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Me and my Sister are best friends. Im seventeen and she is sixteen . I want to tell her how i really feel, i love her more than a family love. I have kissed her more than a brother sister kiss before. She didnt stop me but it has been kind akward since then . I want to be with her . I want to eat her pussy, i want to finger her, i want to be the one she thinks about all the time, i want to fuck my sister... am i a horrible person ? i need advice... Please help? i want to make out with her all day, i want to make her cum...

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  1. These feelings absolutely do NOT make you a bad person. A 17 year old has some really raging hormones hard to deal with. You need to try to stop and think about the consequences of you being with her. How is your family going to feel about it? How are your friends going to feel about it? Most importantly: What are people going to think of HER if they find out? If you really love her, you need to put your lust in a deep dark place and find yourself a girlfriend.
    • you are a dickhead let him fuck his sis
      • I don`t have a sister,But I want to fuck everyone`s sister !
        • BEST COMMENT EVER!!!! LOLZ!!!!
        • I did fuck my sister. It was in 1973, I was 18 and she was 28. It was the best sex I've ever had. It wasn't just sex. It was true love. I'm 60 years old now and can honestly say I've never loved another woman as much as I loved that woman

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        • i dont have a sister....
      • You whores that dude is right boys have raging harmones that can never be tamed and then I say keep it down and possibly the words saying seriously the sentence "and get yourself a girlfriend" is just mad your violating the dude, but seriously don't try to fuck your sister bro, that is just wrong in many ways and if that happens your fate will choose your ways the future has many paths and if you do the wrong thing you will come to a dead end, if you choose the right path then you may continue your life on to the fullest life span of a human being. -Arabian ninja , out.
      • i agree let him fuck his sis dammit!
    • Na just make sure no one knows
    • It is a normal thought that you want to fuck your sister ( I have wanted to fuck my sister for over 40 years but it is not "normal to act on it!") We have many things that we thing about but are wise enough that we do not act on them! An example of this is I am a excellent diver and when ever I bike over the high bridge I want to see if I can do the perfect dive from about 200 feet! I will never act on that because from that height they would find my dead body!
    • i fuck my sister every chance i get. she is 35 and i am 40.
      • For those that get to fuck their sisters I'm jealous. I have been wanting to for a long time now. Just don't know how to approach her about it. Tall that do are lucky.
      • I feel so wrong for actually voicing this, I want to Fuck my Sister. She is so beautiful , her Ass would fit so perfect on my Cock. I've dreamt Many times of different scenarios where I seduce her and find my way into her Hot Wet Pussy.
        • See what I do is when my sister gets out the shower I look through the peep hole and see her naked then she walk out with a towel and I just stare at her
      • I'd love to hear how that is working for you. I (21 yo) want to fuck my younger brother (teen), but worry it may ruin our relationship. But I fantasize about him thrusting deeply into me.
      • I wanna fuck your sister too bro
    • Dude you have problems
    • Oh, what are people gonna think? FUCK people!
    • Look, I'm gonna be straight forward with ya, girls ARE COMPLETE DRAMA QUEENS!!!! And, unless your sister is some retro cyborg from a distant alien exorcist planet, she wants you to talk to her about it. But, and pay attention, this is my opinion!!!!!!!! This is how my brother and me got together and did that shit. Yes, he actually came into my room, sat me down, and straight out told me "I love you more than just sibling love and I don't know how to say this so I'm just gonna say it..... I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU!!!" I just kinda sat there for a moment like, o_O. Then, we talked about it and bada-bing bada-boom and one week later we shook the bed.
      • I fuck my sister one time. And tell her I want to again she said it was good but how do I get her to do it again.
        • Its easy ... Take her hand and keep it on your cock while sleeping...
        • When I was 15 , I used to sleep with my sister. I used to feel her breast after she fall asleep. This  is going on till I was 17. Finally I want to fuck her badly. But I never tell her anything about my feelings. I just want to make her  horny. So I pretend to asleep before my sister entered the room. I used to wear loose pants so that it can be easily slipped down, so that my sister can see my ******. I think she may get aroused. She had seen my ******* many times,  but she never behaved in an awkward manner. So I again made an attempt to make her sexual literate. I placed a cell phone which has blue films. That time she saw those videos and complained to my parents. My parents scolded me for what I did. Now I am 19 and I stiil want to fuck her. Any suggestions?
      • you r Fucking Awesome and your brother has got some **Balls** Could you elaborate your feelings that time if Possible even i would like to have *sex* with you (just Kidding) but still
      • Only some girls are drama queen
    • hell no fuck your sister
    • My sister use to come on to me when we we're young. I wanted to fuck her but I was always afraid she would tell someone.
    • I want the same thing
  2. I kinda thought that was a joke when I read it. But if it isn't then I agree with the previous comment. Make yourself stop thinking about her. That's possible, just start working on yourself.
  3. Perfectly acceptable. She probably is having the same feelings. Wait until she is asleep and then make your move.
    • LOLWUT... That is.. interesting...
    • i did this tonight but didnt work she woke up and she like "What the ... what are u doin here " i told her i was searching for my headphones. nd she belevied me! (i puted my cock in her mouth when she was sleepin nd pulled it out fat when she woke up)!!!!!
  4. If you really love her(not lust) her you'll do what is right for her, forget about your stupid urges, men are more conected to their animal instincts... women on the other hand are not. So from a man to a man.....take care of your urges your self. DO WHATS RIGHT?
    • I strongly agree. I had sex with my step brother when we were younger and we do not talk now bc it is to0 akward. He is also Gay now. Do not do it. If you have to get involed with someone else. If you have to masterbate everyday. Do not do it!
  5. Well son that makes two of us, like that one blogger said wait till she is sleep open your front door for me and we can both take her.....I got anal!
  7. It's only awkward because you haven't gone all the way and comitted to each other. There is nothing wrong with sibling couples. They are the best possible.
  8. Well Ok? That Doesn't Seem Like... I Would Never Ever Fk My Sis My Parents Will Fking Kill Me
    • you convine your sister . if she is ready then nothing is wrong. both of you enjoy. no problem at all if both agree. if she donot want then do not sex her. have u asked her to sex? almost 30 persent people are fucking with sister. people should not know. secretly you can sex with your sister.
      • I fuck my sister pussy when she was sleeping.and nw iam trying explain abut sex and i hope i can do with her.if she didnt agree means i put sleeping tablet to her and i want 2 fuck her hard
    • But you thought about it
  9. if she is ready and agrees then there shouldn't be a problem. I personaly had sex with with my sister.and we were just like a couple and loved each other.she is ten years younger than me.It was her 20th year present.. So go ahead Mate,enjoy her,and look after her.Dhe will be hottest just after she had her periods.. Best of luck..
  10. I am 68, and always had the desire. My sisters are both older than me and still alive. I still would, but have always been afraid of being rejected, and lose the love that they have for me.
  11. I have pooped in a doughnut before and my sister ate it and then wanted to lick my butthole everyday since
    • My dad and i have the same relationship.. I poop on his stache then he smears it on my cawk and bawlz
      • I fuck my sister in the ass occasionally, but the worst is when a stream of shit flies out of her ass and onto my dick when I pull out
  12. easy back on your feeling and enjoy your sister
  13. first be close with her.and then sleep beside her at night, after midnight 12 she will be in deepsleep first you place your hand on your sister,then move close to her.move your hand on her boobs.keep your hand on her boobs for some time and then press her boobs slowly and carefully.Then after some time place your hand into her bra and press her boobs gently. press her boobs for some time and remove her bra. daily do like this and after 3 days when she is alone tell her that i want u with presenting a gift to her.then she will be yours.
  14. I don't have a sister but I think incest with your sister or cousin is kinda interesting and erotic. morally, its wrong and people would not approve of it. but, I think that feelings like that are psychological ones that can either be obeyed or controlled. Personally, stories and experiences about having sex with your sister or cousins turns me on..
  15. I have been lusting over my sisters for a long time. I'm 30 now, but when we were kids I would always find a way to show them my dick. If it was just getting out of the shower and my towel falling down, or with our friends swimming in the pool, I would show everyone just so my sister's could see it. At about 13 my step dads daughter moved in with us. I've known her since she was 9, but it was just like my sister cause my step dad has been there since I was 6 months old. One night my step sister and I got drunk and flashed each other. I tried to pursue it, but failed. She just wasn't feeling it then. 14 years later I moved to Florida with my mom and step dad. Thru text messages I brought up the past. I could tell she liked it when the convo started, but it got weird in the end. I moved back home about 6 months later. My step sister and I went to applebee's and had a few drinks. On her way home I brought it up again. She told me if I would have said something sooner I could be fucking her brains out right now. I was so turned on. Well the next day she did let me fuck her. When I came inside her I could of melted. Yes she was on the pill. We wasn't willing to take that chance, but it was amazing. I say all that to say this, I wanted my real sisters more since then. If I was you I would def take the oppertunity while it was there. I think back to the way my real sisters acted all the time and I know I could have had sex with them, but was too scared to do it. I really do wish I had.
  16. Don't do it directly. Ask her or hint her that you love her like that. If she also liked the same way discuss about consequences and if everything is OK, you can. But don't talk about it anybody and don't overdo it.
  17. Go for it, if you and her want to do it then go ahead and fuck her. Eat her out, make her cum, and fill her her with your load.
  18. just fuck her.. i did lotsa times
  19. **Its not wrong thing just do it....**
    • dude, classic case of hillbillism. Once these feelings start you are officially infected with this desensitizing disease that makes you horny for your siblings. Hillbillism is essentially like "keeping it in the family" The only way to cure hillbillism is to fulfill the fantasy. Once this occurs you will feel great remorse and than most likely try to chop off your dick. Personally I would never want to lose my dick so to alleviate the urges follow these instructions Step 1: Install secret video cameras to record her masturbating. Step 2: Buy a blow up doll and paste a sexy picture of your sister on the doll Step 3: Fuck the shit out of the doll and watch the video every time you have an urge. WARNING --- The blow-up doll might not be able to handle the hard fucking and the amount of cum that hillbillism will produce
      • Here is a reality check for u. How about sending this site to police will that help u change your mind about your illegal intentions towards your sister(s)Better still why not fuck those who tell u it's NOT wrong to do it to your Sister. And contrary to much of the opinion on this site it is Legally RAPE if you assault your Sister even when she is sleeping. You do not say how old your sister is but again if she is under sixteen then you are on the wrong side of law and perhaps you suffer from paedophillia. And you want to ruin your sister's life to satisfy your own self gratification. Do not do it. Listen to the advice of others who can see the harm in it.
        • ur sister is also want to be fucked by you. so there no space for thinking much. just fuck her with love. even she doesnt want it, yo can fuck her and she will not tell anybody. and if she doesnt tell, it means you will get the licence to fuck her as and whn u want to fuck her.... happy fucking..

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        • I sleep in the same Bed with my sister every night she is 18 and I am 25 I love my sister too much to act on it. And I know she loves me because she trusts me enough to move into my room and tell me my younger brother was touching her while she was asleep. I know the thought will always be there but any person can act on it but it takes a touch of genius to take things into a different direction. So yes the thought arises but when it does I tell myself I am her brother I am suppose to protect her not violate her. I know every bad thought that I have I think what would Jesus do even if he had a sister.

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        • ^total cunt^
        • let me guess you got fucked by your bother and or you fucked him and now that you all are older he wants to continue and you dont. and you probally tell everyone now that he raped you .what a bitch you really do thank that but how can a 7 year old rape a 13 year old you dumb bitch you did it now deal with it now kill yourself

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  20. Get her drunk, it works:)
    • you are right I had also get my sister drunk and fucked him with his permission