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I'm not sure why I have this fantasy but I do. I find myself looking at bi-sexual porn just for the totally turns me on. I mentioned my fantasy to my husband...and he didnt complete shut me down. Do you think he is willing? If so what should I do next?

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  1. Do a barrel roll.
    • What is a barrel roll?
      • Lots of women would like that . A man would do it onlt while the wife was involved
        • I like to suck cock I wouldlike to give you a blow job your cock looks nice

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        • I would do anything my wife ask. Sucking, or eating every drop. What ever made her happy.

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        • my partner wants to watch another man suck my cock she says its a turn on i am willing so long she there

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        • my wife Ronnie helps me eat my cumall the time/ sometimes i go down on her after we have sex other times its out of her hand either way is good as long as she is into it brian
        • My wife started ass play with me about 1 year ago first her fingers when she sucked me and then we got my own dildo and she used it on my ass. She now says it would turn her on to see me with another man and I told her only if she is totally involved. The truth is I have been fantasizing about sucking another mans cock and getting fucked by a real dick should I tell her before or just let it happen during our threesome?

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        • I am male. I have had the fantasy for quite some time. My wife wild enjoy it and I am sure in the right situation it could cum to pass. I actually attempted to meet a couple of so called trans sexuals which turned out to be big burly mendressed as women, not a turn on to me. I am just attracted to the chick and a 69 type situation. Not interested in kissing or cuddling. If a woman was involved to coerce the situation perhaps even force I could see that as a huge turn on at least in my mind.
    • My Hubby said no at first then I began a 6 month ass play and sucking on my dildo and last week we had a 3 some and I watched my stud suck a cock til it came in his mouth and then cum kissed him. Next I want him to take a cock in his ass like he gives to me. So what I am trying to say is of he did not shut you down then you can eventually get him to go down on a penis.
    • I wish you were my gf I would suck one for you.
    • I am man and not gay. I get aroused thinking about sucking a man with wives watching. She really wants another man to put in my butt at the same time and I get so horny when she talks s About it
      • It started with her telling me to lick the other guy's balls while he was pounding her, then went on to licking the base of his cock while it was inside her. I was fucking her while the other guy was in her moutjh and she takes it out and puts it against my lips! Next time a guy asks for her ass she told him, why didn't he fuck me instead ans she asked me to do it which i did.
        • My fiancé has wanted to teach me to suck cock for a while now. She is always sucking my cum out and kissing me with a full month, the other day I layed on bed and wanked off. When I came I caught some in my mouth and she nearly exploded. I'd luv to suck a guy hard, lube up his cock and my virgin ass, and ride him until I feel his load pump inside me. She would love a show like that. You could bend us both over and swap from 1 ass to the other. She wants a "tightness competition", I reckon I'll win lol. Would this be an interest you can enjoy? If so, let me know and u can be fucking us both in no time. Xoxo dee & matt

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    • I have sucked a cock 7 times with my wife there and I love it and so does she. She encourages me to swallow all the cum out of the big cock in my mouth and i always do. Next we are planning for me to get fucked and i can hardly wait!
    • What a wonderful wife you are, i love going down on my wife after sex, we share cum kisses, and both of us enjoy ass play ( i love it when she pegs me ) . I would love to share another man with her but have no idea how to bring the subject up, maybe someday
  2. Wear a strap on and have him try that first.  It may turn you on, it may not... but it should help him determine if he is willing to choke down another man's cock for you.
  4. Hi,     If you have some one in mind and already picked out, invite him over or arrange a meeting.  It would be best if you asked the guy if he would be okay with it.  You may end up having to agree to do him also.  But that is a real winning night for you.  You may progress to a cuckold situation.My wife brought up the idea in a conversation saying that she did not understand why a guy would do it. I said if it was real important to her and true desire, her husband might do it.  See said so if I really wanted to watch, you would do that?  I hesitated and said yes I would, if you really wanted to see that. I was thinking that it would not happen.Two weeks later she had some friends over for a get together and drinks.  When all the guests were gone one of the guys was talking and laughing with my wife. My wife walked up to me and whispered in my ear “I really want to see”. I said see what?  I want to see you suck his dick was the reply.  I looked at her, and she said you promised you would, and I really want to watch.  I have already asked him and  I have seen his cock in the bathroom at work.  He was younger and very hung, my wife watched and was really excited and into it.Short story is that i now  do him in front of my wife often and she has sex with him often too.  She is talking about inviting a Girl friend over with her husband, as she was told that her husband is big and really thick.  Her friend says he likes to have guys suck him.  This is going to happen I am sure.  But at least she is happy.  

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    • Wow, you're real hard core. It probably really make syou happy though. Happy for you totally. Well done. x
      • Thanks for the well done.  Not sure about being hard core.  But it has happened.  Last week her friend and husband came over after we were out for dinner and a couple drinks and talk.  After a while of talking in the house my wife said well let’s see that big cock that your wife told me about, and then she looked at me and said we both want to see it. He stood up and undressed in front of us.  It was as his wife said big. His wife said “now let’s see yours.” I undressed and she looked at me and said now I see why your wife wanted to me my dick. With that my wife said “kneel and get him hard!” We both want to see you two guys.  With that I knelt down and my wife guided his dick into my mouth and they both giggled as she said I told you would like having your husband suck him. But remember that you still have to ride him after.  I worked on him and with his wife helping got him rock hard. His wife then gave me directions and told me what to do.   She held my head deep on him as she saw him ready to cum. Later my wife took him to the bed room and had the time of her life with him.  I know that he has been over at least one more time.  She told me that we will be getting together with her friend monthly.   I hope that you get to have your husband as happy as I am making my wife totally happy!
      • I would like him to suck my cock and than fuck my tight ass
    • That is soooo HOT!! I would love to suck another man's cock for my wife!! She talks about it often and has me wanting it as much as she does!!! It would be hot to watch him fuck her, too!! I know she wants to be fucked by other men while I suck cocks...what a turn on!!
      • you got that right my wife and i love cock as well and cum
      • My wife would like me to suck a guy also. And I have wanted to do this for sometime now. I also would love to be 69ing with my wife as he is doing her. Watch his cock going in and out of her as I was licking her clitoris. I think any woman would love that. .
        • I would. I have fantasized bout having my husband's cock inmy ass and his friends cock in my ass. But I lik3 your idea better. I just want him to see how horny and nasty I can be. I wana b his dirty slut and have him let his friends do anything to my body that excites him. I l8ve it wen he squeezes his precum out and feeds it to me. He just started tasting his own cum and he l8ves it. He will even jack off at work and send me pics of him licking his fingers. Totally erotic and amazing!!!
        • I have done this with my wife, and we both loved it. She knows I have some bi experiences, but has said she's not really into overt m/m action. During our first threesome, she asked me to get under her and lick her while she got it doggy-style. The guy alternated to my mouth several times, and I did my best to lick his shaft and balls while he was in her. I mentioned it to her afterwards, hoping she would pursue the m/m, but so far she has not. We have done fucklicking with one other guy since then. I have handled their dicks if they fell out of her - I would put them back in, etc. She likes dominant guys, so I am hoping to find a bi Dom that will eventually make us a 5-hole couple.

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        • Good reading. My wife fingers me and uses a dildo on my. We like it a lot. But now I have a strong urge to have the real thing. I dont know whatto do

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      • I brought it up to my wife , and she's all about it. I told her I want to suck him as he fucks her, then sit on it myself. I can't wait till we do it, I want to eat another mans cum to out of her pussy.
      • My wife and I talk about it and I am all for this. I would love to suck on her clit while he is fucking her. And she would like this also. But we have no Idea on how to find some one that is clean of diseases.
    • That would be a dream come true!
    • My husband enjoys sucking cock, we talk about it all the time, even in bed. it's quite stimulating for both of us but he's not done it in many years.. we're starting a new blog to share our sex life and hopefully hear some about others. please feel free to check it out and share with your friends. since urls will be deleted, take out the spaces ;) hard jack and wet jill . blogspot . com Hope to see you there! -Jill
    • I've not only sucked my wife's lover's cock many times, but I've let him splatter my face with cum. I crave the humiliation.
    • I would do it to. If you are ever in new zealand
    • I came just reading your story. Dam that was hot.
    • you wear a dress or panties when she has you suck a real man's cock?
    • my wife has the same fantasy. I also told her I would try it. It hasn't happened yet but I wish it would.
    • This gets me very hard reading this. My wife and I have talked about it but so far nothing has happened. When it does I will tell you all about it.
    • It started when her bull was pounding her fron behind. Hecould't cum so she told me to lick his balls. I tickled his hole with my tongue and he ejaculated immediately. My wife didn't object when I cleaned her up, she asked me if it tasted nice, then suggested i clean up her bull. She kept on saying she wanted to see him in my ass...he was reluctant but, after a while agreed and I laid there, bottom up on the bed while she watched him fuck my ass.
  5. If he has not shut you down then he has not ruled it out.  I have given you  how it happened to me. Have You selected a guy?  if so you have to get him into the picture.  Usually a woman has a guy already in mind that she has an interest in. Or Maybe a neighbor that you are friends with the wife. or good looking guy that hass been recomended,  What you can do is bring it up  again in a cobversation at a party, dinner or a place where there are people.  Maybe  ask him  if he thought guy a was good looking? and if he says  yes tell him You could  see him sucking his cock with a wry smile.   Whenhe is looking for sex, be a little distracted  and uninterested, and if he asks what up tell him that you really would  like to see him suck and that it would make you  very hot and excited. That you really would get off watching it, and would he do it for you. you could rent a movie that has couples or a threesome with a guy suckin another guy. leave it out   and let him see it or  put it in and tell him you want him to watch this, and get real hot when  you see the  guys at it.  Good Luck!    
    • I dont have a guy in mind however, we have tried finger fucking...and it really turns him on!!
      •   I am not sure what you mean by “we have tried finger fucking, and it turns him on”.  Do you mean you are fingering him?  If he likes it move on to a strap on.  and have  him suck it before you do anything else.Be sure to get some anal lube that makes the entry easy, and do him with the strap on, start small and move up.  I am sure he will enjoy it, and then mention to him how  he would really like it if it was a real man doing it to him, and how  turned on you would get watching him take it.  While fingering be sure to rub yourself and get yourself hot, this will show him how excited and hot you get.Have you asked him what he thought about any men you have pointed out to him?Keep telling him how much of a turn on it would be to watch it and maybe get a little excited yourself, let him see that it turns you on.  You are on your way!!  
        • now you seem to have it together. Sure wish you were local. I would be SO interested to getting together with a GUY but don't know how or how to approach such a topic. Your advice seems very useful/
      • I would love my wife to finger fuck me while I sucked a cock
  6. Hi, Just wondered if You have had any progress in having Your fantasy come  true?
  7.  When on vacation, I usualy persuade my wife to have sex with guys who we become friendly with. I get to watch her and join in too on occasions. However, this summer when we were in France, we met a guy and he had sex with her in our hotel room without me being present.  She told me all about it later and also told me that he was into cock fun and oral with other men.   She asked me, just this once to join in and let her see me suck this guy and let him suck me.  To be honest, the thought of it really turned me on a lot. Later that evening we met the guy in the bar of the hotel for a few drinks and after a while, we all went to our room.  We dimmed the lights and got naked. My wife sat between us and jerked us both as we lay back, she also performed oral and we were both very erect. Then she got up and told me to carry on.  I took his cock in my hand and jerked it for a while.  He did likewise to me and then he went down on me.  The feelin of his lips on my cock was amazing.  I was so turned on that I got in a 69 position with him and we kept at it until we both shot off into each others mouths.   My wife was visibly shaking with excitement.  It was an amazing experience and I would certainly repeat it for her again.
    • My husband enjoys sucking cock, we talk about it all the time, even in bed. it's quite stimulating for both of us but he's not done it in many years.. we're starting a new blog to share our sex life and hopefully hear some about others. please feel free to check it out and share with your friends. since urls will be deleted, take out the spaces ;) hard jack and wet jill . blogspot . com Hope to see you there! -Jill
    • Sounds like a lot of fun.
    • Sounds amazing,my best friend and I have sucking and fucking for a long time, I just recently admitted it to my wife, she took it well and I'm hoping that she will join in soon. Since I told her our sex has been outstanding, I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees his cock in my mouth and ass them me swallow his warm load.
  8. The first time my wife asked me to do that I was a little suprised, after talking about it a few more times I purchaseda strap on dildo for us to play with. First couple of times I sucked it as she wore it and had it sticking out her jeans have to say it looked real. we progressed to me cumin on it then sucking it thiswas a big turn on for her I have to say it wasn't as bad as  I thought it would be After all if she could swallow my cum why couldn't I? We then progressed to her using it in my butt Now we have two one for my ass and one for me to suck on. As soon as we find the right guy I will suck him for her. I will keep you posted....  flockingpro@aol

    • i sucked my wifes brother and swallowed his cum. now i am the family slut. i have to suck her dads dick while one of her brothers fuck me. they made me the family fuck
      • Wow. Your post is very intriguing to me; I would like to hear more about your experiences with your wife and her family. Does she watch them fuck you? I am assuming that this is so. Do her dad and brothers also fuck her? It seems that if they openly fuck you in front of her that they are fucking her as well. While I have never had any remotely sexual thoughts about my own siblings or parents, the thought of being with an incestuous family is very much a turn on to me. I would find it hot to learn that they all took turns fucking her (as you fluffed them with your mouth and asshole), each one of them cumming inside of her, then forcing you eat her multi-load creampie and then clean up all of their cocks. When her dad and brothers fuck your ass, do they cum inside of you? I sure hope so. I hope to hear more about how they fuck and humiliate you. I'm guessing that you also derive pleasure from your humilation and degradation. Have you come to the realization that, as long as you are with her, you will be the family fuck slut slave for life? If you find this fulfilling, then you are very fortunate. I would LOVE to watch your fuck sessions in person. If you wish, I will gladly participate. I am very versatile and can fill any role that they desire. Whether it is adding another cock to fuck you, or additional holes for them to fuck. Simply watching is perfectly fine though. It may add to the experience and their enjoyment to have an audience.
  9. just take it slow keep hinting every now an than
  10. Hi,
    From what I have read he does seem to be willing and since he did not shut you down on your fantasy he may have a desire to, or a desire to make You happy. I agree that You should keep bringing it up and mention how exciting it would be for you to watch and exciting for him to try it. My wife brought it up to me after seeing a video that she rented then bought. after a while i thought I would call her bluff and said okay i would try it, but who would want that? She surprized me and said hshe already had he guy lined up. after a quick phone cal he was at the door. and my wife introduced us. a couple drinks later she was undoing his pants and stroking him and calling me over. and ptting my hands on his cock. she told me to get undressed and then she guded my head into position. she sat back with a glass of wine and watched. She was facinated. I was surprised that it was not as bad as i feared, and actually do enjoy the fact that she enjoys it.

    Good luck
  11. Did you get him to suck a dick? Wish more women were like you
  12. Hi I have had the fantasy of orally pleasing a guy in front if his wife, It is even more exciting if she were to spank me first and then have me crawl to her man and make me suck him dry. I wish I knew you, I would be your guy. I would love to kiss your feet when I was done to thank you.
  13. Sounds different
  14. If Chicago area is reasonable, we should see if we can set something up. I would look forward to this!
  15. My wife got me into men with bisexual porn. I think he's considering. Try watching a really hot bisexual/gay porn and see if he gets turned on. If he does, use a Dido on him while he watchs the porn. Talk about your fantasy in bed often. When you feel the time is right, suggest going to a gay bar to pick up a man. Or even Craigslist. Getting fucked in the ass while eating pussy is the best, he'll never look back. Hope this helps!
  16. My wife told me that too, and I am bi - but she does not know it. I told her I didn't want to do that because I didn't want her to know I was bisexual. I guess I wanted her to believe I am a manly heterosexual. Now after ten years of marriage I would like for her to ask me again...this time I would do it for her. I wondered the first time if she was testing me to see if I would do it...then accuse me of being gay and leave me. That still may be the case I don't know. I have been with a few men and enjoyed it. I have broached the subject of a threesome with a nice guy - and she seemed to like talking about it, but now she says it turns her off to discuss it. Well our sex life is pretty much boring and non-existant - and I would like to turn it around...but can't seem to find away. If she trully wants me to do this I am now at a point where I would, she could even join in.
  17. I want to watch my husband and our gay friend give each other bjs while I watch. I don't want to join in, just watch and words of encouragement. I have also watched bi porn and think its hot. We often play with a dildo and my Strapon. I know he would be good at it.
  18. my fience has the same fantasy and i thought about it but she just talks about it me ill do just about anything i love sex bi porn turns me on i love the thought of her making me suck a cock or do a woman in her ass so if any one in pennsylvania in here reply to the comment
  19. It seems like you all have had a pretty good experience with this. That said, you need to be prepared for a bad result. Your sex life will change, not always for the better, your relationship will change, not always for the better. My husband and I had very erotic bedroom talk and decided to act on it. I was all for it. We set it up and acted on that fantasy. That exclusive, intimate feeling between him and I is now lacking!! Love making between just him and I no longer turns him on. You need to make sure that your ok with "not being enough" anymore. You need to know there is a big possibility, that to satisfy him you will need to have another man in the picture
    • I feel there is a problem with the marriage if making love with you is "not enough" for your husband anymore. Adding another person to your sexual play should be just that, *play*. It should enhance your sexual relationship, It should not be the basis of your entire sexual relationship. If it is, there is something more wrong with your marital relationship. My husband and I worked on and built up our marriage before we ever added a third party to the mix. That is awesome and so much fun, but when we make love, it is the most incredible thing. And that is because we both know how much we love **each other**. Adding a single or couple to your relationship cannot fix a problem. If it causes a problem, there was a problem there to begin with. Hope you two can work it out. Best of luck to you.
      • I was the other man! I meet a couple on Craigslist. I was married at the time and always wanted to try the bi side. My wife and I discussed it, had the strap-on, but just couldn't get it to go any further. I answered an ad and met Jake & Stela at a bar for drinks and meet. We all agreed that we were mutaully atracted to one another. After another round or two we went across the street to a motel. As soon as we were inside Stela engaged me in a deep tongue locking kiss while Jake undressed us. As soon as my erection was free I felt jakes mouth engulf my entire cock to the balls! It was so hot I came with in minutes. I returned the favor and went down on jake while Stela sat back in a chair and watched giving me pointers. It took about 15 minutes of working that cock before he came in my mouth. This being my first time I was so excited and was hard in no time aready to go again. Then jake and I took turns working Stela over for the rest of the evening! With plenty of hands on and lips on each others cocks. We fell asleep eventually and had a morning sex fest before we parted ways.
        • I was in a 3-way with wife and she was giving the guy head and reached over and pulled my hand in. So then I was stroking him into her mouth and she seemed to really like it. I got up some nerve and whispered in her ear asking if she wanted to see me suck it. She quickly backed up and pushed my head toward his cock. I went right down on it and she was totally excited to see this. And my curiosity quickly turned to enjoyment as I realized I really liked having dick in my mouth. Especially knowing that soon my wife would be getting even more pleasure from this same dick. I was enjoying it so much when all of a sudden my mouth felt warm and I relaized he was cumming in my mouth, but I wasnt ready to stop sucking so I swallowed and kept sucking. It wasnt long after that I was on my back with her sucking mine as I watched him tense up behind her and I knew she was getting the next load in her pussy.
      • Very very sad. Obviously if you feel the need to bring in a third party there is already something wrong with not only your sex life but your relationship. True love is about comitment, if you need another person in the picture you are definitely not committed. I know many woman are fascinated with gay porn, but for the same way men are to lesbian porn, because the focus is on the men. And guys if you do this or dream of sucking a man then you ae gay. Yes bi is gay too.
        • Wow! What a judgement call. By the way, I am a bi guy and I sucked quite a few straight men off in my life and I can tell you now, it never made them gay. Some of them are good friends of mine and they continue to be straight. Maybe I just know how to get a situation to work in my favour, but I have never played my cards and not gotten to play with the guy too, doesn't matter how rough or straight he was. Funny though, that for someone so awefully straight, you managed to read the comments all the way down to this point where you felt the need to judge people. It was probably just after the stories made you cum that you had a guilt trip. As Shakespear said "Methinks ..." ... "doth protest too much, ..."
  20. I am bi and wife knew I had the thoughts...when a good friend (a guy I had already sucked a few times) came to town and over for dinner I thought this might be the time to experiment. My wife was turned on by him....on the way to his hotel he was feeling her breasts and she was fondling his cock through his slacks. He asked us in for a drink at the bar. When he excused himself to the bathroom I asked her if she had been touching his cock...she said yes and wanted to fuck him. When he returned I broached the threesome idea....he simply showed us his room keycard....we went to the room and almost immediately she went to her knees and got his cock out....started sucking. He two must do this together....hard to tell who is better.....her or you! She looked at me and asked if I had sucked him....I said yes...a few times......and I joined her.....we both sucked his cock and during the evening...we fucked her, he fucked her and he fucked me as well......we loved it and it remains one of our most favorite erotic experiences.
    • I am a 41 year old woman, and it might be hormones or something my thrist for sex is unbelivable. I want it all day everyday. Recently I' ve been watching alot of porn. I have a live in BF he told me that he had never had a 3some before. So I set one up for him. So far we've had two difrent girls join us at difrent times. But.... I forfilled his fantasy It's time that he forfill mines. So far i have fingered him, he seems to like that. We bought a dildo and he likes that too. Now we talked about having a man join us so I can watch him and another man go to work on each other. I want to be fuked by both then I want them to suck and fuck eachother. wow that would be an incredible sight. He is a litlle hesitant he thinks that if he does this for me that i would think less of him. I told him not to worry about that I would love him just the same. Dont know where to start he does not want to approch any of his friends. any sugestions??? we live in North Jersey
      • Hi there. Enjoyed reading your post-- it sounded very erotic and really turned me on. I am a 46 year old, professional, married gentleman from north NJ. Would love to help make your fantasy a reality.
      • I love in nnj, 39 would love to be your cock sucker. I'm in to being tested like a sissy Bitch.
      • I love in nnj, 39 would love to be your cock sucker. I'm in to being tested like a sissy Bitch.
        • HELP. My wife and I are in our fifties, her fifty one and hot and just gets hotter with time it seems. She is a health and fitness nut so takes very good care of her body. For all the years we have been married I have always wanted more sex and she for the most part is content with once to twice a month and it has to be the same old routine, in the bedroom, me preforming going down on her first then she lays on top of my cock and rubs till she orgasms, all the while wanting me to do her nipples till she cums. Every now and then she wants it in her for a change. Me on the other hand have always been a horn dog. I am also a straight bi man that enjoys sucking cock. I started when i was young but have not done it for probably 15 years now. What I am getting to is I want more out of our sex and always have. I have talked to her numerous times over the last 30 years about spicing it up in many different ways. Like watching porn, mutual masterbation which she said she doesnt do, taking pictures/filming (she hates that) trying it in her ass which we actually did about two times, she didnt like it and wont let me do it anymore, MFM and FFM three somes, her and a female only (tell me about it later), I have even told her she had my permission to get laid on numerous occasions like when she and her girlfriend went to Vegas and other occasions. She works at a college in town and I know she gets flirted with and hit on a lot. (she denies that and has always acted prude and naive ever since we were married) I have asked her about her fantasies of which she said she doesnt have them! (really!). I have expressed my fantasies many times to her over the years. I have them every day I think. I could have sex with her everyday if given the chance but not just the same ole thing. I am very oral and many times in the last few years or so went down on her even when she really wasnt in the mood supposedly but made her cum which I enjoyed immensely but of course the deal was I couldnt enter her. I would jack off sometimes or just wait till she went to sleep and went on line or something. After she cums, which normally she cums pretty intensely but in the last few years I have noticed she doesnt cum as intensely, she then doesnt want her pussy played with. I have a theory about that but that is for another time. I am at my wits end. One more piece of background . I was a successful business man owning my own business's for many years. About 11 years ago I had to have a surgery on my neck and back from a old military injury that didnt go well leaving me in intense pain. Only things the doctors could do was prescribe heavy pain killers. After awhile it was hard for me to get a hard on so they gave me pills for that to. It worked but i still couldnt cum when I did her either in her or jack off. The best thing at the time for me was to receive head as that felt the best but she is a lousy cocksucker and has never enjoyed or wanted to give me head. She only let me cum in her mouth once since we have been married and i cant even remember how long ago that was. Eventually I took my health matters in my own hands. I now know that over those ten years I wasnt really that coherent or fun or whatever. We have had many talks about that time and she just keeps telling me it wasnt that big of a deal for us not to have sex. We went months at a time with out it. I have a hard time buying that to. Anyway I am back hornier and harder than ever and she is still the same. I need more in this relationship but I am really worried she will never change and I just cant keep going on this was as life is to short. I do have my suspecions about her cause there is some indicators. If she is having a affair I want to catch her thinking that way I can turn her into the slut I want her to be. I dont think she would ever leave because of our grown kids and Gkids etc, shame and whatever else. So, i need help and advice. We are in Northern California and I have recently tried Craigslist to find men and women and couples that might be able to help me possibly by becoming friends with her and maybe one thing leads to another or seduction or something. Craigslist doesnt appear to be working out. Most add's I have responded to I didnt get a response to or they just wanted pictures or whatever. I have even posted a few myself but with no response yet that seems normal. Obviously I have to be careful so friends and people around here dont find out I am bi and also looking to do more with her. Anybody, men or women have any ideas for me or advice. I would appreciate the help. Its to bad Craigslist isnt working. There is some hot post's going on there but i think a lot of them are just fake. Anyway sorry this is so long. I look forward to reading the suggestions. My wife is out of town again for the next 5 days which gives me to long to think about all these problems, LOL. Thanks again for reading this.

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