It will just help me to write... so here's the deal, I am an officer for a college organization and there are many problems. the people on the board are all enemies! I was friends with all of them until things started blowing up. They are all Fucking crazy! so when the pres was elected, she was single. then she started dating this horrible lying manipulative guy that became the PR. I wanted so badly to be his friend that I tried to let him be heard. I can not stand it! now he go burn in his christian hell! this bastard came up to me when I was down and pushed everything that was going wrong in my face and blamed it on me. Almost everything that has gone wrong in the organization is his fault. his girlfriend (pres) is doing whatever he wants. she is angry when we (other officers) go around her to get things done because she feels like she is the dictator and we are her un-loyal servants. in a group people need to work together, not control eachother. but when you treat us like crap, there is no fucking way we are going to come to you. there is more too this, but I'm just angry

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  1. why in the world are you involved with pseudo-intellects? You can do better in other institutions. Preferably private institutions. Stay away from higher learning centers in the USA that receive federal funding. They have all sipped the kook-aide. If you insist on a career in education, the best place is Germany or Switzerland. Seriously.