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My mother has been married to my step dad for 10 years. Now, as an 18 year old I'm starting to find him very handsome and attractive. I've also started wearing very suggestive clothing whenever I'm around him. However, he doesn't seem to notice anything!!!! I really think that he should ditch the old hag and hook up with me! Please help!!! 

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  1. he probably doesn't notice you because your an immature little girl who woudn't know what to do with a real man if he came with instructions. if you have to chase your stepfather when there are thousands of guys out there it says one thing about you YOU ARE A MORON!!!!
  2. bleedy hell u guys leave her alone, she cant help how she feels
    • there is an intelligent statement,"bleedy hell............................., hey einstein did you ever hear of morals, self,control, how about common sense, everyone CAN help how they feel, We all have brains and using the exuse of age,or feelings is a cop out. A person who makes the statement that their mother is a old hag .......... should be ready to receive a shit load of criticism, let me guess your the step-dad, no maybe one of her friends, no maybe a moron with no common sense or morals  anyways wake the fuck up ,if you have sympathy for that disrespectful little girl then you also need help! idiot
    • exactly right on
    • Omg right people are such assholes if your a young female and not horny... Then somethins wrong with you!
  3. First of all you can not help who you fall in love with.  Next think about it, here is a guy that has provided for you and your mom for 10 years.  It would seem to me that would be one of the most natural feeling.  I really don't that you can really do anything about it, except in your own fantasies.  If you bring it to light, you may alienate you mom and step dad.  Think about this befor you act.  Remember the heart wants what the heart wants.
  4. Well there are some complications here, but how about sending him the link of this question?  If he response favorably then you are home free.  Just remember if he sleeps with mother every night your little ride in the sack should be seen just as that.  Understand he's in a relationship with your mom, but if you can get past that and just enjoy the sex, hey that'll be cool for you both!  Just keep a lid on it the feeling for him might just pass in time as it should.   Allow him the security of keeping your mom while for now indulging in fun with you.
    • yes you can both indulge in some harmless fun provided you both understand that you can never feel guilty about it or tell your mom. It is your and his secret love that you can never revel to her.
    • Are you SERIOUS!!! JUST TRY TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM AND YOUR MOM? What complete idiocy and delusionally narcisstic advice.
    • Are you SERIOUS!!! JUST TRY TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM WHILE HE'S STILL WITH HER MOM? What complete idiocy and delusionally narcisstic advice.
  5. don't worry hun i guess my step dad has liked me for about 2 years now and he's just now telling me how do you think i feel he's not married to my mom or anything they've just been together for 17 years now. and he's been cheating on my mom with me.
    • so ya im in the same boat as you except we've been having sex for about 2 weeks now. so just try to tell him. i didn't have to tell mine he came to me and told me that he's liked me for about 2 years now. :)
      • Hi I have been having sex with my stepdad for about 7 years now just 1 year ago my mom left us and went back home and when she did that is when my stepdad wanted to have a relationship with me so I said yes I just been have sex with him since I was 16 years old I am now 22 going on 23 and he is 17 years older then me I am so deeply in love with him and he is so deeply in love with me we are haveing our first child together now i already have one child he is turning 5 this year they are both happy and excited and can't wait to see him and hold him my son's birthday is in june my boyfriends birthday is in june and this baby is due in june as well. So it's safe to have a relationship with your step father no harm in it at all.
  6. so far everyone thinks you're gross. i do not and i understand. i've had a crush on my step daughter for 4 years. He most likely has notice, but feels scared. And men are stupid, if you want something from them you have to be blunt or, or just wait till you are alone and take him.
  7. Don't act on your feelings. It's natural you feel a strong affection and even attraction for a strong male who has provided for you. As women we're hardwired to find mature providers attractive. If he were unfaithful to your mother that wouldn't make him a nice man and it's likely he'll hurt you too. There'll be other guys and they'll be hotter than your stepdad. These feelings will pass.
  8. yeah u go grill! work dem cheeks!