Everything comes down to one person when every though and emotion revolves around them you know that you are in love, but the hardest thing is them not loving you KNOWING that you will nevr hold them, nevr get to hear the sweet "I love you to" whispered into your ear. never have that one person that you are longing for thats where I come in, only still a teen, thinking that I have found him. Knowing that the only way he could notice me, is by me breaking someones heart. Which is the last thing I want, I cant stand hurting people, I rather be hurt. Maybe that helps with your opinion about me.   I was told to follow my heart at such a young age, ignored, hit, and broken-hearted by another age. Nobody except one understands, or even yet..cares Hopefully that will be enough to save me from there dreaded dreams of hatred and suffering.    

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