Please feel free to share your stories in order to better our bullying policy at Oconomowoc High School. This discussion forum is completely anonymous and safe to post your experiences with bullying. It doesn't matter whether you have been bullied, seen someone been bullied, or ever bullied someone. Please share your stories in order to help us revise the bullying policy and keep our school and community a safe and comfortable place to learn and grow.

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  1. 1. Every morning in my gym class I see kids repeatedly making fun of one kid. These kids don't think that they are bullying him, it is all fun and games for them yet the boy is hurt every day by their remarks. I do not know whether the bullying line has been crossed and whether or not to speak up.
  2. I personally have experienced mild bullying or harassment, but nothing like what others have gone through. Disturbing amounts of students have been bullied to the point of suicide.

    My problem with mild bullying/harassment started in eighth grade, was worse my freshman year, and fizzled away my sophomore year. It only went to the extent of verbal attacks, nothing ever physical.

    But even that made going to school a lot harder, being a teenager is hard as it is. Everyone HAS to go to school, so they should be ASSURED it is a safe place to be.

    There needs to be a zero-tolerance for bullying policy to assure the safety of all students.
  3. first, to the first responder, you should most definately speak up. if you really want to make a difference, be the change. the next possible chance you get, walk up the crowd and say "enough is enough! there is nothing wrong this kid and i think he is pretty cool for standing here and taking like he has but im drawing the line, it ends now." then turn to him and say "im sorry for taking so long to speak up" and then tell the bullies to take a hike and that if they dont you will advise the faculty/principals and if that wont work tell them you will help the student file for legal action and speak up as a witness. to the author of the post: i was bullied extensivekly from 7th grade to about freshman year of high school for my cystic acne. you probly arent familiar with this but look it up, its extremely unpleasant. most of the bullying was either verbal or just being ignored or stared at or called names behind my back. the way i stopped it from being shoved in my face was that i just started beating the living shit out of anybody who had a problem with my acne. while this got people off my back, it still continued when i wasnt around. honestly bullying policies should be zero-tolerance. the first time the bully is confirmed bullying another student, suspend him for 3 days of ISA (in school assingment) or ISS (in school suspension) and 5 friday detentions (this extends the period of time which the student is exposed to being detained and the psychological effect of being restricted on a friday night will really sink it in) and then finally as soon as possible hold a conference with BOTH parents or guardians AND the child in which you take them through the entire series of events. i hope this helps you out.

    -The Rancor-
    • To The Rancor-

      We greatly appreciate you taking such a strong stand on bullying and offering up your experiences. It takes a lot of courage to share personal stories. However, our belief is not one involving violence because violence will only contribute negatively to the issue. In the future we are trying to change societies approach as a whole to bullying in a more diplomatic fashion. We love the story though along with your name, which by the way means in a poisonous atmosphere of hate and distrust or as in the star wars character.
      Thanks again,
      -The Jedi Counsel-
      • Thank you Jedi Counsel, i thought i should make it clear that i dont think that violence is the solution, only a means as a last ditch effort. For me it was the only option i could turn to in my situation. I wasnt exactly footbal captain if you know what i mean. Sure i played hockey so i wasnt out of shape but it wasnt a school team or anything so nobody really cared. I had already talked with my parents about it but all they could really do to offer a solution was medicine and doctor visits. The teachers didnt do anything either. I remember actually being in a conversation with a teacher and someone cracked some remarkks and all she did was stand there and wait for the comments to pass and then resumed her talking. So i was really on my own with the whole situation, which is why i turned to physical confrontation. If its possible, physical conflict should be avoided at all times. just my oppinions. p.s. yes rancor in star wars bc im a star wars fan, but the other definition does describe to a degree how i percieve the mainstream ideas of today's society.

        -The Rancor-
  4. If you are an OHS student, and would be willing to step up and tell us your story it would be awesome and help us make an impact on the school board. It can still be anonymous only myself, Kelsi Krakauer, and my IB English class will know who you are. An in person interview would make a huge difference. If you are interested please inbox me on my facebook page or find me and we can set something up!
    • I would do it, but unfortunately my story would give away my identity.
      • Hey, if you're afraid of your identity being given away by your story, we'd still love to hear from you! If you'd be willing, you could share with just a few members of our IB English Class. It's a really trustworthy group of kids, and it would be talking to less than ten people. Keep it in consideration, we'd love for you to share your story.
      • Look, I understand that by talking to our English class your identity would be revealed, but what's more important then that is the story that is revealed with it. We care more about what happened and how that experience affected you more then anything else. It's more then just a story to us, it's a way to make a difference to prevent bullying for future generations. Believe me when I say I understand how difficult it can be to come forward and feel humiliated and victimized, but it's honestly the best type of closure you could get; just knowing that you helped to prevent what happened to you from happening to others. I just ask you to consider coming to talk to us! You don't have to go up and give a speech to everyone if you aren't comfortable in doing so, maybe talk to Mrs. Myhre about meeting with one or two of us if it would be easier. That way your identity would remain anonymous, and only your story would be shared. We would make that happen. Why? Because our goal is to make students comfortable enough to stand up for themselves and each other! Your story would help greatly to give us an even better idea of not only what we need to include and work on incorporating in the policy, but it would also help to give us inspiration. Please think about it. It would really be great if you would share your story with us :)
  5. one of the major problems with the bullying system at ohs is confidentiality. Teachers say they wont speak to anyone about it , but people figure it out and who wants to report a bully if they know they will just be bullied and called a snitch?
    • The main problem I see with bullying at the high school is that no one speaks up for the person being bullied. I have trouble doing it myself. Another problem is that people just think that the things they're saying to the person are funny and that the person doesn't care about what they're saying. This is the type of bullying that really affects someone because they really think that people don't like them.
    • Excellent point! We are trying to make it a more bully-free place. One of the main problems we're trying to tackle is the idea that helping someone being bullied is 'uncool'. Kids shouldn't be bullied themselves or called a snitch for trying to do some good and help their peers! It's on our list of things that need to most definitely change in order to move forward! -The Jedi Counsel-
  6. I personally have never felt hurt by what others have called me. I try to always stay on the positive when it comes to people needing to bring their confidence up by trying to bring me down. I think OHS should first off enforce a stricter no bullying policy but also teach students that it doesn't matter what people say about you because in the end we know who we are and as long as you have self assurance you'll be able to do anything.
    • We are hoping that through the TAB club's involvement in school next year that hopefully the challenge of revising and editing our bullying policy will be taken on by the student body! One thing we are hoping to change more immediately through our Peer Mediation group is the 'Bullying Report Harassment Form'. We're hoping to get it approved by the beginning of the next school year to make reporting bullying even more user-friendly and easier! Your positivity is exactly the kind of strength we hope to have in our club, if you're interested in being involved please do stop in to a meeting and join us in the fight against bullying! Thank you for your thoughts! -The Jedi Counsel-
  7. I looked up to this teenager as a brother. But one day he decided he was going to tell everyone my deepest driest secret. So I threatened to kill him. I made him believe it too. I would write him notes telling him I was going to cut his balls off and then told him sorry you don't have balls because you're a girl but, I'm going to tie you to a chair lock you in a room without food and water and let you starve. I gave him notes similar to this evreyday. I would call him names,"Girl, Actress, idiot." I even made a remark,"I'd love to see you embarrass yourself on national television." I called him,"Mulipitive freak." "Player." I said,"I honestly think he's transgender." to his friend letting him overhear it. Then he started calling me,"Pervert." in gym class. I let it go by for a while because I didn't want to fight. However, I did punch a locker. He kept doing this so a week later in library skills I went to get a drink purposely tempting him to hit me. He hit me with a book so I went to attack him. He climbed on the table and kept kicking me screaming,"Get off of me." So after hitting his legs I decided to pull him off the table. I left him sitting there. You could tell he had a sore bucktox just by the way he was walking. We continued to fight. In algrebra we fought until we were out of the classroom when he slammed me against the wall and cut my palm open. It's been a year and I still got the scar from him. I kicked him in algebra with him sitting there and saying, "Ow that hurt." In history I pulled his jacket and tried to choke him by it while punching him in the shoulders. In library skills I went behined him lifted his seat up with him in it and told him,"Stop or I'll flip this chair." because he kept calling me pervert. Then there was a turn of events he started taking my notebook and reading my dairy and going through my bookbag. I let him do this for a couple days and started attacking him. He would grab my notebook and toss it around with his friend so I started attacking them. One day he had axe and sprayed it in my eyes while I was trying to get my notebook back. One day he sprayed sanitizer in my eyes. Then I decided I was going to trick him I was going to beat him up. I kept telling him,"I'm going to beat you up next period." in history. I climbed the bleachers went up to him when the bell rung and scared him to death and laughed. I made sure he thought something was up. I slammed a door in his face and tried to break his skull. He smiled a lot then. I never made his smile go away. I apoligized to him for everything and I know I was bieng a jerk. I learned a lot about him this year. He hardly ever smiles, has a low self-esteem. And I now know he was afraid to go to school thinking I was going to push him down the stairs, hurt him. He had evrey class with me. I should've gotten a clue when I said,"Attchully I like coming to school." He responded,"Why so you can torment me?" I can't change what happened and if I could change it I wouldn't cause then I wouldn't know any better. He's homeschooled now. If there's anything I could say to him it would be,"Thanks for forgiving me after I made your life miserable." And I would answer his question, why. I did it because I was jealous, thought you were going to do it to me first and wanted revenge. The reason he was the target was because basically wrong place wrong time. He was about to kick a kickball and someone passed him and he didn't do anything and when he did get to kick it it was the weakest kick I've ever seen so I thought,"Perfect." So there's a lot of reasons as to why.
  8. you suck people. this shit really and hardly ever happens Obviously u watched 2 many movies - harrassment maby but bullying fuck no
    • Bieng bullied does happen and it's the same thing as harassment.
    • The point of creating this blog was to share opinions, and while we respect the difference in opinions such as yours, the mere fact we feel the need to create a group to fight bullying should make a clear point that it **does** happen. We ask that you not use such strong worded vulgarity, because it really contributes nothing. You mentioned how we watch to movies, well, speaking of movies, they just made a movie called 'Bully', you should really check it out. It's based on a true story, and the project behind it is incredibly awesome. To you, bullying might not exist, but to the rest of the world it is a **very** real problem - especially for high school students. As a pro-active group we appreciate any insight into bullying, so thank you for pointing out how some students are still completely unaware of their peers who suffer around them every day. It does happen. The blog posts above are clear, valid proof of that. Even if you only see this rarely happening, why should anyone suffer one bit from unjustified harassment thrust upon them by someone else? Nobody deserves to be treated like that. Bullying is often times invisible to the untrained eye. Our goal is to make sure it is seen, and even more so ensure that people are aware and bring support to those who don't have anyone to stand up for them. Thank you for your statement, but please understand that our focus is on what **is** happening now and how we can make it better! -The Jeidi Counsel-