Im 16 and i feel like I have been getting screwed over my whole life. By my family, friends and even strangers. So I fell totally in love with my first boyfriend i ever had. (k, so if your some adult whos gonna comment on this and say your to young to know if you love someone just dont because I really dont think age has anything to do with knwoing what love is) anyway he was my bestfriend. I told him everything we knew eachother for 2 years before he became my "boyfriend". It wasnt just the typical kid relationship like every little kid has these days or thats what I thought. We would hang out out of school alone. It was innocent though we would talk and hold hands and there were never people crowding us in a circle telling us to kiss. I was young so i totally thought like he who god made for me and thought we were gonna like run off into the sunset together and what not but obviously that never happened. when we broke up but stayed good friends a girl who i thought was one of my closest friends went out with him and totally used me to see him the whole summer because me and him live down the street from each other. the next year at school that whole group of friends screwed me over and ditched me. Now i have other closer friends then them So my life wasnt completly over yet. that year i told myself to take a break from boys and make new friends which i did, sorta. I met this realy cool really nice boy who I immediatly became close friends with. It wasnt like with the other boy were i fell head over heals for right away. i didnt want a realtionship with him. I just loved knowing he was there for me. He was my best guy friend I had ever had. He made me laugh more then anyone i ever knew. I started devolping a major crush on him. then one night there was this party but i wasnt feeling good So i stayed home. The next morning I get a txt from my guy friend syaying guess what happened to me last night? So i replyed what? he tells me about how he and my best friend in the whole world are going out. where the hell did that come from? had they even ever talked? So basicly my bff used him because he was popular and she wanted a bf. she totally led him on and i hated it. they broke up after 2 weeks suprise suprise. My friendship with him totally ended the next year. so the nexy year I actually do stay away from boys but (and they stay away from me ) a new girl shows up in my life. K so theres no big twist ohhhh now im a lesbian nothing like that. Shes my brothers girlfriend who is a total bitch to me and my brother. So basicy that screwed that whole year up because i spent most of it hating her. Then the next year my bff gets a few classes with my first ever bf (who has now turned into a jock and a jerk who pretends he doesnt know who i am) My friend knew how bad he hurt me. Im stll not over everything that hapened with him which is a ot more then im writing cuz its a whole nother story. anyway they started txting ALOT. and my friend one day says when were hangout "so dont get mad but i lie this new guy" So I asked who having him in the back of my mind. She says his name. Lets call him mike. I got sooo pissed this girl is supposed to be my life long friend here cmon what is she thinking. obviously i was going to get mad. But im not really big on confrontation so I just said ohh well i get it but he turned into a jerk now and you know how bad he hurt me. She replyed ya i know but it was awhile ago you should be over it. I DONT CARE IF IT WAS IN 20000 BC YOUR MY BEST FRIEND YOU DONT GO OUT WITH MY EX!!!!!!! but of course thats not what I said i said welll i think that it would be a little bitchy of you to date him. which resulted in a whole different story im not goona tell. So that year there whole little txting romance went on but nothing more. I pretened i didnt care and it ended. ha but quick funny story here one of our really good friends started flirting with the guy from a year back and told us he liked her. So of cpourse this made my bff pissed as hell and she went on and on to me about how if out friend did go out with him how ad she would be. god what a hypcrtyte. I thought I was gonna type alot more but I just got myself really pissed thinking of all this shit so now im gonna stop. I bet this post is gonna get a lot of hate from people saying stuff like wow what a bunch of bitcdhy backstabbing boy obsessed bitches but whatever. Im always so f-ing respectful and nice, its nice to just be able to come on this site and be who ever i want and how ever disrespectful I want with out getting kicked in the ass for it. better here then in school or at my family. k thnx for reading my pathetic ranting.

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