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Can somebody please just fuck me?! All I want is sex, sex, sex! The guy I'm screwing at the moment is so busy and I'd just like to fuck him every day. I only see him once a week, if that. It's not enough. I'm not gonna be in my twenties forever, so somebody fuck me while I'm still young and horny!

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  1. Im older But would be happy to fuck  you when ever you want it I would  like to fuck a woman whi is young and horney and make her cum as much as she neeeds wants im yours any time ok LETS FUCK AND ENJOY IT CUM CUMyum,,

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  2. So where the hell are you?????? We could be on the second round of heavy duty fucking right now. Are you serious??? Get your ass over here pronto.ย 
  3. Id fuck you all the time.Cant get too much baby.I get all wet thinking about sex all the time.Need to help myself when i dont get it.Do you Use some toys? Id like to hear about it
  4. hi there u sill in to fucking coz iwanna fucku hard 
  5. ill fuck u any day im very horny 2
  6. Hey, I understand. The girl I am fucking is so "caught up"ย  with stuff that she has no time. I just want to fuck and have great sex.
    • Ok i am ready but I badly need to see your dick first but I need someone to deliver a blowjob to as well as having sex and my mouth is very big and so are my boobs please send me a pic of your dick
  7. ok :] ย 
  8. I'll fuck youย and all those who blogged in saying they will fuck you...I will fuck verybody and anybody...why not? I've been fucked over many times by Wall street and Corporate America..down with capitalism UP with fucking!!!
  9. how can i fuck you right now how can i contact you iam a very horny male i can euck you till the cows come home 
  10. hey whats up u need a good fucking time hit me up
  11. ill definantly do u the favor of slppin my dick inside u ne time youd like
  12. i will!!!  just let me know what the deal is and ill send u a pic ya heard me
  13. i would fuck you right now all day long every day if i couldย 
  14. i'll fuck ya. i'll fuck ya good and hard until you tittie are sore from being tugged around so much. my dick is 8.77 inches and i cum like a garden hose. maybe we can slipp and slide on my honey glide a little? when i do you i jus think in my mind while i'm pumpin your pussy 'sham' sham' sham' sham' and then the big shooombah at the end with some cum gettin' lobbed on yo chin....den you look up at my wit dat eveil look of pleasure and then i smack you in the face will my dick and leave.
    • When? I would totally fuck you right now. U turned me on I even could call up my friend for the second round we do this but not with a dick :(
  15. ill fuck u.... u want my number and adress? come on over and ill give u everything u need
  16. id love to fuck u .im ready anytime baby im always horny
  17. ok i do it just tell me where im ready now
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  19. im sooooo down where u at
  20. I have acock that needs you right now I come in pint glass loads and get hard again in minutes each time I get bigger and bigger and last longer and longer I measure 11"x 3.5" dia come and ride meย