Well a stranger started talking to me so I started talking back(since it was awkward leaving him hanging after he said sth). Later on he asked for my facebook so I gave it to him which thank goodness he couldnt find me when he searched. Then he asked for my no. which by this stage I was very uncomfortable so I rejected saying I dont give out no. but then he started saying oh I can be your friend I am a nice person and all. Call me a dumb arse and all swear words you can throw at me but this is the first time this has happened to me so I had no clue and after still being pursued although I said no I felt awkward and caved in to giving him the no. However I did give him my old no which I dont use anymore. This incident happened in a bus which I frequently use to get to my destination and when this happened the bus packed so loads of people probably noticed this(even a girl sitting in front of me was looking back and looking weirdly). So my question is it ok to be scared? is it ok to feel embarrassed? is it alright to feel as if people who were in the bus are going to talk about this event? what should I do if i meet that guy again and he says that you gave me a wrong no.? By the way I am not the prettiest girl out there.

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  1. You are perfect just the way you are.
  2. Hello, my name is X. You should tell me your name. While you're at it, tell me your address, your social security, and your PIN number. You are completely in the right. It's people like the one you mention that make me lose my faith in humanity. It's okay to feel scared, embarrassed, perhaps even worried (only if he's the -really- creepy type.) I don't think people will talk about you. Even if they do, so what? They'll more than likely be talking about him and how much of a jerk he was to you, regardless of your looks. If you meet him again, tell him you'd rather not speak with him. If he persists, you might want to involve police, as that's harassment. So, about that SSN... :P Signed, X (23 M)