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  1. From a conservative: brilliant work.

     (I'll give credit where credit is due)

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  1. Make that a Democrat for 56 years until this last election when the bottom of the Democrat barrel rose to the top and reared it's ugly, sexist, demented and as you exhibited yourself, deceptive head.  Will never ever vote for a Democrat again as long as I live.  The party of Scoop Jackson is dead!  Your gloating for what you did is an example of how low the party's values have sunk.  Only stupid people find your exploit mentionable.  Since your the one tooting your horn that makes you stupid too.  But hey, look on the bright side, stupid people don't know they are stupid. Guess you can live with yourself and rationalize your behavior for a long time to come.
    • hey stupid, your brain dead fingers typed the following :


       since you've taken the time to post on here several times, i guess

      you consider yourself stupid too ? what a fucking maroon.

      ya know how to keep a fucking neo-con wingnut in suspense ? i'll tell ya tomorrow.


      • NEWSFLASH!!!!  I THINK THE MORON HERE IS THE ONE WHO SPELLS THE WORD AS MAROON.  Such vitriol too!  More evidence the Democratic Party has lost it's morals to people who are dead inside and don't know it. 
        • NEWSFLASH, 'maroon' is not the same word as 'moron', you wingnut.

          as in 'what a maroon' . and as far as vitrol, when you start calling someone an ASSHOLE, which you did in your first reply to my posting,what do you expect, ya jackoff ? a kiss on the lips ?


          please do keep fighting your losing battle over obama not having the right ID. your racism shows what's alive inside you, ya fucking dolt.

        • You have never watched Bugs Bunny.