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  1. Hi,     If you have some one in mind and already picked out, invite him over or arrange a meeting.  It would be best if you asked the guy if he would be okay with it.  You may end up having to agree to do him also.  But that is a real winning night for you.  You may progress to a cuckold situation.My wife brought up the idea in a conversation saying that she did not understand why a guy would do it. I said if it was real important to her and true desire, her husband might do it.  See said so if I really wanted to watch, you would do that?  I hesitated and said yes I would, if you really wanted to see that. I was thinking that it would not happen.Two weeks later she had some friends over for a get together and drinks.  When all the guests were gone one of the guys was talking and laughing with my wife. My wife walked up to me and whispered in my ear “I really want to see”. I said see what?  I want to see you suck his dick was the reply.  I looked at her, and she said you promised you would, and I really want to watch.  I have already asked him and  I have seen his cock in the bathroom at work.  He was younger and very hung, my wife watched and was really excited and into it.Short story is that i now  do him in front of my wife often and she has sex with him often too.  She is talking about inviting a Girl friend over with her husband, as she was told that her husband is big and really thick.  Her friend says he likes to have guys suck him.  This is going to happen I am sure.  But at least she is happy.  

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  1. Wow, you're real hard core. It probably really make syou happy though. Happy for you totally. Well done. x
    • Thanks for the well done.  Not sure about being hard core.  But it has happened.  Last week her friend and husband came over after we were out for dinner and a couple drinks and talk.  After a while of talking in the house my wife said well let’s see that big cock that your wife told me about, and then she looked at me and said we both want to see it. He stood up and undressed in front of us.  It was as his wife said big. His wife said “now let’s see yours.” I undressed and she looked at me and said now I see why your wife wanted to me my dick. With that my wife said “kneel and get him hard!” We both want to see you two guys.  With that I knelt down and my wife guided his dick into my mouth and they both giggled as she said I told you would like having your husband suck him. But remember that you still have to ride him after.  I worked on him and with his wife helping got him rock hard. His wife then gave me directions and told me what to do.   She held my head deep on him as she saw him ready to cum. Later my wife took him to the bed room and had the time of her life with him.  I know that he has been over at least one more time.  She told me that we will be getting together with her friend monthly.   I hope that you get to have your husband as happy as I am making my wife totally happy!
      • I am curios on how if at all your relationship has changed with your wife after you started sucking cock. Does she still respect you as a husband should be?
        • the relationship with my wife has never been better! ur sex life has been great. she enjoys having watching me suck and actually gives instructions on what she wants to seee. she has become a tad bit dominant in that. She offers tips and I know that it pleases her. We get together with her friend and the neighbors. She gets her enjoyment with him also. I would think that you would enjoy the situation. Have you brought it up to your husband? I have to admit that I am a bit more submissive to my wife now than i was before. please post a reply for me.

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        • You asked about if she stil respects me. Yes she does. she relies on meprovide the duties that a husband does and my opinion. No one would no of our secret except those that we share the moments with. I respect her and her decisi0ons and she respects mine. We are very protective of each other. Thanks for asking!!

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        • well it may not be everyones cup of tea, but for my wife and I it has worked out well. she gets to watch me suck and finds guys for it to happen. She has expanded it and has me cross dress some times. I like pleasing my wife and she really enjoys watching.
      • Did she want to see you play with his cock or did she do this for her own personal gratification to have a bigger cock?
        • She wanted to see me suck a guys cock and watch while I did it. She really enjoyed it and has me do this when she gets the desire to watch.
        • She let me play with his cock, but she really likes to see me suck hi and then maybe do another round. I am 9 nches so his cock is barely bigger than mine. being a bit younger maybe he can last a little longer. I know that after I suck him he can really last a long time and the wife loves it. I have seen her totally exhausted after having him.
        • My wife ask me if she could fuck me with her dildo and i let her. I loved that cock in my asshole the next time we did it i ask my wife if i could wear a pair of her panties she let me and we both liked that too now i want her to watch me suck another mans dick but she says no. I am going to find a couple that both will enjoy me sucking his cock and letting him fuck me
    • I would like him to suck my cock and than fuck my tight ass
  2. That is soooo HOT!! I would love to suck another man's cock for my wife!! She talks about it often and has me wanting it as much as she does!!! It would be hot to watch him fuck her, too!! I know she wants to be fucked by other men while I suck cocks...what a turn on!!
    • you got that right my wife and i love cock as well and cum
    • My wife would like me to suck a guy also. And I have wanted to do this for sometime now. I also would love to be 69ing with my wife as he is doing her. Watch his cock going in and out of her as I was licking her clitoris. I think any woman would love that. .
      • I would. I have fantasized bout having my husband's cock inmy ass and his friends cock in my ass. But I lik3 your idea better. I just want him to see how horny and nasty I can be. I wana b his dirty slut and have him let his friends do anything to my body that excites him. I l8ve it wen he squeezes his precum out and feeds it to me. He just started tasting his own cum and he l8ves it. He will even jack off at work and send me pics of him licking his fingers. Totally erotic and amazing!!!
      • I have done this with my wife, and we both loved it. She knows I have some bi experiences, but has said she's not really into overt m/m action. During our first threesome, she asked me to get under her and lick her while she got it doggy-style. The guy alternated to my mouth several times, and I did my best to lick his shaft and balls while he was in her. I mentioned it to her afterwards, hoping she would pursue the m/m, but so far she has not. We have done fucklicking with one other guy since then. I have handled their dicks if they fell out of her - I would put them back in, etc. She likes dominant guys, so I am hoping to find a bi Dom that will eventually make us a 5-hole couple.
      • Good reading. My wife fingers me and uses a dildo on my. We like it a lot. But now I have a strong urge to have the real thing. I dont know whatto do
        • Let it happen! The fact that you posted here suggests to me that you will have a big empty place within you until you satisfy that urge. I am guessing that, if you are remotely like me, you and your wife, will be elated with the new you.
        • Let it happen! The fact that you posted here suggests to me that you will have a big empty place within you until you satisfy that urge. I am guessing that, if you are remotely like me, you and your wife, will be elated with the new you.
        • Since your wife already likes was play with you why don't you get her a strap-on. While she's wearing it go down on her. Suck her strap-on. Stroke it with your hand while you slide the head between your lips. Read her reactions. If she seems to like what she sees tell her you would love to try a real dick. She's seen a fake cock in your mouth so maybe a real one will get her totally excited.
    • I brought it up to my wife , and she's all about it. I told her I want to suck him as he fucks her, then sit on it myself. I can't wait till we do it, I want to eat another mans cum to out of her pussy.
    • My wife and I talk about it and I am all for this. I would love to suck on her clit while he is fucking her. And she would like this also. But we have no Idea on how to find some one that is clean of diseases.
  3. That would be a dream come true!
  4. My husband enjoys sucking cock, we talk about it all the time, even in bed. it's quite stimulating for both of us but he's not done it in many years.. we're starting a new blog to share our sex life and hopefully hear some about others. please feel free to check it out and share with your friends. since urls will be deleted, take out the spaces ;) hard jack and wet jill . blogspot . com Hope to see you there! -Jill
  5. I've not only sucked my wife's lover's cock many times, but I've let him splatter my face with cum. I crave the humiliation.
  6. I would do it to. If you are ever in new zealand
  7. I came just reading your story. Dam that was hot.
  8. you wear a dress or panties when she has you suck a real man's cock?
  9. my wife has the same fantasy. I also told her I would try it. It hasn't happened yet but I wish it would.
  10. This gets me very hard reading this. My wife and I have talked about it but so far nothing has happened. When it does I will tell you all about it.
  11. It started when her bull was pounding her fron behind. Hecould't cum so she told me to lick his balls. I tickled his hole with my tongue and he ejaculated immediately. My wife didn't object when I cleaned her up, she asked me if it tasted nice, then suggested i clean up her bull. She kept on saying she wanted to see him in my ass...he was reluctant but, after a while agreed and I laid there, bottom up on the bed while she watched him fuck my ass.