So im 15 years old and I am over weight. I have no self esteem because of it. I played basketball for 8 years and I did dance for 2. but I have always struggled with my weight. The rest of my body other then my stomach is normal almost skinny. but then my stomach has this huge muffin top on it. I usually hide it by wearing flowing shirts. So I recently quit all the sports I do becasue i just began to hate it, not becasuse of my weight but I just got sick of it. This year for 9th grade I have been homeschooled so I have gained alot of weight. I sit home and snack. But I have been really trying to loose weight. I used to want to becasue I wanted to fit in with my bestfriend and I wanted other people to look at me differently. Now I really wanna do this for myself finally. I want to love myself. I have been trying realy hard to eat healthy but its sooo hard. I eat salads for lunch latly and i eat fruit and veggies all the time. I worked out for the first time today iin a long time. I think I have been doing really good with not snacking as much and snacking healthy when i do. Its just Im soooo impatient and i really wanna see results like tomarrow but I know thats not gonna happen. I would really appreciate it if someone could comment some afvice for me about losing weight. thnx

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  2. you'll grow out of it hun, i'm the lankiest person alive but i always used to have a really podgy tummy... it only dissappeared in the last 2 years (i'm 18). i havent really changed any habits, perhaps eat more healthily but its just growing up thats done it. Now i've got bigger worries... my hips ...But of course, exercize is key, i find walking and dancing the best cos its so easy to do good luck :]