NASCAR has a loyal fan base.  There are about 80 million fans.  So why are there so few members that are regulars on  Because the rules, the Admin, and the Moderators SUCK!  Here's how in no particular order other than rant: - They allow 13 year olds to be members.  So everything is "child proof" downed so the adults are treated like minors.  - The site is horribly buggy and they never fix things, nor do they care to. - The site is run by Time Warner.  Do I need to say more? - The site is SLOW. - They give members a "privacy" option but this infringes on other's rights.  When responding to a blog, the blogger can chose to "pre-approve" all comments before they're posted, so a blogger can use this feature to post an annoying blog and then sit back and laugh by never approving any replies of those people who have taken the time to reply.  This sucks BIG TIME!  - It is over moderated.  They go way beyond the stated rules in the Terms of Service.  If a mod doesn't like something, even though it's within the rules, they delete your post.  They don't ever bother to Edit your post, they just poof it. - It is censored like you wouldn't believe.  If you post a blog questioning why it is so strict, they will delete your blog.  The censorship is the worst I've ever seen of any site anywhere on the net, bar none! - After posting a blog you're lucky if 5 people comment on it before it gets buried with all the other blogs.  They have no system to keep the blogs fresh when new comments are added, so all your hard work writing a good blog is basically in vain. - They are inconsistent.  They tell one member they can't upload pics with skin, but others can and do and get away with it.  - The word filter is ridiculous.  They filter the most harmless of words.  You are not allowed to use the word "hard" because it will come out "****".  So you can't say "He's hard on that engine" without it being filtered.  STUPID!  You can't say "crap" either because it's filtered.  Get the picture? - The Mods are NOT ALLOWED to speak to you.  If you have a question, they will not answer it.  You must contact the ONE Admin, and she often doesn't bother replying to your PM. - You can't PM just anyone.  They have to be your "buddie" first.  This is because of the kids on the site again. - You don't know how many members, or who, is on line at any given moment.  So it's very tough trying to see if your friends are on line.  Again, this is for protection of the kiddies. - WHEN you break the rules (and everyone does because it's so strict) they send you a PM/E mail that has the title "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED".  They don't bother explaining how you broke the rules, they just tell you to PM the Admin if you have questions.  But she never gets back to you, remember?  They give you (2) strikes and if you get a third within a 7 day period they BOOT YOUR ASS OUT.  But I can't say ass there so that would be another violation. - Too many people use multiple profiles on the site so the membership numbers are not only inflated, but trolls use these profiles to post inflammatory blogs and comments and then hide from retribution using a "privacy" like I described above.  And the mods protect the trolls like they're real users besides.  If you get nasty with a troll that is a "personal attack" and YOU will be the one in trouble.   Bottom line:  This is the WORST freakin site I've ever been on!  It is exasperating and intolerable to many!  It's probably why they only have about 50 regular members and everyone else leaves after a short time.  They boast having 166K members, but at any given time there's about 30 people logged in actually posting/commenting.  What a joke. There's are some good things though.  The videos, driver stats, news postings, etc. are all great, but you don't have to be a "member" to enjoy all of this.  It's just the NASCAR "Community" that sucks, the one that has the Forum and Blogging option.  If you want to join a forum to discuss NASCAR, don't join this one!  It SUCKS! If you're reading this because you are totally frustrated with, you may want to try this site instead:

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  1. Yeah I'm familiar with the site and the word filter drives me nuts!  I was playing around with it the other day and I was amazed to find the following words are censored.  We've been told by the Admin there this NCSVP1 lady that the filter is "external" to the site but she lies.  It's only gotten worse in recent months because more words have been added, like "retard":


























    Dick Trickle (race driver) It shows up  as    **** Trickle 

    • Have had problems with this lady (NCSVP1) as of late. Started as her removing my posts (almost always from Dale Jr threads), then issue me warnings for general smack talk nothing out of line and within the guidlines. So after filing 2 complaints I recorded her actions, contacted NASCAR officials in Daytona, Turner Broadcasting, and wallpapered the site after she suspended my account. Well someone finally got the picture as I see her account has been suspended. I also posted the video to You-Tube so all can see her actions and how unjust they were. She picked the wrong fan this time!
      • Looks like she picked on the wrong TWO fans to screw around with!  LMAO her own account got "suspended".  I hope they fired her sorry ass!  I sent links of this blog to Daytona and Time Warner as well, so you and I have gotten the message out my friend!
  2. They should call it That is the impression I get there. The site moderators are so biased. It has become a black-eye to true NASCAR fans. The site listed below has too much fluff and not enough NASCAR news for me. I am getting my news these days from SceneDaily, ESPN, Jayski, and Thatsracin because blows!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Well sure, there's no perfect site. has the news, but the forum sucks.  There is no place that has both great, current news and a great, active forum.  What anyone needs is a great, active forum, with friendly and knowledgeable members, who retrieve the news from sites like you mentioned, and then paste them up for discussion.

      Commenting on the news directly on various sites is good for a linear commenting, but you can't really get a good discussion going that way.  It's like the site on Facebook.  I detest linear discussions.

      The best of both worlds is to import the news into a site like  and then discuss it there.  This offers the best of both worlds with little effort. 

    • i totaly agree is the worst site to get info


      • AGREE! They have no schedule for 2011 posted yet and CANNOT FIND QUALIFYING ORDERS OR ANYTHING ON THAT SITE! It has always sucked, but this year it REALLY SUCKS. It's like they don't care about the content of the site any longer.... They just redesign the graphics n etc on the site yet the content remains stale.

        • If you think it sucked two years ago, have a look now. It's absolutely horrid.
  3. Seriously!  If you're looking for the hottest NASCAR forum on the web you need to check out NASCAR Front Page!



    Makes the claim that they are the best NASCAR forum on the Internet and they've got the metal to back it up.  A growing site with friendly, knowledgeable members.  Powerful bulletin board, many user options, great moderation.  Besides featuring Racing Discussions, there is the General Discussion, Sports Bar (all other sports) and even a Classifieds section.  But the focus is hard core NASCAR fan discussion.  This site even has it's own ARCADE loaded with almost 4000 games, and it's available free to all NFP members.  The forum is slightly tricky to navigate at first, but there's a Help forum, and the Moderators are very helpful and friendly.  Over 18 only.  Highly Recommended. 

  4. you cannot even buys tickets anymore except for the next 3 races !!!!!!!! that site really sucks and is very slow i want to orderTexas 500 tickets now and the site won't let you get there go try for yourself its a bunch of BS