to stick my dick in her every day, but and i love how she swallows. Omg, it was total ecstasy. I will get naked with her again, forget her husband...she'll scream for those orgasms I gave her before!!! Rico could never make Proshat gush the way I did and WILL do again!!

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