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From like 45-70. I'm 16. The thought of it turns me on so much!

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  1. There's courses for that. On a serious note, you won't get any intimacy out of it, and you'll end up regretting it years down the line. Plus, think about what sort of man 45-70 would WANT to sleep with a 16 year old.
    • Let's be clear:  All men (at least *real* men) regardless of age want to fuck anyone beginning at child-bearing age;  "child-bearing age" starts around 12 or so.  Before you start saying this is creepy (or other crap), hear me out:  The issue isn't whether "the sort of man 45-70" (I'm 52) that you're speaking of would *want* to have sex with a 16-year old, but is more particularly that the older man -- if he is mature and worthwhile, would see that having sex with anyone who is inexperienced or sexually immature could never be "worth" the sexual gratification, no matter what the age.  For instance, I recently turned down the invitation by a very alluring 34-year old to have sex, based on the fact that I believed she was still in child-like immaturity.  Otherwise - if she acts and thinks like an adult, then other factors aside, she's an adult.
      • heyy iam 14 nd i want to get fucked byba older man

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      • u r so fucked up man.  im pushing 60 & i would never turn down anthing 18 + and "alluring". who cares if she is child like?
      • No, all *real* men would realize that if they are 45 or older then desiring anyone in their 12 or 16 years old is fucked up...could be their daughter or even grand-daughter. *Real* men that age wouldn't go for anyone under 30 at the very youngest. "If she thinks and acts like an adult, she's an adult"- that's a pedo speaking right there. There are 9 year olds who think and act more maturely than you do based on your post. Think they are adults? Peoples brains are not even finished until they are 25-30. You're a perv. To the young girl on here: I have had similar father and grandfather issues (that's what they are commonly called- think about it) and understand just please don't go for it. I'm recovering now I am not much older than you 3 years to be exact and have a boyfriend my exact age now and it's MUCH better and healthier. The men I was with before are now all in jail or have otherwise fucked up their lives. The kind of men who will say YES to fucking you when they are 45-70 when you are under 30, especially a teenager like us, have serious issues and are basically pedophiles.
      • No, all *real* men would realize that if they are 45 or older then desiring anyone in their 12 or 16 years old is fucked up...could be their daughter or even grand-daughter. *Real* men that age wouldn't go for anyone under 30 at the very youngest. "If she thinks and acts like an adult, she's an adult"- that's a pedo speaking right there. There are 9 year olds who think and act more maturely than you do based on your post. Think they are adults? Peoples brains are not even finished until they are 25-30. You're a perv. To the young girl on here: I have had similar father and grandfather issues (that's what they are commonly called- think about it) and understand just please don't go for it. I'm recovering now I am not much older than you 3 years to be exact and have a boyfriend my exact age now and it's MUCH better and healthier. The men I was with before are now all in jail or have otherwise fucked up their lives. The kind of men who will say YES to fucking you when they are 45-70 when you are under 30, especially 12-24 year olds like us, have serious issues and are basically pedophiles. Want an older man? Try one 1-5 years older. Trust me there is too many risks involved and you absolutely will regret it forever I am severely traumatized now. :(
        • Oh dear. I was 55 when I had a GF who was about 27. We had a great time for about two years. We both knew what we were getting into and it was amazing for both of us. Have a nice day.

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      • I suppose if you act and think like a pedophile, that makes you a pedophile you prick. I hope you get gang raped in prison creepy motherfucker.
        • I am 72 yo and would and do fuck any legal age girl that wants it. and u would be surprised at those that do! if the legal age was 12 I would fuck them too! sex is sex. what does it matter how mature they are. break them in young and teach them to take it in all three holes and love it.

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    • Older men are the best...they treat you like a princess, and there's no way they're going to shoot their load in 30 seconds, like teen guys do.  I had my first "boyfriend" when I was 11..he was in his 40s, and had a daughter older than me.  I dressed up for him, (girls actually wore skirts occasionally back in the 1980s), and he'd show his appreeciation.  I'm 35 now, he's pushing 70, and he's still the best lover I've ever had.  I know he's remarried, but I want to call him anyway!   Gretchen
      • Gretchen - you are right. I'm 29 now but the wonderful man who introduced me was 45. He treated me, 13 at the time, like a princess, a little queen actually. We had to hide because I was playing with his daughter but he arranged things neatly. I dressed up and he really made me feel important. Best lover *ever*. Sad thing is he passed away some years ago.
    • man be chill, if she wants to fuck older men to educate herself who cares?
    • Well, I'm 53, a PhD, in extremely good shape, and I guarantee that I'm in better physical and emotional shape than you are. You are right that generally I would not want to fuck a 16-year old, but I would if it were not against the law and she if she was emotionally capable. Otherwise, it's not about age.
      • Im 25 and want to be fucked alot by and older man im white and weigh 151 lbs long brown hair and green eyes like to chat.
    • You must be a woman because almost all men aged 20 - 100 would sleep with a 16 year old if he had the chance to
  2. your only 16 and i hope are new to sex and so on, so you will still be finding your feet so to speak,your preference will change over time,just try not to do anything too irrational with this..older men will take advantage if you offer it on a plate:)
  3. god girl, im not that old, only in my mid twenties, but id fuck your sweet tight little pussy till i came inside you and filled your little cunt till my cum was dripping out of you.
  4. thats fuckin horrible.   look at yourself in teh mirror and go "not till i'm 18"
    • yes I agree. I stumbled by accident on this site and thread last night when I was rather intoxicated and did not read it very carefully. I think young women are hot too, but they need to be over 18 at that is that. The girls here who are under age should wait till they are older. Its just too dangerous for them. I would never ever bang a girl who is under 18 and don't think anyone should.
  5. I'm a 15 year old girl with the EXACT same thoughts as well...


    All my friends say I'm really weird when I find older men fucking hot  :/

    • I am 45, u gals r absolutely right. u can enjoy more sex with aged person. they have experience, their penis size also quite big, they will do all kind of sex. Good thing u can use aged person, u can even ask them to take ur eurine. pass ur eurine on his body. any dirty sex u can ask him to do. they supposed to do. if u want me pls email me

      I will do whatever u want. my penis is quite long and thick, i pumped it thru lady doc, had sex course for big and thick penis. don't hesitte ust contact me.

    • were are you from, lets meet
      • I started reading this thread late at night and thought it was about young adults, not underage girls. I  think younger girls are hot but would never meet with one who is undersage, that is just dumb. The term "young girls" to me means under 25. If you are under 18 you need to wait until you are older to explore sexuality with older men. Just my two bits.
    • I'm not that old, I'm only 21, but I promise u I would make sure u would have the best time of ur life and we could hook up all the time or even go out if u liked it.
    • I'm the exact same ! I am only 16 . And I have a boyfriend , but I often find myself getting horny thinking about my 36 year old fitness instructor or my boyfriends 40 year old dad , I would do anything to fuck them! The oldest I've fucked is 25 . And that's still not old enough!!but the problem I have is I am afraid in case they reject me , I have often contemplated feeling up my instructors cock , but am scared in case he would say no. I would never do this while in a relationship obviously . But that doesn't mean I don't think about it .
    • Messenger4thecause@gmail
  6. I would love to be your older man
    • It's right older men do have bigger hornier cocks ( least mine is) and you will appreciate it all the more. We are not all sad old men we have something to offer and we dont cry wolf!!

      Love yer babe.XXX

  7. You'll have to wait for them to take their little blue diamond shaped pills and in the meantime will get caught up in watching American Idol.  Then when he walks out with his wrinkly old balls hanging down to his knees, you'll tell him to move so you can see the TV.

    He'll interrupt your show, pissing you off and you won't want to fuck.  Then he will be pissed for wasting a perfectly good pill and boner.  He'll kick your ass out and move on to a slightly older woman.

    You will be stuck with the image of his fat wrinkled ass in your head even while fucking your new hot young boyfriend.  You will never climax during sex.  All because you thought you wanted some old guy when really, you just wanted to get a rise out of them on the internet.

    Good job, you just fucked yourself for life.

    • I think of young girls all day long. I masturbate because I cant have them in reel.
      • You can have me in real :)
        • i want you fore real 07713723736
        • young girls are hot and older women over 25 come off as lame when they try to act sexy like little girls you see it all the time models and on tv we sexualize very young girls with saturation adds but then when your like hell yeah i want a young girl your a bad guy im a pedo not a rapist and not a child killer no pedo real pedo would ever harm a child they are the love in our harts and the fule to our dreams many of us are getting lumped in with people who arnt even pedos there just rapist and murders and buy the way if a young girl tells a real pedo no they stop because no means no don't believe half the lies you read that say we are dangerous no real pedo uses force and we don't groom we court girls just like straight men do most of the time its some do gooder wiggin out and saying to the child oh you were hurt or raped it was bad then kids freak out ya know nazis had propaganda and the way they believed was if you say a lie enough times the masses will believe it in other words if you tell young girls a milk shake is bad and any one buys you one is bad and act fucking nuts they will eventually buy in to it this is about having more control not protecting your kids you really think the government gives a shit about your child then you are being tricked think about it they lie cheat and rip us off if they can control your child longer they can stay in power and manipulate them in voting political views what ever but if a girl has a period at 10 that's life saying shes a women and can have kids her self as for complications with pregnancy grown women have that to statistically adult women have way more problems with pregnancy so yes i love little girls and would love to raise and educate my lover and spoil her and share in her experience i have met sexually aggressive preteen and toddler girls who have told me that they were wet or excited or flat out wanted to have sex with me so most of the bullshit you read on line is just that bullshit little girls get horny they have desires and they're own sexual agenda and if you want to remain in denial then you are hurting children by perpetuating a lie thats why kids don' trust any adult pedo or other wise because chidren are not stupid and like any one else they don't like to be lied to and here is some truth that the sex offender stuff is out of control a three year old boy is now a registerd sex offender because he went pee pee in his front yard he now has to register as a sex offender at age three its on aol check it out there are a lot of children on the sex offender list for various reson from pissing out side to playing doctor if a child cant consent to sexual activity how can they be sex offenders see i told you they dont care about your kids and that is sexual exploitation just to bolster the numbers on the sex offender list to perpetuate a lie sex offenders are the new jews there already talking about concentration camps for sex offenders a castration so should that three year old boy be castrated and sent to a camp any one who thinks so is a way bigger monster then any sex offender and i like to kick your fucken ass real pedosexuals love and protect children and yes i enjoy preteen sexual partners and relationships but the reality is its like any other romantic sexual relationship no means no respect is a must and im not attracted to every preteen girl just like a straight man is not attracted to every women the fucken lies told by the powers that be are mind boggling you cant lump us all together a rapist is a rapist a killer is a killer i am a pedosexual and i would give my life to protect a child from real danger or abuse i did not choose what i am but i do embrace it yes there are fascinating things to share with the young girls Ive dated my knowledge there perspective on life and the world around them when you dismiss that well that is the real abuse it shows you have no real regard for there feelings thoughts or opinions and they eventually become dismissive back stop buying in to the government bullshit they only care about your vote not you or your kids do some real research and for you holy rollers out there if you do the math jesus was born to a child mother mary was some where around 8-11 years old when jesus was born so what does that make your christian god Muslims also with aleah she was nine please know im not slaming the Muslims i am saying that this is a prolific way of life there millions of us who live in the closet and like i said would not harm a child kids know what sex is and they want it deal with it

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      • You can have me 4real
    • Theres some true in it... Sometimes i think im fucked for life now... I hope im not. It wasnt my fault though, just bad things happen
  8. There's no shame in that. I'm a girl in my 20s and look 17 at least. Love fucking guys way older than me. I'm talking 40s and 50s. It's sooo hot. Married guys are the best. It's awesome.
  9. i'll be honest...i do too. im 33, married, and have had a growing attraction to this idea for the past 4 or 5 years, and now i just get wet over the idea. i'm glad i'm not alone.
    • I'm 35 with family and husband, but I have a strong attraction for those older boys, preferably married. I chat with them for a good while and then meet them. They are the best lovers, they take time for it, they are discreet ( I don't feel sorry for their wifes, why should I?) and we can meet a lot whithout commitments and duties. It can be a bit lonely among female friends who wouldn't understand, so I loved what you wrote here...//Birgitta (I'm on if you want to talk more about it!)
  10. You can have me anytime u wish



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  12.     As a long haul tuck driver for 39 yrs I have had many women, many of them I knew were under age but did them anyways because hey wanted it so badly.  Having a thick 8 1/2"s I brought most of he women to climax and was told next time I am in town call them for a return session,  Most of the younger ones were hitching rides from here to there and I'd give them a ride just for their safety, not asking for anything in return but often was given thier body because of the way I treated then along the ride, feeding them, sharining a room,seperate beds, ect.  They hardly had any expeience but knew they had never had sex as good as what they had experienced with me.
  13. im 11 and i wanna get a blow job
  14. i want an old guy to take me forever and fuck me EVERY night!!!
  15. I'd love to be with you
  16. i am 16 to and same with me it turns me on so much i would love to fuck an older man some girls like young guy i love me older guys and would love for an older guy 45-70 to fuck me
  17. i am older. but do not want to get arrested.
  18. I am 19 years old and i have just recently wanted to have sex with an older man. It seems exciting. Its just hard to find a man cuz there are so many creeps out there today and you can never be too safe! Thats the only thing that is stopping me. But its a fantasy of mine. Seems messed up.
    • Hey I don't think it's messed up. Im younger than you but I feel the same way. Older men are more, considerate? I guess. They aren't going to be immature and tell their friends blah blah blah. I am worried that the older guys only want one thing and then they will just throw me away. We have our whole lives ahead of us still so we can still experiement with different aged men to find the ones that suit us. Trial and error (:
      • Ok, Reality check for EVERY ONE. It has only been since the early 1900's that 18 is the legal age of concent. Prior to this, for THOUSANDS of years, women that could have children, no matter what their age, we available for sex! The is NOTHING wrong with a male of any age finding a sexually mature female attractive, and this is in accordance with modern physiology understanding. Now, where differences come into play are the mental maturation level of those involved. It is also proven, the human brain does not reach maturity until around the age of 25. That said, laws are laws, right or wrong, but human nature dictates reality. If a woman that was under the age of 18 present herself in a mature manner to me, she being physically attractive to me, knowing that no legal reprocess ions we to be possible, and I was not already blissfully happily married, the chances of me pleasing her is extremely high. I respect society's laws even if I do not agree with them and follow those laws in place. People, come to grips with reality and stop letting others dictate your beleifs! THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!
      • No it's not messed up. I am also younger and have successfully met with an older man, he is 57, married and very gentle. I met him on a chat at first but I really took my time before a first cup of coffee at a public place in town. Then another meeting at the café and then I felt safe. It was very satisfying for me and we've been lovers for two years now (discreetly of course). I meet young guys but it is not the same at all.
      • us older guys do not just want sex. That is the young guys, just another notch in the old belt bucket Us older guys would and do, treat you much better
      • well i can be your trial an go from their then;P an i will not thro you away ill want more an see were our life goes;) im Dalton im 23 her text me lets get to know eachother 804 901 5533
        • I don't text but I would love to talk to you. Being able to treat you like a woman, with respect and gentle kindness. No one should ever be treated like a piece of meat. I'm honest and a gentleman looking for some one to share good times with. If you are interested we should talk.
    • Im thirty seven, look lates twenties.... still interested?
    • im no creep babe x
      • Hey you guys should not be condemning a 16 year old's fantasy about sex. Many of you are obviously misinformed about the legal age of consent in this country. In 30 of our 52 states the age of consent is 16 years old. age of consent 16 (30): Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia Look it up if you don't believe it. I am not saying it is right or wrong, because that decision must be made by the two people choosing to have sex. However, depending on the state a girl lives in, it might be legally acceptable for a girl 16 years old to have sex with anyone she chooses to have sex with. In any event the main concern that I would have personally is the issue of birth control. Even though the sex might be good, if children become involved it would be likely that the two partners would not be candidates for a long term relationship and the child might end up paying the price for bad judgement. Given a normal healthy sex drive of the two individuals and the use of birth control to prevent any unwanted pregnancy what is really the issue if the state has made it legal?
    • hey hun i could be that man an i trust you im not a creep. im Dalton so you know im 23;) well text me an we can get to knoe eachother befor we meet so you know im not a creep hun 804 901 5533
  19. I Want To Fuck Older Men too Im 16 Yr Old Female :)
  20. 14 years old and i wantt old dick email me