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  1. I'm a 15 year old girl with the EXACT same thoughts as well...


    All my friends say I'm really weird when I find older men fucking hot  :/

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  1. I am 45, u gals r absolutely right. u can enjoy more sex with aged person. they have experience, their penis size also quite big, they will do all kind of sex. Good thing u can use aged person, u can even ask them to take ur eurine. pass ur eurine on his body. any dirty sex u can ask him to do. they supposed to do. if u want me pls email me

    I will do whatever u want. my penis is quite long and thick, i pumped it thru lady doc, had sex course for big and thick penis. don't hesitte ust contact me.

  2. were are you from, lets meet
    • I started reading this thread late at night and thought it was about young adults, not underage girls. I  think younger girls are hot but would never meet with one who is undersage, that is just dumb. The term "young girls" to me means under 25. If you are under 18 you need to wait until you are older to explore sexuality with older men. Just my two bits.
  3. I'm not that old, I'm only 21, but I promise u I would make sure u would have the best time of ur life and we could hook up all the time or even go out if u liked it.
  4. I'm the exact same ! I am only 16 . And I have a boyfriend , but I often find myself getting horny thinking about my 36 year old fitness instructor or my boyfriends 40 year old dad , I would do anything to fuck them! The oldest I've fucked is 25 . And that's still not old enough!!but the problem I have is I am afraid in case they reject me , I have often contemplated feeling up my instructors cock , but am scared in case he would say no. I would never do this while in a relationship obviously . But that doesn't mean I don't think about it .
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  6. Handsome older guy here. Email me at bginches @ yahoo .com with no spaces.
  7. Hi. I`m 59, an experienced lover. I`ll send a pic if u give me yr email addie. grahame AT genevapropertiesltd dot com