I have just been witness to a court case, the judgement of which is a terrible travesty of justice due to the use of a false witness and the defence's perjury under oath, and wondered it anyone has any views. My very good friend entered her local village pub on 15 June at 2.40pm last year with her golden retriever dog in order to meet briefly with an elderly infirm gentleman she was, and still is, caring for before closing time. I have to say, straight away, that her dog was beautiful inside and out. I had the pleasure of knowing him for all of his 10 years. He was so well-behaved, so gentle-natured, a dog I felt very comfortable being around my small children, who he was so patient with. He had gained his Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award and was 2 weeks away from doing the Silver Award. He was then to begin visiting as a P.A.T. dog in July. My friend and her dog then became the victims of a drunken, irresponsible group of people in the most horrific way. The group of 6 people had 2 adult labradors with them, off-lead, and a woman in the group had a 6 week old miniature Dachshund in her arms. The group appeared to be leaving. My friend positioned herself and her dog, who was on a short lead attached to her belt, away from the group and made it clear to them that he did not like strange dogs coming up close to him. (We believe an experience with an Akita 3 years earlier had made him wary of this - he would quite often give a warning bark if a dog wanted to go nose-to-nose with him). Actually, upon entering, her dog had done exactly this as the 2 labradors, uncontrolled by their owner, had been in front of the door as they'd entered. Once the labradors had backed off, there was not a problem. The owner of the puppy then put the puppy on the floor and made motions to detach his lead. My friend earnestly asked her not to do so three times. She was worried it might be stepped upon, or it could have been easily hurt by the labradors underfoot, if it approached her own dog it could have been frightened by his barking, etc The puppy's owner, nevertheless, removed it's lead. Within seconds, the puppy had gone immediately over to my friend's dog and, as it went under his chest, my friend's dog picked it up and shook it like a toy. He then released it to my friend upon her command. The puppy's owner had approached and took the puppy, then took it outside. No-one else in the group had made any move at all to rescue the puppy or to stop the incident. One man in the group was only 2' away when it happened. He did nothing. My friend shouted over and over that they should get the pup to the village vet. But this horrible group of people stood outside the pub and waited 10 minutes whilst it died. Before leaving the pub, the man who'd been 2' away, stood his 6' or more over my friend's 5'4" and shouted into her face, 'Why did you bring that dog in here?! Why did you bring that dog in here?! Why did you bring that dog in here?! Answer me! Answer me! When she didn't answer, he 'growled' in her face, "GRRRH!" three times. My friend's dog was 10 years old. He was NOT a dangerous dog. He'd been in the pub many times and would sit calmly at her side. She is the most responsible dog owner I know, and always in total control of her dogs. - And, anyway, what about the irresponsible, stupid, drunken puppy owner's actions?! The barman pushed this man to the door, asking him to leave. The man then came back in and did the same thing again, bellowing into my friend's face that her dog "will be destroyed. I'll see to it, if I have to kill it myself.' He was asked to leave again by the barman. My friend asked the barman if they had gone to the vet. The barman looked out the window and told her that they were all just standing around out there. 10 minutes after the incident, the same man stormed back into the pub and shouted, 'He's dead! You've killed him! You ######! And I'm going to kill you' and swung his leg back and kicked my friend's dog with force. He then kicked him again, each time forcing the dog and my friend further towards the pub wall and causing her dog to yelp badly. My friend continually shouted, "Stop it! Stop it!" over and over. The man kicked her dog a third time whilst it was pressed against the pub wall, after which she was able to get herself in front of her dog and hold it in her arms. The man's fourth kick landed on my friend's boot, at which point, he started the 'growling' GRRRRRH! business again, and said he'd make sure the dog was destroyed. He was again told to leave by the barman, who'd witnessed the whole thing. The man came in again shouting 'This is going to cost you a lot of money! A lot of money! I hope you realise that.' My friend was very distressed and crying throughout the whole of the above, I might add. The man re-entered again, shouting, "I'm phoning the police!" Obviously having no help from the police, who of course cannot do anything with a dog-on-dog incident, he re-entered, shouting, "That dog needs to be destroyed! There will be a very expensive court case! What is your name?!" My friend said calmly that she was waiting for her husband, (whom she'd called and was on his way) and that she was not prepared to talk to this man until her husband arrived. The man shouted, 'What is your name?" over and over, then "Where do you live!?" over and over, then "Answer me! Answer me! Answer me!" My friend repeated that she would not speak to him and was waiting for her husband. The man then growled into her face again. The puppy's owner then brought the dead puppy into the pub, followed by the rest of the group, who all stood around my friend, while the woman held the dead puppy into my friend's face, saying, "Look what your've done. Look at him. How could you do that? How can you live with that?" She then accused my friend's dog of scratching her face, but quickly stopped when my friend said she was lying - my friend's dog had, of course, not done her any harm - the puppy had in fact scratched both my friend and it's owner. My friend, whilst crying uncontrollably, then asked the woman, 'Why did you let him off the lead? Why? Why did you do that? I asked you over and over, Please don't let him off the lead, Please don't let him off the lead, Please don't let him off the lead! Why did you let him off the lead? Why? Why?' The owner looked at her blankly and no-one said anything. 4 people reported the kicking to the RSPCA, one of them being my friend's husband. Statements were taken and the RSPCA made the decision to prosecute this man. The travesty and injustice of the court case. There were 2 statements for the prosecution - my friend's and the barman's - and only one for the defence - the man who did the kicking - because no-one else in the group had been in the pub to witness it. They were all outside. My friend and the barman told the truth under oath. The man who did the kicking cowardly lied under oath, saying he had not kicked the dog. The defence produced a 'false witness' at the end of the second day of the trial, who perjured himself under oath, telling an obviously well-rehearsed tale about having been in the pub at the time and that the man had not kicked the dog. This false witness is the man's drinking cronie, who has drunk with him in the pub every lunchtime for years. He was one of the group of people that had been there on the day and had told many people since the incident that he had not been in the pub at the time of the kicking. The RSPCA solicitor was only informed about this witness shortly before he appeared. After the incident, the man who did the kicking spent months proudly telling anyone who cared to listen that he did kick the dog and he 'wished he'd kicked it harder. . . he wished he'd killed it'. In his statement to the RSPCA, he said exactly the same thing. There was no sign of the man being 'upset'. Rather, he was in a drunken rage. The owner of the Dachshund was informed by the police that she did not have a case to take action over. She sent messages to my friend via her cronies, who turned up on her doorstep and phoned her, asking for £1,000 in order to stop her from taking action against my friend and to buy a 'replacement' puppy. The RSPCA wrote to the man and informed him they would not, in any event, make any attempt to remove his own dogs from him. My friend and her husband have said that they've come to terms with this travesty of justice, for the moment. My friend and the barman can hold their heads up high, knowing that they are honest people and told the truth in court. The 2 men involved, who committed perjury, know they are liars. An acquittal due their perjury is hardly a 'win'. The whole village now know that they are liars and many people in the village have already voiced their disgust in them.

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  1. Hi Helen keep up the good work we all know the two men you refer too.