Two people I thought were friends, let's call them D and N, date rape drugged this couple I know, and also at least one other guy after the couples Halloween party. While the husband was in a different part of their house, D, the wife's best friend, helped her boyfriend and another guy rape the wife in her own garage while yet another married guy watched. The husband had no idea what was going on until it was too late. At first he thought his wife was cheating on him so he didn't do anything because he was too drugged to think straight and didn't want to make a scene. The couple, having been drugged, took a little while to sort out the truth and it took the wife three weeks to recover from the pain of what they did to her. It's horrible. No woman would ever consent to what they did to her. The husband is totally fucked up with guilt and like anxiety or something for not knowing she needed to be saved. Now D and N are butt hurt because they got banned from SpoCon and the couple filed a rape report. Boo fucking hoo. All because D (who was already sleeping around on her own husband with a couple guys) and her boyfriend N wanted an orgy. D even asked the husband if they were swingers that night and he told her no - they didn't do anything with dudes, like, ever. Turns out, N has done this in the past and there's a a whole list of women who have had bad experiences with him. D and N are truly evil people. If you even know who I'm talking about - tell them they suck and keep the fuck away from everyone. Stop their bitching about poor them. They're the rapists. Sick, sick, sick people. Remember my friends horrible story. Protect your drinks, even in your own home. You think you can trust your friends but sometimes you can't. If you think someone is fucked up, listen to you gut. And if you see a woman who is so out of it she can only mumble for her husband and cant' walk on her own, don't fucking let guys use her Mr Voyer man. She was asking for someone to get her husband and you sick fucks kept him away.

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