I hate to have to say that outloud, but it's true.  Today she made me so made that tears of anger washed my face.  I haven't felt that kind of anger in a long time. My sister is in a much higher tax bracket than I am and she makes no bones about how much better she is than me.  She talks down to me as if I were nothing.  I love her and yet I hate her. She can make a room full of people feel awkward just with her mood.  It's palpable.  It's like she needs to be personally invited to every family event there is.  And we aren't a formal bunch.  If my mom calls her in the morning and she's busy then, she expects another call later inviting her again closer to the time of  a meal.  My mom bulls up and won't do that and my sister gets offended and says she's "out of the loop". She always says that sarcastically to me like I'm the one keeping her out of the loop.  That's not true at all.   She won't call my parents and they won't call her.  Both thinks the other should do the calling.  Somehow I get put squarely in the middle as I have my whole life.  Each asks me what the other is up to.  Today my sister brought up an instance where she thought she was slighted about being asked to a flea market.  (Although she said I brought it up, which I didn't.)  She was asked the night before and said maybe. The next morning she was asked again and said no because she had been, "left out of the loop." See, she wants to be invited again and again. So, today I told her that maybe in the future if she feels I'm keeping her out of the loop that she should talk directly with my parents. She tells me I'm making an issue out of things and that she does not need my drama.  My drama?  Please.   She said that we would just continue as we always do.  I said, "Alright then.  Have a nice day." I am 46 years old and older than here.  I will not be treated like that anymore.  I've let her walk all over me my entire life and I'm done.  I will not buffer her sand paper personality for my parents any longer.  She can show her true colors. Right now I am so angry at her that I spit nails. She's a bitch and bullying one at that.  She's got a vicious mouth when she's angry. She'll pick an agrument and then tell me it's my drama. Fuck her.

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  1. Well if you're 46 years old then it's about damn you said something about it! I'm 25 and have an older sister that's the same way. Even if I visit with one of our cousins over coffee for half an hour, if she finds out about it later she gets all sad and mopey because she wasn't invited. If I have a friend over to my house to swim, and she's not invited, she gets her feelings hurt and acts like I'm purposely trying to leave her out! But SHE goes and has lunch with our Dad on a regular basis, and does anyone ever think to call me and see if I might be hungry?? UM NO. Does that bother me in the least? UM NO! I don't have to be included in every single freaking thing that all my friends and family do. That sucks that your STILL dealing with sister drama! I'd say 'just talk to her', but if she's anything like my sister (and she sounds to be) then a nice friendly 'lets talk this out' would just blow up in your face, and YOU'D end up being the 'mean bitch'. Hope things get better! You're not alone, I love my sister to death too, BUT GAH!
    • Ugh, you say you love your sister? I don't even feel anything for mine, I'm way past hatred, to that level. It disgusts me that I even have to say "my sister". Fuck her that shitty bitch. FUCK her.

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      • same. thats all i can say without screaming
        • *My sister* his always a bitch and i cant fucking stand her she always tells me what to fucking do that god damn motherfucking bitch arghhhhhhh

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        • My sister attacked me.
      • Trust me your. Not alone. My sister is 24 years old and theist miserable person on earth. She will only be nice when it benefits her and god forbid u say anything wrong to her because she will rip you into shreds. We live in the same house and the site of her face disturbs me! She is nothing to me and I feel nothing for her to the point where I say she's my sister it makes me hurl. She needs someone to smack the fuck outta her
        • Noo noo noo Fuck my sister she's a freaking whore she acts all fucking innocent and thinks she's all that she has two beautiful kids and treats them like shit we live in the same house if one of her baby daddy comes she bitches at him for coming over n then she cries that he leaves Wtf she always wants attention that bitch is 30 years old !!!!! & acts like she's a damn virgen I hate herr so much n I feel bad for my nephews n her baby daddy .....

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        • My sister is such a bitch too. They are evil barbie bitch clones. Always with the negative comments when she opens her mouth and pretending to be so accomplished. her dad, mom and several boyfriends are her source of income/bill payments. She considers this multitasking. On the very rare occasion she doesn't get her way, she turns on the water works and then she gets her way and more. DISGUSTING CHILDISH BEHAVIOR.

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        • I smacked the fuck outta my sister once, popped her square in the face and kept going at it, felt so good, I felt free after. You can't even talk to this girl she screams like a wild animal, she's 21 btw and words do nothing so I used my fists. She really had what was coming to her, 18 years of my life she's been a bitch to me. She was calm for a while after I socked her but now she's starting to act up again and she should've learned her lesson but I guess I'll have to teach her again. Just cause she's labeled as family-doesn't mean anything she's just a person and fucking scum like any one else. I encourage you to smack her, a huge weight will be lifted, she can't expect to be a bitch without the consequences.

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        • I have to shield my eyes when my "sister" (I mean unhygenic useless dumb asshole) walks by, that's how ugly she is.

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      • I feel the same,she call's me ''bitch' or 'asshole' and i get so annoyed,i want to slap her face so hard!
      • I feel the same about my sister...ugh i hate saying ”my sister” about my sister too. Ugh shes related to me. I really, honestly dont Care about her anymore. She could be dead tomorrow, i would go about my business as if nothing happened. Shes like, when we move out (becuz living with parents) i just dont respond to her bcuz i know that that wont happen. Lol. I aint moving anywhere with that bitch. She is on her own and i wouldnt bother her if i needed something. Its like that, as if we werent related at all. She is no body to me.
        • I feel the exam same way my sister I hat e using that word because she's not she's only half related to me... anyway she is such a freaking stuck up bossy, annoying, thinks she knows everythibf bitch. She could die instanly and I wouldn't gove a crap.
      • Mine is younger, talks down to me like I am some kind if idiot, NEVER says please or thanks for ANYTHING unless yu bring it up (but then she only says it is a bitchy mocking tone/attitude), and I unfortunately live I the same place she does. I have to give her rides to work or a co-worker every now and then (sometimes rides to other places). Never does she volunteer a thanks or please. A family rule was issued that when the word "stop" was used we had to stop arguing, but she uses it as a shut up when she doesn't want me to talk. Heck today 3 puppies were running around and under my car and she was feeling stressed about getting to her co-workers house and ordered me to drive. I told here dogs were in he way and she didn't give a fuck. I said hitting a dog in illegal and cruel. She said "hitting and running over a dog are two different things". Um... Causing the pain and uneccessary injury to a dog is illegal in any manner you put it. But she doesn't care. She has drive me insane. I have been treated like shit by her. Heck I have gotten to the point where I literally choked her 3 times in my life. Each time I was in the middle of it I would freak out and stop. She kept saying "mommas boy" the last time through stressed gurgling breath. I WANT to kill her... But I am lucky I can control myself. She just turned 23 and I am 26.... I feel like a loser since I cannot live on my own. She has gotten jobs easily and I am lucky if I can even get an interview... She has been kicked out of college programs, lied to parents about college status and they marked incorrect tax information because of her and could have been fined, she had damaged cars she owned as well as every computer she has owned. She ALWAYS has an attitude. She has nervous ticks and daddy abandonment issues that she refuses to seek psychological help for. I am no saying I am any better, but this shit is annoying. I want NOTHING to do with her. For all I care she is DEAD to me. If I could I would divorce my family. I already don't see people on my fathers side, step fathers side, and mothers side of the family. I know my sister picks up a bunch of this BS from our mother... Which I know I am lucky and thankful for her help, but she too is a controlling and mean person. She is not as bad as my sister though...
        • (Continuing from last post) Personally I can trace key moments through our life that led up to my sister being the way she is. As a todler she would cry to get attention and it worked every time. When she was age 4 and through elementary school ages, she had a bad habit of lieing that was not taken care of as well as a spat of teft from other members of the household. Our biological father took care of her every want and need; also listened to her during arguments. Thus her attachment to our father, becoming "daddies little girl". Our mother believed in phisical punishment, so beatings were common. Our older brother didn't get many, he was "perfect" and always had out of he house activities to attend to. I was the accident child (no really, I was not planned), apparently I had issues fitting in and dealing with others; was met win stress from mother, which lead to pain. Little sister did her her deal of beatings, but she knew (and still knows) what buttons to push to rile up others. She used her ability for evil to get me punished. She thought it was funny. (Interesting fact: she had told me not too long ago that the look of pain and anguish is something she is attracted to, which explains a lot. She really likes stories in which the characters suffer.) Our parents divorced when she was in 4th/5th grade. Allowing her to have a more direct and personal connection and influence over our father. Visitations were annoying since he always listened to her. So I quit going and she continued for a couple of more years. (Parents are not there to be your "friend". They have to be your parent.) Our mother remarried and he had a son, but no daughters. So he became the new dad she had to work on. Didn't take too long... He had to be the "protector" and wanted to help her... Didn't want to hear any of the arguing bullshit and since he was used to having only one child and now had 4 (that's including his own) he had no want to deal with sibling arguing. (Our mother moved from physical punishment to psychological torment in order to maintain "control". She still does this now... And it has trained my sister...) She was heart broken by biological father in 7th or 8th grade when he met another woman who had two daughters. She wanted some alone visitation time with him and he said he couldn't ignore his new family. Also one of the girls according to her said he was their father now... There as a brief amount of time where she would scratch her skin with broken plastic/glass bracelets on her arms, simulating cutting behavior. Through 4th grade to 9th she was a belly dancer and it got her a lot of attention, another key element to behavioral issues. In middle school and high school was a cheerleader, again the attention. Became self conscious about body image in high school, believes legs look fat and is very annoyed about it. She used to not like make up in middle school but when high school came it went on (from then on she ALWAYS has to had it on, even is we are just working on cleaning he house and not even leaving it). From middle school to current she has tormented everyone through lieing, having an attitude, being demanding and demeaning, back talking. Uses tactics learned form mother to control and direct conversations (mother is a communications major, but likes to change what was actually said in conversations in order to either make the conversation sound better during a retailing over the phone to a friend or to make her statement the "right" or "true" statement in an argument. Thus sister picking up on this behavior and mimicking it.)
      • ι feel Fucken way. I'm am a kind dude but my sister turns me into a hulk. ι get so angry ι just want kill her or even slap her a couple of times. She thinks she evErything. And everything ι get she says that my parents Pamper me What The its My Fucken Birthday ι can get what ι want to bitch. And If ι have to go to my friends there sister are so kind,sweet,polite. And think all my sister is a Big fucken Bitch
      • you're telling me!!! god!! she's such a bitch!!! and that's not even a name calling; she literally has all qualities of a quintessential bitch!! she disgusts me!
        • I know How You feel i live witha dumbass sister she sucks so bad she gets what she wants i get blamed for shit she does so i know how every person out in the world feels with a sister from the bottem of my heart i feels so sorry for having dumbass sisters
      • I am exactly at this stage right now!!! I would seriously move to another fucking country because even her presence disgusts and pisses me off, but I can't leave because my mom will be alone dealing with her bullshit!
      • Yea I hate mine. She's a little bitch. Its like she doesn't give a fuck what other people want. As long as she gets her way then that little self centered cunt is happy. Such a little bitch. And its sad that we have to come on here to make sure that we aren't the only ones with sisters that are bitches, it's sad that they are that bad...
      • same here get nauseous using the word sister i refer to the bitch as 'witch'
      • That's exactly what I feel, hate cant even describe what i feel towards my sister. I forbid to even call her my sister!
    • My sister is a bitch
    • oh trust me, thats nothing, today my sister asked to used my punching bag, i said no its too late and it makes the walls creek, it will wake up our parents, so she says okay give me the scissors...i said why do you need scissors, and she replies with "I'm going to have to stab someone if i dont get the punching bag. so i still refuse to give it to her, she throws the scissors at me, i duck. hits the wall and goes through it. and not to mention shes an adult still living with me and my parents... but the worst part is, i clean up after her, my parents clean up after her, if she cant use MY xbox, then i cant use it either, yet i bought it with all my pure money. all i know is shes a spoiled little bitch and i cant even say i have no feeling towards her because that woud be undermining what i think of her, she is an obnoxious attention whore, dumbass, messy, slobby, imature, spoiled piece of crap. and yet thats the nicer way of putting it
    • I can totally relate to you....my sister is a real bitch....now I have distanced myself from her and realized that it's all in my head that she loves me or anything...whatever she does is because she is one selfish lady.....moreover she was a major heldback in my life...she used to waste so much time of mine and she doesn't let me work by inviting me to go for shopping with her and then we'll be shopping only for herself...a woman can never be your best friend even if she is your sister....she keeps saying that she loves me most but now I know why she says so because I do so much for her......if I had done this much for my enemy probably he might have become my best friend by now(LOL)....If you have a sister as bad as mine you wont need enemies outside family..........I tried changing my sister and everything but finally I have understood nothing can be done so I have started living my life without her.....and I feel a huge burden is lifted....I thank god for giving me enough brain to get rid of my sister from my head...now she is a nobody in my life...I don't care what she thinks about me anymore...I feel I am way smarter than her then why should I waste even a single second of my life on someone as unworthy as her....Don't love your elder sister...Don't hate your elder sister..make her hate you.
    • My sister is 13, Im 11, on my birthday she said swears to me, I saw one barely even mean thing to her on her birthday and I'm screwed? I'm 11 and I know I have 7 more years of suffering but she is gonna end up in jail soon, she is always in other people's business. She bosses around my mom, my mom cant do anything at this point, she cant be fixed. Whenever I get a friend over at my house she is tells me and him we are stupid ugly dorks and losers. She is the loser, she spends over half her life on netflix, she is never outside, she thinks she is light-weight, she calls me fat all the time! She is a fucking whore and ever since I turned 7 she has bullied me and hurt me. I can beat her ass down in 5 seconds but if I do i get blamed, she cant act up in front of my dad like really bad because he will show her ass she cant do shit. But other wise she is fucking bitch. Im past hating her, hell I never even truly loved her. I just imagine the days when she is dead or in jail, she will either spend life in jail or get killed by somebody she pissed off which she does all the time, so happy her
    • I know how you feel...my sister a little she-devil packaged in a seemingly angel nature. I'm the older one yet she feels the need to antagonize and debate me upon every single matter. She will act like an angel and speak in a sugary tone towards my parents but to me she physically and mentally abuses me-calling me fat and stupid even though I weigh 43 kg and am 5'4. In addition, I haven't decided between law or medicine (even though I'm only beginning my sophmore year) yet my sister still rubs this fact in to my parents and I get scolded but she also debates over the most trifle of matters and has a superior tone while doing so. For example, I figure skate and am up to doing the double axel. She looks what I'm doing and says she has done a double axel t our parents even if she has only done a two foot spin. When I point this out to her she simply puts on a superior tone and quotes from random websites about figure skating and physiological websites about my "jealousy"...the easiest way to deal with this is to fight back (gets tiring) then breathe and take tylenol (so load up)
    • My Sister is a spoilt little brat!!!!!! I'm 12 and my sister is 9, she is Austistic but still, if she doesn't get what she wants she throws a Tantrum which embarrasses the hell out of me and my parents when we are out at the shops AND she gets everything she wants while I just sit there watching her boast about getting what she wanted while I'm still waiting. WELL FUCK HER!!!! She can live with me not being with her at school, I don't care if she's crying I don't care if she's looking for me at school, IM GOING TO HIGH SCHOL NEXT YEAR AND WE WONT BE FUCKING TOGETHER!!!! LIVE WITH THAT GEORGIA YOU SPOILT LITTLE FUCKING BRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if I'm being harsh and swearing I just can't stand her, if mum says I'm being naughty (when I'm not) Georgia would start going "Well, I'm being good" WELL SHUT THE FUCK UP I DONT CARE!!!! She makes me late for school, which gives me bad grades so she can stop boasting. About what she's doing and suck the fuck up!
    • Ah, well you're not the only one living with a bitch sister. In fact, I have to live in the same room as one. I totally feel you. They need to be bitch slapped. Any good bitch slappers out there? I need some tutorials so I can beat my sister's nasty face in. Thank you
  2. I am 12, almost 13, and I guess I know what it's like.. Well not as much as you probably, for you have actually lived life... My sister just doesn't care. It kills me to see her everyday almost. She just doesn't get the fact that sometimes i just want to sit down and talk to her, but she won't listen. She spends her time on tumblr every single day and if we ever get into a fight, I ALWAYS end up apologizing. She's my older sister, and I don't get a say in anything. She has made me choke up tears and rip out my hair, but I can't do anything. I can't run away, I can't kill her! But. There is still something that makes me love her, and I guess I'm just going to have to live with it. 
    • Im the same age and me and my sister fight till ones bleeding so ino hw u feel
    • My sister today just called me a and " little bratty BITCH "and I tried telling my mom but she always say you don't know how strong she is, your just the child. If I'm the child why is my 19 YEAR OLD SISTER fighting with a12 year old !
    • You're so young and so sweet. Good luck and hope it works out. I'm 33 and unfortunately I'm almost giving up. I love my sister but I'm at this point going to try and keep her out of my life. I know I'll miss her terribly but I'm sick of the abuse. She takes me and our sister relationship for granted. It's not a nice relationship most of the time and since I'm sick of arguing I'm deciding to end it. Hopefully your relationship with your sister will work out.
      • OMG.... i dont know why im a 12 year old kid too i have a little 6 year old sister, shes like a devil T.T she knows my parents spoil her and like she picks trouble with me and then snitches, it REALLY Pisses me off, she thinks of me as shit..., One day i asked her why do u listen to mommy and daddy and not me and her reply was "Its because im scared of mommy and daddy, and im not scared of you" Then i was like REALLLY FKING PISSED from that moment on... i dont know sometimes i like really want to slap her across the face to make her Be afraid of me to get her to listen... Im Dying of anger just speaking about her. My Parents say u need to control ur anger issues with her. I dont have anger issues T.T but just to her its an exception, she pisses me off thats final T.T. My parents said if i dont control my anger i might even kill her one day if i get so mad. Then i cried afterwards cuz i was so pissed, my parents told her, and then after i was done crying she went in my room started doing whatever shit she does PISSES ME OFF AGAIN, then SNITCHES that a YELLED AT HER THEN I FKKKKKKN GOT IN TROUBLE OMFG T..T!!!!!!!!!!! idk Life sucks deal with it. im having trouble but i cant do a thing
    • I am your age as well. My sister is a fucking bitch. She is younger than me and I truly believe that my parents favor her over me. Sometimes we are on good terms, and then she reminds me just how much she should be punched in the face. I always have to deal with the fucking "she's younger than you" shit. Two years. She is two damn years younger than I am. The thing is, she will look my parents in the eyes and tell them lies about me just because she thinks it's funny when I get in trouble for things I didn't do. My little sister is a greedy, whiny, bitchy little brat that gets whatever she wants and has to do whatever I am doing. She never shuts up and follows me around everywhere purely because it pisses me off. All she can ever fucking talk about is Minecraft and how much I suck. I am stuck in the house with her for another 6 years and I cannot wait until I move out so I can get as fucking far away from her as I can. I would have been better off as an only child.
    • I am 13 and my sister is a TOTAL BITCH! She starts up fights and joins everything I say into something perverted and then my parents rally to HER side and in the end, I get beaten. In Chinese culture, that is okay but you just can't leave marks. She steals food and my money because she doesn't want use her own "hard earned" money. The fool wants me to go to hell and wants to kill me. She missed her chances several times because she nearly killed me when I was 6 after toppling over my chair and having my head crack against the stone floor of a cheap apartment. She's a complete angle when her friends are around and then portrays me as an imbecile who has psychological problem. If she doesn't get her way, she gets incredibly whiny and sounds extremely spoiled. After she gets her way, she struts around like she owned the house and I want to push her into the ice covered pool. A bastard like that shouldn't even be punished that pathetically, I've tried to kill her by subtle ways but none work. The traps made by me have either a malfunction, or they don't work at all. I set a burglar alarm that launched sharp pieces of quarts out of a nerf gun that friend moded and that certainly got a reaction out of her. She smashed her piggy bank on the floor and cried out that I tried to steal HER money. PATHETIC. I got in trouble and she smirked at me between fake sobs. GOD THAT STUPID SLUT! WHORE! ASSHOLE! Someday, I really want to kill her, but just pray to god that she will get run over by a bus tomorrow. amen.
      • I'm 15 years old and my sister is a motherfucking bitch. I'm seriously going to beat the living shit out of her (shes 13). Only way to set her straight is for some good old discipline. That bitch needs the fucking backhand. She doesn't respect anyone shes talks shit to everyone in our family I will fucking end this bitch.
    • I have an older sister too. Shes 15 and Im 13. Our arguments sound like 5 year olds fighting. Its true. Last night, my mom invited over my sisters friends family over to dinner. Her, her friend, and me wer in her room(I was just sitting in the corner listening to their conversation). Suddenly for no reason, she starts telling her friend that im a huge tatle tale. And im just sitting ther like WTF??? Then she tels me to get out of her room. I did nothing to her and yet she embarrases me. Today, I was washing the dishes as a punishment from my mom and I was so mad so I would secretly not wash it and just put it away. My sister walked by and saw me, she yelled to my mom that I wasnt actually washing the dishes. IM the tatle tale?! I tell her "and you say im the tatle tale?!" she says" you are, im just making sure mom makes you never do this again." THAT LITTLE SHIT!!! She always does this kind of stuff, and Im always the one who gets frowned upon. Its always my fucking fault. In my moms eyes my sister is a fucking saint. My mom is always saying how I should be more like her. She has no idea how many timesIve gotten into a fight with a a guy because he says perverted things about her, I do that just to back her up.And guess what, Ive heard her calling me ugly, wierd, loser, to lots of people behind my back. Thats 1/2 of the reason I barely have a social life. She makes people think that im a a wierd loser even before theyve met me. This isnt ven half of what shes done to make my life worse. When I move out, I never want to have anything to do with her. If she asks me for help at all id let her know that she shoud just go fuck herself. If I needed help, I would never ask her for help. If she offers me her help, I would tell her to go fuck herself. I have to admit, when I was little I used to bother her a lot. I think thats why shes such a bitch to me now. But its gotten too far. The worst part is that I always end up loving her again even though she constantly despises me. I hate myself for that.
      • Right now my sister is being a bitch. I was crying out of anger and spite. She does this every time. She likes to be the top dog in control of everything. Once somethings not working out she takes it out on me. My parents wonder why am I being mean to my sister. It's not ME!!! I'm so sick of being called out on and my parents don't care either. Than my sister relationship got physical. We started hitting punching and kicking. Then she used her long nails. I have long scars own my arms. She even bit herself to make it look like I bit her. She is a bitch. So if you think this through my parents always take her side and I may be 13 but this isn't some of your everyday thing. She makes me feel like I'm nothing. I love my family trust me I do but she actually said and meant I HATE YOU! And if you have a sister those words will kill you. Slowly eating up your insides. Each time she does that you sink lower. And you can guess what parents did?! They took her side saying that I'm the older one since she's the youngest in the family. I try to be nice and I buy her things I take her places but as soon as I step out of the line she bites. My sister is a BITCH!!!
    • I know how you feel. Sometimes we're really close to each other like we're best friends and then she'll just act like a bitch for no reason. She says that I get everything I want because I'm younger but if she wasn't such a bitch, my parents would be nicer to her. She makes me so furious sometimes for no reason. She makes up arguments out of nothing and then blames it on me. But I apologize, we make up and then we're best friends again. Sometimes I think she thinks that life would be better if I wasn't born.
  3. I'm glad you have realised your sister is a bully. I am in the same situation with my sister (she is the youngest, I am the eldest) and she too puts me down and treats me with contempt because she has a better job, boyfriend etc yet does nothing to help me out. She also brings people down with her mood - very manipulative and just has to be the centre of attention. I would say that one or both of your parents have let her get away with this her entrire life. Don't cover for her any longer - no doubt she will try and manipulate you when you no longer cave into your demands and she will probably accuse YOU of being nasty, but that's her problem, not yours. People like that are really miserable!
  4. I'm glad you have realised your sister is a bully. I am in the same situation with my sister (she is the youngest, I am the eldest) and she too puts me down and treats me with contempt because she has a better job, boyfriend etc yet does nothing to help me out. She also brings people down with her mood - very manipulative and just has to be the centre of attention. I would say that one or both of your parents have let her get away with this her entrire life. Don't cover for her any longer - no doubt she will try and manipulate you when you no longer cave into her demands and she will probably accuse YOU of being nasty (steel yourself and stay strong!), but that's her problem, not yours. People like that are really miserable!
  5. It sucks, but in some ways I guess it is... comforting? to see that other people also feel that their sisters are bitches.  My sister is not better off financially than I am, not that I'm rich or anything.  Her and her husband (with three kids) have been evicted at least 5 times in the past seven years, and I would like to be happy to let them stay with me, I really would.  However, they always take over my house, trash the place, tell me what a terrible sister I've always been, and tell me how horrible it is that I tell their children not to jump on the furniture (including the frickin dining room table) and to please not sneak food out of the kitchen.  I do not allow my son to do these insane things, I would like to think most people have rules for their children and respect other people's homes.  They for some reason never hold down jobs and milk the system as much as they can.  She's pawned anything our mother left her, and she honestly got the nicer stuff since she was the oldest.  That never bothered me.  But at this point since I still actually have the items I inheritted, she feels that I am the only one that got anything and accuses me of being 'the favorite', which is complete bullshit; our mother didn't have a favorite child.  They're alcoholics and in total denial about it, and she spits some serious venom especially when she's drunk.  I'm fed up.  Seriously.  If she hates me that freakin much why does she keep trying to move in with me and mess up my house and life?  (I'm 29, she's 32)  I will always love her, but I just can't fucking do this anymore.


  6. UGH! I so feel you! I have an older sister, is she is the defintion of BITCH. She's like f-kig schizo!!! She lies and says things just to manipulate and get her way. She's good at it, too! She doesn't have me fooled at all1 I don't fall for her sh-t!!! She's been throwing a fit lately over dumb stuff! She gets my mom inloved into it, and says things like "you always do stuff for her!" or "you never want to do things for me!" Well, hello!!! No one likes you or can't stand your ass! She should be living on her own already!!! She likes to complain or talk about others, when she's no better! She's such a trip!! All I have to say is, forget about it, let them deal with it, and it has nothing to do with you.
  7. My sister can definitely give her a run for her money...mine is the biggest, meanest, most vicious sister to me and then kisses the asses of strangers. And I was brought to tears of hurt and anger yesterday too. I happen to be 46 too lol and she is 40....always dreamed of having a nice sister who can be a confidante etc....not her- cold hearted bitch beyond words!
    • I am 14 and my younger sister is constantly looking for anyways to start an arguement or insult me without a care. She is so antagonistic, but the worst part is, she always thinks that the things she say don't do a shit. Just today, that bitch of a pathetic excuse of a sister called me a complete and utter twat very offensively because (although i wouldn't have liked it either) I knocked her laptop over because her charger was in the way and I did not see it. Her first reaction - goes down to my father bickers on and on asking if he can make me lose my pocket money (which i worked very hard for) simply because she comes to assumptions so soon (she is also 2 faced) Sometimes, i have to admit, I could really imagine my life happy as ever with her Dead. She is a giant, fat, ugly cunt that has no heart. She thinks that she is smarter than me despite my much higher grades, and 1 year age difference. The worst insult that she ever threw at me that really made me snap and violently hit her was that she blamed me for the death of our mum... Most of the time I try to ignore her mean comments with bad intentions, but sometimes she goes that little but further, that I just open my mouth to release everything that I feel about her. Her fat percentage is noticeably higher than me, yet she thinks shes a skinny bitch and I'm fat, her nose is squished and quite ugly (same goes to her skin), Her hair is 50% dead because she bleached it and it looks like a tornado did her hair, she has Size 7 shoes (UK) but shes only 13 and she is a huge 5ft 6 (169cm) in height. I could go on and on about her inperfectalities but I'm not a bitch like her. I just like to get my emotions out once in a while. One last thing. She blames me for EVERYTHING, even if it couldn't possibly have been me to do it...
      • Im 16... And I'd like to say that that is the most selfish, arrogant, obnoxious, and ridiculous thing you could say about someone. No matter how much you "hate" your sibling its not right to say things like that, and especially online!
        • To the 16 year old that thinks that a comment or comments here are obnoxious: I think you're either lucky and don't have mean sisters, or your one of the mean ones yourself and fully aware that you are but don't want to admit it.
        • To the 16 year old... If this site offends you so bad. Why are you on here anyway. This is a way for people to vent. To get things out without having to deal with more shit from the sibling that causes them so much grief... Don't like it. Don't read it!! :)
        • Really? You figure out your sister is a real bitch when she stabs you. How do you not hate someone who fucking stabbed you?!?
        • I disagree. I'm not sure what the other person wrote, but Ifeel that this site is just a place for people to 'pen' their feelings. After all, siblings really can be troublesome. Don't worry about it it. Just let them vent.
        • I think people have the right to say what they're saying, they're just expressing their feelings. And this is a place about how much you think your sister is a bitch. And why are you on this, why are you criticizing other people? Huh, maybe your fine and dandy with your sister, but other people hate theirs! So leave US ALONE! And there may be some other reasons why they don't like them, so STOP CRITICIZING US AND IF YOUR GOING TO SAY THAT, THEN GET OFF THIS SITE!

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        • how did you get here in the first place? the only reason i got here was because i searched up these exact words on the blog
      • Oh yes! I completely understand your viewpoint there, where you say she always picks a fight. You know what? I hate fighting with my sister, because I always lose the arguement and make myself look like a huge fool in front of everyone. I have two sisters (dear lord) and they have both horrible and similar qualities. My younger sister, I tend to forgive a little easier, but then again yesterday she made my head explode and I started commenting on how ugly she is and yeah, I really made a show of myself. I plan on staying a million miles away from here, but for my older sister, it's 200 million miles away. She CONSTANTLY puts me down. She is one big sarcastic fuck who's character outside the home is completely different to when she is at home. She treats me like shit, such as insulting me when ever I comment on something she's doing, EVEN IF I JUST SAY SOMETHING CIVIL TO HER, because believe me, I am way past that stage of bickering and arguing, it just puts me down even more and weakens my strength. But she is nearly 17, and still acting horribly immature and rudely inconsiderate of other people's feelings. I truly hate her. I could describe many ways in which she makes me feel this way, but I won't. She is a true hard core bully, and if you lived in my house you would see. She insults my mother too, who's even grown to say bad things about Suzanne herself. She mentally abuses people. One minute, hey, she could be so chiurpy. Then, a minute later, she's pulling at my throat. I do feel that she thinks she is superior to everyone else in the family, as she looks down at me the odd time, and when I express my own views, she shoves them away and tells me I don't know how to socialise. (Not true entirely, as I am quite quiet and enjoy my own company a lot, but it hurts.) Do I have strange thoughts, where I think of a world without Suzanne in it? Sometimes. Even sometimes if there was a world with me in it. I'm sick of her. My father can act the same sometimes, but more to my mother, but there's something relative between them. They dull the atmosphere and create a whole hell of tension. My sister is a bitch. Both are quite frankly. I am an emotional wreck a lot recently, as I can't understand why they both can't just grow up, more to my older sister, and learn to be civil and considerate to their family members! I think they are both too involved in friends to realise that family is more important. And it appears that they use my weak handling of emotions to their advantage. i'm going to change that, but first, I'm ignoring them. I'll never do anything for them again, even if I am only 15 and we are still teenagers. The behavior here between them both isn't right, and frankly the only people who don't seem to touch my nerves these days are my older brother (19) and mother. But, I'm still waiting for a day for them to disappoint me, because there will come a day. I'm sick of looking at the good in people. If they can't treat you right beforehand, well then I don't want to know you. I'm a fragile soul, unable to cope with this trauma at home or now anywhere else. I'm going to focus on a lot of exercises to keep me calm such as meditation and yoga. And when I'm all grown up, and those two bullies that stick together, having crummy little lives, I'll be living it up with a big load of cash, and won't be inviting them to my luxurious Christmas dinners. My brother, mother, father, shall come, and my future cats too. Is there still time for them to change my opinion of them? No. They've themselves very clear and I want nothing to do with them.
        • I read your comments above and you are smart to just ignore her. Its the best way. Sometimes we say things we regret later. You know from experience you aren't going to win anyway, and besides who cares who wins an arguement? the important thing is for you to build your self esteem and realize the nice qualities you have. enjoy being around people who are a constructive influence in your life rather than being around people who tear you down. whether they are your family or not, it doesn't matter. you dont have to put up with being bullied. so it boils down to this... just stay clear of her and dont comment or say a thing. it will drive her nuts if you just stay quiet and your nerves will be much calmer in the long run.
        • I momentarily Froze when I was done reading this. It almost feels like a joke. As I wrote this article, banged my head and forgot about it and then all of a sudden came across this. Our Situations are so identical it seems rather unreal. (even Ages and 'Future thoughts' are rather identical) Since u posted this 2 years ago now I wish to know if things are any different now?
      • I am only 12, my sister 10 - an awkward age gap. I really feel like I understand what you're feeling about your sister. But we are never alone in our troubles!! Remember - everything passes. Good luck. ♥
    • UGH. I so feel you! My sister is the exact way! She's a cold hearted bitch! I can't stand her ass anymore!
  8. It is very hurtful and unkind. I understand your situation and I personally have to treat family like they are not family in order for me to keep sane. No amount of talking after 40 some years is going to change the relationship - believe me. Some people (ie sister) don't see themselves but only when they want to. I feel sorry for some of my family memebers and wish the best for them, however, no need to subject myself to the emotional yoyo crap - try to keep your distance and look for other people that make you happy. I struggle with this issue everyday and some days I crack but I have others in my life I can rely on and TRUST. You can't trust someone that can't see themselves at all times. Hang in there - and remember you are worth more than being the "go between" others have to fix their problems not you.
  9. Just a few moments ago my sister was over. She's recently been getting on my nerves everything I say and do she has to but in. She can never be supportive for me. I get jealous when I see others siblings getting along like best friends. She makes it seem so easy to be normal but I'm far from it. How am I to be normal when everyone puts me down and calls me retarded. I know I'm I was a special ed in high school and I recently got out but I wasn't like all the other students I tried in school did all the regular assignments that everyone else did. I try so hard but with not only my sister telling me this but my whole family saying I'm a hopeless person. What do they expect? I wish to say more but I don't think its right to just type my person stuff. All I want is a family to be supportive.
    • hi,I read your statement about yourself and it makes me upset. I just want to mention one thing: FOR HUMAN THERE IS NO REALITY,THE REALITIES ARE HUMAN DESIRES. Believe your DESIRES and follow them,let others think how they want to think,you are not able to change their thoughts and they are not able to change your thoughts(if you dont let them).If you are suffering,so you get away from your DESIRES,just listen to your DESIRES.
    • I know u wrote this awhile but I understand how u feel. I'm 26 my sister is 22. She always calls me names ESP stupid fing retard. I have issues I kno(I still live at home and am ftm) and sure she is there for me, when it suits her. I went to every doc appt while she was preggers, got her a job..shared all of my friends. Lent her money when I could, take her out for lunches. I never ever rub the things I have done for her in er face yet the smallest things she will bring up. She snaps at everyone and swear like u wouldn't believe but she hardly ever got in trouble. You would think by 22 she would be over the physical fights..but I called her the one name that hurts her(I never EVER use it because I kno it hurts) and she came at me, while I was sick with fevers in front of er 14 month old son. She came back at me 3 times. I don't care anymore if I'm a man now..she is dumb enough and old enough to know that it's wrong. My sister is a bitch and I don't ever see us being close ever again cause I will no longer take her abuse and treating me like a piece of shit!
  10. Ugh, that's not as bad as MY sister. I'm 13, she asked for my phone(which is a hand me down from my mom) because she(my mom) went out today and my Sis wanted her friend's number from the contacts. When I handed the phone, YouTube was on, and all the videos said "subscriptions"because I signed up for YouTube and subbed to a lot of people, mostly gaming channels and some comedy channels. My Sis got suspicious, and after getting the contacts she went on YouTube and fucked around with it. I got nervous when I saw her go on, and she wouldn't give it back. An hour later she calls me down to my room, and she confronts me about it, yelling that all those people I subbed to were weirdos, that I shouldn't have signed up, and the most stupid one of all, is that those weirdos are probably people who shoot up movie theaters. IS SHE FUCKING SERIOUS? She's referencing to the James Holmes shooting. Do people in gaming channels and comedy channels look like they shoot up movie theaters? NO. They wouldn't be on YouTube if they did. She asks me why I watch these, and I tell her "because I'm bored." She then responds with "You shouldn't be allowed to be watching these videos if you're bored, you should be reading books instead." It's as if she doesn't have a sense of humor. She then tells me if I get caught doing something like this again, I'm in for it. I was so angry after that I started crying. I decided when I'm at the age where she can't do anything to me anymore (15,16,17, most likely 18) I would use the "eye for an eye" scenario against her. She used my cell phone against me, I will use her cell phone against her. I thought that if she was cheating(or looked like she was) I would go on her phone when she isn't around(she doesn't lock her phone) and find anything like that. I would then confront her about it and tell her that if she continues to do stuff like that and/or continue being a bitch, I would tell my brother in law about it(and tell it in a way that sounded like she was cheating) so he would get mad at her and beat her for it while I make it obvious that's what she gets. Basically, we respect her privacy(except for my bro in law), but she doesn't respect ours, so we(or I) will no longer respect hers.
    • I know exactly how you feel. My sister found out my password to my phone and ever since she has been looking at all my texts and stealing my friends numbers just to mess with them like the brat she is. And, she brakes everything dear to me. Just last night she broke my first piggie bank. Then, she made it look like i blew up at her and she started to cry and my mom took her side like she always does.
      • I think it's the parents fault that they're like that. Yes they have the personality with less compassion and humanity apparently - but the parents allow them to get away with it I think. And once they learn that they act up inside the home. But outisde of the home they act almost normal. Does anyone agree that it's nurture and not just nature?
        • I can definitely agree with that. My mum let my sister get away with murder. She was a little sociopath! I'd go to school with black eyes and a bruised ego on a regular basis, but unless it involved my mum directly, she didn't give a rat's ass. And when it did, she dealt with it in an equally immature and rediculous manner, ie. locking us BOTH out of the house for several days, or refusing to buy groceries for weeks at a time. (did I mention I was in elementary school at the time?) So there was never really any solid point made. It was just a whole bunch of hell. Until, that is, I got old/big enough to hit her back. That was a long time ago. We're in our late 20's now, but she's still a horrible bitch. Sometimes I wonder if things would have been different if my mum would have stepped in and been a real parent? I bet I'd be telling a different story today.
      • Oh My God - my sister does that 'taking your parents' side' thing ALL the bloody time!!!! Sje is such a whinger, cheater, liar - everything! So unfair.....
  11. My little sister bullies me too. Even though are situations differ I know how you feel. I am 13 and my sister is 11 everyday she harasses me and even has pushed me to suicidal thoughts. But stand up for yourself I did that a few weeks ago and it really helped me. Hopefully I will help you. My sister also always finds a way to make it my fault. And my parents never do anything to help me. My point is stand up for yourself and even if they don't listen keep trying.
    • You shouldn't blame someone else for feeling suicidal thoughts no matter how garage they are your the one in charge of your own thoughts and how you take what they say and put it together!
      • I totally disagree. If it's a desperate enough situation where one person is totally bullying the other one, being absolutely unresonable and unfair I can see how if it gets bad enough it can cause severe depression. That's what bullying is. People have committed suicide by being bullied. I would suggest telling your parents how you feel and you definitely need to know that you're much better then the mean bully and the world needs more people like you and less bullies, so get some help from your parents or school councilor or church maybe ..? Later when you're old enough remove yourself from such a negative situation.
  12. i understand you girl my sister read my whole tumblr all my posts i was so pissed i could off hit her really hard but im no the type for violence in other words she is allot older then me and she would kick my ass if i told she was a fuckan bully
  13. I can't stand my sister. I cry and feel horrible about who I am because of things my sister does and says. My parents take her side. I feel so ugly, fat and worthless (all of which are things my sister has called me). But, I am stronger than she will ever know!
    • i know exactly how you feel. i am 16 years old. my sister is such a bitch i wish she was outta my life. We get into alot of arguments, but we're not talking to each other right now. the last argument we got into, was in spring break. what happened was that there was a movie i wanted to see but she said "you wouldn't like it, it's not your favorite type of movies." which was really uncalled for & she said she was being "honest." She's insensitive, rude, obnoxious, and inconsiderate. I got angry told her she's a bitch and stormed off. another thing, she's too quick to solve problems, meaning whenever there's an argument we get into, she never gives me time to cool off. last thing she said to me after she failed to solve it was that everything i say bad about her, she feels better about herself because she knows that's not true. it's hard for me to control myself. i can get angry alot, but that's only when im off of my meds. i have ADHD, also. last blowoff i had w/ my family, she called me psycho! i feel like she has a hard time accepting me because doesnt like the way i dress, the music i listen to, movie types i love, and everything. everybody else in my family knows how mean she can be towards me. i also feel a little jealous towards her because everytime she talks to my little siblings, i feel like they have more fun around her than me and they can go to her for anything but not me. she transferred from ISU to praire state. I can wait to go to college so i can get that cunt out of my life. i don't think of her as my sister anymore and i dont have guilt whatsoever.
    • Wow. Siblings are such troublesome things, but remember to NEVER EVER listen to a nasty word that she says to you. NO-ONE deserves to be called fat, ugly, worthless, or anything of that sort. Just ignore her. No matter how much she seems to mean it, I bet you a million quid she wouldn't mean to hurt you if she understood how that it was really getting you down. But don't let it. BE STRONG! ♥
    • my sister is 50 and iam 48 we have lived together for years until recently when we moved into separate houses. My sister treats me as if she hates me and i dont know why. when we lifted together i done almost all of the housework run after her constantly trying to get some kind of appreciaton but nothing i brought her burger meals tea drinks just got a grunt if i was lucky never a thank you she got cross at me one time for expecting please or thank you manners cost you nothing When we lived together i had to have to brief operations herina repairs the first one she came up to the hospital at visiting time went throught me told me she had no money and i gave her my visa card the next day she came to take me home she was horrible then she left the house with the visa card and spent every penny on it and all my direct debits the following week were messed up i had to go to the hospital again about a year later for another hernia repair and she took me up as the doctor sent me straight to a @e and i thought she was half decent she came up the next night and was horrible to me all the other patients has their lovely visitors and she was there being as nasty as possible she took me home on the Friday morning i got into the car slowing as i was in pain and when i let out a little cry she started going crazy dont you start you selfish bitch she was ranting and raving the whole way home like a lunatic when we came in she said oh i suppose i should make you tea but i am starving and she left went down town with my bank card and when she came back she had lost it i used to look up to her and loved her so much i cannot believe the things she has done to me she is such a cow When we went into our seperate houses she went first about 3 months after my 2nd hernia repair i helped her all i could with moving and she shouted at me and treated me like crap i said i plumbed in your washing machine hoping for a smile or something all i got was its about time at the top of her angry aggressive voice when i moved into my home a month later she told me in no uncertain terms i am unable to help you and wont be the night i moved my furntiure into the garage of my house as it was getting painted and i was not suppossed to be there really untill the next day i had moved everything and cleared out the house we were in together and was finished at 11pm and texted her can i stay in your house she would not allow me when i was moving into my house she called me and went crazy with me as she wanted me to bring her up the tumble dryer in the house which was in the garage i could not get near to it and it did not belong to me she was whinging about wet clothes this was in the summer time and i was in the middle of moving and she would not let me stay i have incontintence and when we lived in the other house she used to come in to the bedroom and say its stinking in her in a hate filled nasty voice she knows i am very embarrassed and worry constantly about smelling bad i cant understand how someone i run after for years and practically done everything for therm would treat me like this she would not let me stay in her house i honestly believe if she could take air from me she would she is a completly selfish cow and the worst thing is i dont think she even knows how horrible she is she is fine and thin and pathetic looking and she uses that to her full advantage i just want her out of my life she still texts just expecting this that and the other maby it is my own fault i dont know what to do am so unhappy
      • I understand how it feels to not be appeased or knowledge for all the hard work you do for your sister and maybe even family. Trust me I do. I am the youngest I do a lot more work then my elder sister. She is rude and can cross the line a lot with me. but you are no longer in the same house as her. if she keeps texting you asking for this and that and dose not have enough manners to say Thank you then you dont need to be around her. If shes that disrespectful then it may be wise to change your phone number. people have a bad habit of taking people who work so hard and put up with others drama do to the fact they are nice,forgiving and tolerant that they are taken advantage of. you are the type of person who trys to do your hardest to help if shes making you that unhappy then cut ties. its not an easy thing to do but it may end up happening. I wish you good luck and I hope you find happiness
  14. My sister is selfish and only thinks for herself. I hate it whenever she asks me to comment on how she looks before going out and when I give her my opinion and suggest something, she blatantly ignores the suggestion and insist she looks fine. I mean seriously? Why bother asking for opinion if you're not even going to take anything other than ''you look great''? She always thinks she's right and loves to accuse me of something and then walk away. When I confront her about it, she told me to drop the subject. WTF?! She just sprang some shit at me and then moved on? Today, she accused me of losing one of the forks in our kitchen and when I confronted her and told her she could also be responsible for that, but she insisted that it was not her and that I must have made the mistake of throwing it away. What nerve!! She's such a bitch, thinking she's some sort of goddess or something and she is so perfect that she doesn't make a mistake. Fuck that bitch!
  15. i know how you feel. i have a older sister and she is a critic. She is a total killjoy And she was dump't three times!!!No wonder why they dump't her she was always acting like a total bitch!!!!!Also its driving me insane!!!!@!$%!@#$^!Q$%!$#%
    • I know exactly how you all feel... I have sisters.. the oldest is a complete BITCH! basically sounds nice to everyone/fakes so that everything looks great on the outside, but is a complete bitch to me! And then has the audastiy to tell me that I? need to seek therapy?? She has manupulated everyone and everyone thinks she's the "perfect" child - family, friends, strangers.. the whole works. She's a year and half older than me (I'm 35). Worst of all, my parents always take her side, even if they don't what is going on -- they take her side, and never ask me for my side of the issue. I have been dealing with this all my life... I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! Worse part is Christmas is around the corner, and I feel like I have no one to call family, because she has poisened them all with her version of the truth!
      • Dude I hate my sister sooo much, I hope She dies and burns in hell, I hate her so much I cry tears of rage!
      • OMG this sounds like my family only I'm the older one and the younger one is as mean as a sack of rattle snakes. And she's self centered and hypocritical. What did u do, how did you deal with it? I'm considering cutting her and parents off and just keeping contact superficially once in a while but completely on a superficial level, just to be polite really. I can't deal with the put downs, the stupidity and the drama.
  16. I have a simmilar problem. My sister is 15 and I am 11 and when someone goes to help her even my mum she shouts and crys like a baby.Plus she is always on get phone even brings it to the kitchen and it's always next to her even when who are eating. She always complains if my bedrooms a mess but I know that's a mess in my room. Then she rants on that I am not helping my mums blood pressure which I am worried about. Just a second ago my mum said we might not even have a christmas this year. All I want now is to live with my auntie.
  17. Oh trust me I know. My sister is soo bitchy to everyone in our family. I love her but yet I want to hurt her. She makes me cry soo much. She treats me like shit! She punches and slaps me, I hit we back and call her a bitch but she just leaves. Sometimes I wish she never was born. But sometimes I'm glad she is there. So don't think that ur alone, because ur not and sister can be such bitches. Hope this makes you feel a little less upset!😊
    • I feel the same, my sister hurts me physically and emotionally. If only she knew the tears that I've shed over her. But we'll all get through it, I'm sure. ♥
  18. I guess I'm an optimist since I still don't think my sister is the worst in the world, but she still pisses me off severely. She's always been a little spoiled. Big surprise that it resulted in her being self-centered (that was sarcasm in case you couldn't tell). She always chooses the course of action that benefits her regardless of the pain it causes others. If it isn't her way she either throws a hissy fit, or acts like you're the biggest moron to ever grace this existence. I guess part of it is the fact that she and I had to experience my mom and dads turbulent divorce, resulting in us not having as good of a relationship with our father. Because of this she went wild with alcohol, some piercings, and good for nothing "bad boys" during her last few years of high school. She became a completely different person. She's even had the audacity to cuss out our mom on a few occasions, an offense I have not, nor will I EVER take lightly. Arguments with her and my mother became a daily ritual. I'd get pissed that she'd act like a selfish brat and was never punished for it, she would call me names and storm out of the house, and mom would get mad at me because she was afraid of my sister being driven away from her. My options were either let her abuse me and my mom, or speak up and have them both upset at me. Lose-lose scenario. There were a few points where the stress she caused almost gave my mom a stroke, LITERALLY. I went through mom and dads divorce and it made me a more understanding and sympathetic individual. What's her excuse for not using those experiences to better herself? Well now at least she has an apartment with a bunch of her douchebag friends so I only have to see her near the holidays. Thing is that even though she's much more manageable she continues to show that she is, contrary to what she would tell you, incapable of maturing. Whenever she's home she forces my mom to turn the TV off so she can play her guitar (which I despise hearing...). Whenever we're in the car the radio has to be on her station, even if it's MY CAR! She tells our mom about how one of her friends got her a new bellybutton ring, which is not exactly what most mothers want to hear about. It's just the little things that build up to make an overall bad experience when she visits. Sometimes it just gets tiring. It's just frustrating that she's made it so that my mother and I can no longer have the relationship we once had. She's not gonna change for anyone and the only way she'll learn is by falling flat on her face. If something happens to where she needs to move back in with us I'm afraid of mom even considering letting her back. But even though I'm usually the one in my family with enough foresight to see a bad idea from miles away, nobody tends to listen. That's why my sister is a bitch.
    • I am just 10 but my 20 year old sister is horrible she lives with her mom.(we have the same dad) but when she visits for long periods of time she just gets on my nerves. She baby sits me and my full siblings sometimes while my mom is at work and my dad is at the store and all she will do is yell at ME and tell our dad I was bad! All she does other than yell and slam doors is play onMY laptop! And then says she gets to play on it without my permission is because she is a guest! This is one of the first times I have seen her in three years and all she does us act all crappy and then innocent around adults! I really need a better sister
      • I am 12 (going on 13) and my 10 (nearly 11) year old sister is so.... well, I think we all know the words running through my mind. I know what you're thinking - come on, at this age, surely it's just a phrase?! Wel, the fact is, I don't know. Maybe. But if it is, IT'S A BLOOMIN' LONG ONE!! She bit me earlier, on my finger, because she was embarassed when I complained that she was taking too much of the cake deco I bought, infront of my friend. She just randomly lashed out on my, grabbed my hand and sank her teeth into my flesh, right to my finger bone. She drew blood and it looks all bruised and scarred. It still stings, about an hour since she did it. But the thing is, it's not jut stuff like that that's bugging me - she's being a bitch all the time. She argues, (purposely) winds me up, hits me, nicks my stuff, swears at me randomly - I'm sure you know the lot. And she gets away with it all, because she does it all slyly behind my parents' backs. She is lazy, so I do ALL the chores and other work that we are supposed to do and more (I get bogged down with guilt if I don't), she is rude, she eats more than her share.... the worst bits are when we have friends round. Or even when we are anywhere near anyone else that doesn't include the family we live with. She shows off, has a horrendous attitude, gets real cocky, and is even really horrible and bitchy to and about my friends. Seriously embarassing. I know everything passes, but I struggle to get through things with her around. I want it to stop, and I try to let her get on with her business and me mine - honestly I do, but things are still so hard. Please help if you can. It's not pleasant, as I'm sure MANY of you know. I think we argue more than most siblings do, and I think we both need help. It's getting her to listen that's the problem. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for letting me share this - I feel so much better now I've written my feelings. Anne Frank is right - paper IS far more patient than people!! Just getting it out of your system with words - in any form - is SO good. I wish you all luck with your troublesome siblings. We are never alone... xx
  19. Sounds like we have the same sister from hell. Send her back, you don't need her. Neither does your family. I've deleted mines from my life, she only came around like she was doing us a favor and made sure everyone knew how she went out of her way to be here (and ruin the gathering). When a friend or spouse deceives you, you cut them loose, (divorce or end of friendship), so why not do the same with a sister! Send her back where she came from.
    • OK HERE WE GO....................My sister is like this 4 boys one girl..................I am the GAY brother who she says she loves the most! But the truth is when I needed her the most...........She treated me like GARBAGE............She will not listen to me but only judges every move I make and makes me feel 1000 worse about myself than I feel!................She is worth MILLIONS of dollars but would not help me with $5000 unless she can crucify my character and self estem......................She wants me to lick DIRT for her sick and twisted control over me!..........................Like Jesus took hammered NAILS.................My sister takes her JOY in hammering! Please guys pray that I can walk away from her FOREVER!
  20. My sister is horrible!!! She was dumped like 3 to 4 times.the biggest mistake those guy made was dating my sister!!!She always calls me stupid and she never listens to me!!!It's bad enough that my life is awful.My career is going down the toilet,it's very hard at school,my life sucks and she just makes it from bad to worse!She keeps hurting my feelings!! FML !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • My sister is in her on world she thinks that everyone's against her and that she gets the short end of the stick. **Which is utter bullshit** She is almost twenty years old and act like a two year old, she doesn't show me or my parents any respect, she's manipulative bitch and gets what she wants and does fuck all in return. she honestly needs to remove the stick out of her fucking ass. She's lazy, gross, permently moody and i'm honestly sick of her shit. I wish my parents that night they made her used a condom because she is the worse mistake they ever made!
      • You all think your sisters are bitches listen to me. When i was twelve my sister lived with real dad and i lived with mine,she got caught sneaking down thee freeway with two six packs to give to her freinds. HER REAL DAD KICKED HER OUT! And we had to take her in.me and my family were already living in a one bedroom apartment and they were in the livi:ng room. When she moved in, she totally took over my room and I lost all of my privileges. Every day she would have to BEG to get to leave the house(which pissed my dad off). So she would have a fit and call everyone including her own mother a bitch, and asshole, and a cunt, and a slut, basically every nasty word possible. Eventually after theese fits EVERYDAY she moved to an insane asylum for only like Two DAYS that it! Next we moved to a two bedroom apartment and i had my own room but that didn't stop her from raising hell. One day i was walking with my friends and bitchy sister when she left after school detention, purposefully and was on restriction at home too, so my step mom picked her up in the street and drove towards the house on the freeway and my dad was scolding her and her bright idea was to jump out of the window! She (at the age of sixteen,) was arrested for prostitution and selling crack cocaine, if i need to further explain the shit my sister has done to me alone(there is a list) besides my parents i can't stand the stupid selfless heartless cheating lying stealing whore i call my sister.
    • uhguhg my sister is a fucking bitch too i can't stand her and we still live with our parents and I'm 17 and she is 14 and u know my life is really hard sometimes and she doesn't even care she just walks off when I'm talking and i want her to be my best friend but SHE IS TOO MUCH OF A BITCHY ASS HOLE i just want to kill her sometimes. and since I'm under the age of 18 i can't do nothing to her without my parent freaking yelling at me and heres the worst part GROUNDING ME FOR LIKE A YEAR and i can't be grounded for a year i love my boyfriend and if i can't keep in contact with him i will die like one time i went somewhere really far from where i live and it was during summer and i was grounded for like 7 months for socking my sister in the jaw and publicly humiliating her (it was so funny and it tasted so good) but then my parents had to ruin it with her winning the battle because i got grounded over summer and i was mortally depressed for a long time we go to the same school (me and my boyfriend) but we are in totally different classes uhghuhghghugughugghuhg and i hardly ever see him and when i do the only words i have time to say are i miss you so much see you in a while bye love you and she doesn't under stand how hard this is for me she never did and if i want her to help me and i really need it and i hardly ever ask for HER help and you'll see why because i have to PLEAD and PLEAD her and it just gets out o hand and she makes me feel bad all the time so its fathers day right and today she was wasting her time on the toilet play ing on a computer and i needed to go so i said hurry up in there and she didn't respond to me and i got so mad and then i said plz i really need to go and she said no I'm not wasting my time with little annoying bratty bitches like you so go fuck yourself hahahhahahahahahahah and i was outraged it was the only bathroom in our small house and then she then came up to me and said i hope YOU don't ruin this special day for dad and walked off not even listening to me uhguhguhg and then my dad comes up (he didn't listen to our argument) and says good morning and then my bitchy sibling saying good morning daddy how would you like breakfast and then more lovely dovey words happen she is lying to his face uhghughg