This post has explicit content -- reader beware! is my confession! I am a very happily married, attractive white lady who just happens to have a strong attraction to handsome, well built black men!! More to the point, I love fucking black men!! I have had several encounters with black men over the past few and love it!  Luckily for me, my husband is very understanding and supportive of my desires for black cock! Presently we are are hoping to find a steady black lover for me who would like to help me explore my interests!  i WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO GET SOME COMMENTS FROM OTHER WHITE WOMEN WITH SIMILAR INTERESTS!

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  1. thats really gross
  2. Race traitor.  
  3. I notice you say your husband supports you, I wonder. My wife openly dates black guys and is having a 10year old affair with a guy from the Seychelles, apart from numerous one night stands when she gets picked up at parties or clubs. I have been told numerous time "get used to it". When she goes out she is dressed like a slut, bottle blonde hair see through tops without a bra, mini skirts and high heels. It is like a drug with her, she has ben spit roasted many times and expects to be treated like shit but she gives them whatever they want. She is 50, with a  38b 26 42, no longer attractive yet she gets picked up every time.
    • my wife is the same shes had black boy freinds on /off for 25 years of our marrige she even had 2 children by her first black guy .  i had to wait until they finish until she agreed she would have our children ,and she said then after 2 i had to have the snip so i could not get her pregnant again. she went on to have 2 black children by two diffrent lovers.she is 60 now and she likes to dress sexy and ihave agood load of pitures of her with her black guy in diffrent poses,i still love having sex even thou its mainly oral and fisting her pussy has just strethed too mutch for my oldman.
    • My husband of 23 years fully supports me taking lovers, including black guys. It's only for sex, they always make me orgasm and I really enjoy it. Hubby loves to watch and join in, so where is the harm.
      • It's nothing wrong with it that's makes relatioship stronger. I wish I could met a couple like u guys in Midland
      • you have a very lucky and supportive husband
      • I fully agree with you it's only sex. My black lover makes me cum hard on white lover I've had as made me cum like he does.
      • What is the fascination with black cock ?
        • The fascination is excatly what you think. Their cocks are huge and thick and what my wife says is they don't get rock hard like a white cock so even thought they are two to three times larger and longer they fully fill her pussy touching every inch of her pussy and don't hurt like it would if it was rock hard. The semi hard thick long black cock makes her cum multiple times every time they have sex. Period a little tiny white cock can't even think of being as good as a black cock.
        • Its Taboo, The Black man was not encouraged to look in a white womans direction. Now he is motivated and he can enjoy, get a hell of a rush out of having pretty white girl on her knees(here comes the ego boost) and I don't know about black women, I'm a white guy and out of 20+ sexual encounters with white women the all save one had no problem performing oral guy can now look at them, have erotic sex (The mind thing again) and sending her home knocked up ( oh boy the ego trip is over the top). And the "size don't matter" bullshit. My wife says you won't never miss what you have never had, but when you have become used to Joe 6" long average thickness and now jack is 10" long coke can thick. My wife new it could be a painful change but she said it was a sensational pain along with the (mental side, he's stretching me more going deeper...., She gets incredibly turned on when she sees a big one. She came from a very white part of our state rural and flat out wouldn't consider black guys, a party friend had a friend who spent a weekend with met friends and black guy's wife gets mad because her husband is staring at my wife ( not enough clothes and alcohol flirty) so black wife goes home and says have him if you want him. If accusef wrongly may as well do the crime mentality leads to interracial affair. A lot of stories I hear are just as mind related as physical
    • Cause whitey. We like to dump our gallon loads in white wives. Nothing like watching a huge black shaft barebacking a white married women. We own them and spew our heavenly loads in those open white holes.
      • Love your answer Sir. I am a white married man who loves your attitude
      • My wife's black lovers love taking her in front of me and depositing huge loads in her holes.
      • That is pretty hot!
      • My wife was getting gangbanged by 10 of her black lovers when I asked her to marry me.
        • I asked mine to marry me while we spent an entire weekend in a crack house,where she took on at least 200 black men on a filthy mattress on the floor !
      • I caught my wife with a black man in our marriage bed. I did not let on that I was there and secretly watched them. It was incredible. He went on and on without cumming and my wife had orgasm after orgasm. She was moaning and encouraging him to not stop. She told him she has never had such incredible sex and that his big thick cock was absolutely awesome. I had heard enough and slipped back out of the house and left and came back later when he was gone. After seeing my wife in the throes of ecstasy like that, there is no way I could ever deny her having a black lover. I never confronted her, but ever now and then I would drive by the house in the daytime and see his car in the driveway.
        • You should set up a hidden camera so you can enjoy what she is also.
        • Your wife is fortunate to have found a black guy who helps her enjoy sex and it's wonderful that you are glad she enjoys him. My wife has been enjoying select black guys since about a year after we were married and it has been wonderful for her and i'm glad she enjoys sex with them so much. It hasn't affected our marriage at all and I hope she continues to enjoy them. Also, she gives a wonderful BJ when she's having sex with with one of her black friends.

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        • And those drive byes has their been any cars in the drive?
      • cause blackie you only own whores that give you the clap.
    • I applaud you, being able to type with just your left hand while fantasizing.
    • Your account of you wife sounds EXACTLY like a friends wife !! She is 54 years old and super pretty and he claims that she has such a strong sex drive that he can no longer satisfy her, and he has erectile problems. She told him about a year ago that she was going to start dating but it would be OK if he wanted to stay married. He loves her and wants to stay married and is hoping that she gets over this problem. She sometimes brings home her men and they use the spare bedroom while he sleeps alone. Well, now she has progressed to dating mostly much younger black men and sometimes with two blacks! She shows no signs of quitting and told him that she will always have boyfriends and that he should accept it. Whats the hell wrong with women???
      • Thanks for writing about your friend;s wife. I, too, discovered the pleasures of being with black men. This was totally by accident, but it did not take long before I was hooked. My hubby and I had not been intimate in 9 years. We spoke about this lack of intimacy many times. He has heart problems and is somewhat autistic. Nonetheless, I am committed to staying in the relationship. In any event he encouraged me to seek out a boyfriend. I did that and met a professional, black man one afternoon. Since that time I have been with four men, all black. Each of our friendships have lasted a year or more. I am able to meet my friends during the day so that I am not disrupting the dinner hour. My activity helps to relieve the stress of everyday living. It may not work for all, but it sure has worked for me.
        • Good for you! Nothing wrong with relieving stress, especially when your significant other is okay with it. It seems like becoming "hooked" is the typical result for many white women who have experienced sex with black men.
      • Its called 'having a libido'.
    • She sounds like the typical middle aged white wife that encounter the most. She know her place and appreciates her role in life. As do you. I thank you and so many husbands like you for supporting these women and providing us such a fertile and lush hunting ground.
  4. Oh, yes! I do so agree. Been my feelings all my life. I have never acted on them but do so want to now. A need within me that needs satisfied. Finding a discreet steady black lover wiuld be absolutley wonderful! My two confessions are on this very subject. [] [] Thanks for sharing such a delicious story.  
      • where are you you might need a new one
      • You have got to tell us more! Tell us your history, how you discovered this desire, how you met, how often you meet, what you do when you meet...more... please.
      • i am abdoulie boye lie in the gambia west i am 29 years old single working at the gambia telecommunication company ltd Gamtel .if you are really interested in a gambian man ples you are wel come i can be reach @ 00220-9829010 or 00220-4226220 at the office or on
      • good for you lady and we love making you happy you always leave with a smile on your faces ha ha .   adventure guy  
      • HI DEAR its with great pleasure writing to you from this part of the globe.After reading your candy profile i thought it wise for us to be friends so that we share great ideas and culture if you would not mind .fell free to ask me any question and tell me abite about your likes and dis;ikes and i do promised to tell you more about myself after reading from you take care bye.     YOURS ISIDORE
      • im given i live around johburg..i would like to fuck a white old, married pussy ..i have a big fat black cock and also big balls pls lets fuck ..reply so we can exchange contacts
      • That is so good to read. I have been married 15 years and have had the same 2 different black lovers my entire marriage. I am white so is my hubby. He has no idea. He doesn't like black guys. Always bad comments. I can't tell him they are amazing lovers. And 2x his size
      • I hope you get aids!
    • I'd love to read your two confessions, but I can't locate them? Can you post them on this blog-trail, so no "links" are needed? I know that there is a LOT of interest in this subject, so if you could paste your confessions, that would be GREAT!
    • I am a fit fun blackguy seeking to have fun with a fit white lady in need of a good lover in the manchester or london area 5ft 10inches tall and i workout 3 times per week for 4/5 hours.I get lots of attention in the gym but the women love it when the guy makes the first move.And yes we love to please another mans wife as her dreams always features a black guy ha ha ...When we make love to a sexy posh lady we give her are best and more i would love some action after the gym but as after a good session i feel like superman . an Adventure guy  
      • My wife and I would love to meet you. She has a good body and would love a massage to start with and then see what happens, We could meet in the midlands area no problem - I would have to watch otherwise she wouldn't do it. She has fantasised about it for years but would be a bit timid at first. I'm sure after a couple of drinks and a massage she would be in the mood for a big black cock. We are a couple in our 40's who love sex
        • i hate talking i want action my name is give reply ..i will give your wife a good taste of a black cock ...i have big balls ..i also suck pussy

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        • hello couple. well my name andy and i would love to meet your sexy wife for fun i am a very fit black guy 5ft 10inches tall slim build.We could meet for drinks and this will break the ice as she will be up for the adventure i do massages as for me i live in the manchester area and uses the bus or train to get from a to b question would you like this on a long term set up or short term ..?  andy 07729776039 just give me a call or text me either way free weekends best as work funny hours in the days.  
        • R u in nyc
      • My wife and I would love to meet you. She has a good body and would love a massage to start with and then see what happens, We could meet in the midlands area no problem - I would have to watch otherwise she wouldn't do it. She has fantasised about it for years but would be a bit timid at first. I'm sure after a couple of drinks and a massage she would be in the mood for a big black cock. We are a couple in our 40's who love sex
      • hi my wife would enjoy a black guy you interested
    • hi, i do like you story and i would to give a white lady a test of a black dic
    • All u white ladies living in uganda currently n love parting, hunging out n then go back home for a dirty treat (crazy crazy fucking), plz get on board at am a black ugandan guy n wen u see me u ll apreciate the work of God. will make u screem ur tounge out. cammon u!!
  5. Your confession is refreshing because I thought I stood alone.   My husband and I are in our mid 30's.   It was my husband who told me one evening while he was intoxicated that he would love to watch me have sex with another man.   I felt uncomfortable to discuss this drunken topic with him at the time so I let it pass.   Approx. 3 years went by and I actually longed for the topic to come up again and sure enough it did.   Once again he had been drinking.   SO!! I asked him the next morning if he wanted to watch me have sex with another man...He pondered the question and told me yes but it would be difficult because I would have problems finding someone who would be willing to have me while he watched.   Since high school I always heard the stories about black men and their tool:)...SO my husband told me that I could pick anyone and he would be fine with my choice as long as the man was tasteful, mature and respectful to me and he had to meet him.   SO I picked my fetish...A black stud, 30 years of age, single, clean, muscular, single and a real gentleman.   My husband and I rented a hotel room in toronto for the occasion.   We had some drinks and I brought my black stud up to the room while my husband waited at the bar only to come to the room 1 hour later to watch.   OMG - what an experience.   He satisfied me more than my husband ever could.   I ad two orgasms in the first 20 minutes and he hadn't even penetrated me.   I remember being nervous about my husband coming into the room and not liking what he was seeing.   However, my stud had me so over whelmed that I hardly even knew my man had entered the room.   I personally just found that my stud was much bigger and fit me better than my husband.   The night went on and on and on and I could tell that my husband was really enjoying it a first but after 50 minutes of sex and taking a water break and continuing; I could tell he was losing interest really fast.     Anyway...Orville (my black friend) and I have sex about 2-3 times a week...I still make sure my husband is really happy...(sex as often as he wants):)...I feel as though my husband and I have a better sex life because of this...We have 3 kids together and I would not change a thing...My husband is the best ever...!!! I have the best of two worlds...I have a kind, loving, considerate husband who would do anything for his family and a big black stud who can honestly satisfy all my sexual desires every time...My husband can do the same but just not every time :)...I still prefer my husband over my black friend:) 
    • i am a white guy and I can not find a white girl like you for the life of me.... I have been looking for a white girl who will admit she wants black dick and none of them will. what am I doing wrong?
    • Wow. I wish you were best friends with my wonderful wife. Then you could lead her toward the good stuff you're experiencing! She is very pretty, but very shy. She dated two black men before her and I got together, and she used to occasionally mention how enjoyable and longlasting (all through the night til dawn almost every time!) the sex was. She also ranked them #1 and #2 in dick size compared to all the men she had ever been with (8 men). I sincerely want her to be sexually satisfied, because I have had trrouble helping her to orgasm. In fact, the 1st orgasm she ever had with me was while watching a black man/white woman x-video, and that was about 3 years after we got married. At this point I just want her to be able to have a good sex life.
      • Ok I would love to help your lady out...if she really wants a black cock I'd be glad to satisfy all her needs, and that's for sure...
    • She sounds very sexy and her husband and that black man are very fortunate to have her!
      • My husband and I would very much like to participate in this but we don't know exactly what is the best way to find a black man in our area - maybe a couple hours away - that is clean, decent and attractive. How do you find them?
        • Try your local gym and the clubs or place a add and get a mailbox number state what you wont and meet. Say for drinks and a meal this way you can askes question and you will have a good idear if he is for you or now. In the gyms there are a lot of blackguys working out you can say i have not seen you in here before and say how about meeting for drinks inform your other half that you have a date.. if you where in manchester and came up to me and wink and played with your hair and legs and said do you know any good place to have fun i would say yes.   Even out shopping love you can pick up a bargain with just a nice smile ....   adventure guy 1  
        • hi,clean,decent i can send pic 07957457105
        • im a strong slim black man in accra ghana west africa to be precisely will love to have a white lover to show her what i have got ,,i have a strong dick and long hours of sex power ,,i have not tasted a white woman before so if you are interested ,,im in accra ghana,,you can send me mail here on ,,
    • I love your story. I don't have to say one word about my life you said it all ! My husband and I live the same lifestyle and we love it, I love BBC and he has found my bull for me. The sex is awesome anyday =) But, I would take my husband over anyone ! Thanks !                                                      
    • I have a serious question, why dont you allow you husband to do the same thing. Allow him to have a female of his choosing to service him and you get to watch.

      Why should you be the only one to have a good like, as you said you are happily married maybe your husband would be happier as well if he were allow some variety to spice up his life.


    • In your case I would say your lucky and you should enjoy every minute! Mabey your husband would agree to let two or more black guys take you. Many women say that two or three at once is incredible.
    • What you have is wonderful and you should be very grateful to have such a loving and understanding husband! I see nothing wrong when your husband is on board with it. Sounds like your sex drive is quite stronger than your husbands and he wants you to be happy. Make sure your "friend" knows its only for the sex and nothing else. I am a woman in late 50's and my husband passed 3 years ago but for several years my husband and I had the same kind of arrangement. My sex drive has always been out the roof and I still have men who I date just for their sex, 2 are young black guys. I keep in good shape and the younger black guys seem to all be very firm and muscular ,I love that , although many times they leave me with a sore vagina. My life is fantastic!!!!!!
  6. i totally agrre with u .black men are the best lovers ever /i love my black kings bald tall ad well built.. my bf doesnt know and never will because its not his business
  7. Hey married white lady. It is good to hear about your desires. I allow my white GF to see and fuck other black men. However, we have a strict criterea. Hard body, good looking, clean, professional and well hung. Lets share some stories.

  8. Well I am a exotic 44 yp half white and half Native American, happily married for 23 years, to  white man who is very attractive and very very good in bed, but I love me a black man... I love sex with a black man, it is diff, I have only been with one black man and he was my friend, one I have known for over 20 years, he is married, my husband does not know him.. but we know it can not go on...I dont know how I am going to go on with out it...
  9. Hi am a black man from africa and really admire white women for their honesty.I have not had one but pray to get one whom i will treat like a queen.My email:
  10. hi        me to but i have not told my hubby he would not understand so its my secret an i have a black lover who i love and ador hope i dont get found out lol
  11. My wife has been with many black men now for the past 7 years. We have been married for 16. I love hearing about her "dates" when she gets home. I have also watched occasionally and we both love it. We wish she had started much sooner. I am faithful to her no matter how many black men she chooses to be with.
  12. I am a black well stuctured man and is interested with you.



  13. ok,,,i'm a married woman,28, here in toronto. i have come to be very fond of this tall gorgeous black guy in our gym here. he is so sexy when i go home he is all i think of. we have sat in his car and made out a few times now and he has asked me if i would go with him and us get a room. i know i'm going to say yes and it scares the shit out of me
  14. I am a very attractive, 41 y/o, married, white (Italian) female that has also been "involved" w/black men for around 8 years now.  My relations w/my black lovers has in many ways improved my marriage in that I am no longer sexually frustrated nor missing out on incredible sexual enjoyment.  My husband has still been able to partake in many sexual activities (although more limited and less often nowadays) except for during a good part of 2008.  I was in a more serious/exclusive relationship w/one of the black guys that I was dating and as time went on and we got closer, he strongly encouraged my husband and I against being intimate, which we obliged.  After our break-up at the end of that year, I did slowly/gradually begin allowing my husband "back in" again although on a limited basis.  I encourage those other white females whether married or single to not deprive yourself of this desire if you feel a need to explore it.  If I had, I would've never experienced an actual true orgasm.
  15. ....use to sneak in my mom's closet and watch her and her one nite stands, plusa few gang bangs, and my two sisters are being whored out, the one has a pimp, the other a bull master, my still at 50, looks hot...4' 10", 120lbs, red hair, real 42 Ds' ...loves to walk around nude always dresses like a whore or slut no matter where she goes....
    • How lovely, I was always allowed to watch my mum have sex with her black b/f's after i caught her after coming home early from school one day. She had to let me watch after that or i threatened to tell my dad. She didnt have a lot of choice really but it was great fun seeing her holes being used & abused by those lovely big black cocks!
  16. Back in college; I lived in an apartment house, 4 units side-by-side. The 3 white girls in the apartment adjacent to my apartment were all very cute, and always had several men(all white) coming over to visit. My bedroom was in the basement, which was separated from the girls basement by a paper-thin layer of two pieces of standard drywall. When one of those girls(Nina) wanted privacy from her roomies, she would bring her date to their basement. Let's say I heard several episodes of what I thought (at the time) was "hot sex"... Then one day Nina brought a black man to her apartment. Sure enough, later in the night I heard her bring her black date to their basement, and I began to hear "sex sounds". Only the noises she was making were much(!!!!!) louder, and much more intense than ever before!!! I blew me away! And lasted until dawn! No kidding! From that day forward, no more white dates for her! I never saw her with anyone other than black men after that; Their basement sex was so loud, intense, and long-lasting that it (almost) got annoying. Wow!

  17. My mom use to be used by black men also. She had so many one nighters....I also would hide in the closet or under the bed. Man they would really pound her. Even now, as I moved out I still have the keys and sneak over at times. I nearly got caught one weekend when she had to have at least twenty guys come and go all that week-end. Hey, she is still a hottie  5 feet 6 inches, blonde short hair nice legs, hot ass, and 36 C titties....for being 46...she looks 30 ! I know attimes she lets some guys pimp her I seen her out walking the streets, or in the parking lot of some black bar giving head...
    • i need a white lady am kenneth from uganda +256711797906
    • There was a very crowded party at my home. It was just mom and me at about 15 and after most everybody left, I over heard my mom and two of her friends talking. i could tell that one guy was really drunk was being pretty agressive with her and the next thing, I heard what i am pretty sure was my mother being pushed down to her knees. I could hear his belt being opened, and he said, "I know you are still the cock sucker that you were, so here's my cock, you slut".  I could hear her culping and gaging of her sucking his cock. And as I sat there in the next room, I think that there must have been at least 4 or 5 men go in there to fuck my slut mother.
  18. Mmmm yesss LOVED your blog here!! I'm sooo sure you're not the only white wife with "DARK" fact my own wife is also attracted to Black men!!

    Hope you don't mind but I am the husband writing this. I too am VERY supportive of my wife fucking her Black lovers, in fact I encourage her to!! As a her hubby I find this EXTREMELY erotic and intoxicating!! We are very happily married and the bond we have is strong. I would concider her a HOT wife/shared wife. White men too but preferably BLACK MEN is our preference. Like you we are seeking a regular BLACK MALE and lover, some one we trust and can be friends with.

    Wendy has had several interracial relationships  i in the past as have I and we as a couple have been with 2 BLACK MEN. Our sex life is VERY active and sharing her has been FANTASTIC for our relationship!!

    Thank you for are not alone!!

     S and W

  19. I love white women like you, I also love black men. I love to see a pretty white woman with a handsome black man, they look so good together. I can understand your husband's desire to have his wife fuck black men.  Black men are more sexy and better lovers than white men. Enjoy yourself, sweetheart.
    • I happen to be a very fair skinned white girl with extremely long  naturally very blonde(almost white0 hair that is longer than I am tall very light bright blue eyes, a very beautiful face, natural DDD cup boobs, and a very hot body and I am happily married to a very dark handsome full blooded black man from Africa. we have 2 beautiful bi-racial sons togther I'm probably as blonde blue eyed and fair skinned as you can get without being albino and my husband the darkest man I have ever seen. being the blondest longest haired bluest eyed fairest skinned hottest white girl with the darkest black man definitely catches a lot of peoples eyes all the white guys  being the lI know have no problem with our marriage and actually think we look very beautiful together all  of the other beautiful natural blonde white women including my 3 sisters  not only think we look great together but are also dating very dark handsome balck men too the only ones who have issues with our relationship is black women and some dark haired white women dark haired women tend to be jealous of beautiful natural blondes like myself and black women tend to be especially jealous especially when they see us with their men but hey its not our fault that us blondies are beautiful and dark hired girls especially black women are ugly. and that there men love us and we love them too cuz they are so much sexier well hung and better in bed than white men.  
  20. Good looking fit ladies are hard to find and the one,s on the market are gold mine i love fucking a ladies who know what she wonts and always comes back for more.Having a good lover inside or outside a marriage can make it better all round as the wife is getting a good seeing to and comes back refreshed and ready for action lol.

    The posh one are the best as thay say thay would not take us on but we know this is not true just as wild as the every day working lady.

    Once you go black you never look back and yes its true what thay say about black men and there packages ha ha yes.  adventure guy.


    • Hi, It's really a pleasure in me to know you I'm miss Nina by name,a lovely good looking young girl and I'm search of a true love. That is the reason why i decided to contact you here so that we can establish a good relationship and also to know ourselves better. Remember Age,Race, and Religion is never a problem to me, all that matters to me is true love. Kindly contact me on my Email ( ) it will enable me send you my pictures and tell you more about myself. Hope to hear from you soonest, Nina.
      • I'd say most of you are freak out men or men acting like women I have coach football 20 years seen hundreds of years young men going in and out of showers after practice of both black and white race,t hey make big dicks and small in all colors,m post you are feeding a fetish a weird one I just can't figure out how I got to this site