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I finally did it! 5 black guys grabbed me and tore away my dress. I begged them to treat me like shit and punish me! They spanked me hard as i sucked their black cocks! I even licked their assholes and balls! They fucked me in turns both in my tight ass and pussy and two of them came in me and three of them let me swallow their creamy cum. I hope to get raped again tonight it was fun and i loved it!

7 responses to I finally got gang raped and i enjoyed it!!!

  1. It's not really rape if you "begged them to treat you like shit and punish you" is it? Just your standard one slut orgy.
  2. Dafuq did I just read..
  3. do you know what "rape" is?
  4. I've gotten raped by my ex boyfriend (forced/pressured into sex) and I was only a virgin , It was not enjoyable your a sick human been.