My dad's cheating on my mum. Technically. He doesn't love my mum. He told me. 'I love your mum. I'm just not in love with her'. Yes. Because telling that to a 15 year old is a good idea. He loves someone else. She's a whore... she's every bad word I can think of for making this happen.  My mum doesn't deserve this. My dad doesn't deserve her. I love my dad. And I always will. But I hate him. He's cheated on my mum at least twice now and I can never understand how he could do it to such a beautiful and amazing person. My mum is the best person out there. She's so nice and pretty, she never gets angry. She's a forgiving person and that's just it. She forgives him over and over... my mums smart. But she loves him so much she's willing to let it go. I hate him. I hate him so much for doing this to our family again. I wish everything was ok. And if ok meant my mum and dad split up then so be it. Because my mum's gone through to much already. It needs to stop. Because my father is a liar.

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