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  1. To some extent I agree with you, I was brought up in a Jehovah's Witness household and as I grew up I strayed away from it. I don't follow any religion and I'm happy with my decision. If you look into the history of religion they pretty much all have the same story which has been adapted to suit the need's of one particular member or founding group. However I don't feel you mocking people for being religious makes you a better person than them. They thrust their beliefs in your face you retaliate with the exact same defense, pushing your none belief in theirs. Neither side can win when you're both kicking each other in the nuts. Also, When you're calling someone uneducated, it would be a good idea to spell correctly and pop a bit of grammar in there. Your sincerely Jesus

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  1. Read this God’s command that the Israelites should kill Canaanites, sometimes even the Canaanite children. Their God is sick!!!