This blog is directed at NASCAR.COM Community which is a site run by Time Warner for NASCAR.  My issues are not with NASCAR, they are with Turner Sports Interactive.   Why NASCAR.COM COMMUNITY Sucks & Blows too:   NASCAR has a loyal fan base.  There are about 80 million fans.  So why are there so few "Community" members that are regulars on  Because the rules, the Admin, and the Moderators SUCK!  Here's how in no particular order other than RANT: - They allow 13 year olds to be members.  So everything is "child proof" downed so the adults are treated like minors, actually worse than minors.  I allow my 8 year old son to say "poop" but that word is censored on - The site is horribly buggy and they never fix things, nor do they care to.  One bug is the screwed up text comments, where you try to add bold etc. within a blog comment and the text comes out all jumbled.  On time a blogger wasn't even allowed comments to their own blog and this went on for days.  The web master is obviously a neanderthal. - Text comments are only in gray color and there's no option to make your comments in color.  How bland is that? - The site is run by Time Warner.  Do I need to say more?  NASCAR respects it's fan base, Time Warner does not so NASCAR fans are treated like crap on this site! - The site is SLOW.  Pages load slow, comments post slow (sometimes taking minutes to show up) - They give members a "privacy" option but this infringes on other's rights.  When responding to a blog, the blogger can chose to "pre-approve" all comments before they're posted, so a blogger can use this feature to post an annoying blog and then sit back and laugh by never approving any replies of those people who have taken the time to reply.  This sucks BIG TIME!  - CENSORSHIP/over moderation like you wouldn't believe.  They go way beyond the stated rules in the Terms of Service, and they make up rules as they go along.   Post a blog, and if the mods don't like what you say, even though no rules have been broken, they delete your blog.  Post a comment that the mods don't like, even though no rules have been broken, they delete your comment.  You ask them in a blog or a comment WHY your post was deleted (because they will not get back to you directly nor is there any way to PM them about questions) and they will delete your question too!  The mods are FASCIST PIGS but only because the Admin is a stupid QUEEN BEYOTCH. I hope you're reading this QUEEN BEYOTCH!  Try to delete this!  You can't you stupid fascist beyotch! - After posting a blog you're lucky if 5 people comment on it before it gets buried with all the other blogs.  They have no system to keep the blogs fresh when new comments are added, so all your hard work writing a good blog is basically in vain. - They are inconsistent.  They tell one member they can't upload pics with skin, but others can and do and get away with it.  - The Mods are NOT ALLOWED to speak to you.  If you have a question, they will not answer it.  You cannot even private message a mod because they are not on your "buddy list" and like I said, the mods will not speak with you directly.  You must contact the ONE Admin, and she often doesn't bother replying to your PM. - You can't PM just anyone.  They have to be your "buddie" first.  This is because of the kids on the site again. - You don't know how many members, or who, is on line at any given moment.  So it's very tough trying to see if your friends are on line.  Again, this is for protection of the kiddies. - WHEN you break the rules (and everyone does because it's so strict) they send you a PM/E mail that has the title "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED".  They don't bother explaining how you broke the rules, they just tell you to PM the Admin if you have questions.  But she never gets back to you, remember?  They give you (2) strikes and if you get a third within a 7 day period they BOOT YOUR ASS OUT.  But I can't say ass there so that would be another violation. - Too many people use multiple profiles on the site so the membership numbers are not only inflated, but trolls use these profiles to post inflammatory blogs and comments and then hide from retribution using a "privacy" like I described above.  And the mods protect the trolls like they're real users besides.  If you get nasty with a troll that is a "personal attack" and YOU will be the one in trouble. - Community is loaded with TROLLS.  The mods allow stupid blog after stupid blog to post, but they don't delete the blogs.  They just allow driver bash blogs, written with the spelling and grammatical mistakes of an 8 year old to stand.  These bash blogs are inflammatory and serve no purpose but to cause problems for real fan members on the site (all 50 of them).  The stupid mods allow these  bash blogs to exist while they take down perfectly rational blogs, written with supporting arguments.  So the mods are doing exactly the OPPOSITE of what SHOULD be done. - The Admin this NCSVP1 lies like a rug.  She tells members that improvements are coming but they never do.  There hasn't been any improvement to the "Community" since the new format was put into place this year, and it's not like people don't continue to complain about all the issues, it's just that the members are intentionally ignored. - The word filter is ridiculous.  They filter the most harmless of words.  You are not allowed to use the word "hard" because it will come out "****".  So you can't say "He's hard on that engine" without it being filtered.  STUPID!  You can't say "crap" either because it's filtered.  Get the picture? Here's a list of some of the words/terms that you cannot say because of the Word Filter: balls, hard, jackass, butt, poop, crap, retard, pee-pee, moron, bitch, bastard, piss, WTF, and you can't even say "Dick Trickle" which is a driver's name because it comes out as "**** Trickle". -  I guarantee that if NASCAR knew what was actually going on at they would make Time Warner Sports (which runs the site) take an opinion poll on how many members are currently happy with the site.  NASCAR would find out that NOBODY (except the trolls, which are easy to figure out because they are the ones with the brand new accounts that start all the bash blogs and bash comments) is HAPPY with this site.  All real NASCAR fans on this site have complained, continue to complain, and like I said, NOTHING gets done.  NASCAR doesn't treat it's fan base like this, but for some reason they unknowingly allow a sub contractor to abuse it's loyal fans.  GET WITH IT NASCAR!  YOU ARE LOSING FANS IN THE STANDS, TV RATINGS, ETC ETC ETC YET YOU CAN'T EVEN TAKE SOME SIMPLE CORRECTIVE ACTION HERE!!!   I will mention that there's are some good things about though.  The videos, driver stats, news postings, etc. are all great.  But get this:  You don't have to be a "member of the Community" to enjoy all of this!  It's just the NASCAR "Community" that SUCKS, the one that allows it's members to post on the Forum and Blogs.  If you want to join a FORUM to discuss NASCAR, don't join this one!  It SUCKS! Bottom line:  This is the WORST freakin site I've ever been on!  It is exasperating and intolerable to many!  It's probably why they only have about 50 regular members and everyone else leaves after a short time.  They boast having 170,000 members, but at any given time there's about 30 people logged in actually posting/commenting.  What this all boils down to is that NASCAR.COM Community is more aggravation than it's worth, and you should really go elsewhere to talk NASCAR, I have.  What a freakin joke this site is, IT SUCKS! If you're reading this because you are totally frustrated with, you may want to try this site instead:    

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  1. Could not have said it better myself. They are running true fans off left and right. After posting a video of the MOD's there actions I found that this is common place as many have left comments on the video and my homepage of how the MOD's are running the NASCAR home site into the ground.
    • Your video shows how badly the Mods are out of control at NASCAR.COM   This isn't a website for true fans to discuss NASCAR.  No, it's a front for Time Warner (who runs the site for NASCAR) to get $$$ for running the site while ABUSING the fans!  TW wants to drive the real fans off so they have less moderating to do.  Also, the buggy site can't handle more than 50 members at a time or is goes berserk! 

      But once you leave, your account remains open (even the suspended accounts) so that the MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS LOOK BIG!  Why?  Advertisers will not be attracted to a site which really has only about 50 members participating on it.  Also, this NCSVP1, who was recently fired due to all of this getting out (thanks to this blog and your video) was creating FAKE profiles on the site in order to drive the membership numbers up!  Follow the money trail!  What a crock this site is!  I'm glad NCSVP1 finally got shit canned, now perhaps the fan abuse on that site will stop.  Maybe.

      • While I was hoping that may be the case, I now wonder if she did not herself suspend the NCSVP1 account to cover her own ass, the account was suspended on Saturday and still have many of the same complaints on my video and homepage of the same actions taking place after the account has been suspended. I feel she is still at it but I will continue to send the video to any NASCAR web address I can get my hands on.
        • That is certainly possible and I've wondered that myself.  She hides and protects her moderators from any interaction with the members of the site, so it wouldn't surprise me if she suspended her account to avoid getting any PM's from members who need to discuss matters with her regarding alleged violations of TOS.

          If this is the case, we now have a fan forum site where you cannot contact the moderators, nor the Administrator, and the site is run by a contractor for NASCAR.  Since NASCAR doesn't directly see what's going on, they do not fully understand the fan abuse taking place on their website.  While it's possible to contact NASCAR Daytona Beach Public Relations at, I don't think they have a full appreciation for what is happening on a site that represents their good name.

          What a cluster ****!  Keep up the pressure! 

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  2. Seriously!  If you're looking for the hottest NASCAR forum on the web you need to check out NASCAR Front Page!



    Makes the claim that they are the best NASCAR forum on the Internet and they've got the metal to back it up.  A growing site with friendly, knowledgeable members.  Powerful bulletin board, many user options, great moderation.  Besides featuring Racing Discussions, there is the General Discussion, Sports Bar (all other sports) and even a Classifieds section.  But the focus is hard core NASCAR fan discussion.  This site even has it's own ARCADE loaded with almost 4000 games, and it's available free to all NFP members.  The forum is slightly tricky to navigate at first, but there's a Help forum, and the Moderators are very helpful and friendly.  Over 18 only.  Highly Recommended. 


  3.  whomever designed the site should wear a helmet to save whats left of an apparently damaged brain