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  1. Older men are the best...they treat you like a princess, and there's no way they're going to shoot their load in 30 seconds, like teen guys do.  I had my first "boyfriend" when I was 11..he was in his 40s, and had a daughter older than me.  I dressed up for him, (girls actually wore skirts occasionally back in the 1980s), and he'd show his appreeciation.  I'm 35 now, he's pushing 70, and he's still the best lover I've ever had.  I know he's remarried, but I want to call him anyway!   Gretchen

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  1. Gretchen - you are right. I'm 29 now but the wonderful man who introduced me was 45. He treated me, 13 at the time, like a princess, a little queen actually. We had to hide because I was playing with his daughter but he arranged things neatly. I dressed up and he really made me feel important. Best lover *ever*. Sad thing is he passed away some years ago.
  2. Hi Gretchen. I`m 59, I`ll send a pic if u give me yr email addie. grahame AT genevapropertiesltd dot com