am 18 and I want an older woman to fuck. I have had sex with girls my age and they all say the same thing, I hurt them because am very big, so I want to see if I have the same effect on older women. interested? e mail

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  1. You hurt these girls cuz you're big? Well, if you're fat, let HER be on top. sheesh!
    • I think he meant BIG as in his junk size, not his weight...
      • I know what Mr. Big meant. I was just being a smart ass...or dumb ass.  However you want to perceive it.
        • Ok dude, I will tell you from experiance. When I was 23 I dated a 35 year old. I am older now and I can honestly tell you. The "older" chick I dated turned out to be a CRAZY BITCH! Any "older woman" that would date an 18 year old would be the same way. All I can tell you is to keep looking. There is a girl with a pussy so big  that even you will fit inside.  GOOD LUCK!

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  2. Not all older women are crazy. some just want to ride a huge young cock!!!!
  3. when I read this, My face turned to a WTF?!?!?! face. this site is supposed to write about other things, it is not to date older woman with big p*ssy... WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS?!