My educational performance evaluation with my supervisor went extremely well. I was right. She did want me to fuck her. I got her back on her desk just as I'd hoped. I swear she nearly fainted when I pushed her skirt up, moaning some sort of "ohhhhh... ohhhhh...." I dropped my pants. But instead of entering her immediately, I knelt down, moved her damp panties aside, and put the tip of my tongue on her clitorus, and just let it sit there for like 20 seconds. Then I slowly pushed the tip of my tongue into it, and began flicking it slightly. Oh my God, her feet went from resting on the desk top to up in the air in no time, and her fingers found my hair, and began steering my head around. She got so wet, so quickly that the insides of her innie lips were like raw oysters: soaked and gooey. I wish I could have eaten her for a while, but her quivering mound was screaming for penetration. So I stood up and took my throbbing cock out of my underwear. I thought it might be cool for our undies to be banging against each other. We'd both wind up with the only copies of our co-mingled aromas. My cock slid in her with a restrained urgency. She was obviously enjoying the feeling of it in her. But I could tell she was also concerned. She told me her husband and her had been trying to have a child for over a year, but it just wasn't working because his sperm just "didn't have it", but that she felt incredibly fertile what with the herbs and things they'd been practicing. She got almost panicky at that point, insisting that she didn't want anybody but her husband impregnating her, and so I needed to be extremely careful and certain to pull out before I came. I told her that wouldn't be a problem. She didn't seem to be buying it, so I stroked her cheek with one of my thumbs and promised her while looking deeply in both her eyes. Finally, she smiled, and started slow, small pelvic thrusts to take me in deeper. I really thought I was going to be able to pull out in time easily, because she was fully clothed, and so there wouldn't be the extra excitement of seeing hips and thighs and breasts. But I really underestimated the power of a woman. Her pelvis was doing this extremely lewd motion. It was like craving incarnate. And her eyes remained open, but her head went back exposing her creamy, delicate neck. So it's like she was looking into another universe or something. Her neck called my lips to it, and soon I was sucking on it, and grinding my tongue into it. That somehow put her into a frenzy. She grabbed my ass and conducted me into a humping rhythm all her own. And I responded by slamming her hard to her guidance. I was still remembering my promise, but I could feel my seed starting to boil in my nuts. Soon she had her mouth against my left ear, pleading in a sultry, gutteral voice: "oh god... oh god... oh god, I want you... please... please... more... oh god... oh yeah... deeper.... oh yes, do me...." And, really, it was her voice more than anything. Her voice spoke the combination to the lock of my promise, and suddenly involuntary spasms took over. I seized her ass and began pounding her wrecklessly. Her hands slide down to my back, and clung to each other so tight that my thrusts were literally lifting her completely off the desk. I felt like what seemed to be a gallon of hot semen shoot from my cock into her belly.. her womb.. the place only for her husband. But it was too late. Nature won again, as it always does. We held each other shaking for a while, and she eventually began crying. She knew my seed was potent. She knew we were forever bound, and that she'd have to spend the rest of her life pretending it was her husband's seed that had finally succeeded.

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