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I feel sick at the thought but here we go.. Basically, my Uncle recently turned 50, so all of them family went to stay in this posh Hotel in London. I hadn't seen my two Cousins Tom and Luke for a bout three years. Luke and I were both 16 and we used to be really close, but time seperates you. Me and the rest of my cousins were sitting in the lobby when my Uncle walked in. Everyone clapped and cheered but I was just looking for Luke! MY Auntie Jane walked in with two tall good looking boys. They were my cousins. Luke looked so fucking hot! I just stared at him for ages, until he clocked onto me and came and gave me a massive hug. The rest of the evening we were inseperable and didn't really bother with anyone else. We'd both had quite a lot to drink by the time everyone went to there rooms. We went and sat outside where I had a cigarette but as I began to spark up, he took the cigarette out of my hand and kissed me. I was like what the fuck are you doing? We're related?! But he said he didn't care he thought I was 'peng'. Even though he said 'peng' it did not stop me from having extreme sexual urges for him. We started kissing, until my Auntie came out for a cigarette too. She said the adults were going to a bar down the road, and would me and luke mind looking after the younger ones. Free room, why not? Unforunately my 14 year old sister and 15 year old cousin were still awake when we went upstairs. So we both said we were going for a cigarette and sneaked to my grandparents room, as they were out with everyone else and they said if we needed to 'escape' we could use there room. We sat on the bed and started kissing again.. I pulled away as I realised we were related, this was illegal right? frowned upon in soceity? but he said he didn't care.. it's just sex. I didn't love him at all, but I felt a strong sexual urge to have him. So we began kissing again, he kissed and bit my neck. I was so turned on. He took my dress off and slid his hand into my nickers and started to finger me, I then stopped again. And said how this didn't feel right.. and I couldn't do it anymore. I pulled my dress up and tried to walk away but as I turned back, I saw his raging boner which turned me on so much. Fuck it, I ripped off his trousers and shoved his dick in my mouth. I played with my hair and then pushed my head down onto it hard. I pushed him back onto the bed and sat on his dick. We were at it for a good two hours, but keeping an eye on the door. As I swallowed, we could here my grandparents coming up the stairs with the rest of the family. I sprinted to the bathroom and Luke pulled up his trousers and switched the tv on. I emerged normally and my grandparents didn't suspect a thing. I still feel strange when I see Luke but we talk and make a joke about it. Hhahaha, glad I got this off my chest!

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  1. It's just sex, he's not your brother, and it sounds hot! Just don't have kids.
    • Wish I could find someone who can go for two hours!
      • Oh that's me, two hours is easy. But tbh, its not always the best for a lot of women. I find that the women I'm with are left with pain in their vagina afterwards. They'll say something like "its a good pain" but they are hiding how bad it is.
    • Luke, I am your **father**.
  2. The only thing wrong with physical intimacy between family members is a lack of genetic diversity which leads to a higher rate of birth defects. Don't reproduce with him, and fuck what 'society' thinks about it.
  3. holy shit that was hot, dont make babies with family but fck me thats hot.   Whats odd is i have a cousin, we hooked up as young kids, 7 years old kissing in the cupboard while pretending to play hide and seek....if that happened when we were older I would have fucked her too. 
  4. Yesterday actully ,I slept at my mom's aunt's daughter's house and my cousin's kinda hot as well. he's 24 and I'm 19.,,, shit ,he was so f-ing hot ,but I couldn't do anything... :/
    • Similar story with my cousin and I. She was drunk one night and so was I she came to hug me and started placing my hands on her ass cheeks while she licked my neck and ears. At first I resisted but she continued. She then started rubbing my cock and said whispered that it feels really nice, I was shocked. She then whispered to me that she would like to taste it, so I asked "taste what" she replied that she wanted to suck my cock, at first I said no but then she put her hand into my pants and pulled my foreskin back. I was now getting hard and she immediately said that I could fuck her her also. At this stage I decided that I would allow her to my cock as I really enjoy bowjobs. I then turned her around with her ass now on my semi erect cock and said let's go somewhere quiet where we would not be disturbed. We then walked to a quiet place where I asked , just to make sure, if she would still suck my cock. She replied by kissing me and said she wanted to suck my cock till I come in her mouth. I then being abit feisty replied that I don't mind, but my cock is gonna really strech her mouth, and she can only suck me if I fuck her in her ass. She immediately replied that it would hurt as she could feel my cock was quite thick. I then pulled my cock out, and she was shocked that it was so thick. I then told her to start sucking, she opened her mouth as wide as possible and started sucking amazingly, I then after about ten minutes turned her around lifted her dress and placed the head of my fully erect cock on her asshole and she softly said please don't its gonna hurt. I then grabbed her by the waist and forced half of my cock into het ass, she at first yelled out, then just bit het teeth I then pushed harder until my whole erect cock was in her. I then asked her is she ready. Before she replied I started pumping away untill I came a huge load in her ass. I then told her to suck my cock till I cum again, she sucked amazingly as her mouth fitted tightly around my cock, came again this time on her face and hair. We then stopped. I noticed she couldn't walk properly as we left I told her soRry and to my surprise she said she would like to do it again sometime... This happened two monts ago and I don't actually regret it.
  5. I don't see any problem with fucking a cousin. In fact, I did it yesterday for the first time and it was great. I ate her pussy and licked her ass for about an hour. We were out on the lake in my boat and ended up drunk. She fucking loved it. We ended up fucking but I couldn't get off. She said some of the dirtiest shit to me and it was hot. Thing is though, I really really love her. I would be very surprised if it didn't happen again. I would actually like to fuck a couple of my other cousins. They are all so hot. Anyway, thank you all for sharing. There are more like us and now we don't have to feel so alone with our feelings.
    • wtf is wrong with you sick freaks?! that is awful and disgusting thing to do with a cousin or any member of your family!
      • He Shouldve put it in your ass.....
        • What is it with cousins and anal sex? The first time I fucked my cousin she told me to fuck her in the ass because she was on her period. After, she let me fuck her in the ass almost all the time, I just had to fuck her pussy first. This went on over a period of 7 years.

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      • Wow I always wanted to make love to my cuz. Just thinking of her make my cock.hard
      • Actually, most of human history, in most cultures, cousin marriage (and consequently, cousin fucking) was not only common, but preferred. When families wanted to keep together, or arrange a marriage, often, they'd marry cousins. Many big figures in history were married cousins: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein and his wife, Charles Darwin and his wife, etc. Even today, much of the world still engages in cousin marriage, to good degree. It's not as uncommon as you think. And evolutionarily, it's unavoidable--we're all the result of cousin-fucking. Many of us won't even go back five generations before running into ancestors who were cousin. My great-grandparents were first cousins--their children were all pretty healthy. And funnily enough, there's evidence that mating between third cousins is actually beneficial to offspring: Scientific America: When Incest Is Best: Kissing Cousins Have More Kin Science Daily: Third Cousins Have Greatest Number Of Offspring, Data From Iceland Shows Cousin sex taboo is really more of a modern Western idea, one without much merit other than the fact it's largely fallen out of fashion. Naturally, as genetic populations grow more diverse, you find less need (and probably less desire) among people to seek out and mate cousins. But hey, I have a few I'd fuck right now. lol
    • I want to have sex with my cousin SO badly!!!
  6. I fucked my older first cousin too, she is hot... Hadn't seen her for around 15 years and the min I did I looked at her arse and what it would be like to fuck it... We went out and she is holding my hand and I took it,fucked he a few hours later...the cum I shot in her the first time was amazing,I still jerk off thinking off that time.. She sucked cock,took it up the arse the lot... I could treat her like a little cunt and she loved it. I'm that horny now Im jerking off ones Julie.... I would love to fuck her again....
  7. I made love with my cousin last night. Well it looked more like we were doing it in an intense porno, she was really in to it! She has a very big perfectly round butt, super thick thighs, very wide hips and a tiny waist, so of coarse I'm gonna like what i see. Were American in southern Cali, we have a lot of Italian in us.we look Mexican but were not. We were fixing up rooms for us to live in, and while i was putting the lock on my door she kept looking at me like other girls do when they wanna do it. I'm young, so is she, my biceps and pecs are kinda extra large, and because we're family we have the similarities with butt, hips, thighs, waist. And I'm pretty sure this is why they didn't want us alone together. So i pulled her close and kissed her. her lips, tongue were so intense. She grabbed my head and back and pulled me in hard. she dang near rape kissed me. We went to the store to get more was dark by then and we got lost and pulled over. But after we stopped we started rubbing eachother. Then kissing hard. We went to the back seat, and i thought realistically we were just going to kiss and cuddle! Wellllllll.....we did that, but i could feel her doing something with her hands below, and i thought oh god she's unbuttoning her jeans?!!?? We took off our clothes and the whole thing scared me and i lost my erection. i had to tell myself "look you love her, she's in your life forever, she loves you, she wants to share this with you, so what its a different level of love she wants, its still love", besides she's really really Hott and can be in magazines, so what was my problem? I needed her to kiss me more and she above her she grabbed my thing and rubbed her clitoris with the head back and forth. It was really wet already. I grew a little. I said "i love you" hoping for a response. She couldn't see my face but if she could it would say "please tell me you love me". She Told she loved me, and i started to grow real big and hard. I rubbed that on the outside of her vagina while kissing her. After a while of this i thought "okay you have to go in now". my entire thing is completely saturated, so is hers at this point. Mr probz-waves comes on the radio. The head is so hard that i could feel the grooves as if there is no wet. It presses against her vagina lips and then there's a very soft a very tight dragging feeling across all sides of the head and the temperature is so hot inside! I've never felt it like that before. Man she kissed me so hard right then! My heart is beating so hard during this that i don't go any further. Her kisses are so intense, and her vagina is so intense. She starts thrusting into me and making noises. I just noticed that she was shaking all over, and very badly at her kissing lips. I thought "Did she really want this more than me?" I was on top but she was doing me! She's very vocal right at that moment. Her vagina is very strong I'm realizing as she contracts, and it really did hurt! "ow" i say. She keeps going, contracting even more, still kissing me hard, still thrusting into me. Now it really hurts! Im thinking "ow!!" . "wait..." I said. Shes still going. "sweetie wait..." I said, she's still going. "ow!" I said. she put both her hands on my back tight and stopped kissing, still thrusting though. She sucked my right Pec hard, got quiet, then let out a moan that sounded intense. I'm thinking "she's coming??!!" hearing the sound of a woman coming is so arousing to me! I came right then and there. I'm not a vocal person when i come, but this time i was, and i feel my eyes are watering are running down my face. I didn't realize until later that my thing was bleeding. It just kept hurting and i didn't know why? Finally i checked at a bathroom when we got to the house. And all around my penis there are tares of flesh in spots. It still hurts. This is the next day. Showering hurts. I never want to do that again!? But i know when i see her again that I'm gonna want it again. Now all i can hope for is that special connection that we can have that runs stronger than anyone else in my family. I sure hope she's nice to me in a non preversive way. I need for her to be genuinely sweet to me. The kind where i feel safe and loved. I don't know, maybe I'm asking for too much. I'm supposed to see her today and.....Well here's hoping.
    • I want to fuck My cousins ass so bad but were are 15. I see her a lot but all the Sudden she grew an ass and I want to fuck it so hard
  9. horny beast
  10. you disgusting morom
  11. well i don't mind me I fuck with my cousin every time it feels good. ;)
  12. If you're 16 years old, smoke cigarettes that regularly and "had quite a lot to drink" (your words), , clearly having sex with your cousin isn't the crux of your issues. Would love to see how this story turns out in 10 years.