WHY DO DEMOCRATS CHEAT AND LIE SO MUCH? NEWS RELEASE JANUARY 9, 2010 New political parties, such as the  United States Marijuana Party in Vermont, which is the only U.S. Marijuana Party to ever be on any official election ballot in the U.S.A., are deeply affected by alleged blatant fraud by the Democrats. Democratic Secretary of State of Vermont allegedly stole thousands of votes from Cris Ericson, United States Marijuana Party candidate. See these "unofficial" election results on the Official Secretary of State website - http://vermont-elections.org/elections1/2010GEUnofficialFedStateResults11.05.xls and now look at the "official" results the media released - http://vermont-elections.org/elections1/2010GEOfficialFedStateResults.11.09.xls Cris Ericson's  vote count was cut in half.  Thousands of votes for her  disappeared for both offices she  was running for - United States Senator and Governor of Vermont 2010. It is legal in the small state of VT to be on the ballot for one state and one federal office. Now, you might think that the Democrats were stealing votes from  Republican for Governor,  Brian Dubie and loading them onto Ericson's vote count during the "unofficial" count on the Official Secretary of State website but then the total was not enough to bring Brian Dubie (R) over the vote count of the Democrat for Governor, Peter Shumlin. As it was, neither had a majority of the vote.  Therefore, the State Legislature, under the Vermont Constitution, was required to vote on the top three vote-getters. By reducing Cris Ericson's  vote count in half, she  was put in 4th place rather than 3rd place, and was denied ballot access on this VT Constitutionally required ballot of the top three candidates that the full state legislature voted on. Therefore, Peter Shumlin is allegedly not legally voted into office as  Governor of Vermont because he allegedly was in conspiracy with the Democratic Secretary of State - he allegedly cheated. You could say that there was no chance that the 3rd place candidate would win in the full state legislative vote that was required because no candidate received over 50% of the vote - but the point is that Cris Ericson, United States Marijuana Party candidate,  was allegedly illegally denied ballot access on the no-party-got-a-majority- legislative- ballot  and therefore  Peter Shumlin is allegedly  in criminal conspiracy with the (now former) Democratic Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz,  who, by the way, he appointed to a high paying job for his new reign as alleged usurper of Vermont! The news announced that the "formal election of Peter Shumlin" would take place, without telling Vermonters that the "formal" election was being held because no candidate received a majority of the vote, and that the VT Constitution requires the full state legislature to vote on the top three candidates. Now, if you said that the formal election of Sadaam Hussein was going to take place, you would say their elections had been corrupt by announcing the winner BEFORE THE VOTE TOOK PLACE.  Stating that the "formal election of Peter Shumlin" will take place BEFORE THE FULL STATE LEGISLATURE HAS VOTED,  IS 100% CORRUPT AND JUST AS BAD AS ANY FOREIGN COUNTRY HAS EVER BEEN ALLEGED TO BE. WHAT ARE WE DOING SENDING VERMONT SOLDEIRS OVERSEAS WHEN ELECTIONS IN VERMONT ARE MORE CORRUPT THAN IN OTHER COUNTRIES? Now, furthermore, there are two "United States Marijuana Party"s existing, one which is gathered together by Cris Ericson and the registered voters who sign petitions, http://USMJP.com  and the other http://usmjparty.com which is allegedly not legally a political party at all, but a social group, that may have a 501 (c) type of organization which is still not a political party -  AND  they refuse to divulge what type of I.R.S. status they might have, which isn't legal BECAUSE  if they had it, they would be required to post it.  So, this "other" United States Marijuana Party which is located on the internet at http://usmjparty.com may allegedly be in conspiracy with the Democrats because they keep putting various postings on the internet stating that the United States Marijuana Party in Vermont  does not have the legal right to raise funds for the "United States Marijuana Party";  WHERE AS IN FACT, CRIS ERICSON IS  THE ONLY CANDIDATE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WHO HAS EVER BEEN ON ANY OFFICIAL ELECTION BALLOT FOR THE "UNITED STATES MARIJUANA PARTY" AND HER USMJP DOMAINS ARE LEGALLY REGISTERED WITH THE VERMONT SECRETARY OF STATE: http://USMJP.com http://USMJP.org http://USMJP.net So, you may  imagine that the Democrats in Vermont may allegedly be in conspiracy with this "other" U.S. Marijuana Party WHICH HAS NEVER HAD ANY CANDIDATE ON ANY BALLOT ANYWHERE to slander and libel Cris Ericson. http://vermont-elections.org/elections1/2010FINALGECandidates9202010.pdf Furthermore, the Vermont Secretary of State,  Deborah Markowitz,  allegedly acted fraudulently by putting Cris Ericson, United States Marijuana party  on a "draft" candidate list until Sept. 20, 2010 when in fact  she was a certified candidate on May 18, 2010 when all of her  ballot access petition signatures of Vermont registered voters was certified. THE POINT IS: THE DEMOCRATS ARE ALLEGEDLY ACTING IN ILLEGAL WAYS TO KEEP NEW AND 3RD  PARTY POLITICAL CANDIDATES FROM RAISING FUNDS AND FROM KNOWING THEIR TRUE VOTE COUNTS. THE DEMOCRATS ARE ALLEGEDLY A CORRUPT CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. CRIS ERICSON http://USMJP.com


  1. WoW!

    for one thing.. ALL POLITICIANS ARE EITHER CROOKED OR END UP CROOKED.. They make deals behind closed doors because we live in a country with unions and powerful organizations that throw their weight around to get what they want.

    If you want a good candidate.. you need to find someone who can play with the big dogs.

    it is unfortunate, but true.