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  1. so you've made your life sound like a really bad thing here. ...Re-write your post again with all the things you love, admire, enjoy, look forward to, dream about, are proud to have achieved, smile at, laught at, dance to........... the tiniest things are enough. C'mmon man, its not all bad. i don't know you, but i know that for a fact. Call on anybody in the world, and they will be able to give you a list as long as yours of all the thing they hate about their life and a whole load of reasons not to live. But the important list is the one you're yet to consider. Everyone has got something worth living for... be patient and find it, ok. Pleasee

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  1. i got slapped over 70 times in one day and had someone break my nose and countine to kick me well i was down and was in hospital for 3 weeks in a coma people suck i will deal
    • Thats really, really terrible - people are idiots and there's no way that should have happened. ....Whats passes it passed. Don't let that ruin your future - think of the positives not the negatives and you'll be able to rule what's ahead of you. We all get knocked down, flounder and think we can't carry on - but the important thing is that we do. Let what's happened make you stronger and never, ever give up.