"it could always be worse." I truly hate that saying; because i feel as if i have truly hit rock bottom with .. i guess myself. I hate how much i weigh. I hate my hair. I hate that when i try to work out my knees want all the attention and decide to just leave me in nothing but pain. I hate that im stuck going to school in a town that i absolutely hate with a bunch of deceiving, stuck up, ignorant, racist, lying, belligerent, conniving, absolutely closed minded assholes. I hate that i have a shitty car that i can't do anything about because im broke. I hate that ive been turned down by 15 jobs because they aren't arent looking for "summer workers". I hate that i haven"t been able to "i love my life and everyone in it" since i was in the 9th grade. I hate my coach. i hate half my team. I hate that everyone one in this world thinks that if you have a disagreement that you have no respect for them. I hate the way im living and i want to change it. Ive been looking to God for help but ive strayed so long i dont think hes interested in what i have to say or ask him for anymore. I hate that i feel that i have lost the only person who always listens to me no matter what i have done. i feel like ive lost Jesus.. and thats what i hate the most

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