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  1. Well if it makes you feel any better, 6year relationship nowadays is a great accomplishment so congrats on that. As for your situation: I dont know the guy so I cant say much, but it seems that he is trying not to hurt you by breaking up with you, which as hard as it is to hear is pretty admirable. I dont have enough info on your relationship either but it seems you are willing to admit to your faults which is also rare and a very good sign that the relationship can be salvaged if you want it bad enough because that means you can change some things that might be messing up what might be a great relationship. Its around the 6-7 year mark that relationships hit a "speed bump" sort of speak. It is a time to decide whether to work and fight for the relationship, or move on. Just please dont fuck your life. Life is a gift, surround yourself with as many things that make you happy as possible.

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