I just started a new school and i really want to fit in. Teenagers seem to not like the new kid, AT ALL. So i've pretty much been a loner. I've met a guy, that was also new there this year, but i'm not sure if it is going to work out. I want to be able to just talk to someone & it not be an awkward moment, what should i do?

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  1. well i've only been new once, and i can honestly say i hated it. ok so i know i dont know you but i do know how you feel. i did learn some things from my experice, now i know you probably hear this all the time, but its for good reson, becuase its TURE, be yourself. i was a loner for about a mouth then i had some people i talked to for the rest of the year, till the last mouth when i finllay made a actully friend(we werent best buddies or anything)aand later on she introdused me to my future best friend the following year. but anyways back on trace, dont try being something your not, it will only make you fake friends, and make you feel sick.(i know cuase i tried it out) be yourself, try talking to someone new everyday, AND DON'T GIVE UP(it might take a while to make a friend but it will happen.. everyones diffrent)

  2. yea be ur self fuck the other people in ur skool maybe they r just jealous that u will be popular even more than them so just be yourself people will realized that ur a great person soon uu will have lots of friens just give it time
  3. wow I can actually help you here. I've been new 7 times. Theres a bit of a pattern. The first person who is really eager to talk and is very very friendly is probably a little desperate. They will be clingy and they need a friend. Secondly you will get the 'populars' coming to investigate the new meat. Unless you can be bothered to deal with the bitchiness, avoid them too. Then in dribs and drabs, the people you will probably want to be friends with will come and say hi. To make a goood impression, just seem approachable and ask loads of questions. people like to talk about themselves. Try and find all the cool places to hang out and just act like you belong. Remember, most people aren't out to get you. I know its corny just try to be yourself.