I was 13 years old and was walking alone in the streets, going back home from my classes. It was about 7 pm and the place where i was walking was dark and cold. There were no street lights, no big crowd as well as no traffic. I was waking at a normal speed and then i saw a car parked in the middle of the road. As i was waking by the car, i gave it a glance and then i went on. After only waking 5 steps away from the car, someone called me. It was the man sitting in that car. As he called me, i hesitated to go near the car first and stood still where i was. He then said, "Come her you slut." I got really scared on hearing his voice and since i was only 13 years old, i didn't knew the meaning of slut and also didn't had much knowledge about sex. When he called me a slut, i without knowing what he meant, went near his call. He was sitting in the driver's sit and he opened the opposite door, asking me to get in his car. I was totally scared and thus i obediently followed what that man said. I thought if i would be nice to him, he would let me go. As i entered his car, he asked me to close the door and lock it as well. He then commanded me to open my backpack and put it in the back sit. I, very obediently did it without even asking him the reason. I was wearing a short skirt which didn't even covered my knees. On my upper part, i was wearing a partially see through dress through which my bra could be seen easily. My legs were covered with a pair of shocks and shoes. I had covered my lips with red lipstick.

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