i comfort eat then complain i'm fat. i cut myself really badly and i HATE IT but i don't want to stop. i can't get a boyfriend.. i just can't find anyone who likes me!  i hate my friends, but i love them. i want to lose my virginity even though i'm not even legal yet. i am a massive hypocrite. i am STILL in love with a guy that has broken my heart atleast 3 times. i know that if i was skinny and dressed better that guy would go out with me, but i'm too lazy to make that happen. i'm sick of complaining about my life. i want to end it. i really want to get drunk as fuck right now. i want to be able to smoke in my own house and not have to hide it. i want to die. 

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  1. Whats stopping you!!!!!!! Your problem is the same as most of your generation.. You want results now and dont want to have to work for them. Life was never promised to be easy....   Get off your pity wagon and do something.. OR SHUT THE FUCK UP
    • dont kill your selve cause your fat evert body is pretty  
    • wow. thanks for those sympathising words. i'll be sure to mention this in my suicide note.
      • you sure you want to make the effort..  Seems to me that you lack to basic strength or fortitude to make an effort to do anything. If you would put the effort into making yourself better that you put into complaining and whining, you might actually do something.
    • People need somewhere to fucking vent, and if thats what they are feeling they should vent without someone (you) being an asshole about it. No one was asking you, so as a hot, self destructive girl who can't be happy, DON'T BE MEAN. I mean damn, you must have terrible self esteem yourself to say "Whats stopping you!" to someone who says that they want to die. People need support. More than you know. I think that it is bold, beautiful, and smart of this girl to find relief in writing out her feelings. Everyone with depression needs that relief. Without that relief...what is there stopping them from killing themselves. a line from a Shakespeare film i love is "The ones who are most deserving of love are not made happy by it".hang in there girl. you will be happy. all in time. by the way, its very theraputic helping and writing positive things to others in depression, like i am you. It helps...practice what you preach:). bye 
    • Your a piece of shit. I hope you die soon, and when you do, i hope crows pick at your remains and animals burrow in your caracas. I hope youre reincarnated as a beautiful butterfly, so then i can pick apart your wings. Let you shiver on the ground and wait out your impending death.  
      • YOU'RE BEING A FUCKING ASSHOLE. That is NOT how you reply to someone considering suicide. I don't care if you're some 15-year-old bitch with rich parents and a douchey boyfriend, or some 11-year-old kid who never learned to spell. What if you had a life so bad you wanted to end it? Would you want people to comfort you and help you feel better, or would you call them a melodramatic sack of shit? But notice how I said you're BEING an asshole. You're not a total asshole, you're simply someone who wanted to amuse yourself. If you want to amuse yourself, don't leech on the words of a broken person. Either reply in a thoughtful, caring manner, or fuck off. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU AMUSE YOURSELF. If you want amusement, watch a funny video. Emotional abuse isn't funny.
    • fucking A right man
    • U peice of dog shit, ever think that some people have problems you can't even imagine happening to you! people like you need to do as you said ^ SHUT THE FUCK UP, why reply? r u trying to make the presons day worse, who gives a shit if the problems are no big deal to you, they are to the person who suffers with them. so fuck off back down your fucking hole that you crawled out of and we can all find peace in the fact the world just became a nicer place.
    • to the person who wrote this response "whats stopping you" You fucking suck i hope have never given anyone else advise
  2. ...so kill yourself.  use a sharp box cutter.  start at the middle of the wrist.  push in as hard as hell.  pull towards the body towards the elbow.  Remember.  across=cry for help;  straight up the arm=serious.  that guy you want is just a piece of shit.  a second idea?  finish school, finish school, then finish college.  empower yourself with yourself.
    • College is useless. In reality, some people are pre-destined for success, other's just luck into it. Right place at the right time. Being fat and ugly sucks... so does being talentless. Unfortunately, there are those of us with the smarts to realize these sad but true facts, and it tortures your soul to live day in and day out wondering what it would be like. If I had the balls, I'd blow my brains out right now... but I don't, so I can add coward to the list too. FTW
      • This is true to the fullest, and exactly how i feel and think every day. I did not go to school and am smarter than most the people i meet. Still can not become successful, and every day i want to jump off a bridge or pull that trigger or even pop pain pills, with muscle relaxers and just fall in to a deep sleep and never wake. I can't even do that wich makes me a coward also.
    • I'd love to be able to meet you and beat you till you were a grease spot on the ground. We'd see how you like some of that heartless, hateful shit you have in your soul. I'd reflect that shit right back on you 10 times over you worthless piece of shit.

      As for the girl that started this thread: Hang in there sister. There ARE good people in this world that love you, or will love you. I pray good things come your way.

  3. I act happy but still my smile is not sincere
    • You guys are all a bunch of fucken retards. The guy that fucked your mom probably vomited at the sight of you when you were born. Just fucken shoot yourself in the head and get it over with.
      • WHAT IS FUCKING WRONG WITH YOU TELLING HER THAT SHES FAT AND UGLY?! shes probalby an intelligent and very attractive young lady who just wants some help but most of the faggots here are telling her to kill herself!! listen, life at your age is going to be hard . youre just going through a fase, i promise :)
  4. that IS MY LIFE. every single point is ME except I don't cut myself though I fantasize about it. In fact my 18 yr old brother was a part time knife salesman for a while so we got some high grade amazing knives from that and I'm always thinking about how the blood would look dripping off the white marble handle and the shiny new blade. But that would cut too deep and the damage probably couldn't be reversed. Whatever there's this gym downtown doing a promotion $49 for 12 months and I hope that that will be the first step to my new life. i'll be 18 in 6 months and I wanna be as close to happy as I can by then. maybe i'll even quit smoking but i'll probably drink way more since it'll be legal. good luck! join a gym and pig out on veggies till you're not hungry enough for that burger and fries. which reminds me that I hate that there's a McDonald's literally 20 steps to the left of my front door.
  5. evrybody needs to shut the fuck up dont fucking reply if u ant got nothing nice to say i fell the same way you do and they dont fucking understand i feel disgusted of my self i feel so dipressed to but i wanna do something about it one thing is right what was siad we and only we can change that stop stop everytime u pick up a spoon of food think of what u dont wnna be i been trying to do that but my fucking problem i smoke so i fuking get humgry and i eat and eat then hat myself after am there for you and stop cutting yourself please its not good i only hurting your self lets get up and do something email me babygirl657@hotmail.com we can talk am there for you why cause i need someone too everyone aorund me is so fucking perfect and pretty i have no one eather
  6. i hate obama and myself !!!!!
  7. It's okay to feel that way, it's okay to rant, to let all that shit out, but it's NOT okay to have assholes judging you for doing so. So don't worry, maybe you found a place to express yourself here but don't give up too soon. Try working for what you want, results might be slow but with time they'll show. Just stay strong.
      • You have not right to say u hate ur self I have 3 scars on my face that is really visiable i have a scar on my ass from when i was young and i had a boil plus i am a twin and im know as the twin with the scars also sometimes at school they call me scarface and other things like that so just so you know you can lose weight but i cant lose these scars  and i rather be FATT THE SCARED UP
  8. i fuckin hate myself too, if only there was a quick and painless way to kill myself, i would do it (my fukin parents neglected to get a damn abortion)
  9. i fuckin hate myself too, if only there was a quick and painless way to kill myself, i would do it (my fukin parents neglected to get a damn abortion)
  10. um hey, I don't know any of you people and you don't know me, but if anyone is from brasov then maybe I can comfort you? :) don't be afraid to send me a mail, venom3412@yahoo.com
  11. i had cancer
    if i only denied treatment i wouldnt be here with all the problems i do
    my life sucks so many more balls now then it ever did
    i wish every day i could go back and never go thru it
    fuck me
  12. I want to get really drunk right now too. I could smoke in my house, but I can't afford cigarettes. Life sucks.
  13. I feel the same *fucking* way. I lost 80+ pounds, and I can't stop eating, and i gained 20 back. FUCK!
  14. Your having self transference, meaning you feel you are a child that has no control over what happens to you. This is true in some sense, you have no free will and your feeling are justified as they were taught to you by your parents, they taught you to be hard on yourself and not value yourself and all your faults. You are human and like all of us we have these thoughts in feelings. Now cause and efffect can come into play when you want to change these things about your self. You are strong, you are beautiful and you are able to change because you like all of us are perfect. Society may label you but that is their hang up not yours. there are many over weight people that are successful, opera, howard taft, kelly clarkson, christina agulleria, look around you at your school ....teachers are over weight, that does not define who you are, you believe and create your own reality, be kind to yourself , love yourself and ONLY encourage yourself. You are you have....no one can or will make you feel better. You are alone to find your happines... tell yourself you are a great person, doing the best you can, you are worthy of respect and love. Say it till it is real. You have to change you negative way of thinking and make yourself see the reality. You are a wonderful person that desevres happiness you are not a child and you can make this all come true with work and being kind to yourself. No one else will be kind to you..look at these asshole posts calling you a loser and your lazy, that is what they were taught, hate and self loathing. Who has ever said, Oh yeah I am fat and lazy ...thanks for that ! ...love your self no matter how much you think your not worthy of it....then change will follow....
  15. Fucking do it!
  16. I hate myself too and I want to die today. My Dad died from diabetes and heart disease after having to decide which leg to cut off first. My husband of 30 years died of ALS LOU GHERIGS disease. He was not there for me in my hour of need. I am glad he is dead and I CAN'T Wait to be next . Please take me today and let me die today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please fucking let me die.
  17. Somehow we all need to learn and like ourselves as we are. I hope you can find a way to see yourself as good rather than something to self-loathe. You can, and will then be, a stronger person with a better self attitude. Even if you then do things that you think are not the best, you can still forgive yourself and like yourself. Good luck to you.
    • Holy crap how depressing but then again what did I expect when I typed in 'I fucking hate myself.' Wonder what happened to the girl who originally posted; hope her life is better. People who are posting cruel things, maybe they are in terrible pain themselves or maybe they are just mean, but you've got to realize your words could make the different whether someone lives or dies. Do you really want that on your conscience.
  18. Sad thing is I'm in my mid 30's with kids and with their father and I feel the same fucking way. I'm guessing you're a whole lot younger than I am but honestly, trust me when I say this to you, you deserve way much better. If I could change some things I would but it is what it is. Never settle for less, never let anyone down on you. Make things happen for yourself and no one! Be proud of who you are!