I was 13 years old and was walking alone in the streets, going back home from my classes. It was about 7 pm and the place where i was walking was dark and cold. There were no street lights, no big crowd as well as no traffic. I was waking at a normal speed and then i saw a car parked in the middle of the road. As i was waking by the car, i gave it a glance and then i went on. After only waking 5 steps away from the car, someone called me. It was the man sitting in that car. As he called me, i hesitated to go near the car first and stood still where i was. He then said, "Come her you slut." I got really scared on hearing his voice and since i was only 13 years old, i didn't knew the meaning of slut and also didn't had much knowledge about sex. When he called me a slut, i without knowing what he meant, went near his call. He was sitting in the driver's sit and he opened the opposite door, asking me to get in his car. I was totally scared and thus i obediently followed what that man said. I thought if i would be nice to him, he would let me go. As i entered his car, he asked me to close the door and lock it as well. He then commanded me to open my backpack and put it in the back sit. I, very obediently did it without even asking him the reason. I was wearing a short skirt which didn't even covered my knees. On my upper part, i was wearing a partially see through dress through which my bra could be seen easily. My legs were covered with a pair of shocks and shoes. My lips were covered with red lipstick. I was looking really cute, my skin was as white as snow. The man who was sitting next to me, giving me a wicked smile, switched on a light that was near the steering wheel of his car. The light was powerful and thus it brightened up the inside of the car very nicely. As the light turned on, the man turned his face towards me. I was really filled up with fear and thought of running away from him, but i didn't. Instead i gave him a sweet smile which made him aware of the fear that i had in me. His codifence got a boost as he realised how scared i was at that moment. He gave me a more wicked smile, showing his teeth which were yellowish and scary. He placed his large brown hand on my stomach and started playing with it. I kept quiet. He laughed at me and said, "I can feel that you are enjoying being touched by me, you are a slut, aren't you?" As he said this words, i got the smell of alcohol. Soon i realised that the man i was with was totally under the control of alcohol and this also made me realise that since this man is not totally conscious, it was not at all wise for me to stay with him as he could do anything with me. As these thoughts came to my mind, he moved his hands from my stomach to my breast. My breasts were quite big in comparison to my age. Because of my big breasts, he most probably enjoyed playing with them a lot. His face showed me how much he was enjoying using me as his sex toy. As he played with my nipples, pressing them, pinching them and pulling them, i started getting excited. After playing about a minute with me, the man started his car's engine and started driving. I asked him where we were going. He stopped the car, gave me a wicked glance and told me that he was taking me to his house. I realised that he had bad intentions in his mind but after he played with my breast, i was a bit excited and didn't reacted negatively. Instead i told him that i would like to see his house. As he drove me to his house, i started imaging what he would do with me. I imagined him playing with my nipples, lying above me in his bed. That man had a long and flat face. He had a long moustache but had no beard. He might have been of the age between 40 to 50. His skin was brown, actually it was yellowish brown. After travelling for twenty to thirty minutes, we reached his house. He asked me to get out of the car, i did. He too went out, came near me and hold my hand tight. He pulled me to his house quite fast and because of this, my hands started to pain. I didn't complained and just like a very obedient girl, went wherever he wished to take me. As he pulled me, i asked him about his name. He said that his name was Haedrit G Jonnas. He then asked me about my name to which i replied that my name was Alice. We reached the door of his house soon. He took out the keys from his pocket and gave them to me.

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