Matter and conscious energy evolve upward. This is the very nature of our material universe. Electrons, protons, and neutrons are attracted to each other to make atoms. Atoms are attracted to other atoms to make molecules. Following the evolution of life, molecules are attracted to other molecules to make proteins and enzymes. Protiens and enzymes are attracted to each other to make cells, and cells are attracted to each other to make multi-cellular organisms. Multi-cellular organisms have an attraction to make more capable and complex designs, evolving from simple sponges to complex hominids. At the level of homonids, empirical sciences stop and declare that this is where the material universe ends. Cells are the simplest material form that we recognize to have a consciousness. Not that much of a suprise, then, that the more complex a multi-cellular organism becomes, the more concsious it tends to be. The system of material evolution, after all, is a system of many levels building off the qualities of the levels below it to make something greater. Once again, when we get to the level of hominids (or more accurately, human beings), empirical science declares that the material universe ends. Inorganic matter also evolves in many forms to create many different natural phenomena; water, plasma, minerals, ores, and so much more that to be fair to all inorganic matter I'd spend days listing forms. Rather, I'll follow minerals to crystals, crystals to stone, stone to planets, planets to solar systems, solar systems to galaxies, and galaxies to the universe (all this being overly simplistic, of course). And once again, at the edge of what our species can observe or conceptualize, we declare the end of the material universe. We have faith systems all over the world that speak of an intangible creator, a superior concsiuosness that is the very reason this universe exist. They all speak of an intentional creation process, a Divine being creating darkness and light, male and female, land and sea, fish and foul or in essence everything that exist on Earth, many also speaking in vague detail of this being creating the universe. In this belief everything has an intentional design structured by a Divine architect. Most of these faiths tend to presume the personality, the character, and the form of the Divine, each faith having it's own definition. I write this to suggest a merger between these two concepts. As with every merger, there are going to be departments let go, some positions will be downsized, and a little controversy. My intention in this is to go about this concept with brutal corporate efficiency, letting go of the elements that simply don't function properly. What I hope to end up with is a much more functional concept, a concept I call incidental creationism. I invite you to use a little imagination as I descibe something fictional as a metaphor for my larger concept; imagine that there is life on a proton revolving around a carbon atom in your own body. Imagine further that this life has nearly no common details with your own static concepts of life; they do not think using anything that resembles a brain, their senses rely on organs that don't even remotely resemble eyes, ears, nerves, or noses, and rather than breathing they sustain their living functions by absorbing electrical current. The universe would look very different from the veiw of this proton. Cells would be galaxies and these galaxies would be lightyears apart from each other, requiring the lifeforms on your proton to have to build specialized ships to travel the universe that is your body. I'll remind you that these fictional proton lifeforms do not percieve the universe as we do. They do not 'think' or 'see' or 'hear' or 'breathe', perceiving the world through senses and concepts entirely alien to us. Almost entirely, actually, because I can't imagine them not sensing that their universe is part of a higher order. Some of the more self aware of these lifeforms might even feel the presense of your higher consciousness. But thats where the connections end, because they can't see or think as you do and therefore may never understand you. You don't even sense them. They are almost completely alien beings that are so small that they are past even scientific perception. You certainly didn't intend to create them, but by being part of your material form you have caused them to exist. Some of the self aware lifeforms on this proton, despite having no common concepts with you, may try to define you within their own concepts. They will try to define your personality, your likes and dislikes, the world in which you live, and even your form (which will most certainly look like their own). They will define you from their own perspective, a perspective of beings effectively blind and deaf living in a world many steps smaller than yours. So small, in fact that nothing they see is even close to the higher expression of reality that you live in. From these fictional lifeforms living on a proton we move upward to the carbon atom the proton is bonded to where, if atoms had eyes, we would see other atoms in seemingly random bonds. In this perspective the human form is still incomprehensible, all that can be seen is atoms and atomic bonds. Following these atomic bonds upward we reach the perspective of a cell on your heart valve. From this veiw we still can't see the human form, only more cells dividing and joining together in cultures that make up your organs. We move upward from the perpective of your heart, to your entire circulatory system and stay at that level to see all the other systems of the body working in cooperation. At this level we can see the human body, but that's where a human lives. We're sustained by our bodies, but we live in our minds. To reach your mental reality you must take the conscious workings of the mind, add an environmental perspective (in this case mostly dry landmasses on the planet Earth), then add the social and conceptual skills needed to observe that environment. And in the eyes of empirical science, that's when the leveled hierarchy of reality ends. Yet on our own level there are those that sense that our universe is part of a higher order, and some of the more self aware of us (Buddhist monks, Wiccan priestesses, Catholic priest, especially sensitive every day people) can sense a higher consciousness. There is a sense that this expression of reality is not all that there is, that after our finite lives end our concsiousness may move on to something greater. This may not be superstition, this may be more than uninformed fictitious solutions to problems that cannot be properly researched. It's postulated by physics that the universe as we percieve it continues indefinately outward from where we can perceive it. Why then is it improbable that the universe continues to evolve upward in expressions of matter indeffinately? Not assuming the construction of higher functioning matter (I know when not to state things that are beyond my knowledge), is it not probable that this universe is simply the construction of a superior living being? We may see a higher order to the universe simply because the universe we perceive is only one expression of matter. We may sense a higher concsiousness because our percieved universe is, in it's entirety, a superior living being. Being a superior living being it would contain within itself all the consciousness and matter in what we percieve as our universe and in turn be the incidental creative force of our universe. Now don't mistake this for an advocation of any one specific faith. While all faiths speak of a higher power which is in turn the creative force behind this reality, they also tend to try to speak for this being and that I cannot agree with. I would call back the image of the proton lifeforms that cannot see, hear, smell, or think as we can. Consider us likewise trapped within the confines of our expression of reality, unable to remotely understand the concepts or reality of a high being. How can we know the mind of something that thinks with something that is superior to the mind, know the soul of something that envelopes all consciousness? We would be but a small part of this higher being and we percieve so little of the rest of the universe at this moment in time. What can we assume to know of a higher being that we can see so little of? Aside from that, when was the last time you consciously controlled your heart? When was the last time you consciously supervised skin cell regrowth to replace those shed in the night? Have you ever consciously bonded atoms together to maintain the acid in your stomach? No, no-one does these things. They are processes that are done without the need for conscious control, taken care of by the very design of your body. So, I believe, is so much of the creation on our level of reality maintained. Automatically. Incidentally. An incidental creation.

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