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I'm not sure why I have this fantasy but I do. I find myself looking at bi-sexual porn just for the totally turns me on. I mentioned my fantasy to my husband...and he didnt complete shut me down. Do you think he is willing? If so what should I do next?

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  1. My wife had known for many years about a couple of bisexual experiences I had as a College student. Although she wouldn't come right out and admit how much the idea excited her, she's asked me for details many times, and sex with her has always been hot and demanding afterwards. I always suspected that she would be very open to actually seeing something happened, but never knew how I could make it happen. Several weeks ago I attended my College reunion on the West Coast; this was for people who graduated in December, rather than may. One of the first people I met was Dan, my ex-bisexual buddy. His wife is a really nice lady, and after a night of drinking and partying, she and my wife began talking, comparing notes, and revealed to one another that they both knew about Dan's and my past. By our third evening, the four of us were hanging out exclusively, and after more drinks and partying, the main subject of conversation was Dan, me, and how much the girls wanted to see us make live to each other. By the end of that evening, Dan and I had done everything with and to one another that two guys can possible do. Our wives loved it, cheered us on, came several times them- selves, even though they didn't actually participate. I guess the point here is; if you don't ask, you're never going to realize your fantasy. If you do ask, you just might realize your fantasy; there's is nothing to loose by asking.
    • I've been tempted to try cock sucking since a woman I dated asked me to try it. We never got around to it, but ever since part of me has been keen to try. I'm not into guys at all - would never go near their ass or kiss etc... but to play and suck a cock really appeals. My now wife is aware that im broadminded sexually, I just don;t think he idea is a big-deal for her, so I guess it will remain a fantasy! Interesting thread guys!
      • I wish my wife would get into doing things like this. I would love to suck a cock in front of her. I have had this fantasy for years but have never had the chance to act on it. I would also love to suck a guys cock in front of his wife. It seems as though the older I get the more I want to experience sexually.
        • My wife was bi and had always wanted me to try it, so one afternoon i did, and we both loved it. To our surprise, i enjoyed having a cock in my mouth while my wife looked on. She told the guy we where with to fuck my mouth & he did it hard & fast. He ended up shooting a nice size load of cum down my throat and i swallowed all of it for my wife to enjoy. She kissed me right after i had swallowed in order to taste his cum on my lips and tongue. Haven't stoped sucking cock for my wife going on 14 years now.
  2. i watch my husbands suck another man cock he did it in the condition that i fuck three black guys in front of him so i did and he loved it. plus i fuck his uncle and he told his aunt he wanted to fuck her and she was willing.
  3. Tell him thats what. watch some bi porn together talk about it and see if it turns him on. Does he think about you with another guy or girl ? My ex and i regularly shared guys and girls but if either of us wasn't into it we would not have enjoyed it
  4. hey why not , i love to suck another mans cock and swallow his cum or sperm , just call me and him and i can do each other
  5. hey why not , i love to suck another mans cock and swallow his cum or sperm , just call me and him and i can do each other
  6. My x wife ask me if i would suck a mans dick and let her watch. I had never thought of suck a thing, but I have always told her I would do anything for her. Well she called me on it and I said ok I would. After all it would only be between us three. So we looked for a guy that would let me. My x wife found a man that said he would let me suck his dick and let her watch. To me it was strange, yet seemed erotic that she wanted to see this. So I decided if I'm going to do it then I'm going to make it as good for her as I can. So as she watched I started to suck his dick and it grew hard and she seemed to be turned on by seeing it in my mouth. Seeing her turned on turned me on and it was like I forgot what I was doing other than pleasing her. Then came the time he was ready to cum, so no mater what happens I kept on till he started to cum and I opened my mouth where she could see his cum shoot in my mouth... Well I think seeing that made her cum.. I did not like the taste of a mans cum. Later after we were alone she told me how hot it made her and how turned on she got. But then she ask if I would let a man fuck me and let her watch.. Long story short I did and even enjoyed that. We went on to play with men and women together.. doing what ever the other ask. Till this time I had never thought of being with a man.. It turned out to be fun for us both.
  7. Thought I would tell you what happened with my wife and I...she had the same fantasy. She has a very good friend that is just beautiful and I commented after a party how hot she and her friend looked together. They are both tall, red hair, friend has green eyes, wife has grey eyes. Our conversation eventually got to a threesome with my wife and her friend. She asked if that was one of my BIG fantasies and of course it was. She said that she would arrange it if i would agree to participate in her BIG fantasy...I asked what her's was and she said first I had to agree and then she would tell me. I agreed and then she said she would tell me after the threesome. Long story short...after the threesome my wife and her friend told me they BOTH wanted to see me suck a mans cock. A week later the two of them are at home when I get home from work and friend takes me by the hand and leads me back to the master bedroom. There she takes off my cloths and I'm thinking we're doing another threesome...but then she takes me into the bathroom, has me shower, drys me off (I'm hard as hell by now) and hands me a pair of french cut pink panties. She tells me to put them on and come with her. She takes me by the hand and we go into the living room and there is my wife holding hands with another man. He is in his early thirties and is built like a movie star! I knew exactly what was going to happen next. The two of them went over to the couch and sat down and told me to start. They told me to do it EXACTLY like i would expect one of them to blow me. He knew all about it and just stood there. So i did it...exactly like they wanted me to. undressed him, sucked him off, let him cum in my mouth, and swallowed. the two of them were enthralled and they loved it.
  8. i like to suck his cock while you watch
  9. I feel he wants to please you as well as you may be picking up on hidden desires of his too. Ask him to help y0u find a suitable candidate that way you will be sure and its mutuly desired. clockman83
  10. Keep on at your husband. If he is anything like me he will secretly love the idea and when you find someone for him to blow you might end up fucking both of them
  12. I would jump at the chance.. Make a suggestion to him that you're interested in watching this and maybe even participating.. See where it goes from there.. Myself, she wouldn't have to ask me but once.. I'ld loe to suck a big juicy while she called the shots from the "sidelines"...
  13. That sounds sooo hot!!! Would love to see it live...
  14. My man and i got totally turned on last night watching some gay porn and he said he'd like to see me watch him suck a man's cock which he'd never done before. I really want his fantasy to come true. anyone in the cincinnati area interested? would also be interested in a 4 way with another couple. Neither of us have any experience with same gender sex but love the idea of experimenting.
  15. Make him aware of his own natural curiosity to look at other man's penises and even a desire to touch them fantasize sucking them.
  16. My wife wanted to watch me suck her boss off Also so one day I got on my knees and let him fuck My mouth like my wife like and when he blasted his load In my mouth my wife had many orgasams Now this is a regular thing for us as I frequently Suck many cocks for her. I am now her little cum dump Mouth husband Many woman love this
  17. i love to let your husband suck my cock and i love to suck his
  18. I am unsure. However I think I would like to watch one time. Rose
  19. There are pleanty of us guys who love that sort of thing... its only when I'm with a female though.
    • I also have this fantasy. My husband and I both enjoy watching bi,gay,shemale porn. We already play with strap ons. I turn into his shemale fantasy image. We both get so turned on and have some of the best sex. I knows he would love to put a real hard pulsating dick in his mouth. I have got him now tasting his cum recently. I know he wants it and so do I but not sure if I ready to share him with someone else.
  20. Ask him, Every man secretly desires to suck cock.
    • I sometimes wish this was my wife's fantasy! I had an experience as a teenager with another teenage boy. We were part of a circle jerk, after which he asked if he could jack my cock and it was the first time someone else had played with my cock and it felt good. We got together the next day and he jacked me off again. The next day he was at my house again, but this time he wanted to suck my cock, so I let him. Again, first BJ I had ever received and it was cool! I decided that since he had not only jacked me off, but also sucked my cock and allowed me to cum in his mouth that I should at least jack him of, so I did. I jacked him off a couple more times, but did not suck his cock. We did not do it again after that summer and I have not had any other guy touch my cock nor suck my cock since. However, I do think about it often, search for bi-sexual stories and videos on-line and imagine me in the video or story. If my wife said to me today that she would love to watch me suck another guy's cock, I would be looking for a man today.
    • I think you are right.