Why am i so upset? Why does it feel like my world is falling apart? I guess I’ve learned how to hide it so well from everyone else i’ve started to fool myself. I feel so numb. I should be happy. I have a boyfriend that gives me all I want. My friends are amazing. Maybe its my house maybe its cause my family is falling apart. I’m falling apart. Im torn between my mom and my dad. It seems as if all my little brother knows is “mommy and daddy are fighting.” I feel like everyone needs me though. I have to be the strong one, the responsible one, the adult of the family. Everyone needs me to be perfect… like i have all the answers. How do i tell them that I don’t.. ?

2 responses to Parents ruined my childhood.

  1. I know what your going throught just keep your head up and be strong. E there for your little brother he needs you so much and if your parents aren't being parents then screw them!!!!!!
    • You aren't alone. I didn't have a childhood either thanks to my parents, and believe me, there are a LOT of awful parents out there. It's heartbreaking, but it's true. So there are a lot of us who have learned to find our own way in this world. You can be okay tho. Do not let them, or who they are, define YOU. If you aren't already doing so but are able to do so, I suggest a talk therapist/counselor on a regular basis to help you sort through what goes on in your life and in your head. If there are adults other than your parents that you can depend upon, do so. Those bonds will mean so much to you throughout your life - even if they are not blood related. Do what you can for your lil bro, but focus on your future too. Stay positive, it won't always be easy, but don't let yourself wallow. Life can be amazing even if you've had a bad start with rotten parents, I know this from my own experience. In all sincerity, I send you love and peace, and from the bottom of my heart I'm sorry that you got a crap start in life. *hugs*