My mom has always been hooked to drugs and acohol and stuff, she had many flings with many many hot guys, she never cared what i did, or what i accoplished, it wasmy senior year but yet she never had been to anything schoolwise for me. But i didnt care. Then one day she got remarried to this guy named jake, Gosh was he so fine, Many nights i wondered how it would be to have sex with him, i knew it would be good, But anyways one night my mom wasnt home, she was out with one of her boy toys,. it was only me and my step dad in the house, he went upstairs to shower, while i was popping popcorn for me and him whilewe watcheda movie, he got out the shower came down and sat on the couch with me, i stretched my feet across him becausei wanted a foot rubb like he use to give me, he gave me one, one of the best ones i had in a while, but after that we went tp sleep on the couch, i woke up around 3:30 and told him we neededto get in bed, he got in his, and i got into mine,i had an awful nightmare, so i went in his room and asked if i could sleep with him, and he said yes, but i had to warn him, i slept in my tank top and panties, he said he didnt mind, bc he slept in his boxers, well during the night, he cuddled up to me rubbing onme and kissing my head, i rolled over and asked him if he remembered it was me and he said yes, just cuddle with him, and so i did, he started rubbing me and stuff his hands was so soft it was so hard to resist. Then next thing i know his hands was in my shirt, i said " jake do you know it me right, " and he replied " yes, i wouldnt think of doing this to your mother " i didnt know what to think, i mean after all he was my step dad, but i went with it he told me if i was up for it did i want to mess around with him and i said yes, so we didnt everything, we undressed, kissed each other,oral sex, anything yoou could think of, my daydreamig oh how sex would be good with him it wasnt good it was GREAT,heknew exactly where to touch me he knew all the spots. Everything was good. The next day i thought it would be akward but it wasnt, we kept it going, we talk and have sex like we was dating, and we still do, and my mom still doesnt know, But she has all her boys so why cant i have one of hers? (:

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  1. lol that's messed upĀ