am a young black guy who is turned on a lot by older white women want to be taken by surprise. maybe even by a stranger. i want to fuck her to see her come to praise my cock, I want to pay any kind of attention to her, and her pussy, that i think her husband has maybe forgotton about. but am not the kind of guy to have aan affair or cheat on a woman who loves me I do not belong to anyone more than i belong to me self. So that said, i can only cheat on my self. we only live once and i like to experience everything that i wish I want to feel my cock deep in that white womans pussy, eat it as much as i wanna eat her meow :) I really need to feel my dark skin against that white woman

3 responses to I want to fuck an older white woman of like 27 - 50

  1. i am a white married woman 36, and have thoughts of younger black boys so much. feel kinda embarassed but it feels good to at least admit it somehow.