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  1. i had sex with my step father. it all started a couple of months ago when i had sexual dreams with him and would orgasm very real. one day i decided to put him on the test and while the 2 of us were alone at home i wore a slutty seethrough pijama tshirt without my bra. my nipples were hard and set next to him on the sofa. he kinda glanced over at my nipples when i sat next to him. after tha he ignored me during the whole entire show only to lift my shirt up from behind on purpose when i got up from the couch. since i have a big ass and had a thong on i wanted him to get a glance. he told me to come over to him and as i stood in front of him while he was still seated, i could see he was hard as hell. he told me to turn around to see what i wanted him to see and when i turned he lifted my shirt up and started to touch my ass and i could see he was excited. i then started to booty dance for him and clap my butt cheeks in his face. i also started to rub my pussy on him when i was giving him the lap dance. i then stopped and he understood why. we did not kiss or have sex back then. a couple of days after that whn my mom had to work night shift i purposely wore a bra and a thong to walk around the house. i again started to being sexy with him andd he kinda wanted to ignore me but just couldnt resist. he laid me down on their bed, took my thong off and started to lick my pussy like no men has ever licked it before. he said he love my young pussy and wants to fuck me. he pulled me around and penetrated me from behind, spanked me, did anything u can imagine to make me come. i came twice. now we still have sex but when we cant due to the circumstances he sometimes just licks my breasts whenever my mom is in the kitchen and we think its sexy, kinda of like an forbidden pleasure. he sometimes comes in my room as if he wants to talk and starts licking my pussy until i orgasm. he thinks im hot and thinks my body is sexy, and he has a big dick and he's hot and mature. i become wet just from thinking about the stuff he does to me. he's 60 and im 20. and i always liked older men. he buys me anything i want just to give him the ass. we even ass fucked once. i want him for me

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  1. thats so sexy you should do that more often∞!
  2. Omg i kinda did the same thing with my dad but it went like this i was taking a shower and i was very horny and so i left the door open and the curtain half open then he walked in on my and he stared at me then i asked if i could fuck him and he took his cloths off and got in the shower with me oh my fucking god his dick is heavenly i was so wet
    • Damn girl I wish you were my stepdaughter, i would fuck you constantly, i bet your pussy tastes so good... Yum
    • I wish you were my stepdaughter, I would still be fucking you with my 9" cock, I would be eatting your pussy right now... My 17 year old stepdaughter gropes me then takes off playing hard to get, once i fuck her she wont want me to stop...
      • ill b your step daughter come fuck this tight pink pussy ... im playing with it right now i would love a thick round dick in my just cumming all over your dick .... going down my throat you eating my pussy then putting it back in .im just wet thinking about it .
        • mmmmmmmm I think it's so fucking sexy and my cock is so hard reading it. I fucked my gf's 18 yr.old niece mmmmmmmm her Pussy is so tight she can't take it all.
    • Wish we could fuck in the shower
  3. I love you're story, i been fuckking my lil princess since she was 7. My brother also used her she loves me she's now 21 and is just a horny lil girl
  4. Dam I wish my step daughter would let me luck her fuck her and treat her like a princess also. If there is a stepdaughter on here that would talk to mine about it that would be great