Ok guys i know.Me.Sister.love.Blah blah blah.BUT THIS WENT TO FAR.I mean i understand what she's done in the past is forgivible but NOT THIS,Here's why.So, today i was upstairs with my friend playing Wii and when she leaves i say bye(still upstairs after 3 hours)and out of NOWHERE me sister comes and she says 'YOU SELF ABSORBED BITCH!!!!' I had NO idea why she said that and randomly she PUSHES me DOWN THE STAIRS!!!!! I have a sprained leg now but not for a day, 5 weeks!!!!! When we came home i asked her why she did that in a huge yelling voice and she said because i used her laptop without permission,what she dosen't relize is that my mother said i COULD use it! And when i told her, she said sorry,and she suddenly thinks it's ok!!!I got so angry a called her a bitch,i mean i love her but she can NEVER be forgiven for this NEVERRR!And after i called her a bitch she said I'M mean and that IM a jerk.SISTERS ARE SUCH BITCHES

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  1. Sound like she really is a bitch.

     Pushing siblings down the fucking stairs for the use of one's laptop seems completly out of proportion...

    • my sister punched me in the face for parking in the wrong spot. sisters are horrible.
  2. your not alone. whenever my sister gets in trouble she drags me into it when i actually have no relevance in the argument. i once got grounded for two weeks because she and my brother were arguing  [while i was upstairs watching TV] then she told my mum i set her up. AND SHES 14!!!
  3. Sounds like something my sister would do, The sad thing is my mom would still not do anything about it and would take her side.
  4. My sister's a bitch, too. My brother and I started arguing about something, then she comes inside the room and joined the argument. Like WTF? Nobody wants you here. Then my brother and I called it a truce because we thought we were being petty, but my sister kept talking back when no one was minding her. Which eventually led to her punching me in the face. I got a black eye and I haven't went downstairs for 3 days already. I HOPE SHE DIES. No seriously. :|
    • I hate my sister a lot of the time. She's such a self-absorbed bitch. She's 21 - doesn't do dishes, bitches about me all the time, puts me down in front of people, I look after all her pets because she doesn't give a fuck about them, doesn't buy groceries while my boyfriend, dad and I spend a good amount on groceries each week not including the money spent on her animals to feed them (bitch has 3 cats and a dog). She went "grocery shopping" the other day. Her version is buying fancy cheeses, coca cola, chocolate and pet treats. Not pet food - treats. "So they love me". You can't talk to her about anything without her doing this stupid rant, working herself into tears or getting violent. She thinks she's smarter and much more superior than all of us. If we have an argument she calls up Dad crying (he works away a lot) or bitching about all of us. The man is 60 and bloody tired of her issues but he's a really considerate man who for one fault, doesn't like confrontation. I can't stand her! She shows us no respect, expects everything done for us and then on my day off uni and work, screams at me how she feels so trapped and hates us all because we're always in her space... HER SPACE. fuck sake! I want to get the bitch institutionalized. Did I mention that she acts like a spoiled 8 year old? Our parents divorced a couple of years ago and she acts like everyone is out to get her. She says she's on "dad's side" and that mums a bitch and then she pretends to be perfectly nice to get money off mum. She's made mum cry a bunch of times. She really is such a bitch. I hate her. I don't know what to do. I can't move out because I'm located so close to uni and work, I'm on my learners (I'm 17) and wouldn't be able to afford rent atm along with my other expenses. I pay a boarding fee, as does my boyfriend. We put in for bills and such while she is always "borrowing" money off my parents, never contributing. She is always putting me down. I just don't know what to do.
  5. Wow... sort of the same thing happened to me, when my sister took this old lego baseplate I was using for a diorama. She took it, using it for her new lego sets. I went into her room, taking the pieces she put on it off, but then she came back to her room. She started yelling and screaming at me, even thoughI only took off a few pieces from the plate. She started pushing me (she's four years younger than me), then punched me in the face. I tried to get the baseplate back, but she just bit my arm. She pushed me out of her room, then started calling me names. I want to forgive her, but that was pretty uncalled for. Still have a bite mark on my arm.
  6. My sisters are huge bitches in my ways the same amount as anyone's bitchy sisters. My first sister always abuses power, she says she loves you and that she looks up to you and that you can hang out with her and her friends anytime, but as soon as you do some thing like make a joke that everyone laugh, then she bitches to you to stop and gives you a dissed off look. She always thinks she's the boss when mom and dad aren't around makes all the decisions like where to eat, and this is one of the most bitchy things that she does, when me and my friends want to watch a movie that we want to watch and neither of us have seen she says "No don't watch that one I didn't like it, it was stupid." OH MY GOD MY FRIEND AND I DON'T CARE ABOUT WHETHER YOU SEEN IT OR NOT WE HAVEN'T. If I do anything to hurt them my dad will come and thrash about and say not to yell at your sister. My other sister is a hypocrite she always tells you to knock and she bursts in whenever the hell she wants. I HATE HYPOCRITES. AND SHE ALWAYS BITCHES ABOUT SOMETHING THAT I DO. WHETHER ITS SOMETHING IN THE PAST OR SOME LITTLE THING THAT I JUST DID. WHAT I HATE MOST IS THAT I'M THE YOUNGEST OF SEVEN AND THE STILL LIVE WITH ME AND MY PARENTS I DON'T CONSIDER THEM MY SISTERS ANYMORE THEY ARE BITCHES.
  7. OMG my sister is the same she is TEN and thinks the world is hers I HATE HER SOOOO MUCH. Once I walked past sighed then she started shouting at me "WHY ARE YOU SIGHING AT ME WHAT DID I DO IM TELLING" then she told my mum and I got in LOADS of trouble. I'm getting sooo mad just writing this. Ok. Breathe. Rant over thanks