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Hi my name is brook! I am 17 now and I was 16 when it happen! Well his name is michael and him and my dad grew up since they were 8! He is married and has a son that hangs out with my retard brother lol jk ! Well one saturday after cheer leading practice I came home and seen michaels car in the yard ! I figured he was with my dad working on the boat ! So I grabbed a water from the kitchen and went my room and started taking my sweats off when I heard something out side! it was michael with his shirt off changing the oil on the boat! He was so hott really built and I over heard his wife telling my mom that his thing was at least 9 inches long ! My mom thought he was hott to! His wife was equally hott! Well I continued watching him and he walked right next to my window but didn't notice me cause I have black shades on my windows and was peaking out the corner lol! Then he pull it out and began to pee lol o my god it was big and so sexy looking I wanted to touch it !! Then he finished and went back to the boat!! I put some booty shorts on and I walked out to say hi! We said hi and he said my dad was at the cabin with my mom getting it ready for this weekend!! I said cool and I asked if I tan with out being in the way !! He said ya ! So I went to change! I came out in my swim suit and sun glasses his eyes were on me as soon as I walked out and put sun tan lotion all over then I asked him to un button my top so I can tan my back he did !! I covered my breasts with my hands ! He walked off with his eyes still stuck on my body! I tanned for about an hour and would watch him through my sun glasses staring up and down at my body!I got chills and kept picturing him naked lol after I went inside and he left!! The weekend came 2 days after my 16th birthday! We were all pumped to go to our lake and cabin!! I wanted to swim with michael ha ha ! The next morning we were ready to leave we were just waiting on michael so he could follow ! He came my mom asked were christina was his wife!! He said her mom got sick so she stayed with her for the weekend !! I was happy on the inside lol. After a day of swimming with and having fun in the mountains I noticed michael checking me out every little while!! I would get the chills bad . Soon dark came and I got in my shorts and hollister sweater and flip flops and as I came out he watched with this lust look in his eyes!! It felt good we told stories and my mom and dad went to sleep first then around twelve thirty my brother and steven his son went to bed !! Michael said he was gonna shower I said ok and watched tv!! Once I herd the shower I sprayed my self and put these shorts my dad didn't let me wear lol cause they were short and my butt would show a lot!! I grabbed a blanket and took my shoes off and got on the couch were michael slept! He came and sat next me on the couch after the shower he was in a muscle shirt and basketball shorts !! So hott lol he asked were my dad was!?? I said there asleep ! He said to put a movie on I took off the blanket and walked to the movies and he had his eyes on my butt the whole time lol I picked a movie it was unfaithful I told him I have never seen it lol but I wanted to get ideas from the movie !! We watched for about a half hour when I moved my foot close to his hand he looked at my feet and said I had pretty feet I smiled and said they were sore from swimming!! He asked if I wanted a foot rub I said ya !! He replied make sure your parents are asleep so they don't get the wrong idea!! I made sure they were all sound asleep!! I took my sweater off and got on the couch!! I told him they were asleep he said ok then I put my legs on his lap ! He began to rub my feet and legs it felt so good I could feel my self getting wet ! The movie got to the sex part and his rubbing began to get more intense and father up my thighs !! I was so wet I know he could feel me get tense when he got father up my thighs! that happened for a bit then the next scene came up when they were having sex in the bathroom and his touch became really erotic and his hand went slowly up my thigh and he began to finger me ! It felt so good I started moaning from his finger I had only had sex twice before with my ex boyfriend! So I'm still kinda new to it! After about ten min of fingering me I began to rub between his legs with my bare feet ! He gasped and put my foot in his shorts his cock felt so good on my foot I could feel it getting hard it was so big! We herd a noise and he told me to make sure they were still asleep!! I made sure and got back on the couch he leaned over me and we started kissing and dry humping he slowly took my shirt off and began to suck on my breasts !! Then he slowly ran his tongue from my right nipple down my tummy to my pelvis! He slowly took my shorts off he positioned me doggy style and swirled his tongue in my ass and pussy ooo it felt so good then he started kissing and sucking on my feet then he slowly whispered I'm my ear are you ready to suck my dick I replied yes in the same whisper!! He got up and pulled me up with him !! He took his shorts down !! His cock was so big he started rubbing his thumb around my lips and in my mouth and whispered I'm my ear again and said to get on my knees ! I did his hand went on the back of my head and I began to suck his dick!! I moaned as I deep throated his dick it lasted about 20 min than he asked if I was ready to swallow his cum I said yes and continued sucking till he filled my mouth with his cum I licked It clean!! His dick remained hard and he said put your flip flops on and a couple blankets so we could go by the lake cause he didn't want my parents to here him fucking my brains out!! I quivered inside and did as he said next thing I know I'm moaning and begging him to fuck me harder !! We fucked for like three hours !! He came four more times after I gave him head!! Twice in my mouth once in my butt and the last one on my face and chest!! After we agreed to keep it our secret!! Now every time he gets a chance he touches me and we have sex to this day!! He is 38 years old and I would let him fuck me any time he wants!! I just needed to let it out!!!

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  1. Sorry but you lost me after "he walked right next to my window but didn't notice me cause I have black shades on my windows and was peaking out the corner lol! Then he pull it out and began to pee lol o my god it was big and so sexy looking I wanted to touch it !!"

    Fake, yet amusing story. 

  2. this was disturbing...i'll pray for you!
  3. Can I be your Dads friend? Even if it is a fake story.
  4. you must really have too much time, to make up something like that. you poor soul. i feel for you
  5. I agree I think its fake , but amusing you should write a intense love book or something
  7. I completely believe this.  I am male, 42 years old, and have seen so many neat things happen over the years that I 110% believe this is true.  And good for both of them!  What's wrong with having a littlle fun now and then?
  8. OMG.. i Can't believe you told our story in public. I said it would be our secret bitch..
  9. You be trollin'.
  10. I've had sex with a friend of my parents I was 15 though!! He was 37 I thought even at that age an attraction to him he was manly and sext and I did play with myself thinking of him, I actually planned my suduction fantasy one day I got back from school both parents out my dad away he was a truck driver abroad my mom was at work started new shifts so he didn't know sh wouldn't be in! As soon as I saw his car pull in the drive way I was in my knickers boobs out, he came to the door we have a glass porch and glass door I pretened I had nt seen him vut he was there for a min or so before we caught eacgothers eye he kinda acted abit shy and akward I said hey what wrong? Grabbed his hands and put them on me the look in his eyes was turning me on! I wanted him inside me! Bcos it was so wrong it made me crave it more he said I was to young I said shhhh!!! Don't talk let me do all the work, I just want u to lay down let me slide on top of ur cock, he meleted and said go for it!! His cock was big, thick nice I was wet anyway so it slid right inside me oh my god I lost my verginity he made me bleed I'm friend with his daugher sjes 2yrs younger than me, and I'm fucking her dad, he loves it my tight virgin pussy, I love it its our secret noone knows, I'm allowed to sleep over at his, I usually go on fridays his wifes at bingo all night his daughter goes to sleep at 8.30 I stay up fucking him till 11 then go to bed completley satisfied ao does he, gis wife comes home goes to bed gets up for work at 7 leaves for 8 he comes in my room sneaks in crawling in my bed from the bottom spreads my legs and licks my pussy and clit and makes me come its amazing!!! We love it
  11. you are sick
  12. that was totaly FAKE that was really desterbing!!
  13. Fuck all y'all if she did it or not don't worry about it she needed to get something off her cheast so girl I 110% have ur back it nun of y'all biz so leave her alone
  14. WAY to many !!! exclamation marksWhat a fake story. Stupid
  15. sex is good as lone as the two of you are not pust in to it as long as you enjoy it
  16. What a lucky dude! I'd do It even harder tho.
  17. Bitch I thought it was our secret. Why are you telling our business?
  18. that was interesting... too many exclamation points. kinda annoyed me
    • omg how old are u?
      • some believed it. and some did not. there is no question of morality as everyone knows the answer. The point is, it is absolutely possible as per situation and the desire. The mindset at that point and the physical need overpowers other logistics where we go blank. Some regret never to do it again and for some it is a thrill. I am saying this because I have gone through this similar incident. I am a male and had secret relation with my mom's friend. I got the pleasure that no one else gave, and she admitted that no one had licked her pussy the way I had. So it was mutual understanding. The relation was such that no one suspected a thing. It lasted for five years. As a man I have dated and had sex with many women but every one had some reservations at some point,she was a package willing for anything. If the whole story is a fantasy then I say that it was well written but otherwise I totally believe it.
  19. Lucky guy. I wish I was your dads friend. Id fuck the shit out of you babe.
    • Eeeeew! You creep! I am talking to the guy that wrote before me BTW. Guys are fucking arse holes, they fucking use girls To get their fucking reputation. As I said, guys are fucking arse holes!
  20. You sound like a middle age man pretending to be a young girl ... story was soooooo fake!