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He was over drinking and playing cards. I had showered and was in bed beating myself up with a bottle of lotion. To get to the bathroom, you had to come through the bedroom. Funky old beach house. I about died that he caught me but he was great. He told me I could injure myself like that, licked his thumb, pinched my clit and rubbed me off in like 3 seconds. IT WAS AWESOME! Then he tongued me a little and went in the bathroom. My dad caught me at it several times and just ignored or told me to cut it out. So I got up and went to the kitchen. It was just Dad and his 2 buddies left at this point. I told dad what happened and how great it was. I felt so good. I'm so glad my dad didn't freak out. He was pissed off but not shut down. So I start touching myself without thinking. It was the discussion, I think. Right in front of him and his friends. He asks his friend if my clit was odd, and says I might have a hormone issue. So I showed them my clit. His friend licked his thumb again and got me off. Right there in front of dad and Trav, and said I should get it taken care of. I was so wet and my nipples really hurt. So we all went back to the room where Dad and his friend undressed. Trav just sat beside us and stroked himself. Dad couldn't get hard but his friend was. Dad kissed my nipples and soothed them a lot. His friend licked me more and got me off with his magic fingers again, then put it in. It was SO painfull but I wanted even more in me. Like I can't really describe it. It was all missionary that first time. My dad was there helping. His friend licked me up after

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  1. Continued He licked my asshole really deep and I was sold. My dad massaged me with his friends. It was total luxury. I got Trav's cock to my lips for a minute but he backed away. His friend fucked me again and my dad licked me up. I sucked my dad's cock but it only got up a little. Talk about saddle sore! I fucked him a couple times a week until I was 23 and he died from a heart attack. He would take me out on his boat and just be naked all day and fuck and lick. Dad came out sometimes. I was 12 when it began. I really miss that man
    • When I was 18, my dad got up a semi hardon. We both tried but couldn't. W would have been amazing. He died in his eighties and I cared for him. He loved playing with and sucking on my tits so I always wore a shirt with buttons.
      • Damn. I really miss my dad's hands and lips on my tits. I wish we had Viagra then. I like that he watched me fuck the first time and licked me up after. Those men really got me off good.
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