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Well, he's not exactly my step-dad. He's just my mom's boyfriend. When my mom introduced me to him, I thought he was cute. After all, he's only 10 years older than me. Anyway, I thought nothing of it. I just shook it off. One day, when I got home from school, I heard a noise coming from upstairs; like someone was checking a shower. By the time I got up there, the shower turned off. I was about to open the door when it flew open and there he was, as naked as the day he was born. He is built like a Greek god from head to toe. I just stood there in total shock. He simply smiled, wrapped the towel around his waist, and walked into my mom's room... The next day, he burst into my room without knocking. The worst part (or best part, depending how you look at it) he saw me in my bra & panties. He said nothing. He simply walked out and closed the door behind him... That night aroundthe dinner table, my mom announced that she had to go on a business trip for the weekend and was leaving the next day. Right there and then, I only had one thing on my mind-PARTY!!! I couldn't wait for her to leave. And when she finally did, I was home-free!!! I invited a few friends who invited a few of their friends. There was food, drinks, booze, music, hook-ups, and so on. Things were getting good when suddenly...the music was cut off! When I looked towards the stereo, there he was. My mom's boyfriend standing with the remote in his hand looking straight at me. The room was dead silent. Then we heard "EVERYBODY OUT! NOW!" The room cleared out faster than cockroaches when the lights come on. As soon as the last person cleared out, he stood where he was for about one more minute without saying a word. He just glared at me. The next thing I knew, he stormed across the room, picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and carried me upstairs. I was kicking & screaming all the way up there. Then it happened... He threw on my bed. He took off his shirt to unveil that gorgeous mid-drift and that cut between his torso. Immediately, he pulled off my pants and tore off my panties. With one hand he held my hands over my head and with the next he unbuttoned my shirt and undid the front of my bra. With my hands "tied" to my pillow I couldn't stop him. He had his way with me. He parted my legs with his free hand and started to finger-fuck me. Then I saw his head go down and the next thing I knew...his tongue, oh God, it did wonders. I thought I was going to pass out. Finally I managed to break free and started to undo his pants. I pushed my hand down and started to please him. He gave in and fell on his back and proceeded to finish the job with my mouth. I could hear him moaning and his dick pulsated in my mouth. Just when I thought I had him, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and dragged me on top of him. He then plunged into me and had me bouncing up and down. All I could say was fuck me hard. He then turned me around and did me doggy-style. He still had me by the hair. Finally, I let out a scream that was probably heard all around the neighborhood. I collapsed on the bed and he rolled to the side. Just as I was drifting into a deep sleep, he got on top of me and we at it again... We went at it about three times that night. Does my mom know? Not really. Are they still together? Most definitely. As a matter of fact, they're getting married this summer. Are we still fucking each other? Well, I'll leave that for you to decide.

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  1. lol sounds like a movie.. is this your fantasy
    • It is clearly fiction.

      It is very well written though! I have to give the author bonus points. 

      • who the hell r u to call this fiction,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my msn is                     add me people,,,,,,,XD

      • i believe it is well written as well the spelling needs work
        • you obviously cant spell. everything was write. the only mistake the person made was forgetting to put a space so hows about you shut the fuck up and go to college?

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      • HAHA, nice words!
    • same happened to me and we still are but im a guy
    • I say STOP NOW, It will get worse, If your mother finds out, she will be Shocked. You should tell her the truth, When they get married, It's over young girl.., they will start having sex, Stop now before it's too late.
      • Your right she doesn't know what this thing can cause and like if her mom finds out she is died .
    • Can I b. Your new STP dad,ù
  2. It's about as well written as your standard letter to Hussler.  Not saying that's necessarily a bad thing. My question is, is it the step-dad's fantasy, or the girl's?  Or completely made up by someone who is neither a step-dad nor a teenage girl?  Just curious.
    • Well, I've read worse. I won't say that it has some great underlying meaning to it or anything, as it is clearly meant to be risque and sexual, but the composition is very good. Doesn't lag, it is sexually explicit but not so focused on details that it is a chore to read, and the author's style is easily digested.
  3. well, this sounds like its straight out of the maury show or jerry springer...except its gramatically correct
  4. Now this is a blog, ladies and gentlemen! My favorite on this site, thus far. Whether it's fiction or truth...I like it. A lot. Cheers to you, mate!
  5. I dont think what you are doing is the best for your future,someday,someway your mom's gonna know it
  6. mmm that sound good same thing happen to me to the difffent between me an you is that i cum on to him one night in he fuck the shut out off me but am still fucking him very change i get in mo my mother dont have a clue haha what can i say i love in i do mean love dick..just love it.
    • There is nothing hotter than your step dad taking your pussy that way..I should know.Mine used to rub my pussy and have me to jerk him off til he came.My mom never found out what he and I used to do , and he was always coming into my room to get some satisfaction which I gladly gave him.I still get off hard remembering how we used to get one another off.
      • haha your having fun trading stds your real father must be very proud what a whore a  child he has stupid fucking cunt aids invested bitch 
        • ugh jealous people what amazing story u shuld be a journalist like the wayu put emotion into the words like awesome make more if ya can
      • How do you get hard if he rubbed your pussy FAKE
    • There is nothing hotter than your step dad taking your pussy that way..I should know.Mine used to rub my pussy and have me to jerk him off til he came.My mom never found out what he and I used to do , and he was always coming into my room to get some satisfaction which I gladly gave him.I still get off hard remembering how we used to get one another off.
      • i used to get off with my stepdaughter.  we never fucked, but we should did get off a lot! touching and sucking was our thing. 
    • haha your enjoying trading stds he gets to fuck you and your mom and a chick on the side haha fucking stupid cunt bitch :P
    • Do you just do Daddy or other older guys?
    • hmmm that's so hot maybe we can have some fun ;)
  7. WOW! Sounds like a FANTASY! and very well written! so bonus points for that! Do you still do it as it is very interesting?!?
  8. Sound like something a horny teen would make-up!! To the author it is well wrinnten but seems for like a Fantasy then a real story.
  9. i think thats hott how old are you i wanna know if your like my age if it could ever happen to me but idw it too
  10. wow thats awsome was he good did he have a big dick how old r u and were u a vergan when it happend lol and did it hurt my 1st time i was screamming but it felt so good i remember it still im 19 now i was like 14 my 1st time but it was so good god now im married to my baby dad it suxs that i have a kid so soon but i did it so its my fault so be careful ok and good luck in the future:)  
  11. can i meet you we can do it shit i probably got a bigger dick
  12. Just one more example of B!$3chs being crazy.  :/  Nevertheless very well written.
  13. if it feels right for u then carry on but ur mom needs to know its best for everyone involved in this
  14.  did he hurt you
  15. Ok so that sounds really intersting anywas lol sounds like if hes sexy  enjoy it! and maybe hes geting married with your mom for he can fuck you more.
  16. lol same thing happen to me
    • Smh this don't sound true and if it is that girl needs to tell her mom ASAP cause her moms marring that sick man and the girl herself is a slut how do u do that well u know I bet u she still has sex with him no offense I want her to get pregnant to teach her a lesson and anything that happens in the darks comes to the light so her mom will find out sooner or later............. ;;)
  17. u should keep fucking him.even wen ur mom and him r married.
  18. good story.  does your mom suspect I worder
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      • Hi i think it's cool,I Fucked my step daughter a number of times over the years,the way i look at it sex is Love it's kind. so what's the big deal ,I would much more enjoy being with a jr high school girl then any lady my age . now my wife knew about us fucking .lots of times when mom came home and my step daughter would be sucking my cock in my lazyboy chair .i always thought it was so cool when she would tell tammy my step daughter that when she got dad off to go clean her room . so it was nice that we never had to sneek to have sex. she grown now , but just thinking about all that still gets me off after all this time . the only thing is i loved it so much that now i only what sex with young teen girls or not at all. my dream is to find a runaway teen girl to move in with me and be my lover and for me to take care of her ever wish. Thanks Todd.
        • this is sort of sick no offense-you don't really fuck someone a whole generation younger than you-i stick to fucking people who are the limit 10 year age gap

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        • i had sex with my step father. it all started a couple of months ago when i had sexual dreams with him and would orgasm very real. one day i decided to put him on the test and while the 2 of us were alone at home i wore a slutty seethrough pijama tshirt without my bra. my nipples were hard and set next to him on the sofa. he kinda glanced over at my nipples when i sat next to him. after tha he ignored me during the whole entire show only to lift my shirt up from behind on purpose when i got up from the couch. since i have a big ass and had a thong on i wanted him to get a glance. he told me to come over to him and as i stood in front of him while he was still seated, i could see he was hard as hell. he told me to turn around to see what i wanted him to see and when i turned he lifted my shirt up and started to touch my ass and i could see he was excited. i then started to booty dance for him and clap my butt cheeks in his face. i also started to rub my pussy on him when i was giving him the lap dance. i then stopped and he understood why. we did not kiss or have sex back then. a couple of days after that whn my mom had to work night shift i purposely wore a bra and a thong to walk around the house. i again started to being sexy with him andd he kinda wanted to ignore me but just couldnt resist. he laid me down on their bed, took my thong off and started to lick my pussy like no men has ever licked it before. he said he love my young pussy and wants to fuck me. he pulled me around and penetrated me from behind, spanked me, did anything u can imagine to make me come. i came twice. now we still have sex but when we cant due to the circumstances he sometimes just licks my breasts whenever my mom is in the kitchen and we think its sexy, kinda of like an forbidden pleasure. he sometimes comes in my room as if he wants to talk and starts licking my pussy until i orgasm. he thinks im hot and thinks my body is sexy, and he has a big dick and he's hot and mature. i become wet just from thinking about the stuff he does to me. he's 60 and im 20. and i always liked older men. he buys me anything i want just to give him the ass. we even ass fucked once. i want him for me

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        • I want!....... So baf
        • From a young age i used to hop into bed an snuggle feeling his bulge then he used to turn me over and place my bum on his genitals applying pressure on my clitoris with his hand subtly.. he would then come into my room and give me tickles and rubs all over and would pull down my pants rubbing / teasing my private area but never fully touching it .. he used to pull my lips apart so he could see me .. and always make the excuse it was a bum rub .. but always end up making me wet .. I used to want to tell him to stick his finger inside me and just touch it .. he used to spend hours doing it .. one day he came home from work and came in for a session of touching and I remember he was trembling by the tme he finished coz I spread y legs as far apart as I could letting him practiaclly touch my lips oh .. then he quickly ran to the toilet as always after our little daddy daughter time .. then one day we were on the couch and he got me to put my feet up on his lap so he could start rubbing my legs .. as soon as i put my feet up his dick got hard and I could feel it .. he just stared all embarassed into space .. so I let him rub my legs a all the way to my knickers where he used to pull the elastic to the side and pull my skin to stretch my pussy and look inside ... another time we were on their bed and he somehow managed to loosen all my clothes and my shirt was off he got carried away and started fully playng with my nipples and boobs I could imagine he wanted to suck them .. at night he would always tell me to go put my pajamas on coz it was quicker easier access to get me naked and also cover up incase mum came .. one night the old bitch caught him massaging the outside of my hole and bum in the dark .. he quickly pulled up my pants but boy did she go off .. I heard him tell her that I never told him to stop whch was right, not long after that I went into his bedroom and he was sitting with boxer shorts on and pulled the leg to the side to show me his dick and balls I nearly fainted coz it was infront of mum too I wanted to play with them and suck the cherry of his dick .. and also He used to leave the door open when he would fuck her so I could see and hear him in action .. he used to come to me for foreplay and a hard on then have to go finish up with her .. I remember him complaining coz she was never wet .. oh gosh listening to him come all the time while I used to finish myself off.. God the poor guy has to use lube for the dragon .. she has never even sucked his cock .. I would love another back rub and bum tickle in private with no one else around I would let him touch me all over again peeking and exploring me .. then I would suck his big cock for a minute not to make him come but give him a taste of what its like .. then I would tell him to keep rubbing my back and special places .. eventually letting him insert his penis penetrating my vagina .. even if its a big one he makes me wet enough to be able to handle him moving up and down in me eventually blowing his beautiful fat sack inside my vagina .. like he has always wanted to do .. I masturbate over the memories of him touching me and then imagine hm finishing the job propperly in me .. it can make me climax in less than two minutes .. I imagine him sucking my nipples with his big heary beard and touching and rubbing my mini with his big fingers .. then hopping on top or rolling me over and inserting from behind .. oh dadddy .. he makes me cum and wet writing all this out .. We need Daddy daughter bonding time to live out the fantasy .. Im just glad I was his "viagra" til I moved away and he told a friend of mine jeremy that his sex life had been really bad since I left .. cant he imagine it .. or does he need hands on play time to get hard then again
      • Your mad! How could you fuck her these people are sick !
      • K fuck me, but i want you to make me cry in pain and pleasure
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        • i'm not trying to show off here but even from a young age i was always taller an bigger than my older bro i used to think it was sad know i have fun fucking his exs and making them tell him how much better i am compared to him hmhmhmhm

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        • i used to here my mum and stepdad having sex, it started to turn me on and i would put my hand down and masterbate over it. i would leave the shower door open knowing he would want to use the bathroom when i was in. this one day iwas shaving between my legs in the shower and he came to take a pee, he had a quick look and saw my leg up and shaving my puss, so i watched him, he stood in front off the toilet and was clearly masterbating in stead of peeing. so said to him i know what your doing , he turned around and his cock showing was rock hard, i stepped out of the shower and stood naked in front of him watching as he stood there wanking. i moved closer to look, he said i looked stunning and wanted me then he made a grunt and shot his load some hitting my leg. my mum shouted up then so i jumped back in the shower and he zipped his cock back in and left. i licked the bit of cum off my leg then had a masterbate myself in the shower.

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  19. I wish I had a step daughter like you:-)
  20. i wish my step dad fucked me

    • So, in a situation where you want your step dad to fuck you, shouldn't you give him subtle hits? He's there for the taking. The worst that could happen is that nothing happens. Men are not the same as women. If a step dad makes a move on his step daughter, she is highly likely to tell on him. However, if a step daughter makes a move on her step dad, he would probably not say anything, even if he rejected her. Do you all agree?