Well i have a boyfirend, we have been together for almost two years now. and i really want it to work out with me and him, i am pretty sure i love him. but there are some problems. my boyfriend doesn't liek talking about feelings, so therefore i can't talk to him about how i feel and i have a lot of feelins bottled up inside, he doesn't like me talking to other people about it, so there a while ago i was talking to a guy from work and i would talk to him , i feel really bad about it but it made me feel better to get it out in the open. this guy would give me good advice and stuff. but i don't talk to him anymore, cuz i want to have a good relationship with my bf, i am just so confused. and you probably don't understand what i am talking abou t but yeah.

2 responses to i feel bad, but i am really conused

  1. That's not a good relationship if he doesn't let you talk to people about your feelings. tell your bf that if he wont' talk to you about this stuff then your GOING to go to other people because it's NOT healthy to keep things bottled up.
  2. You should really rethink this relationship. It is extreemly unhealthy for you not to express you feelings. Obviously he doesnt express his either and that is headed for disaster. open communication is key to love